Other Medieval Russian Clothing Resources

Updated 3 January 2009

Temple rings, and female headdress of the Eastern Slavs in Rus by Peter Beatson, NVG Miklagard.
Old Russian Dress - A nice little translation by Misha on SIG
Traditional Headresses of Russians of Siberia - courtesy of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.
Notes on the Costume of Women of the Court and Higher Classes in the XVI and XVIIth Centuries - by Eugenia Tolmachoff at the On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics
The Famous 1903 Ball - new link found at the Costumer's Manifesto!

How to make it

Simple Byzantine Pattern Layouts
Predslava's Patterns - Novgorod shirt, tunic and coat.
Mongol Coat pattern from the Red Kaganate, resembles a svita.
Mordak's Garb Packet - now hosted on "my" server
Liudmila's Headdress-making Instructions.
Kokoshnik Instructions - from Mistress Eirene Tzimiskina Kontostephanina (broken).
Shoe from Parliament St. York by Peter Beatson.
Katryna's Russian Embroidery Page. - partly broken, but still useful.
Ancient Russian Ecclesiastical Embroideries by Eugenia Tolmachov at the On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics.
Istok - Orthodox ecclesiastical supplies, including wondrous fabrics. (I have never actually ordered from them, just drooled.)
Folkwear Patterns. I have never used them, but they look lovely, and several of the Middle Eastern patterns are close to medieval Russian patterns.

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