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Uberdieck to Uxors
7th Edition

Uberdieck, Uther (NPC) - Jacketz Consul for Anthraco Mining. Contact for first Omnico Abraxian shrine mission. Box 110 Mail Mall East, Jacketz, Dun Cess Conf.

Uchebnick - peninisula of land extending out of the glacier near Pavimentum. Home of The Pat, as mayor of Patville and destination of The Great Migration of the gypsy elves, much to the dismay of the authorities on Pavimentum who have bickered among themselves for ownership of the peninsula for years without ever doing anything useful with it. Source of chinquin sap and/or sarin bark.

Thomas Samson died there in 10035 soon after the triangle maze.?
Temple - Fantastic Ancient Orcish Temple with liches and everything?
Patville - This town needs to be wiped from the face of the world. No stone left atop another. Salt the ground.
Great Migr. - There's got to be something here. Why else, given that the land was empty and unused, would the Pav. humans be so hysterical about the Gypsy Elves settling there? Much more importantly, why were Eck still there?

Ultima Thule - an interesting island (about 40 square miles in area) in the northern Western Ocean postulated to be a Gnockagon point.

In Sept. 10039, OMNICo received responses to questions sent to the Biomancy Foundation (?) about the island in preparation for an Ultima Thule Sortie: 1) The best way to defend oneself from the mist of Ultima Thule is not to come into contact with it. It kills upon contact with skin and/or ingestion. Collection of it can be safely accomplished only through the use of our specially designed boxes. In general, it cannot be cured. Extremely high level cure poison (level XV+) may be effective for people with high endurances, but in general, once caught by the vapor, one is dead. 2) There are only maps of the coast. There is no special information concerning the egyebrech occupation. The college has financed several groups in recent years to go to the island and collect mist. The mortality rate was unknown, since they were independent contractors, but three of seventeen never reported back at all.
The mist is not always present on the ocean around the island - sometimes it recedes back to the shore. The mist is worth 10,000sc/box.

Umbel Thistles - dark green on Vyrica, juice causes stupidity even in small amounts and large amounts will cause total amnesia. Component for feeble mind.

Umberhulks - formidable creatures found on Persand.

Undead - Includes creatures as diverse as skeletons, zombies and liches. Peregrine Falcon learned that they tend to be immune to neuromancy, or at least "command". See also Animation. Associated with ivory as a spell component?

Some uniquely irritating undead were developed at the Fire Dwarven Necromantic Research Facility. Twilight van der Rohe, "The battle ended for me when a f!cked-up roll sent my sword clattering to the ground, and the wretched undead monster I was fighting dropped an oozy gobbet of flesh on top of it. As I tried to pick up my sword, the gobbet attached itself to my hand and burned it badly in some revolting chemical way."

Underwood, Thomas (Ben/NPC) - Human accountant hired by SOAK in June 10042 to handle day-to-day business. Dry. Fixated on the bottom line.

Unicorn Horn - component for teleport.

Universalists - require 10% tithing. Members: Liam Cosgrove, Cardinal Fitzroy, Othniel, Theresa Troost. Aspiring Knight: Thomas Samson.

Universe, Tex (Nick) - Member of the Pike Group. Bravely tried to rescue two STUPID newbies in the crevasse leading to the "Head Mindflayer Room" on the Black Wall Mission. Missions: Black Wall.

Uranti, Marduk (Brian) - Had an adventure with owls and found the Abraxian Shrine in the Sprines. Became a prophet of Abraxis and was last seen freezing to death in the liquid-nitrogen Beigebeard trap on Adam-Ondi-Ahman. Was thought to be in possession of a cool "Sword of Marduk." Is the target of an Abraxian dooming of Omnico.

Urquhart (NPC) - an experienced El Ouhd agent as of November 10043. Missions: Taniger Rescue.

Ursula (NPC?) - elvish archeress. Member of Pike Group. After the battle with Mowcrot on the Eck Temple Mission, she confessed that she could get a boat there to pick the group up within a week if they would swear allegiance to Ghenjar. Before any decision was made on that point, The Ambrosia came to get them, but Ursula wasn't there to meet the boat. It can only be assumed that she found her way back to civilisation on her own boat. Speculation arose that Ursula might in fact be Anaphora, who was last seen working for Aritheya, and who was also an archeress and painter. But Marie Marat did not recognize her (she and Anaphora had gone to school together.) It was rather frustrating for Marie, since she was unlikely to see her again, and part of her wanted to reconcile with her (they parted unamicably). Missions: Eck Temple Mission.

Uxors - dangerous, powerfully psionic humanoids that have been known to eat heads. It may be that their psionic powers increase with the square of their number or some such thing, because the one by himself was fairly easy for two average types from the Pike Group to defeat whereas a small group of them was difficult for the whole party to defeat.

One was encountered by the O.R. in the Yarisuto tunnel. It attached itself to Dextro's face and could not be completely removed, causing severe disfigurement.
Terrestrial Uxor Cerebral fluid is worth 2,800sc/pint according to a 10042 Iron Fist League job offer to SOAK.
Known to work with (or be used by) ecks on Persand and with trolls in the Sprinal Tap. See Persand, Drow Spell Component Hunters and Bobbi Kekkonen.

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