Medieval Medical Regimen

A Work In Progress
by Sofya la Rus, Mka Lisa Kies

Updated 17 June 2007


The medieval temperaments:

Link to temperament test here...

Age and the Humors:

Seasons and the Humors: Other Influences on Health: The above all interact. So a person with sanguine temperament (warm and moist) will be healthier in the fall (cool and dry) and in middle age (also cool and dry), but must be extra careful in the spring and in childhood when their temperamental tendency to excess blood is enhanced by the time of year and time of life.

Illness is caused by:

General principles of a healthy lifestyle: Diagnosing Illness: Treat the Imbalance: Heating and moisturizing things (encourage formation of good blood): Heating and drying things (for formation of yellow bile or choler): Cooling and drying things (improve black bile): Cooling and moisturizing things (increase phlegm): A Quiz:
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