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Sword Group
7th Edition

Sword Group - an adventuring party made up of members of OMNICO, the Order of the Ring and various Vorn natives. It was created after the recovery of The Captain with the goal of taking it to Vorn and finding The King.

Known or suspected members: Absinthe, Vagirious Aranathes, Grey Armstrong, Astro, McNally Atlas, Bosk, Feral Burrows, Isabella Cardinoff, Char, Seneca Doane, Dela Doolittle, Gorp, Han-gar, Ciral K'Vorkian, Lal, Lam, Corel de Lesseps, Richard Folger, Gail Gladiolus, Istvan Harka, Duncan Idaho, Karl Krinkbane, Mirabella LeFevre-DuJours, Asmodeus Mamnon, Melia, Methuselah, Milius, Gabrielle Monterre, Quentin, Sato, Sara Serengeti, Shele, Shiv, Jubal "Bob" Silverweight, Dextro Stunkfellow, Thug, Tok, Mileus Trafalgar, Zonzi. Adventures: 10040
  • Escape from KDPW: An agent of El Ouhd (EO) came with an offer to help us reach Vorn in return for possession of one of the Swords when the other was found. We left immediately for the docks, now knowing others knew of the existence of the weapon. On the way to the boat a large fight broke out on the docks. The bulk of the forces fought on the docks were not in the employ of El Ouhd but rather a mercenary team frequently used by 3M and the Consortium. 3M had been following the remnants of the party of Aragorn Pike (who worked for 3M briefly) as a result of an enigmatic final report submitted by that group before it disappeared. The inclusion of Pike group members into the Order led suspicions to them and then to OMNICO and beyond. Apparently only the jongleur, the woman, the two agents with earrings and the old man were testitudine (El Ouhd) agents. So they didn't kill any of his people, but got at least three mummies or Consortium dupes and left pursued by a black-flagged vessel.
  • Flight across Ilico: Sneaking about, crossing the mountains, battle with a dragon. They met up with a group of enemy gnomes that had a few prisoners with them. We released those prisoners and continued on to the portal. Midway there the party was set upon by a gigantic blue dragon intent on getting the Captain. At least one of the groups members was killed by its fire (Gabrielle Monterre), but it flew off maimed by the power of the sword.
  • Abraxian Shrine: The resident drow asshole was dispatched along with several of the shades, but the fearsome fiery tarred balrog-like demon-thing was not as the party made it's way through the portal. Richard Folger was lost here.
  • Vorn Temple: The monastery-like ruin in the Red Hills that the group ported into was mapped and a monster [hydra?] living in a lower level was battled. [Or did we find it and decide to leave it alone?] Nearby to the west, the group made the acquaintace of three local elvish refugees (Methuselah, Asmodeus Mamnon, Ciral K'Vorkian) with whom we communicated using Duncan Idaho's level 3 Eckyebrech.
  • Skeleton Battle: While trying to find a village (@24 Aug 3206), the Group met a huge line of hunched-over figures marching in the Ruby Desert, whom they thought might be countrymen of their new companions, and so attempted to parley. They were skeletons, and it was these, not Eckyebrech, who had been roaming around destroying villages. As soon as they saw us, they closed in to attack (all 40 or 50 of them), and we had a problem.
  • Sucking Hump - 25th Sept 3206: Grey, Duncan, Gail, Vagirious Aranathes, Dela Doolittle, Mileus Trafalgor - 45 pd food, 70 pd water. 2 days pass. They find some nomads but can't communicate well. The nomads want to trade for The Captain and Gail. They finally leave. Duncan has been given the phase dagger. 4 days pass. 110 miles. They have to kill the camels and drink their blood. October 9th - They finally leave the desert. Mountains! Water. Life! They find gnomes, tribal gnomes. They can't talk to them either. The gnomes didn't want to let them cross the mountains.
  • Shudar Sorak's - 28 October 3206. The party has crossed the mountains and camped in a grassy valley on the western slopes. The "sea camels" will arrive on or about 05 January 3207. Train and work for three months. Leave in February (?) with tribal gnomes, Tok, Sara, Lam and Lal, but Dela was left behind at the village to guarantee good faith. Down the Shudarates - From north to south: Tolum, Sorak, Granak, Zol, Bangon, Toluf, Kul, Gert, Goth, Kurgon, Vanup, Karvo, Barg. On the trip down the coast, the demands of the various Shudarite ranged from wanting to send their own representatives to get trade, gifts for the Shudar we were originally working for, and demands of tribute for passage through their territory. A sea camel, the Ababa, was met on the way south (offered passage after the local Shudar [Bangon?] was kicked off the beach.).
  • Shudar Barg's - The greatest Shudar we'd encountered by far with contacts far beyond the coastal mountains - his court included Scarg the gnomish lieutenant from the south, an elf (Krekotzki), a troll (Cock) and a dark orc. We could not afford the tribute he demanded and instead offered a contest of champions. Our 7 best against his 7 best. The party, after winning the battle of the seven champions, was invited to a banquet in their honor and found out from the bedouin champion about spirits that walk east of the mountains. After 9 days of healing, the party got ready to set out to the desert ruins, hoping they were ancient orcish, then discovered they couldn't ride camels, so another week was expended training everyone in camelmanship. Melia, a healer, asked to come with us as did Thug, a very confused gnome.
  • Desert Ruins - There were three buildings, but only one was more than a few walls in the sand. It had a hole in the floor. Exploration of the basement uncovered lots of bright red scorpions, two rooms about 20x20 ft. in size, and two dead end hallways. In the corner of the second room was a stone slab that could be removed to reveal a 10x10 ft. subbasement that didn't look like much more than storage space. Thug got stung by a scorpion. Lam tourniqueted his leg before the poison could spread too far, and it looked as if he would survive. The party decided to rest a day to allow Thug to heal before returning to Shuddar Barg's.
  • Black Rider, et al - Next afternoon, a black rider holding a black standard with a white circle and skull approached. One of the gnomes (Zonzi?) from Barg's village fled (either betrayed us or got whacked.) The party decided to stay in the building for a better defensive position, but as the rider got closer, it became evident that he was accompanied by about 20 of the black-robed undead that the party had met so disastrously months before. Since it would be impossible to fight them off, the party tried to ride their camels between the gap of the north and east phalanxes. During the escape Gail's camel went down, Bosk threw a dagger into Grey's throat and fled, Lam took up the Sword, Duncan retrieved Gail, a gnome fell off his camel (Han-gar?), and Thug's camel went down with Thug's unconscious body. Someone got a good first aid roll and was able to save Grey. Once they were out of immediate danger, Lam returned the Sword to the unconscious Grey in hopes that it would help him. Grey's hand tightened around the hilt.
  • Desert - After riding out of sight of pursuers, the party began arcing to the south through the Lernean Desert. The next few days were spent riding as much as possible, walking as necessary to preserve the camels, resting when they could. When the party was within 50 miles of the mountains to the south, they rested for a whole day, at the end of which the skeletons could be seen on the northern horizon. The party began heading towards the mountains in a southeastern direction, until they saw a sandstorm on the western horizon. The party then headed directly south for the mountains. The sandstorm struck to the north of the party, approximately where the party decided to turn south, so hopefully the direction change was erased and the skeletons erroneously continue southeast. Grey regained consciousness, and was generally displeased that Lam had wielded the Sword.
  • Statement to the Alliance Council of Vorn - October 2, 3207 - Most Esteemed Wizard Generals of the Alliance, We are extremely pleased to be finally be standing before you. Our trip has been perilous, and it relieves our hearts to know that we once again stand amongst friends and compatriots... As you already know, a good number of us have traveled from another world to be here. We wish to impart our tale to you, fine Generals, in hopes that our story can give you more insight to how we got here and what our intentions were in doing so. That said, I will start at the beginning of the journey... In Arboria a group of explorers traveling on a boat came in contact with an elf named Keiko... (Speech given by Milius.)
  • Future Plans as of Dec 1997: Assuming that the party survives its nighttime encounter [what encounter?] now in progress: Hieronymous is planning on staying in Pandoland over the winter to improve his pegasusmanship. Hetaczy (and Ulwiye) are going to return to the Temple. Sara (and Tock) are considering returning to their home with the mountain gnomes to work on the reconstruction. Ariel, Peter, and Erich are planning to stay in Pando City to help Peter track down the strange seaweed medicine he needs and then head to the Temple. Grey is planning on heading to the Temple to do more research. Others are undecided, but by early Spring, the party will regroup for another mission in the south of Pandoland.


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