Civil War Links and Info

American Civil - lots of battle info.
American Civil War Homepage - maintained by Dr. George Hoemann.
Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System - National Park Service search engine. Excellent!
Civil War Battles by Campaign - also a National Park Service site.
Camp Life Civil War Collections from Gettysburg.
Union Soldier in the Civil War - a re-enactors delightfully detailed information.

Iowa in the Civil War - actually has some unique resources.
Iowa Civil War Rosters.
Iowa during the Civil War from Iowa
Iowa in the Civil War by Iowa GenWeb Project.
Iowa Civil War Heritage Foundation Page.
Letters Home from an Iowa Soldier in the American Civil War
Books on Iowa in the Civil War from the Camp Pope Bookstore. Over 170 books!

The Life of Clara Barton - the story of Clara Barton's efforts in the Civil War along with a lot of other good info.
Civil War Medicine from the "Home of the Civil War" Website.
"The Regimental Hospital" - excellent article from the above website.
Civil War Battlefield Medicine at
Civil War Battlefield Medicine by Jenny Goellnitz.
United States Sanitary Commission - has some nice re-inactment information.
National Museum of Civil War Medicine
The Surgeons at Gettysburg by Joel Rubenstein, from Civil War Interactive.
The Society of Civil War Surgeons.
Civil War Medicine Bibliography

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