Examples of Men's Clothing in Kievan Rus

Based on Kolchin

Male city-dweller wearing a hat with turned up or fur edge, and a rubakha with square neckline with offset opening and contrasting trim, over trousers and leather boots.

Male city-dweller wearing a decorated headband, a fancy long rubakha with embroidered panels, over leather boots (and presumably wearing trousers).

Male city-sweller wearing a hat with turned-up or fur edge, a svita with a fur (?) collar and "frog" closures, over trousers and felt boots.

Prince wearing an enameled-gold venets, embroidered barma/ozherlya collar, embroidered tight-sleeved rubakha under a richly-decorated wide-sleeved kaftan, trousers with embroidered leather boots.

See Men's Clothing Reconstruction for translations of Kolchin's own descriptions of the above.
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