Mordak's Garb Packet

Updated 12 January 2009

The following articles have been posted on behalf of His Excellency, Master Mordak Timofeevich Rostovskogo, OL. Please contact him if you have any questions.

The Russian Coat... and Variations for the Practical Clotheshorse
Documentation of a 16th Century Russian Feriaz Coat
Mordak in his pearled feriaz.
Master Mordak puts on a Sock - on YouTube.

The Practical Clotheshorse Embroidered... 16th Century Russian Decorative Stitching and Pearling
16th Century Russian Decoration Techniques
Furlining Garments

Russian Armor in the Time of Ivan the Terrible

Illustrations, part 1
Illustrations, part 2
Illustrations, part 3

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