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Todtham to Tym
7th Edition

Todtham - see Totdham.

Tok (Nick) - male Vornish tribal gnome from Shudar Sorak's village. Lead the tribal gnomish contingent of the Sword Group.

Tokenfall, Jubal (NPC) - unique biomancer, druid and SETCo contact for Omnico. He was a central figure in the Water Cure incident. His body was found by Lantelle Svorak and OMNICo, whom he had hired for the mission, in a pit in Castle Vaharan. With him was an electromantic staff, a druidic ritual dagger, an iron ring and a note which basically said, "If you're reading this, then I've failed."

Lantelle Svorak asked, "Do the druids hide in all orders in the world? Jubal was apparently one of them, yet he hid himself and worked for SETCO. Perhaps he sent us there [to Castle Vaheran] because he thought we could be trusted... Perhaps he just didn't want to rot alone in the place if he did fail..." [at what? what was he trying to get at the Castle Vaheraun?] Perhaps he wanted someone to continue his quest to slay the traitor Orlando the Red. (Luke?)

Tolkien - a meta-entity used to inspire and enlighten.

In reference to Folger's fate: It could be said that the Balrog effectively killed Gandalf, while he himself was slain by Gandalf: "I threw down my enemy, and he fell from the high place and broke the mountain-side where he smote it in his ruin. Then darkness took me, and I strayed out of thought and time, and I wandered far on roads that I will not tell..." We also have one of Tolkien's letters which further states that indeed, the encounter with the Balrog resulted in Gandalf's death: "Thus Gandalf faced and suffered death; and came back or was sent back, as he says, with enhanced power."
On grendels and belryg: If the Belryg are "evil" (Morgoth) Maiar, are Grendels the "good," or Valar-Maiar? Grendels are basically, cool, although they don't take shit. (Remember how the Gondor thought of Lothlorien.) Grendels apparently decided they had had enough of this shit, and ported out.
On the ancient orcs: "The Ring of Sauron is only one of the various mythical treatments of the placing of one's life, or power, in some external object, which is thus exposed to hilosophize' this myth, or at least the Ring of Sauron, I should say it was a mythical way of representing the truth that potency (or perhaps rather potentiality) if it is to be exercised, and produce results, has to be externalized and so as it were passes, to a greater or less degree, out of one's direct control." So maybe this is why the ancient orcs keep trying to make us prove our worth before giving us the cool toys.
Middle Earth has humans, elves (the Eldar), dwarves (the Nogothrim), Hobbits, and orcs (Eldar but mutated by Morgoth into... orcs). Are the EOW elves, dwarves, hobbits, orcs, and whatever else connected in any way to the foregoing, or are they simply (as we've tended to see them) divergent evolutionary branches of the Human race? If one were going to attempt to view EOW/etc. as being a part of a larger continuity which contains that of Tolkien's writing, this would place us fairly late chronologically in that continuity. (Fourth Age? Later?), which in turn should affect our view of the rings, the Belryg, the Nazgul, and so forth.

Toluf, Shudar (NPC) - Vornish tribal gnomish chief. See Shudarates.

Tolum, Shudar (NPC) - Vornish tribal gnomish chief. See Shudarates.

Tomar (Tomar) - member of the Drow Spell Component Hunters. Killed (?) by uxor and trolls on 10043 Mission. Missions: 10038, 10043.

Tombs - Of interest: Dukas, MacDuff, Nefertiti, Veanessa Morse.

Topelson (NPC) - employed the Delmaruntha Dig Group as guards. He doesn't seem to like to share information. His house is guarded by neo-lenevistic furniture. The party had seen the chandelier change into a crystal being and attack a skeleton. No one can fight on Topelson's grounds, either the furniture or the plants attack you. Peregrine Falcon is looking for him. He reported the Delmarintha Dig Group as unemployed, leading to their arrest in Delmarintha.

Topknot, Twill (Ryan) - a dagger-fighting hobbit and member of SOAK. Failed to exit the snake at one point and was never heard from again. Suspected of succumbing to a low mentality.

Topower, William (?) - member of Delmaruntha Dig Group. Hired to go to Persand.

Totdham - another world in the multiverse. Dominant language - Deccan. The present location of Tim Da Reaper, et al.

The moon on Totdham is supposedly the same as that seen on Pandoland on Vorn, however the stars and constellations are different which suggests that they are on the same planet, albeit at different latitudes. (Pandoland is at the equator while Totdham seems to be in the southern 2/3rds of the planet.)
Associated with the writing that was once on the Verteux Loonies' "treasure" map and perhaps even the unknown magic of the strangely silent gnome armor found by SOAK's second Telemancy College Mission.
(1) So far, the natives have been unhelpful about the stuff we really want to know. The *severe* compartmentalization of the Todtham society is one of our biggest problems. Even should some party member succeed in gaining ennoblement (which is logistically impossible on the current expedition), we still won't be able to *learn* what we want, because what we really need is an initiated mystic.
(2) In particular, the 'virtue-based' magic at which the fellow with whom we spoke hinted (and which sounds a lot like a preservation of some ancient orc stuff) will remain exactly as mysterious to us as it is now unless we succeed in this exceptionally impossible mission to Sayadhapuram.
(3) The Eck are taking over Todham easily. If we could make them sweat a bit more, I bet we could force them to divert some of their resources away from EOW or perhaps drive them back somewhat from this world. Driving them back in this world might prove to be more advantageous, since this world clearly has something of value to us.
(4) If we planned a mission to the Island, and demonstrated to them the power of the Magic/Anti-Magic trick, we could probably persuade them to send a mystic with us to provide the Magic for our Antimagic, and we could march straight to the Eck fortress and blow them up real good. This would make an enormous difference in the course of the war on this world, and probably get us much closer to receiving some serious cooperation on the Sayadhapuram project.
(5) The ringwraith we met told Tim that this was not his world, and not his fight.
(6) In the northern forests of Totdham, The Evil is in process of what he accomplished long ago in Vorn-- the creation of a natural barrier of evil creatures to keep mortals from getting at something valuable (Sayadhapuram in this world, Diomachus Maximus in Vorn).
*** We cannot separate the low technological development of the Deccans from their continuing grasp of that ancient 'virtue-based' magick. ***
Mundane questions about Todham: (a) How does the Calendar work? What are the months called? What are Weeks like around here? What is the astronomical basis for the calendar, if any? How again do astronomy and calendar intersect?
Geographical places: (i) The big Island which is now run by Eck and collaborators (ii) The little island up north (iii) The inlet and sea up north (iv) The little group of mountains down south (v) the rivers (vi) The Ocean

Tower of Treachery - see White Tower.

Trade City - a Hobbitian city. In fall 10039, members of the Verteux Loonies found it to be a fairly agreeable place for folks taking a break from life to figure out who the trilk they really are. It sits, smack in the middle of the nothingland (i.e. Verteux), in a kind of timeless, spaceless nonbeing. Only the numb, palsied hand of Commerce guides Trade City, which is as sure a ticket to stagnation as one can envision. One has to be careful not to step on the little hobbit-folk swarming about these parts, but at least the trade brings some interesting people through. Home of The Gibbering Idiot, a drinking establishment owned by Mister Binchois. The Fork Tree is a landmark located just outside of town and used as a meeting place.

In January 10040, the Western Wind Group noted that it had lost much of its Hobbitian charm due to being militarized.

Trafalgar, Mileus (Ben) - orienteer and cartographer. Member of Sword Group, native of Vorn. Joined the Sword Group at the refugee village in time for the "Oasis Debacle."

Trafalgar, Milius (Ben) - From a 19 April 10042 letter to the SOAK Hiring Coordinator: "My name is Milius Trafalgar, and I am a cartographer. I have three years of experience in a professional cartographer's office, as well as a formal certification of experience in both cartography and orienteering. My original apprenticeship was in an architectural office, and thus I have a (very limited) knowledge of architectural design and some moderate skill in architectural drafting... I am eager to leave the stale air of the office and work in the field, doing exciting things... "

Tragoliddy Moss - green slimy plant growing on ceilings of shady caves in the Sprines, very nutritious and improves night vision. Component for cure blindness.

Trangle: A city with an interesting sewer infestation and a very capable government.

At some point, someone or other played with Jackelspur on Trangle [ask Gooch or Kaz].
A SOAK expedition hired by the city to clean up the sewer encountered large poison-spitting lizards, a possibly echyebrich skeleton wearing magic armor (chain mail), a crown of spell absorption and a scimitar of fire, four gnomish skeletons with a lit lantern and a gelatinous cube.
In the sewers, there was a very long tunnel that lead away from the main body of the sewers to a location that seemed to be outside of town to the south-west. The construction of this entire area was quite different, possibly echyebrech in origin. This section was quite small, but it contained many dropholes. There was also a spot where a large slab of stone had been removed from the ceiling. The chamber above was made of well-worked stone and looked like a burial area. A wooden door was on the north. Opening the door (which did not radiate magic) revealed at least two more big skeletons in crowns who were apparently trapped. More slabs might be found in other ceilings in this area if one took time to look.
A trap consisting of a pressure sensitive trigger, a four-armed skeleton, and a large pile of boomdust was discovered in a corrider and dismantled. (See traps.) It hadn't been there the previous day and some suggestion was made that the quantity of boomdust linked this to the shipyard attack (SOAK members had been awakened in the middle of the night by the village alarms in response to a suspicious fire on the docks in which two military ships were involved).
The skeletons are still a puzzle. They seem to be clearly linked to the enemy, but were they there all along, or were the sewers infiltrated later? Whence came the lizards? Possibly they were brought by the enemy as a way of keeping the townsmen out of the sewers while they set up their tunnels, or as a distraction while they returned for items they had stored there. It seems possible, maybe even likely, that there was something of value stashed behind that door with the skeletons behind it.

Trangle Island Sewer System (SOAK) Point of interest: Part of Bermuda Parallelipiped. Liches and things living in that shack way off the normal sewer area. Problem: Local Gov't had turned the over to the military, ending our access. We may be able to find the shack above ground by deduction from our sewer map.

Trangle Sewer Lizard - see Lizard. Specimens are valuable for research and/or as some kind of spell component.

Trannar, Fern (Lisa) - female drow doctor. Member of Dukas Drow Group starting 1 December 10042. Imprisoned shortly thereafter. See the Dukas Drow Group.

Traps: (See also puzzles.)

  • Trangle Sewer Trap: The setup was a huge pile of boomdust in a corridor, with a skeletal hand sticking out-- positioned to look like a corpse had been buried under the pile. The hand held a silvery metallic sphere. Apparently, picking up the sphere would in some way ignite the boomdust, which was sufficient to collapse a good long section of the passageway. In addition, the skeleton animated and turned out to be a huge four-armed gnome with a crown of spell absorption and lightning bolt ring. It was found by SOAK and believed to be connected with the echyebrech occupation of Trangle.
  • Pit traps - in one example investigated by Lantelle Svorak at Castle Vaheran, the pit was trapped to stab spears into people as they fell or were lowered down. (Jubal Tokenfall's body was found at the bottom of this pit.)
  • Tree Portal - see Arboreal Portal.

    Triangle Maze - Thomas Samson died on Uchebnick in 10035 soon after the triangle maze. (?)

    Triceratops lizards - large, intimidating and fairly tough creatures on Vorn. A few large triceratops lizards were encountered by the Mock Turtle Group in the Vornish mountains. They are good eating and provide 120 days of food after curing.

    Trigg, Signy (Jen) - Orcish Member of the Vyrican Reclamation Expedition. Arrested and hanged by Krasgorod military police.

    From her diary, 21 March 10040: "After what seemed like an eternity of wandering aimlessly... and frequenting taverns with the futile aspirations of... philosophical debate and acquiring knowledge of... other races and my own orcish heritage, I finally discovered a mission which would enable me to learn that which I seek and to improve my combat skills, as well. As I wandered through the bustling city, KDPE, I happened upon a rather large gathering of orcs... readying their combat gear... Intrigued, I approached the guards and inquired about their impending campaign. Most of them glanced with surprise at my sword, ...shrugged - almost imperceptibly - and apparently accepted it. ...a strong sense of dismay washed over me as I observed this... I had hoped that my village... hadn't deviated so much from the Orcish heritage, but it seems that even a rich and profoundly influential lore isn't sacrosanct from the distortions of time."

    Trog - James of Forsythia was killed in a troll trap in the trog tunnels.

    Troglodyte Sewers - under Rakshasa's castle. Location of Sir James of Forsythia's death. c. 10013.

    Troll - irritating creatures. Can be encountered in fog banks in the Sprinal Tap.

    James of Forsythia was killed in a troll trap in the trog tunnels.
    In 10038, the Drow Spell Component Hunters befriended a troll named Xiktiki Kakola, who then joined their group.
    In May 10043, the Second Bridge Mission was to take supplies to a church apostle named Othniel who was leading the trolls up north against the enemy. Dirk Zand had a close relationship with this man and the trolls having spent the past eight months with them.

    Troll blood - valuable, perhaps as a spell component of some kind.

    Troost, Theresa (Ben) Human female. Healer and Universalist turned Shangri- laist. Scars on face from mind-flayer tentacles. Died in Beigebeard's ice maze, 10036.

    Tsukumo, Izanami (Michelle) - A competent female sudibin samurai warrior. Member of Omnico. Killed during combat on the docks of KDPW while trying to board Order of the Ring ship with the Captain. Missions: Ilmenite Mine.

    Tumor, Clark (NPC) - a sailor on the Sososterus who asked if he could join Sankwich Explorations on their first mission in November 10042.

    Turow, George () - Left to guard supplies near Necromancy Research Facility [which one?]; presumed dead.

    Turpin, Abelard (Ben) Gypsy elven male. Engineer and warrior. Died 10016.

    Turtle Island - headquarters of El Ouhd.

    Twait, Bill - member of Forsythia Cemetery Exploration. Was living with his mother in Forsythia. Was poisoned by cooked-fruit-smelling gas (?). Alias: Denis.

    Twait, Robert "Bobby" - brother of Bill Twait. Was 30 years old at the time of the Forsythia Cemetery Exploration. Had to be magically healed by an army wizard at some point, for some reason. Resembles his brother (looks like Monty's dad.)

    Twins, The - a set of twins named in a Vorn prophesy to wield The Swords and save the world. Reside at the Temple Temple Temple.

    Tyflyc River - river on western Vyrica. Associated with the Gnockagon, Team Alpha and SOAK's Black Tower Mission.

    Tym (?) - rescued Krutch with Mogos, etc. (?)


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