Miscellaneous SIG Craft Notes


From: Joeseph Melech : "This may be geographically irrelevant for some... I found that in the early spring after the snow melts is a good time to get it from the naturally felled trees. The snow moistens the bark loose enought that it comes off thick. it can then be flattened and dried.
I use these "leaves" as Scouting miscellany." - Josef Krakow

From: Jenny Stewart : "What matters is that you do not take it from a live tree! Even though there are more layers underneath, it's still part of the defense system, and especially if you've had as dry a year as we have here, every bit of vitality is needed.

Dead trees, windfall, even someone's firewood pile can be a good source. with natural dryining the bark starts to unpeel in thick slabs. I would guess they could be soaked to aid the peeling, to soften it to be flexible & peelable. Like I say I'm just guessing based on logic, but dont be peeling it. to take scissors to strips that are already hanging would be ok. Yello birch also has a papery bark. I'd love to hear of your trials & results!" - Enna

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