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Xavier to Zum
7th Edition

Xavier, P.F. (Gooch) - alias of Peregrine Falcon. Member of the Greymar Grendling Group. A gentleman claiming to be P.F. Xavier joined the Edgar Hazershamby/SOAK expedition to Vyrica after (?) the supposed death of Peregrine's gypsy elven husk with the Greymar Grendling Group on 22 February 10043.

Xiktki-Koca (or Takoka)-Takola (Ben) - flower-pressing male troll and member of the Drow Spell Componnent Hunters. See also Xiktiki Kakola. Badly wounded (?) by uxor and trolls on 10043 Mission. Brought back to Syllabus by the Drow spell component hunters... Missions: 10038, 10043.

Xing, Ed "Wussbuster" (Gooch) - blacksmith. (First of Gooch's blacksmiths to die in the Sprines.) Member of OMNICo. Susceptible to the black birds and therefore suspected of having a low mentality. Believes in giving dead dwarves a proper burial. Died on the Sprinal Tap mission. Missions: Sprinal Tap.

Xorn - an anti-magical rock-eating creature with three arms and its mouth located on top of its vertically oriented cylindrical body. Two of the three arms "face" each other, while the third is turned one way or the other, depending on the individual. They have skin/flesh like stone and don't need to breath (?). Turn hard metals (iron) into soft metals (gold/silver) (?).

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Yana to Yuller

Yana, Obez - (Lisa) - a female human acrobat warrior circus performer. Her friends call her Yana. Ported through on Persand and hasn't been heard of since. Member of Pike Group. Missions: Eck Temple Mission...

Yanni (Gooch) - a male sea elf (or gypsy elf?) whose latest project is to become a musician whose music is loved the world over. Last heard, he plays just three notes on the flute. Joined the Verteux Loonies in October 10039, however, he and Gabrielle Monsoir claimed to have met The Pat several years before in KDPW or E, in an uneventful street scuffle.

Yarisuto - a Sudibin city on Vyrica, sacked by the Eckyebrech.

According to Kendra Thrax and Richard Folger, between the city and a Sudibin temple, was a long secret corridor which had been used by the priests and officials to get from place to place underground. When the Eckyebrech invaded and captured Yarisuto, they used this corridor to keep their prisoners. Around the time that the Eckyebrech had ceased to advance into Ilico and had in fact fallen backward, so that KDP was again open, the Order of the Ring went to break into this tunnel and rescue some prisoners. They sailed to KDP, met with Katie and Folger, and from there launched their secret assault on Yarisuto. They succeeded in remaining undetected until they were just at the city boundary. From there they sneaked and fought their way into the city, first dropping off some "medical supplies" at the hospital. As they made their way to the tunnel, they noticed that attention was being distracted from them by a huge fire in the area of the hospital, which led them to wonder at the nature of the "supplies" which they had dropped off. There was a fire- and sword-fight at the entrance to the tunnel, and they also had to contend with magickal traps on the doors, but they managed to get inside. Once inside, they fought several horrid creatures including a mind-flayer. In the end, they found that most of the prisoners had been relocated a few days before their arrival, likely due to the plague, but they rescued a handful. Their escape from the city was daring and harrowing, particularly since several were carrying wounded comrades on horseback. One of the Falcon twins (Peregrine?) was severely mutated by an exploding magic crown. Also, Dextro Stunkfellow was severely disfigured by the mind-flayer, which had attached itself to his face and could not be completely removed. These, along with one or two party members (As the World Turns?) missing and presumed captured from the original entry into the city (when they'd bravely acted as decoys) were the only casualties to their party. (As the World Turns had commemorative plaques with everyone's names.) They rescued [#?] prisoners and brought them out to their boat, where they were all treated with potions to prevent the spread of the plague.

Yarz - mountain dwarf on Vorn, who joined the Mock Turtle group on Mission Vorn Day 22 (~07 Apr 44) after they helped him escape from the Tower of Treachery. His body may now be hosting Agent Tanor/Peregrine Falcon and Agent Labyr/Lantelle S'Vorak, among others, although later events suggested that Agent Tanor was actually in Nutmeg's body.

Yatsura, Uresei (Ben) Sudibin male. Warrior and religious quester. Died in the Poisons in the South adventure working for ?

Yellow Algae - grows in warm still areas of ocean water expecially on the leeward side of islands. Imbibing causes inability to distinguish external from internal commands. Component for...

Yoshida, Morito () - member of Second Bridge Mission. Killed 5/19/43 by Ecks.

Yuji Observatory - old Sudibin observatory on western Vyrica, north of the Tyflyc River. Where the Pat dueled Rafe Leckenbee on 7 Aug 10042.

Yuller, Leonard (Brian) - a young 5'8", middleweight human male with greasy blond hair and dark brown eyes. He looked 18 or 19 in 10037 and was seriously into grunge. He carried a large bag of books which marked him as perhaps a student at the university or a courier. He appeared to be a bit clumsy and nearsighted. It had been quite a while since he'd been in Forsythia - perhaps not since the 10032 Orcish Wrestling Meet. He hoped this time would be equally educational, and less painful. He found his research on burial practices rather enjoyable and thought the Confederacy Museum of Culture and Civilization would bring more than a bit of enlightenment on the subject. Thus he found himself a member of the Electronic Expedition.

Leonard Yuller disappeared soon after the body was first discovered, but he gave De Vushka a note with beautiful calligraphic handwriting noting his name and hotel room in case she needed to contact him about anything relating to the... body. Later, in speaking to De Vushka he said, "...the receptionist at the hospital told me that those names listed belonged to a group of college students from the Unversity of DunCess. In of itself unremarkable, however, they all died from overdoses of Bliss... While I have little experience in any of these sorts of things (murders, drugs, etc.), it is my conjecture that there lies something much deeper than a drug party gone to extreme..."
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Zaindeh to Zum

Zaindeh - coastal town on Vorn. It's the most western "big town" on the southern coast of the area. It was occupied by a garrison of ecks (two to three hundred) in 3207 (?) and ID was needed to move even semi-freely in the area.

Zak (?) - same as Zakath? suspected of being the father of Aphasia. (Her mother is Poppy-Tor.)

Zakath, Agent (Brian?) - El Ouhd agent, engaged to Poppy-Tor, commander of E.O. Vorn missions to recover the Captain, among other things. He is also cited briefly in the discussion of the Evil. The El Ouhd agent entrusted with the Portal Rings for the Mock Turtle Mission in 10044.

Zand, Dirk (Ben) - human male adventurer, devout universalist. Member of SOAK. Leader (and sole survivor?) of both Bridge Missions. As part of the second Bridge Mission, he brought supplies to Othniel and the trolls up north in the Sprines fighting against the enemy. He had spent six (eight?) months with the trolls after surviving the failure of the First Bridge Mission.

Zaren (NPC) - head cemetary groundskeeper during Forsythia Cemetary Exploration. Plays piano and as papers related to "higher math."

Ziggurat -

One is near Obah on Vorn. Mos, Dos, Amy, Tim, Shroud, Poppy-Tor, etc. go to Obah Ziggurat aka Ziggurat I. There they find Lady Marissa Althoric, help blow a hole in the Ziggurat (losing Mos and Dos) and see it heal. They also find that they can't fulfill all of the orcish virtues inside. See the King and the Friendship Temple.
The mission of the Mock Turtle Group is to explore and map a temple that stands roughly to the southwest of their port-in point. Its construction is roughly simultaneous with the ancient orcish period of EOW. It is apparently populated by liches claiming to be holding great magics to help fight off the invasion. The group will then meet with the other teams and, if it is possible to accept the liches' demands, to return and fulfill them.
One ziggurat is known as the Temple of Friendship aka Ziggurat II (location?). Ben summarizes in 1994: "As you know, we basically "passed" the orcish virtue test. They gave us 11 kick-ass items, [what items?] told us the box was ours and sent us on our merry way. We proceded to lay plans for "raiding" the Zig as non-violently as possible and retrieving the box. These more or less worked, largely because of the extreme power of the impressive collection of items we have assembled. We fled the area, and escaped with the box, unscathed except for losing one pegasus. (Sept 3202?) "
Geoff says: The box seems an ideal tool for collecting people for the virtue puzzle at the other Ziqqurat; if GG can use it with sufficient accuracy to scoop up the personnel we need and bring them to the front door of the Ziqqurat (which would make an excellent base of operations, since it is so defensible; in the worst case we can hole up in there and be totally inaccessible, or spring all sorts of fascinating traps... ) Last I heard, the territory beyond those mountains was full of all sorts of horrid monsters and hostile races of which we had only heard rumours previously.

Zimbardo, Alfred () - Hobbitian medic and nunchaku specialist. Froze to death in chilling liquid in Krasgorod Caves. Member of Vyrican Reclamation Expedition.

Zol, Shudar (NPC) - Vornish tribal gnomish chief. See Shudarates.

Zombification Vines - vines that tend to trip unwary travelers in the Vyrican wilderness and, when disturbed, release a golden powder of spores on their victims. Any mammal (?) that inhales the spores is turned into a zombie, unless treated by a "cure disease(?)".

Zum, Frederick Jabizway () -


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