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Tachmal to Tiphon
7th Edition

Tachmal, Albert () - Co-founder of SOAK (?). Remained hidden with snake whistle when rest of SOAK was captured on Gailinia by the elvish navy after Brid Island I (?) ~October 10039; body delivered to SOAK house in KDP West 19 March 10041.

Tagore, Ranbindranth (Ben) Lycee Orcish male. Scribe, scholar, sorceror, and educator. Stuck in "Merlin Maze" with Lantelle.

Takagashi (Ryan) - Sudibin surgeon and long bow fighter. Konked by gnomes (?). Killed on the docks in the Sword Group's escape from KDPW (?).

Talbot, Agent () - an agent of El Ouhd who had been travelling with Poppy-Tor on Vorn. Was at the Arboreal Portal destruction and was teleported through the remains of the portal with Otis Ius and Lady Marissa Althoric.

Tanor, Agent (Gooch) - staff fighter, mentally unstable psionicist. An El Ouhd agent since November 10043. See also Peregrine Falcon. Missions: Taniger Rescue, Mock Turtle.

Has a great deal of trouble with horses. As the Mock Turtle Group approached the Pavimentum Volcano Portal, Agent Tanor's demeanor changed and in a strange voice he shouted something about "home" and pushed his way toward the portal. He was knocked unconscious and when he regained consciousness he was back to normal.
During a battle with jumping spiders on Vorn, Agent Tanor was taken over by "Flame" and after throwing enough fire to scare off the creatures he shouldered his pack and disappeared ahead of the group. A couple of days later, Agent Shakar got an image of Agent Tanor needing help at a waterfall to the southeast. Arriving at the scene there was a small copse of twisted and burned coniferous trees. Plate-sized footprints littered the rocks, and behind them lay Tanor. Casting "detect Vorn magic" showed nothing. During third watch a triceratops-like creature attacked, but was repelled. Tanor injected himself (to make himself unconscious and prevent being taken over?) and fell asleep.
By the time the Mock Turtle team had stumbled out of the Tower of Treachery many were unconscious. Midgard awakened to find a huge char spot on the ground (from "Flame"?) and other signs of fresh battle from fending off a triceratops. Below the ridge was a pile of bones on which Tanor and Yarz (one of the dwarves) lay. Midgard found that the body of Tanor appeared completely dead and it had grasped the ankle of Yarz who was mostly unhurt. [Which is probably going to make a dwarf-owner very unhappy... ] Then, she noticed that that some of Tanor's vital signs were returning. Labyr's body still showed no signs of life but its ankle had now been grabbed by the unconcious dwarf Yarz.
During the great road battle (Day 73), Agent Nutmeg began to fight briefly with a staff, indicating that perhaps she was the one carrying Agent Tanor's soul. It may also have been Agent Tanor in possession of Nutmeg's body when "she" mind-attacked one of the nine-foot creatures that attacked the Mock Turtle group on Vorn Mission Day 162.

Tarquin (NPC) - the brat. Member of Excelsea Gravestone Company.

Team Akira (who was put together under Aritheya?), whom I had Krutch as a member of, was or was not the first group to port through? What had they been doing anyway? (My memory on this has faded...) I know that Krutch died under Grendel's Cave, and I made Cinar to replace him. I also found a scary note last night that I hope I miswrote: "Krutch was captured by Clamystra, Castor and Pollux. He was rescued by Tym, Mogos, etc." Is there any freaking way that this is right? I need some history here... Also, who was on the adventure where we cut off Magos' arm? Rob claims that I had one of my favorite characters there, but for the life of me I don't remember who... Had we gone through the aboreal portal once before we ever got the sword? Where does the fire-dwarven necromantic research facility fit into the timeline between regaining the black box and sending Maroxcy through the portal?

  • Known or suspected members: Spidge, Amber, Vozmit, Ender, Crutch.

    Team Alpha - Tyflyc River Expedition - Carnie Stych.

    Telemancy College -

    Can be reached at Public Interaction Department, College of Telemantic Magic/ Dun Cess / Confederacy of Dun Cess
    From a June 1, 10042 job offer to SOAK: There is a possibility that the Sprinal Tap contains a number of interlocking telemantic portals... We are very interested in studying these creations... We have prepared a box which we would like to send through the portal both with and without it being carried by a human. We are willing to pay 25,000 sc for the successful completion of this mission with: 1.) location of portals. 2.) investigation of portals with the box. 3.) return of information and box.
    Sprinal Tap (I?) Pick-up - 24th and 25th at midnight. The Cave portal took away the gnomes, necromantic mushroom and some of the stuff in the telemancy school's box, while the other magic mushrooms were just "cancelled". Pick-up Date - July 15. Two maps with notes.
    Missions: Telemancy I, II, III and IV employing SOAK.

    Telemancy Ring - use unknown even to Katie's people. (Where did it come from? Order of the Ring?)

    Temple, The - on Vorn, also known as "The Temple Temple Temple" to distinguish it from other "temples" on Vorn. The home of the Alliance Grand Council and The Twins. See The King.

    Temple Kerisvexai - Vornish place that Wernor got a ride to in May 3202.

    Temple near Roanoke - orcish temple where Tico Puente died "with a peaceful soul." [Same as the yellow powder ring temple?]

    Temple of Friendship - see the Friendship Temple.

    Temple of Mother of Kings - Temple of Mother of Kings - most holy site in Amhar. Same as Temple of Zionmara?

    Temple of Pyatnitsa - in Sprinal Tap. Explored by SOAK in 10043.

    Temple of Zionmara - Wizard King Casa I summoned rocks from the sky and summoned giants to build the Temple of Zionmara. Same as Temple of Mother of Kings (?) - most holy site in Amhar.

    Terebinthium - a valuable metal and/or crystal, the Vorn equivalent of mithril. The pure form is bright, transparent yellow. Impure form has a slight yellow tinge. Found radiating anti-magic in the Sprinal Tap, Uchebnik Peninsula, Odylic Mt. on Botnia. It should probably be kept in lead to shield its anit-magical properties. Component for detect antimagic, antilight and dispel antimagic.

    Crystals of terebinthium were found in the skulls of animated skeletons by the Mock Turtle group.

    Terra, Min (Matt A) - Member of Omnico. An intelligent, attractive human female engineer and swords-mistress. Killed on Illum Alpha while levitation-jumping off a cliff - 14 Aug 10040. Missions: Diplomat Transport (?), Ilmenite Mine, Illum Alpha.

    Terrerno - on Vorn (?). There's a labyrinth there where The Captain proved useful. About 10-15 resistance fighters plus a blind psionic and a heroic longsword fighter with a kickin' sword and super chainmail (details?) escaped alive vs. hundereds of ecks, drow, rogs (?), maybe balryg, etc. There were an extimated 150 enemy casualties. Characters involved: The Captain, Cinar, Maroczy, Chinar.

    Terrerno Code - ?

    Thais (NPC) - icily pragmatic female orc assistant of Cyrus of Guernica in leading the resettlement mission that the Vyrican Reclamation Expedition "helped."

    Thar, Rajendra (NPC) - a mysterious, superpsionic who had a dozen souls stuck in his head, including (briefly) Peregrine Falcon. He claimed to be "The Emperor of Cis-Glacial Tanora "

    As a riverine biologist from Micklegarth City/State University, he was being held in Melanchthon for a ransom of 100k crests worth of perfect emeralds by a group calling themselves "The Mourning Glory." Rescued by the Order of the Ring in [date] in the "Rajendra Rescue" mission.
    From Peregrine Falcon's reflections from between 10040 (?) and Jan. 10043. "...It's been what I've been told was two years since I last saw a familiar face, the face of my brother... The horror on his face, on Rajendra's face, then the heavy weight fell upon me... Then... Darkness... I'm told I died [during that Rajendra Rescue mission?], that Rajendra was the instrument of my resurrection. He saved my soul within himself, and Astro repaired my shell...
    Apparently something in the resurrection went awry, and Eomel's spirit was linked with mine - and both of us were entombed in my body. He, however, gained control... and I was trapped below... I wonder now if Rajendra did that on purpose. He told me when I met him that he was hunted by "the turtle" [and] his mind told (more yelled) that he was the Emperor of Cis-glacial Tanora. "Save yourselves," he said, "I am worthless." How ironic that in the end he saved me. They tell me that Rajendra was "messed up" after the resurrection. From what they describe it sounds almost as if he was soul-cleaved himself. I wonder if Eomel and I are not the only ones inhabiting this body, I wonder if Rajendra finally found a way to shield us both from the evil for a time, hiding us behind the guise of the non-psionic longsword fighter... "
    I remember the Dark Ones. Nazguls, I'm told. They stormed the complex and destroyed Rajendra... "

    Thatcher, Joe (?) Beermaking & cricket-playing human, born in 1024?

    Theta, Colonel Abraham (NPC) - Confederate Army (?) at Command Headquarters in Dun Cess as of 1 April 10042. Point of Contact for SOAK's Bridge Mission.

    Thierry, General Yorick (NPC) - Dun Cess Command, Confederate Army at #1 Headquarters Square / Dun Cess // CDC as of 1 April 10042. Sent Bridge Mission offer to SOAK on behalf of the allied military forces of the Confederacy, the Republic, Gailinia, Allotrope, Pieschland, Iceland, Mickelgarth and Port Darthur.

    Thitherbrain, Adso (NPC) - Member of OMNICo. Killed by Ecks on Illum Gamma. Missions: Sprinal Tap, Illum Gamma.

    Thiverol - a Thiverol boat was used by the Mock Turtle Group to reach Pavimentum in early March 10044.

    Thogrom, Noruas (Chad) - A warrior, not a fish and an obedient huntsman. Member of the Tim and Werner Group.


    BLACK TIDE REACHES THOLAR From the Dun Cess Herald: [10044 MAY 22] "Like a darksome sprawl of weeds carried up the shore by the rising tide, the Black mass of the egyebrech army now lies encamped in the fields of Tholar, readying its massive siege engines for an assault on the city. The forces of General Nickel suffered another defeat at the Battle of Thornton on the twelfth of April. His three thousand were repulsed by an equally-sized enemy force. The only hope would appear to be the seven thousand soldiers from Mickelgarth now assembled in the ports of Distown and Fort Dodge, but even they may be too late.
    As of today, the twenty-eighth of April, Tholar is not yet invested, but it seems only a matter of time before the great road south to Dun Cess is overwhelmed, held as it is by only a fraction of a division. A continuous stream of women, children, and cowards pours out of the city toward the salvation allegedly to be found in the southern provinces.
    Perhaps ten thousand barbarians now wave their spears and axes before the walls of Tholar; some additional twenty thousand are expected to arrive within three weeks. The drumming and shrieks of battle are terrible to behold
    It is said that Tholar's military governor pleads daily with General Intrilligator to not destroy the bridges between the cities, seeing in this a casting of his city before the coming hordes. Sadly, it may be that mankind must trust to the Ophir and hope that God and Nature have more desire to see civilization survive than that civilization itself."
    -- Alexander Kinnead


    "To the sound of heralds trumpeting a triumph that had not yet been won, General Wright's eight thousand veterans left Aachen on the twelfth of May and marched to the relief of the beleaguered garrison of Tholar. General Wright clearly intends to assault the attackers from behind in order to open the road from Tholar to Dun Cess, but the numerical similarity on which he counted may need to be abandoned; even in the gloried aftermath of Tholar's repulse of the attack of the tenth, another advancing column was spotted from the vantage of the prime tower. These reinforcements could bring the Egyebrech presence from ten thousand warriors to as many as sixteen thousand. In addition, the new column brings with it gigantic engines of war designed to substitute stone, flame, and pestilence for the gentle rains to which the humble farmers of Tholar are accustomed.
    Even now the five thousand defenders of Tholar are steeling themselves for the second assault, almost certain to occur before General Wright's soldiers reach the battlefield.
    And, as before, the seven thousand soldiers from Mickelgarth remain in Distown and Fort Dodge, basking in the thanks of the townsmen they have saved and the minimal glory of the parade ground, disdaining the risk of valorous death closer to the focus of history's lens."
    -- Alexander Kinnead

    Thoreau - one of the original gods.

    Thorn, Kiphelm (?) - impeached Wizard General formerly representing Pandoland. "Don't know too much about him. Seemingly cool for a military type."

    He, along with Tim Da Reaper, Werner Gunthor and Guanerius Guaneri, was condemned to death for treason as a result of a misunderstanding of the events surrounding the removal of the Captain and the loss of the black box, for disobeying the Alliance Council and for their apparent dealings with the enemy.

    Thrax, Kendra - A woman who is strong and fierce of soul.- head of the Ilico Trading Co. which is a front for the Order of the Ring. Believed to be rather old - around 60. Has a twin sister. Ring Bearer and wielder of The Captain at one time. Member of the Order of the Ring. Known alias: Katie Resnick. Missions: Persand Portal.

    As Katie Resnick, she recruited the Delmarintha Dig group to go to Persand with her. There she faced down a wraith (possibly a ringwraith) who wanted her ring, and engaged in a semantic argument with it. She tricked it by pretending to throw the ring down the bottomless hole it called "The Abyss." (It dived in after it.)
    She disappeared with the Persand Expeditionary Force in November 10039 while fighting Mowcrot (?) in Persand using the ring and a phase sword.
    It seemed that some of the predicted effects of ring use were visible in her, although it's not clear that she was being "corrupted" or controlled by The Enemy. She may well be a ringwraith now, just from using the ring so much.

    Thug (Chris) - very confused male Vornish tribal gnome from Shudar Barg's village, who was allowed to join the Sword Group. He got stung by a scorpion in teh Desert Ruins, and then the camel carrying his body went down in the Black Rider's phalanx of undead.

    Thumbelina (Nick) - Member of OMNICo. Disappeared with the Persand Expeditionary Force while swimming to shore to complete a mission on Persand. Presumed captured. Missions: Sprinal Tap, Illum Gamma, Persand Portal (?).

    Thurbin (NPC) - name given by one of the Mourning Glories at the house in Melanchthon where the Order of the Ring went to ransom Rajendra.

    Tiger creature/wyvern - large flying "tigers" usually seen with riders, sometimes skeletal.

    According to El Ouhd, in April 10038 OMNICo spotted a "tiger wyvern" that is known to come from another world.
    Several attacked the Greymar Grendling Group in 10043 from the fortress at the Grendel's Cave. Peregrine Falcon: "Suddenly a tiger creature with two riders (one human, the other skeletal) lept from the complex to assault GG... I saw a second tiger creature climbing into the air behind the cover of the cliff... One of the tiger creatures appeared to have no skeletal rider, but I did not get an incredibly good look... I tried to mind disrupt the driver, but it appeared to have no effect. Similar disappointment as I attempted the same on the tiger itself. Saul shot a lightning arrow, striking the human rider of one of the tiger creatures, knocking him clean off it. The tiger is distracted from GG, and dives for its rider, the skeletal companion on the back catching him from the air and laying him over the creature. I am told that I grabbed De's ankle while she battled, and one of the tiger wyverns landed to apparently finish me off. My body, suddenly engulfed in flame latched onto the tiger, and both burning headed to the plunge pool. The cat drowned."

    Tim and Werner Group - adventuring group on Vorn and another (?) world, currently on Todtham having ended up there in the botched "black box" escape from the Fire Dwarven Necromantic Research Facility (?). Lead by Werner and Tim Da Reaper. Known or suspected members: Tim Da Reaper, Guanerius Guaneri, Werner Gunthor, Twilight van der Rohe, .

    Started out when Tim da Reaper joined Wizard General Werner Gunthor to set up an expedition to the Friendship Temple to get the black box from Magos. (See the Friendship Temple.) Events that followed: Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue. Absconded with the box, saw a Virtual Magos. Argue Argue Argue Fly to Pandoland against Twilight's advice. Find out Pandoland was a non-optimal place to be. Argue. Guanerius joins us. Fly off across the world headed for the Grey Dwarves, who (I think) live in that big bunch of mountains we're supposed to cross. Argue some more.
    At some point in their adventures: "As I remember it, we were at the same kind of point at which we have found ourselves again and again in Vorn-- we have more people than the Pegasi... could carry, so we needed to decide who would be left behind... Shroud and the two burly EO ops with black earrings with him were basically trying to take over the group... The two EO ops argued more calmly and rationally than Shroud (no surprise) but basically it was because they were [El Ouhd and] eighth-level fighters in several weapons AND linguists AND proctologists AND could fold paper-clips into shapes representing ancient Orcish Virtues AND knew how to tie knots and sail ships... which is to say, they were NPCs. The rest of the party was trying to vote... but Shroud and his companions argued that voting was stupid because rationally they were the people to take on the mission because they were so much better than us... after the EO operatives had succeeded in offending everybody present enough to provoke harsh words that Guanerius swung into action, beat the crap out of the two ops (I think in fact that he killed them) and left Shroud hanging by his fingers off a cliff after *ripping* the black earrings off with one yank and throwing them over the cliff...
    What about our meeting with Poppy-Torr? (And Shroud) In this instance, the EO agents were slightly less domineering in their approach because the rest of us were not as weak, although they may have learned from the fatal error of the earlier band of EO ops, and they were in the command of Poppy, who is about five orders of magnitude saner and smarter than Errington.
    The box seems an ideal tool for collecting people for the virtue puzzle at the other Ziqqurat; if GG can use it with sufficient accuracy to scoop up the personnel we need and bring them to the front door of the Ziqqurat (which would make an excellent base of operations, since it is so defensible; in the worst case we can hole up in there and be totally inaccessible, or spring all sorts of fascinating traps... ) Last I heard, the territory beyond those mountains was full of all sorts of horrid monsters and hostile races of which we had only heard rumours previously.
    The current (as of August 1994) brain-damaged mission is to go flying (on pegasus) over 400 miles of nasty mountains. Beyond the mountains is uncivilized land with all kinds of nasties- Trolls, Wyverns, etc. Think of the Sprines on EOW. A mountain climbing/ orienteering god could be very useful. The above mission was delayed for the assault on the Fire Dwarven Necromantic Research Facility when the team got sidetracked in Salami, the last outpost of civilization before the Arnsata Mountains.

    Timanor Mines - on Vyricaa. Set up to mine ice from the southern coast of Vyrica. The area was attacked by an unknown monster (balrog?) and the monster's hunters found the Arboreal Portal.

    Time-Warp - term for poorly understood time altering phenomena. See Bermuda Parallelipiped, The Captain, Persand Island/Portal, Time-Warp Group.

    Time Warp Group (circa the future)-- went through the Bermuda Parallelipiped and found themselves far in the future with the war over. (And get Ryan H-H to fess up to what happened to his aunt.)

    Members: Desmond Bailey Lientious III.
    Also, what is known about the history of the war from the Time Warp group? I'm working under the assumption the future is immutable (hopefully not). How long did the war last? What parts of the world do the Eck control? All of it? How is the eck government's treatment of humans, elfs, etc? Are they slaves?

    Tims, Herschel () - not captain of the Dawn Treader, but leader of Team Alpha. Picked up Keiko with a group of Sudibin refugees. Helped transport the Pike Group to Persand Island on the Eck Temple Mission.

    Tiphon - dwarvish god of beauty and jewels.


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