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Villon to Vyrican Black Tower
7th Edition

Villon, Agent (Scott) - ancient orc expert, almost wields a scimitar. An El Ouhd agent since November 10043. "Someone special" Missions: Vorn.

Virtue Puzzle - see the virtues, Desiderata, the Friendship Temple and Ziggurats.

Virtues - Ancient Orcish: Beauty, joy, hope, courage, strength, honor, discipline, patience, law, knowledge, reason.

Random things that Nutmeg came up with after talking to Shard, Labyr, Villon, etc. about the ancient orcish virtues. What were the original ancient orcish words for these virtues? What nuances did they have that may have been lost in the translation to common?
Mnemonic Devices (adapt to suit, YMMV): Group - 3 "pretty" virtues: Beauty, Joy, Hope, then the 4 "tough" virtues: Courage, Strength, Honor, Discipline, and finally 4 "bookish" virtues: Patience, Law, Knowledge, Reason; Phrases - Beautiful, Joyous Hope; Courageous, Disciplined, Honorable Strength; Patient, Law-respecting, Knowledgeable Reason. Or "By Joining Hands, Caring Strangers Hone Deeds Protecting Life, Keeping Righteousness."
Possible Applications of the Ancient Orcish Virtues:
Beauty to sooth our souls and pull our minds out of the mud.
Joy to give wings to our feet and lighten our loads.
Hope so we never lose heart.
Courage to face the necessary trials.
Strength to accomplish the task.
Honor to keep our paths true.
Discipline to stay on course and finish what we start.
Patience to take the long view.
Law so our lives are not nasty, brutish and short.
Knowledge to do what must be done.
Reason to choose the best path.
Dictionary definitions of the ancient orcish virtues:
Beauty: whatever pleases or satisfies the senses or mind.
Joy: happiness, great pleasure, delight, a very glad feeling.
Hope: feeling that what is wanted will happen, desire with expectation.
Courage: facing anything known to be dangerous, painful, etc. instead of withdrawing. Obsolete: mind, purpose, spirit.
Strength: force, power, vigor, ability to resist strain, toughness, durability, robustness, moral power.
Honor: high regard, glory, fame, good reputation, keen sense of right and wrong, adherance to principles, integrity.
Discipline: self-control, orderly conduct, acceptance/submission to authority or control.
Patience: ability to wait or endure without complaint, steadiness, endurance/perserverance in performance of a task, bearing suffering, tedium, etc. with calmness and self-control, refusing to be provoked.
Law: rules of conduct established/enforced by custom/authority/legislation of a community, state, etc.
Knowledge: familiarity with facts, understanding, awareness, learning, enlightenment; the body of facts, principles, etc. accumulated by humankind.
Reason: justification of an act, cause, motive, ability to form judgements, good sense, sound mind, to draw inferences from facts known or assumed.


El Ouhd has the Pavimentum Volcano Portal. Used to get to Vorn.
Island 2 - the volcano was the lair of the first dragon discovered.

Volminskaya, Natasha (Lisa) - member of Second Bridge Mission.

Vorn - another world in the multiverse. It is much larger than EOW and is a source of anti-magic. It was discovered from EOW via the Arboreal Portal.

It has only one moon. No other astronomical data has been recorded by adventurers and it's size has not been calculated. Years are dated by the building of the Temple Temple Temple. A year is 365 days long. A day is ~23.5 hours.
There is speculation that Vorn and Todtham are actually on the same planet with Todtham being the land rumored to be across the ____ Ocean to the ____.
Speculations that EOW and Vorn are the same world are gradually being put to rest by the astronomical differences, etc. between them, however, the Captain didn't recognize that they were different worlds, for what it's worth. The climate on Vorn is more severe than that of EOW, with snow and torrential rains, but the water is not "poisoned."
In 3207, the Sword Group found that there was disatisfaction with the leadership of the Alliance Grand Council and that many wanted to replace the Council with the great General Wagand to run the war properly. The Temple is still in our hands but few believe in the Sword prophecies, believe the Swords exist, or that a war could be won with them. Pandoland is still free. The front is maybe around Dengragno [sic], the Flawless Forest, east of Patmos...
Arnsata - mountainous region of Vorn where Grey Dwarves live.
See also the Shield Group and the Necromantic Research Facility.

Vorn Chronology
6833 or 6834: year in Arboria when the Temple in Vorn was restored. (The year in Vorn was...?)
    April? - Magos is on Vorn with the Captain and the black box.
    April - GG and Maroczy go rescue Karen Delation.
    April - Werner finds himself on Vorn
    May - Nigel Random goes to buy Kay Delation's boat from Amy Delation. Amy Delation is later arrested and Errington Shroud rescues her.
    May - Werner reaches the "Temple Kerisvexai."
    spring - Mos and Dos are decimated by a balrog attack and drop green sword into magical stream. Hook up with Shroud, Poppy-Tor and Amy D.
    ? - Mos, Dos, Tim, Shroud, Poppy-Tor, etc. blow hole in Ziggurat.
    June - Amy D. finds out that Kay D. and Nigel are off retrieving some sword.
    June - Werner meets Allotar, who's already met Tim, etc.
    June 15 - Shield Group is attacked by bees.
    June 29 - Shield Group is on eastern coast of Euxine Sea near ___?
    Aug - Werner gets to the Temple Temple Temple.
    Sept - Werner leaves the TTT and sends a letter to his wife.
    Sept - Thorn, Werner, Tim, etc. steal black box back from Magos at the Friendship Temple. (Magos wasn't actually present?)
    ? - Guanerius, Tim, Werner, etc. take the black box and go to find Diomachus Maximus, but first Allotar asks them to take a little side trip to the Fire Dwarven Necromantic Research Facility.
    ? - Maroczy and Poppy-Tor take the Captain to destroy the portal. Maroczy goes to Arborea (Oct 30, 10036)

    Aug - Sword Group arrives on Vorn.
    Sept 18 - Sandstorm decimates Sword Group.
    Sept 25 - Sword Group is sucking hump.
    Oct 28 - Sword Group gets to Shudar Sorak's village.

    Jan 5 - "Sea camels" arrive at Shudar Sorak's.
    ? - The Sword Group arrives at Shudar Barg's.
    Mar 22 - Sword Group reaches the mountains having just escaped the undead attack at the desert ruins.
    ? - The Sword Group reaches the Zaindeh area. Mayhem ensues. Grey Armstrong, sword-bearer, gets images of something horrible happening somewhere. [back at Shudar Sorak's where they left Dela Doolittle?]
    Sept 8 - The Sword Group is nearly to Patmos.
    Sept 17 - The Sword Group meets W.G. Peabody on Patmos, adventure with detect magic field. Peabody takes possession of the Captain (?).
    Sept 29 - The Sword Group arrives at the Temple Temple Temple. fall - The Sword Group finds Magos' interests represented at the Temple Temple Temple by Salas.
    Nov. - Allotar will retire from the Grand Council.

Vorn Portal - probably the same as the Arboreal Portal.

Vushka, De (Lisa) - a young human female whose "simple wardrobe is overpowered by her looks. Superimposed on the face of a sweet, helpless damsel are a few lines of determination and self-sufficiency."

She was in the Confederacy Museum of Culture and Civilization on March 1, 10038, becasue she was interested in anthropology. There was a certain atmosphere in one room that held her long enough to help discover a body and become a member of the Electronic Expedition.
As a member of the Greymar Grendling Group in 10043, she temporarily housed Peregrine Falcon's soul during the battle at the Grendel's Cave. De also had a small conversation with a couple of the ecks, who were amazed that a woman could be such a great warrior. She disengaged from combat, as they made bets on whether she would win the fight, and plunged into the hole down to Grendel's Cave. She ran down the hall, but was taken down by the lightsaber of the Jedi Drow at the hole. When she regained consciousness, she eluded her amorous captors in the Cave and leaped down the hole past Eth. Peregrine's soul was transferred to Saul Anders when De was knocked unconscious in a later combat in the Cave.

Vyrica - important continent on EOW.

(From a 8 April 10042 job offer to SOAK) The past eighteen months have seen the alliance of Vyrican orcs, the Orcish Reconstruction League from KDP E, several philanthropic organizations, the Delta Force, and many refugees, perform a glorious restoration of Crimson Tide and other orcish villages and cultural centers on Vyrica. The Reconquest Headquarters are located in Crimson Tide.
"If Vyrica were much of a place to live, it would have been much more successfully colonized years ago. Who lives in Vyrica? The Sudibin used to; the Orcs of bygone eras achieved a modicum of penetration. What about the Koboldan Kingdom? "
Vyrican creatures: animated tree stumps, balryg...
Important locations: Arboreal Portal, Grendel's Cave, Roanoake, Sudibin Monastery, Vyrican Black Tower...

Vyrican Black Tower - an mysterious tower that appeared at the mouth of the Tyflyc River on Vyrica and thought to be on a point of the Gnockagon. Something psionic was there when the tower was first discovered by The Order of the Ring. [What did Team Alpha do there? When?]

In [date?] the Order of the Ring took a ship from (Dun Cess?) down around the west coast of Vyrica because it, unlike the east coast, was supposedly uninfested with Ecks and they wanted to get to the arboreal portal. They sailed without incident, except for seeing a mysterious black ship at an island (which?). They had nearly gotten to the point where they were to disembark and start overland when someone noticed a black tower along the shore that hadn't been there before, which they unwisely decided to investigate - totally ignoring their mission to go to the portal. Their ship hit a mine on the way to shore, leaving them just enough time to get into three lifeboats. All the PC's except Katie were in the first boat. Someone cast detect magic so he could see when the mines approached and then someone else (a Nick character? Brian?) jumped overboard to push them away - which worked! But that didn't take care of the cannon bombardment they started to get from the tower or the arrows coming from shore and the little green men. The boat with all the crew was sunk, as well as the one with Katie. The party decided to take the building that had the pesky cannon (it wasn't actually the tower) because they were annoyed and because it gave them some cover. The door was barred so someone cast a spell at it despite the fact that Tri Noolya had mentioned that perhaps they ought to be checking for anti-magic. There was a tremendous explosion and then there was a nice crater where the building had been. Only two characters were left standing - including Tri, but they managed to revive everyone except Mistletoe (?) - Geoff's character. (Or else she was killed when the little green men came out of the water to attack the party as they came ashore - but they were pretty wussy without their bows.) Well, those who survived - singed - hid in the woods while deciding what to do. They circled around the tower, found Katie who insisted that there was something important in the tower but wouldn't say what it was or what to do about it. Some of the party wanted to go up the river (the Tyflyc) and follow a road that presumably led to the main Eck outpost, but the more sane pointed out that they weren't equipped for such an undertaking and they had forgotten to pulp Mistletoe. So they just decided to steal some of the boats at the tower in a night-time raid and limp their way up the coast back to civilization.

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