Period Russian Scroll Wording

Ideas for period Russian-style award scrolls
Updated 15 November 2007

The following are exerpts from period (with one exception) Russian documents. There aren't enough to make a truly representative sample of letters of patent, treaties/alliances, wills, bills of sale, etc. But they do provide examples of period Russian texts that can be modified to make SCA-style award scrolls.

Even with my crude translations, you probably need to have a fairly good understanding of Russian to use these.

The single out-of-period text, from 1785, covers themes perfectly suited to SCA award scrolls, and also includes feminine versions of the traditional royal titles, so I've included it even though the language is straying from the Old Slavonic style of the period documents.

The texts contain many words and phrases that I do not fully understand yet, but I'll keep working on them. And I hope the information will be useful even in this crude form.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Scroll Introductions
Praise & Justification for Awards
Honors, Grants, Gifts and Privileges
Scroll Closure/Seals
Miscellaneous Phrases and Texts

Sample A&S Scroll.

Scroll Sources - the original texts in rough chronological order

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