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Shield to Soul
7th Edition

Shield Group - [19:20, 29 June 3202, somewhere on the eastern coast of the Euxine, Vorn] It has been 21 days since Bosch's mish-mashed party set out with Nigel's instructions to circumambulate the Euxine to bring the Shield from Tererno to the Temple so that the Alliance Council could dispose of it as they wished. On 15 June they encountered the bees and the folks that lived around there (Summary, anyone?) and regretted it for another two weeks. The anger over the incident, mostly directed at the Erick the T[h]inker who disturbed the hives, has passed, being replaced with an ennui that can only come from walking in mud without a change of underwear while carrying an artifact level magic item which weighs a ton. Jean Dietz is breaking down and slowing progress; Quorlan, Guntar, Erick, and Hieronymous, however, are still going strong. The watches have been assigned as (1) Bosch, (2) Quorlan, and (3) Erick.

About one and a half days were lost in the battle with the hymenopterates and the subsequent recovery; at that rate you will reach the next village, a small, egyebrech-occupied town on 9 or 10 August 3202. Before that point, a decision will need to be made as to how to navigate it. You have 105 person-days of food remaining (3 weeks apiece). You have been able to make approximately 20 miles per day up until now, but that is dropping off slightly.
The town, Cogsgrove, has a population of about 500; the number of guards is unknown. It subsists primarily on farming and fishing.

Shiv (NPC) - male Vornish tribal gnome from Shudar Granak's village sent with Gorp to watch out for his village's interests with the Sword Group.

Shrine, The - a desert on Vorn. Where the Sword Group ported into Vorn in 3206.

Shroud, Errington (Kaz?) - El Ouhd agent. In May 3202, he helped Amy Delation escape and join Poppy-Tor, etc. Later, he was at the Obah Ziggurat when the group met Lady Marissa Althoric, blew a hole in the Ziggurat and saw it heal. He was thrown off cliff by Guanerius Guaneri and left under a pile of rock, but was wearing a permanent regen ring (?). Involved with the Tim and Werner Group in a failed hostile take-over that lead to his being thrown off a cliff by Guanerius.

Shudar - title for Vornish tribal gnomish chieftains. See Shudarates.

Shudarates - Vornish tribal gnomish chieftainships on the coast of . In order from north to south: Tolum, Sorak, Granak, Zol, Bangon, Toluf, Kul, Gert, Goth, Kurgon, Vanup, Karvo, Barg.

Shusako, Veto "the Sewer Man" (Scott) - a leading figure of Delmaruntha Dig Group and also a member of the Order of the Ring. Died the adventure (Persand?) before the Patville (resurrected) then died again 5 weeks later during the fight on Biskupin. Missions: Patville, Biskupin.

Sibalfs - associated with Sioux Island and/or Island 2.

The First Dragon Adventure - The group was exploring Island 2. At the base of the volcano, the group came upon a large crevace that contained creatures that they had never seen before. The creatures had no eyes, and four (?) arms that had strange joints in them (double jointed elbows) The creatures "saw" infared heat, and so torches and a bonfire were used to distract them. They did not seem to speak, but perhaps talked in pitches higher than human ears could hear. The creatures fired a large ballista, and engaged in hand to hand with old weapons. They were carrying small pouches that contained metal cubes (looked like steel) that seemed to be some form of currency. After killing the creatures (there were 7 or 8) the group ventured into the cave that they came from, but didn't see any more sibalfs before they found the dragon.

Silverweight, Jubal "Bob" (Ryan) - member of Order of the Ring (?) and the Sword Group. Died unresurrectably in Skeleton Battle.

Simba (Ben) Gypsy Elvish male. Karate artist and juggler. 100 speed. First character ever made. Died from sea water poisoning in 10000.

Sine, Swokowski () - Disappeared in Friendship Building after having been sent to get reinforcements from the labyrinth.

Sioux Island - apparent location of a Beigebearding adventure. "Sioux Island) Iona Sibalfs ?"

Skeletal Riders - omened by a grey owl, two skeletal riders on a skeletal horse chased down Otis Ius and his companions after the Arboreal Portal destruction.

"...these new friends looked up with a start. Their eyes tracked the path of a gray owl across the sky above the town. They looked whence it had come, and began to gather their things with haste. We... set off down a trail, following the path of the bird... they clearly were afraid... We moved as fast as our burden would allow, but my friends seemed to think it wasn't fast enough. Before long hoof beats were to be heard approaching behind us. We turned off the path, trusting in the woods to hide us. Still the sound of the riders grew nearer. I stopped, gesturing to the orcs to... [wave] them on, wanting them to save themselves. As they ran off, I climbed a tree to hide... After a few moments I saw a skeletal horse directly below me... I could see one cloaked rider, and I could just make out the legs of another rider on the same horse. The visible figure dismounted and moved towards Lady Marissa. The figure straightened suddenly and threw back its hood, revealing a fleshless skull and a glimpse of its bony hand... The skeleton crouched down and... it jerked the necklace from her limp neck.. it moved back to the steed and tossed the necklace to the other rider. There was a flash of hot, white light and, later, a huge noise. The roar of two opposing magics tearing each other asunder blasted around me... Surveying the scene I found the collapsed skeletons of both riders and the horse. The necklace was nowhere to be found. I can only assume that Lady Marissa Althoric would have been carrying magic from Vorn... "

Skeletons - a form of fairly weak undead. They are best attacked with heavy, blunt smashing weapons rather than sharp, slicing weapons. They've been seen at the Biskupin Necromantic Research Facility, in Delmaruntha associated with the archeological site and the deaths of scientists there, and at the Grendel's Cave riding tiger creatures and attacking the Greymar Grendling Group.

Before the Delmarintha Dig Group left for Persand, a skeleton entered Topelson's house and attacked. The skeleton attempted to escape by jumping out the window, then seemed to catch itself in the air, and float towards the ground like a feather. Taniger finished it with a lighting bolt. Augustus said it wasn't a normal skeleton but wouldn't say why.
Some wussy skeletons debuted at the Omniventure 10042 to the delight of players who are penalized if they kill living creatures, which skeletons are not.
When the Greymar Grendling Group stormed Grendel's Cave, the Eck force at the fortress included flying tiger creatures ridden by skeletons with attitude. (One seemed to go after Saul Anders for shooting his fellow rider with a lightning bolt arrow.)

Skipperjack - vessel under the command of El Ouhd Agent Eteocles available starting 18 November 10043 for the Taniger Rescue mission.

Slather beasts - monotremous marine creatures living in warmer waters of Sprinal Current that attack at night paralyzing their victims with a poisonous cocoon of epoxy-like saliva. Scales are component for dispel magic.

Sleep-inducing fish - see Fish, Sleep-inducing.

Snake, The - A giant gold and silver sea serpent which, when summoned by a special snake-shaped whistle (see snake whistle), swallows persons whole and subsequently spits them up on foreign lands. Current speculation is that there is actually more than one. Travel is apparently limitted to the eastern ocean since the snake cannot pass the loches of KDPE. A set of 20 vials of excellent expensive spices may help direct where the serpent goes. Low mentalities are hazardous for traveling in the snake. It's useful to have a dingy wedged inside the snake to sit in, especially one with rounded edges that will not damage the snake. Goggles, ear plugs and nose plugs prevent water poisoning. So far no way has been found to gauge the passage of time in the snake. Used by SOAK and Abner Strumpet.

Snake whistle - a beautiful semi-jeweled whistle made of precious metals and fashioned as a snake and found in a Beigebeard horde on Illum Gamma. A major bio-zoomantic item which when blown summons a giant sea snake. Now slightly beat up.

SOAK. Seeking Out Advanced Knowledge, Searchers of Arcane Knowlegde,. or Seekers of Advanced Knowledge. Motto: Knowledge is Power, and Power is money. An adventuring group founded in 10039 by Gaul Galapagos, Juliette Naturas, and Albert Tachmal (?). Its charter is to seek out knowledge that might somehow better the chances against the invaders.

As of June 10042 SOAK had expanded to approximately three teams: (1) Basically the original group, which had undertaken a mission for the Telemancy College to check out that teleporting cave in the Sprinal Tap and to look for spell components to sell. (2) Western Wind, plus an original SOAKer (G'barkley Garnish) in joint command with Genevieve L'arnot (?). (3) A third group to do military work (blowing up bridges, roughing up the scumbags at Ayer's Rock, whatever). Other changes included: offically incorporating with the city of KDPW, solidifying an official budget, hiring a crew of 3 guards to watch the house 24 hours/day, and establishing a long term contract with a professional debugging service.
Known or suspected members: Hawkeye Adams, James Agee, Arno Akallabath, Marigold Bramblethorn, Julie Cerano, Daedalus Danson, Estar Day, Paul Erdos, Archibald Excelsior, Red Falcon, Gerontius Flistersinger, Arthur Franz, Gaul Galapagos, G'barkley Garnish, Bryn Ghardlier, Johnathon "Shadow" Gilette, Molly Globule, Gonathon Gore, Strego Hastens, Felissa Hayes-Hunter, Florence Henderson, Jason Hobard, Navel Hunter, William Inge, Icarus Jansen, Bames Jond, Isabella Jond, Bobbi Kekkonen, Genevieve L'arnot, Allison Lyons, Alana Manes, Gabrielle Monterre, Nool Pyat, Amanda Rose, Richard Stallman, Rupert Strelsau, Abner Strumpet, Albert Tachmal, Twill Topknot, Thomas Underwood, Rand Widowmaker.
The organization may be reached at: Box 1729, First Mail Bank, KDP West, Re or their house in KDPW. Missions:
  • Blendon Island for Emmanuel Brown - July 29 to Aug. 15 10039. The team traveled with Captain Robin Obelisk on The Martinar on the south end of Blendon Island to help recover the stashed valuables of some associates of Brown. They were accompanied by: Serge Nickoliovitch, Brown, and Brown's wife and son. (Team: PE, AF, GM...)
  • Brid Island - Sept. 20 to Oct. 28, 10039. The group traveled by snake to explore the unknown island discovered by Abner Strumpet, where they encountered the Brids after whom they named the island. They also acquired several interesting magic items. (Team: MB (?))
  • Brid Island II (?) - (Team: FHH (?))
  • Sprinal Tap for SETCo - Dec. 20, 10039. The group traveled with Captain Silas Lapham on the Artaxerxes to the eastern coast of the Sprinal Tap in the region of Deep Bay and investigated the mountainous regions from both the east and the west sides, collecting samples of flora and fauna and mapping. (Team: AA?)
  • Castle Vaharan - some Friday the 13th in 10040. Bob the Great's body was found there and the ceiling walking boots were lost there.
  • Brid Island III and IV (?) for El Ouhd (?) - Jan. 4, 10040. The group traveled by snake to explore the Brid Island. Felissa Hayes-Hunter was lost, literally, in a battle with the Brids near the "druidic" dome shrine. (Team: FHH)
  • Trangle Sewers for Trangle government - May 26 to June 5, 10040. The team went to Trangle to clear the town's sewers of a mysterious infestation of large lizards. In the process, the sewers were almost completely mapped and strangely equiped skeletons were encountered including one fearsome fellow with four arms and a ring of lightning bolts. All magic items found were given to the local authorities. (Team: HA, MB, DD, ED, AE, AF, BG, JG, SH, BJ, GM, NP, AS)
  • Distown for Meyer family - c July 18-28, 10040. A team of six spent three days in Distown attempting to assist Mrs. Meyer and her daughter solve the "Meyer Puzzle" that would lead to their inheritance. After three days of consideration (July 22-24), the team departed Distown with the matter unresolved. (Team: MB, GaGa, I or BJ, NP, AS...)
  • Ilum Alpha with OMNICO - August 12-19, 10040. See OMNICO. (Team: JC?, GaGa, SH, )
  • Culebra Island for NETCO - Oct 6, 10040 to Jan 24, 10041. SOAK performed a detailed survey of some 60% of Culebra Island accompanied by two NETCO agents (111 and 52). All information and maps were for the exclusive use of NETCO and all items of value found were turned over to NETCO. Distance from glacier and proximity to whale pods was not determined due to team casualties from cold and wyvern. Were actually on the island from 20 Oct to ?. (Team: MB, RF, GaGa, JH?, NH, BJ, AL, NP, RiS, RuS, AS...)
  • Shangri-land for Brids - . SOAK booked passage with Robin Obelisk to deliver building materials, tools, crossbows and other equipment to be picked up by the Brids on an un-named spit of land left exposed by the southern glacier which SOAK dubbed Shangri-land. There SOAK met the Brids who included King Astyanax and, apparently, his mate, and watched them run off a small bunch of purple/ maroon clad horsemen - Shangri-la-ists (?). The Brids gave SOAK some interesting artifacts found on the Brid Island, among them were non-magickal fertility idols, and a tiny ruby child-figure magic item. After that, the snake took SOAK to Slater after it was given the blue rose powder.
  • Gypsy Elf Mission for the Gypsy Elven Nation - received April (?) 10041. The gypsy elven nation has been involved in a great flight to the north of the Uchebnik peninsula. However, according to Anselm Falcon, enemy raids have now killed many people and captured animals and burned fields there. Reportedly only one hundred egyenbeck there to be captured or otherwise removed. Offer: 16,000 sc and the hospitality of the village. Mission intended for former members of the Western Wind, and the Falcon twins.
  • Inver Brass for Meyers - ?10041?. SOAK went to Inver Brass on Pavimentum to investigate the Meyer puzzle. Useful information was found but the puzzle was not solved. (Team: NP... ) [Bradley Meyer died in 10040. Patville Meyer Mission was 10041.] Brid Island V (?)- . Juliette Naturas, Felissa Hayes-Hunter, Abner Strumpet and Gonathan Gore tried to take the serpent to the Brid Island, but had the wrong directions and ended up two other places. Eckyebrick El Oud operatives rescued the group from behind enemy lines on Vyrica but Felissa got lost in the confusion. (Team: JN, GoGo, FHH, AS.) Omniventure V - 15 February 10042. A team of nine went to the southern Sprines to compete in the advanced division. Finished tied for sixth with 99 points. Won 2,000 for getting the second highest score in Taboo. Got another 2,500 from "Red" in gratitude for doing well enough that she won her bets. (Team: DD, GF, JG, GaGa, BK, NP, RuS, AS, RW) Telemancy I for Telemancy College - July (?) 10042. The purpose was to find out if the Sprinal Tap contains a number of interlocking telemantic portals. The team was to take a prepared box to be sent through the portal both with and without being carried. Objectives: 1.) find portals. 2.) investigate portals with the box. 3.) return the information and box. Job offer received 1 Jun 42. Many raw spell components harvested and a swamp creature was captured. (Sold to UDC.) (Team: EH, NH?, JN, NP...)
  • Bridge Mission for allied military forces of the Confederacy, the Republic, Gailinia, Allotrope, Pieschland, Iceland, Mickelgarth and Port Darthur - received 01 Apr 42. Deep inside enemy territory (due east of Parapanisades) is a bridge in the mountains constructed to transport the gnomish army from their strongholds in the hills to the battlefields of northern Ilico. This bridge must be destroyed before 01 Aug 10042 so the war can be successfully closed. The area is heavily guarded and the bridge must be felled with heavy explosives. Mission intended for newbie demolitions crew. POC = Colonel Abraham Theta. (Team: FH, AM )
  • Mapping Mission with/for Cesar's Cartography - ?. Job offer received 03 May 10042. Anonymous client of Cesar's Cartography recovered large tracts of family land and found several complexes built by the enemy. He required maps to utilize these buildings in an industrial/commercial sense. Cesar's Cartography refused the job unless a team equipped to deal with traps went along. SOAK would be that team. The mission will take about two weeks and begin on or about [15 August 10042].
  • Shang Island - ?10042? (I, Aleph, need to find out what the group of mercenaries from KDPW discovered on Shang, when they went there on Sept. 30th.) Went to check on a mission archeology team.
  • Telemancy III for Telemancy College - ? to Jan. 6, 10043
  • Culebra II (Team: NP )
  • Black Tower (Team: AA, GF, NH, NP)
  • Gateway Island - summer 10043 - Mickelgarth Commerce contracted SOAK to investigate a sunken ship and possible basilisk on Gateway Island.

Soleme (Chad) - Healer (?) and high ranking member of OMNICo. A devout Homerist who believes in giving dead dwarves a proper burial. Field resurrected Bartholomew Cubbins on Ilum Gamma. Later went back into the Beigebeard horde there to get the other treasure chest, and didn't return - presumably killed by the poison gas. Missions: Sprinal Tap (acting 2LT), Illum Gamma.

Sorak, Shudar (NPC) - Vornish tribal gnomish chief. His village first sheltered the Sword Group (and later paid the price.) He sent Tok, Lal, Lam and Sara Serengeti to go with the Sword Group to get a sea camel. He kept Dela Doolittle of the Sword Group as a guarantee of their good faith.

Sososterus, The - ship captained by Flubbus and used by Sankwich Explorations to go to Shang Island.

Soul-cleaving - terrible affliction caused by wraiths (and botched resurrections and phase weapons?). Cured by sarin bark (?) or chinquin sap (?). Suffered by Kendra Thrax/Katie Resnick and Astro (?) of the Order of the Ring - and possibly Rajendra Thar.


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