Encyclopedia Lorica

Spell to Swinburn
7th Edition

Spells with their components:

Spell Components and other valuable resources:

  • Aganu Cactus - small, brown cactus; paralysis
  • Alnickoli Mushrooms - small, lavendar, magnetic mushrooms in northern Sprines and on Allotrope; PPD
  • Auric Moss - gold-flecked, deep purple moss in mountain ranges all over; olfactory illusion.
  • Bigle root - bright yellow stringy plant communities on Ilum Beta and tropical forest of Vyrica; confusion.
  • Bjornmar Toadstools - brown fungi with distinct odor mainly in Trenines; strength.
  • Bloodshade - incredibly rare, dark red ivy that grows on dying trees in zealously secret and guarded locations; longevity.
  • Blue Rose - grows to 6ft or more in savannahs of Republic; PMA
  • Bulbous Mushrooms - white bulbous mushrooms, easily found at night, in mountain ranges all over; sleep.
  • Calicyna Buds - light green buds from tree of same name with a sweet sugary taste in deciduous forest esp. on west Vyrica and Yarmouth; slow metabolism.
  • Canalgam Sap - ?
  • Chinquin Bark - rare tree found in Bending Branch forest, Vyrica, Gailinea, Uchebnik; heal soul (?)
  • Chinquin Sap - see above; repel fish and repel birds.
  • Dedikind bulbs - ?
  • Emeralds - prot. from necromancy.
  • Enkornian Grass - dark green grass growing in circular patches at foot of active volcanoes; willpower.
  • Forsythia Flowers - increase charisma (?).
  • Gabbyrooms - small, yellow fungus of tropical Vyrican forest, expanding into Chinmin province and by Forsythia; thunderclap.
  • Guillemot birds - black birds on Culebra Island; ?
  • Hassimer's Lichen - greenish, reddish lichen on equatorial rocks during hottest part of the year; dexterity.
  • Humigus Bush Leaves - very common, small, paraboloid dark green bushes found in extreme conditions from the edge of glaciers to polluted urban neighborhoods; endurance.
  • Ivory - from elephants on Ilum Gamma; production of undead. Guanerius: "I'm not sure this is a spell component even though we always find those regeneration potions in little ivory elephants and so on..."
  • Kerbic Mushrooms - ?
  • Kerbic Owl Feathers - ?
  • Knotweed - blue-green grass that grows into simple knots all over Pavimentum, Ilum Alpha, Yarmouth; hold person.
  • Kridsadan Gourd - violet gourd found primarily in coniferous forest of Bending Branch Bay; cure insanity.
  • Lander's fungus - ?
  • Lizard, sewer, Trangle Island - ?
  • Longmeadows - ?
  • Manticore blood/brain/claws/spikes - ?
  • Mercury - death.
  • Mica - found all over, esp. near volcanoes and quarries; lightning bolt
  • Moonflowers - foot-tall annual with satiny crescent-moon-shaped petals that reflect moonlight well; light.
  • Phosphorus - powdery mineral found in caves ad other dark, rocky places
    • Phosphorus, Red - pyrotechnics
    • Phosphorus, Black - wall of fire
    • Phosphorus, Violet - fireball
    • Phosphorus, White - ignite
  • Purple algae - thrives in the cool, pure water of mountain pools, kettle lakes and glacier run-offs; charm person.
  • Quartz - hard, transparent mineral found everywhere; detect magic.
  • Reeds in Sprinal Tap (name?) - ?
  • Rosipes Shrubs - green fruit-bearing shrubs throught Bending Brach Forest; reaction.
  • Sarin Bark - found on Uchebnic? heal soul?
  • Scarlet Bee Honey - ?
  • Slather beast scales - monotremous mammals of the warmer waters of Sprinal Current; dispel magic.
  • Sphagnum Moss - heal.
  • Stinkfruit - ?
  • Terebinthium crystal - yellow crystals that radiate anti-magic in the Sprinal Tap, Uchebnic, Odylic Mt. on Botnia; anti-light, detect and dispel anti-magic.
  • Terestrial uxor cerebral fluid - ?
  • Tragoliddy Moss - green slimy plant on the ceilings of shady caves in Sprines; cure blindness.
  • Trangle Island Sewer Lizard - ?
  • Troll Blood - ?
  • Ultima Thule Mist - ?
  • Umbel Thistles - dark green plants on Vyrica; feeblemind.
  • Unicorn Horn - teleport.
  • Venosa Roots (perfectly ripe) - red-brown plants on northern Vyrica and the Republic; Regeneration
  • Ventrooms - large 2ft by 2ft white mushrooms with red spots; chill.
  • Whispering ferns - large, green musical plants of tropical forests of Vyrica and rumors of them in Sprinl Tap; cure disease
  • Wyvern blood - biomancy...
  • Wyvern horn - resurrection
  • Yellow algae - warm still areas of ocean water especially on the leeward side of islands; control person
  • Rand: "We've only been sent to find [canalgam sap, dedekind bulbs and guilemot birds] by HZE; no one else has ever mentioned them... What do they use these things for? How could HZE have magic that the colleges didn't when they are such putzes? Suppose they just want to raise Guillemots? Aren't they endangered or something? Guanerius: "[Troll blood, Ultima Thule mist and wyvern blood] are almost certainly biomancy."

    Sphagnum moss - component for heal.

    Sprinal Tap. The northernment region of the Sprines. It is primarily known for: (1) unique flora and fauna, (2) flora and fauna oddly mutated from common forms found elsewhere, (3) prevalence of magically useful flora and fauna, (4) high magical background radiation, (5) abundant anecdotal evidence of "odd" phenomena relating to necromancy, hallucinations, time distortion and teleportation. In some ways, the Sprinal Tap appears to consciously protect itself from invasion and exploration. No public or private maps of the area in question are believed to exist. The area is not settled. There has been marginal commercial exploitation on the eastern fringes by Anthraco and on the western fringes by Icelandic Minerals and Geoplus. The area may be the home to one or more small-scale bandit/pirate crews, but is now controlled by the deep gnomish armies. It has been explored by SETCo, OMNICO and SOAK.

    Magical ingredients believed to be found there: chinquin sap, wyvern horn, moonflowers, dedekind bulbs, longmeadows, slather beast scales, whispering ferns, purple algae, yellow algae, terebinthium crystal and xLander's fungus.
    Items of interest to be found there: cave portal, water serpent, manticore, trolls hidden by moving fog banks, helpful well-equiped orcs riding mysterious flying tiger creatures and sometimes accompanied by skeletons, basilisks, fighting trees (animated tree stumps?).
    The Sprinal Tap's treasures are probably protected for very good reason- to keep them out of silly, foolish, evil hands. Location of a Pyatnitsan Temple explored by SOAK.

    Sprines -

    The Boner Adventure was when we messed with the altar there (or in the Sprinal Tap?) and it appeared.
    Garibaldi's Cut - a vital enemy supply line crosses a bridge over Garibaldi Cut in the northern Sprines. Goal of Bridge Missions.

    Squiggly Line Puzzle - Delmarintha Dig Group?

    Stallman, Richard (Brian) - Member of SOAK. Killed by wyvern cannon bombardment in "Stallman's Depression" while mapping Culebra Island. Missions: Culebra I.

    Staple Island - see Culebra Island.

    Stat, Rheo (?) - Member of Persand Expeditionary Force.

    Stensgard, Odin () - Member of Vyrican Reclamation Expedition. Arrested and hanged by Krasgorod military police.

    Stewart, James (Ben) Human male. Actor and petty thief. Died in Vorn from magic-antimagic explosion in Moria.

    Stink fruit - spell component?

    Stone, Herbert (?) - person with some knowledge of the events related to the search for the King and the politics of the Alliance Council at the time (late 3202).

    Stone, Mark (?) - a ranger/orienteer hired by the Order of the Ring in time for the Rajendra Rescue mission. Member of Order of the Ring. Captured on O.R. rescue mission by eckyebrech on unknown island in western ocean. Missions: Rajendra Rescue, O.R. Rescue.

    Stone Shape - a physomancy spell. Can be used to block off cave passages - a way to slow down tribal Eck pursuers on Persand Island.

    Stonesplitter, Baeraman (Ryan) - physomancer, wields a warhammer, an El Ouhd agent "Shard" as of November 10043. Missions: Taniger Rescue, Mock Turtle.

    Straun, George (Joe) - "A human [geologist] who seemed to have as many rocks on his mind as in it." Member of Omnico. Killed during combat with El Ouhd agents while trying to board Order of the Ring ship with the Captain in KDP West. Missions: Ilmenite Mine.

    Strelsau, Rupert (NPC). Human (?) male. Former NETCO Agent 111, worked with SOAK on first Culebra Island mission. Joined SOAK shortly afterwards.. Missions: Culebra Island I, Omniventure V.

    Strumpet, Abner "H. Ross" (Scott). Aka Paul Erdos. Staff wielding cartographer/ mechanical engineer/sleep caster. Former member of OMNICo and one of the leaders of SOAK. Was the first to travel in the snake, having found himself taken to an island later to be called the Brid Island (?) and then Symtheta. Is strangely and powerfully attractive to women, including Felissa Hayes-Hunter, Leah Aethelwulf Meyer and a female engineer. At one point, Peregrine Falcon recalled, "I ran into Abner Strumpet on the road in KDP-W... [this was while Peregrine was preparing for Grendling with Guanerius - probably in late 10042] and was happily suprised to see him still wandering around and doing well. He was a bit dismayed at the loss of one of his toys, [the Snake Whistle?] but seemed eager and excited to be working for a company named SOAK."

    OMNICo missions: Sprinal Tap (as acting 1LT), Illum Gamma. SOAK missions: Blendon Island, Trangle Sewers (co-commander), Culebra I, Omniventure V.

    Stuckey - galago monkey, Delvin Rover's familiar. Last seen on Ilum Alpha.

    Stunkfellow, Dextro (Scott) - acquisition specialist. Member of Omnico and the Sword Group. Hobbit short-bow fighter, lock picker and Claw worshipper. Died unresurrectably in the Skeleton Battle with the Sword Group. Missions: Yarisuto, Rajendra Rescue, Ilmenite Mine, Illum Alpha, Sword Quest.

    Stunkfellow-Stroup, Pilfer (Scoon) - halfling/hobbit member of the Verteux Loonies.

    Stych, Carnie (NPC) - crewmember(?) on board The Dawn Treader for the Pike Group's Eck Temple Mission or member of the Pike Group on that mission. Died on Persand. "One of the great intellectuals minds of the world." Also involved with Tyflyc River Expedition with Team Alpha (?).

    Subotnik, Carney (NPC) - Carney is a huge, brawny fighter who appears not to have the slightest glimmer of intelligence in his eyes and wields a fine longsword. Killed by a fireball in the Gnome Cart adventure. An original member of Bysshe Commandoes.

    Sudibin - a group of dark-skinned elves. Language = "Japanese".

    Sudibin Monastery - A site ostensibly occupied by sudibin holy men and their entourage in the southwest corner of Vyrica, which is used by drow thaumaturgists and biomancers to conduct research. The site has also been used as a permanent incarceration cell. Goal of El Ouhd's Taniger Rescue Mission.

    The site is 14.2 miles due east of landing cove 83 on the western shore of Vyrica. It consists of an external structure of two stories, a separate stables, and a well. The building is located on the west side of two-level hill and is built on the first level of the hill against the slope of the second level. It is known that the building is secretly extended into the hillside and below, but the precise extent of these additions was unknown. In late 10043, it was thought that there were 30-40 enemy personnel at the site including 10-12 guards (mostly sudibin), 10-15 researchers (mostly drow), and 10-15 support people (humans and kobols). The guards were expected to be above average in combat ability (level V to VII) and armed with magical weapons or signaling devices. The researchers were equipped to fight with spells and in melee. Two groups of 2-3 guards on horseback patroled the area within about four miles of the complex. There was one observation, in a 10031 El Ouhd report, of an animated humanoid in the vicinity. And Egyebrech forces had been seen in small numbers (6 or less) sporadically in the area and observed bringing supplies to the complex. There was no pattern to their arrival, but it occured only once every seventy to eighty days.

    Suki, Mitsu (Lisa) - female biomancer sudibin, an old friend of Aleph Roterisk and a founding member of Sankwich Explorations.

    S'vorak, Lantelle - female human (?) magic user, former leader of OMNICo, member of SOAK and El Ouhd. Known or suspected aliases: Monique Blanc, Agent Labyr.

    Omnico Missions: Castle Vaheran. EO Mission: Taniger Rescue (?), Vorn.
    "I couldn't help but feel some guilt and shame as I left Carthage. I was leaving behind not only my leadership position in OMNICo, but possibly putting my comrades in deep risk... Something tells me... that those [ancient orcish?] liches really wouldn't want some random idiot holding onto their magical devices, so why not take the logical choice and let this idiot carry it around... It saved me once.
    [The world turns black and white, memories coming back for Lantelle Svorak] There we were, standing on the glacier's edge, looking at the [Castle Vaheran]... across the short-grassed rocky terrain were marching a group of... ice bears. Their leader stopped before us, barking something that seamed like a challenge. I prepared a confusion spell... Grey cut him down... We proceeded inside the building... discovered a strange concert of chambers. The ends were blocked off with metal bars... the passage to those bars riddled with pits. In one of those pits we found the body. I was lowered down on a rope... The body... was our employer, Jubal Tokenfall... After mapping... the chambers out, we realized that the passages were near symmetrical... I took the right, and one of our newbies took the left passage... we walked down our respective hallways, the bars coursing in and out of the walls in front of us, moving down the hallway. A second set of bars appeared behind us as we walked, moving ever-so-slightly faster than the bars in front... As I was reaching the end of the hallway, shouting out for the other person to move faster, my backpack was caught in the bars at my back. I thought I was a memory, but... I was able to break the straps of the backpack and I collapsed into the room at the end of the hall. As I picked myself up, an ethereal figure coursed towards me. I do not remember exactly what it said in my mind, but it was something along the lines of 'prove your worth'. I collapsed to one knee, head bowed, and I held aloft the iron ring that I had recently found, feeling awe and mystery at what came towards me. The phantom passed me by, and as I caught my breath I heard screams further down the corridor. I never thought I'd find religion...
    We returned to KDP-W, and reported to SETCO, but we told them nothing of the ring or the dagger officially... I will not let them have this ring, I will take it to the High Druid myself, I will return it to them, and perhaps they will allow me to join them, allow me to learn from them. It is a risk I must take...
    Stephan Bolger is the only one who came with me. We parted ways with OMNICo, telling none of them where we were going to hopefully prevent them from being forced to tell. I hope that we will return, but I cannot be sure. The 10th of August, 10037 saw us leave from Carthage on our way to Allatrope. Once there we spent 11 weeks training, preparing... On November 18th... we chartered a boat to take us near Roanoke in an attempt to reach the central plains of Vyrica and the High Druid. Funny that I was on this quest, and I had not been doomed... Well, sometimes personal quests are more important... On the 26th of November we arrived somewhat south of the Vyrican Range... We hid the dinghy as best we could, and set off...
    On the 27th we made another 15 miles of travel, and weary we once again hid ourselves and went to sleep. Unfortunately... About midnight Stephan and I were surrounded by orcs and questioned... For a day and a half we wandered through the mountains until we came upon a high valley... Here we met a gnome, and a human in maroon robes who only after continued prodding told us we could call him 'Luke'. Luke explained that they were a guerilla band fighting against the invaders, and that we were free to go any time, but he cautioned that without help we may be captured or worse. He took a great interest in the ring I wore, saying that it was a signet of that ziarchy of druids that split from the traditions and went to fight with the Ecks. He told us this story: The druids had a prophecy saying that a 'wave' would begin in central vyrica and overwhelm all. The ecks coincided their move so that they would seem to be that wave. Most of the druids believed the ecks to the the fortold 'wave' and went over to their side. Jubal was apparently included... He also mentioned that the wearer of this ring had once been his teacher. (Jubal?) When I asked him why he wore the Shangri-laist robes, he said that he was one of them. 'Shangri-laists, ' he said, ' study every religion to understand them fully.'
    November 29th was a dark day for me. Luke promised to help us if I would let him study the ring... for a couple days. After much contemplation and discussion with Stephan I agreed. I gave him the ring. Not long after 5 humans came into the area in apparent desperation. They said a strange undead army had risen from the ruins of Surido. But as people surrounded them to peer at a map they had unrolled, all hell broke loose. The 'men' mutated into undead creatures, and ecks rushed into the area. Luke somehow encapsulated one of them in a block of ice, and told us that we could escape by jumping into the pool. He said there were secret tunnels beyond a hole in the bottom of the pool. We lept into it, finding the hole and swimming for dear life. We made it to the other side, and finding land were forced to fight off a couple ecks that had followed us in. Once situated we lit a torch and looked around. A staircase climbed its way up the walls of this enormous chamber, and a rock bridge spanned across a huge pool. Crossing the [slick] bridge was difficult... one... fell into the pool and was killed by some giant monster in the water... We came upon a door that held a symbol I had never seen before. [What was the symbol?] We managed to pry the door open and came to find that we were in a 3x3 grid of rooms, with magical doors that, when their symbols were pressed, opened and closed other doors in some form of sequence. Once we separated Stephan from the rest of the group, attempting to press the doors in two separate sections open at the same time... He was assaulted by something in the dark, and when we opened the room, there was nothing there. So here we are, a small band hoping we can get through this miniature maze, knowing that up above ecks sit around a campfire, probably waiting for us. We might be able to sneak out, but I'd rather take my chances with whatever lies down here..." Lantelle Svorak, 29 November, 10037
    Merlin Maze - name for the 3x3 grid of rooms.

    Swinburn - location of abandoned mine in deep gnomish territory where the Western Wind was to excange a box of "spell componenets" for artifacts with renegate deep gnomes in January 10040.


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