Military Medicine in the Middle Ages

A Work In Progress
by Lady Sofya la Rus, Mka Lisa Kies, MD
based on classes taught starting in 2006

Updated 17 June 2007


Research problems: Available sources of information: Levels of Military Medicine: Army Sizes Medical Support Ratios: Predicted Needs (based on the above): Period Military Healthcare Providers: Fealty Oaths: Period Military Texts with Medical Information: Military Hospitals: Disease and Non-Battle Injuries: Medieval Military Disease Prevention: Malaria: Dysentery: Typhoid Fever: Other diseases that may have afflicted medieval armies: Diseases possibly "out-of-period": Biological Warfare: Drowning: Other sources of accidental injury: Battle Wounds: Head Wounds: Neck and Torso Wounds: Extremity Wounds: General Wound Protocol: Period Bloodletting Rules: Medieval Head Wound Treatment: Medieval Neck Wound Treatment: Period Arm Wound Treatment: Fracture Treatment: Amputations: Survival (or the lack thereof): Evacuation: In summary:
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