Tatiana's Letnik

Updated 27 June 2009

The following information has been posted on behalf of Her Excellency, Viscountess Tatiana Nikolaeva Tumanova, OL. Please contact her if you have any questions.

Layer 1 -- the same linen rubakha as on the "easy, breezy late period" page, the one with the gathered neck and gathered sleeves.

Layer 2 – letnik made from green damask, lined with green silk, neckline and sleeves bordered with purple and gold silk brocade, sleeves lined with blue silk. The neck is a simple round neck with a small front closure closed with a hook-and-eye. The next layer should be an ozherelya but mine just looked too tacky next to all that lovely expensive fabric, not to mention it would have been mostly obscured by the ubrus (veil) so it was dispensed with.


    Povoinik – white linen with a red silk damask appliquéd to the front.

    Ubrus – white cotton rectangular veil wrapped twice about the head and pinned to the povoinik at the right temple.

    Hat – leather sheepskin hat, covered on the outside with the same green damask as was used in the letnik.

    Boots – black leather, heelless

    Jewelry – a gold and green enamel Laurel medallion on a green silk

"Russian" style make-up – brows darkened, a round spot of red (orangey/rust red, not pinkish red) blush applied to each cheekbone to approximate the favored look of the Ancient Rus – pale skin, dark brows, and red cheeks.

Adjusting the drape of the sleeves

The fancy letnik

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