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Eckyebrech - The Ecks have not quite reached (or have not been allowed to reach) the mastery of engines in EOW. In every other world, the Eck seem to come up with just enough technology to best the natives, but in EOW, rather than coming at us with better engines and better weapons than we had, they relied on magic/anti-magic. Hmm.

They seem to be a civilisation, just like ours, really. They seem no more different than elves and humans, gnomes, dwarves, hobbits, or even the *shudder* drow. As a group, they are parties to the war, and this is a good reason to keep the Sword (and anything really powerful) from them; exactly the same applies, exempla gratia, to the Duncess Army, or the Iron Fist League, or whatever.

Eckyebrech Invasion, History of -

So here's a hypothesis about the Persand Portal Pool being Relevant: It's a portal, which was active long ago (say, 8500 yrs?), through which the old tribal eck we've been spotting down there came. However, it had been deactivated (perhaps just by putting those pecking birds there to keep the surface ripply?) and the community of tribal ecks simply lived down in the cave (we doubt that this complex was a living area, but maybe), isolated until we started coming in and killing them off. It may be that they were not so tribal when they got here, but that isolation and lack of resources caused a decline in their level of civilization. Then, after we stilled the birds (as an accidental result of a major firefight with ecks and an invisible ghost thing) it was able to act again as a pipeline of evil, which accounts for the DRASTIC changes seen in the island later on. 30 Aug 10036 - Eck troop transport through the (arboreal?) portal begins. According to Luke via Stephan Bolger and Lantelle Svorak: the druids had a prophecy saying that a 'wave' would begin in central Vyrica and overwhelm all. The ecks coincided their move so that they would seem to be that wave. Most of the druids believed the ecks to the the fortold 'wave' and went over to their side. (Therefore, the Shangies are the good guys?!?)
When the Order of the Ring was preparing their mission to Yarisuto, 10038 (?), the Eckyebrech advance on Vyrica had stalled and the Eckyebrech line had in fact retreated, freeing KDP. This was believed to be due to a plague affecting the Eckyebrech. Feb 10040 - Eck blockade in Western Ocean came down. (?) Peregrine Falcon of the Greymar Grendling Group on Vyrica, February 10th 10043: "We asked... for information about Eck patrols and Emanuelle Brown, the leader of Krasgorod. It seemed the Eck patrols were light, the front having moved north."
If Abraxis and the Belryg are 'in cahoots', why haven't we seen more Eckybreck troops and ships pouring out of that portal in the Shrine? Apart from the forces that took over Iceland, there does not seem to have been much troop movement through that portal, compared to the flood of foulness out of the Arboreal Portal and now from Persand. From the Abraxian Shrine, it seems like they could have swept right down through Ilico, using [magic-antimagic] tricks to wipe straight through the Confederacy-- perhaps a better prize than wild, isolated Ilico, and posing less of a military problem than the seas, given EOW's superior naval expertise. And if they quickly eliminated the human confederacy, it seems like they could ransack the less formidable military might of the Elves, Dwarves, or loyal Gnomes at will, leaving the Pavimentum isolated and unable to pose any serious threat. Yet their long, slow strike through Vyrica gave them little of advantage, and gave the other major military powers of the world plenty of time to gather forces and prepare; now the Eck side of the war faces serious problems; even if they are not compleatly driven out, they are left bottled up in Vyrica. If Vyrica were much of a place to live, it would have been much more successfully colonized years ago.

Eelad, Jared (Matt Anderson?) 5'8" Drow who casts "Soul Disruption.

El Ouhd - a powerful and mysterious figure in EOW and leader of one of the major power groups in EOW. Known or suspected aliases: Beigebeard, Blaine.

El Ouhd may be known as the Man of the Turtles and "testitudine" is sometimes thought to refer to him and his organization. Known to be capable of travel via portals to the other worlds in the multiverse - particularly in pursuit of The Swords. Unreliable adventurers have speculated that there are multiple "El Ouhds" and that he and Beigebeard are the same person or brothers.
He is reported to possess two or three rings. Some parties believe that they may have seen him long ago, going by the name of 'Blaine', when they were trying to defend Yarisuto from the first waves of the Eck invasion of EOW. Blaine-- corporeal or not? So is E. O. a nazgul already? It is generally thought that EO has been fighting against the invasion of EOW-- but is he actually under the control of the evil force that is manipulating the whole mess? Agents pick new names on joining the organization, key agents wear black earings that function as communication devices, ships have black sails (?). Headquarters are on Turtle Island.
Known or suspected members: Balthasar, Cinder, Eteocles, Labyr, Midgard, Nutmeg, Phoenix, "Red", Riesz, Scorpio, Shakar, Shard, Tanore, Urquhart, Villon, Zakath. Involved in the Sword Group's escape from KDPW and SOAK's work with the Brids through Agents "Red" and Balthasar.
Missions: Taniger Rescue - after Nov 10043 - The team traveled on the Skipperjack to the Sudibin Monastery and drow research/ prison facility in southwestern Vyrica to free prisoners (esp. Taniger Falcon), map the facility and destroy experiments. A local plant provided information, including a sketch of Taniger. [E, M, N, P, Ri, Sc, Shar, T, U.] Mock Turtle - An ambitious operation with several teams sent Vorn to accomplish four specific tasks in response to the impending advance of the enemy forces. See Mock Turtle. [C, L, M, N, P, Sc, Shak, Shar, T, V, Z]
As for El Ouhd, I was reading the chronology which states that when we discovered that Shroud and his two friends were EO operatives, violence erupted and Guanerius defenestrated them (a remarkable feat since we were outdoors and therefore had no windows out of which to throw the buggers.)
As I remember it, we were at the point at which we have found ourselves again and again in Vorn-- with more people than our Pegasi could carry, so we needed to decide who would be left on the ground. Shroud [NPC-Shroud] and the two EO ops with him were basically trying to take over the group based on nothing other than the fact that they were with El Ouhd. The two EO ops argued more calmly and rationally than Shroud (no surprise) but basically it was because they were Eighth-level fighters in several weapons AND linguists AND proctologists AND could fold paper-clips into shapes representing ancient Orcish Virtues AND knew how to tie knots and sail ships... The rest of the party was trying to vote, but Shroud, etc. argued that voting was stupid because rationally they were the people to take on the mission because they were so much better than us. We were all getting pretty angry, and it was after the EO operatives had succeeded in offending everybody present that Guanerius [also an NPC at the time] swung into action, beat the crap out of the two ops (I think in fact that he killed them) and left Shroud hanging by his fingers off a cliff after *ripping* the black earrings off with one yank and throwing them over the cliff. And if it were not for Guanerius we probably would not have been able to rid ourselves of them and they would be bullying that party around to this day.
What about our meeting with Poppy-Torr? (And Shroud) In this instance, the EO agents were slightly less domineering because the rest of us were not as weak, although they may have learned from the fatal error of the earlier band of EO ops, and they were under the command of Poppy, who is about five orders of magnitude saner and smarter than Errington. And that's why I'm a little uncomfortable with EO, even though he did name the world after himself and has the power to back it up.

El- Ouhd's Labyrinthe - place where Captain Jonathon Queeg died, c. 10014.

The End of the World - "We started in Crimson Tide and trekked across the plateau of Vyrica with Katie. We bumped into the Stonehenge where we almost died. We were trapped in a book room with lots of purple lightning being called from the sky. We killed the high druid (or he died or something), then we ran away as fast as we could. We headed to Gravesend, where the representative members of each of the major power groups were gathered to duke it out for the Ring of Power (or some such nonsense). Anyway, it was as some old museum/library and there were dragons and a xorn and wyverns and all sorts of trilky people that we had met over the years. Lots of people died. GG was one of the few PCs that made it to the center room were the ring was kept. I believe that EO was there, as was Castor and Pollux, one of the Roundheads (Ruby?) and a bunch of other nasties. EO said something and then we all headed out. I don't remember what exactly was said or what was happening, but my impression was that the ring was staying and that all of the people that died in the museum would remain as guardians of the Ring. "

As everyone knows, the "deadline" for the end of the world has long passed. Supposedly, the Ecks should have overrun EOW, or the world should have exploded or something, because we did not find the Captain and the King (the swords, if you don't already know), bring them together, and kick butt, etc. etc.
Obviously the world has not ended, but it may be that the Ecks can never be run out of EOW now, that they will be around forever -- even with the might of the swords. My point is -- WE NEED TO FIND THE SWORDS!!!

Eomel (NPC) - A "butt-kicking swordsman" (king?) from a different world who is stuck possessing Peregrin Falcon's weak psionicist body against his will (and Peregrin's). He has twin sons who are his heirs. Last news was that he was still living, training, and fuming at the Order of the Ring's secret base in Peregrin Falcon's body, having ended up there via a botched resurrection via Rajendra who had picked up Eomel's soul for some reason... "I am Eomel, a stranger tall and broad, brought mysteriously from the hoof-cloven fields of my race to the smelt cities of yours, given a body of whom a marshall should be ashamed to have as a shadow.

My honor cries out against this bodily theft and abasement of my mind and this sniveling incarceration; if I am to recover I must have a steed and fields as far as elvish eyes can see, both to be tamed.
I am a warrior and leader; my blood runs clean. By no right of war am I kept here. Release me as proof of your good intentions; give me reign of my limbs as granted at birth, give me a sword, a lance and a horse. Should your hearts prove true, I must return as an equal, not as a fragile artwork which is guarded between examinations. I shall tell you as much as any man might about me; no more kinship shall you have. I hail from Rohan, the land of staunchest hearts and swiftness horses, the beautiful sea of grass locked in place by the waters and the mountains. My clan descends from Theored through Theobert through Eobert and Wyglaf; none but masters of the horse and lance have come from my family and none but the most beautiful of women have they married. My wife Eolith awaits my return with my twin sons. I was fifth marshall in the muster of the north and have twice called it to feed the grass darksome blood; never have I fled the field, though my beloved Hawkeye be cut down beneath me.
I was in the bespectacled mountains when I was stolen away; atop my second-born my eyes closed though absent of fatigue and only opened in this prison of yours. Some spell of your folk took me and must have slain my vanguard as well for they would never desert me. Such murderers will rue the day I hold reins and a spear in my hands and their names within my mind."

EOW Chronology

6833 or 6834: year corresponding to the restoration of the Temple in Vorn.
6800-6850: period during which (it is thought) the water was poisoned.
6600-7000: period of confusion between fall of first Orcish empire and rise of second.

Epistle to Be Left in the Earth, by Archibald MacLeish. See also the Multiverse.

It is colder now
                    there are many stars
                                        we are drifting
North by the Great Bear
                       the leaves are falling
The water is stone in the scooped rocks
                                       to southward
Red sun gray air
                the crows are
Slow on their crooked wings
                           the jays have left us
Long since we passed the flares of Orion
Each man believes in his heart he will die
Many have written last thoughts and last letters
None know if our deaths are now or forever
None know if this wandering earth will be found

We lie down and the snows cover our garments
I pray you
          you (if any open this writing)
Make in your mouths the words that were our names
I will tell you all we have learned
                                   I will tell you everything
The earth is round
                  there are springs under the orchards
The loam cuts with a blunt knife
                                beware of
Elms in thunder
               the lights in the sky are stars
We think they do not see
                        we think also
The trees do not know nor the leaves of the grasses
                                                   hear us
The birds too are ignorant
                          Do not listen
Do not stand at dark in the open windows
We before you have heard this
                             they are voices
They are not words at all but the wind rising
Also none among us has seen God
(... We have thought often

The flaws of the sun in the late and driving weather
Pointed to one tree but it was not so)
As for the nights I warn you the nights are dangerous 
The wind changes at night and the dreams come

It is very cold there are strange stars near Arcturus

Voices are crying an unknown name in the sky

Estray Mine in the Aranian Mountains - MINING TRAGEDY KILLS 16! (Chronicle of Dun Cess, [27 Dec 43]) The fourth tunnel of the Estray mine in the Aranian Mountains collapsed on [25 Dec 43]. All fourteen workers and two foremen in the area are presumed dead after rescue attempts failed to reach them. The collapse was preceded by a 4,000 mile per hour fireball which blazed down the tunnel leaving a hellacious maelstrom in its wake. One worker has already gone on record about the dangerous working conditions of the mine which had been amplified by recents demands for increased production. He claimed that improper methods of ventilation were used which allowed a buildup of explosive gas. The Estray mine (owned by Curragh mining in Alkane) is one of the major producers of coal from the Aranian range. There is local pressure to close down the mine so that future disasters may be averted, but the government is expected to order the mine to continue so that coal might continue to flow to the sea to keep the navy moving.

Euxine Sea - on Vorn.

Evil - an almost tangible force for players involved in EOW. *****Miscellaneous Thoughts Below Persand, July 30, 10037,***** Transcribed by January Barron. *Pike: It's interesting that you never see Egyebrech fighting off the immense Evil of this place; one might conclude that they were part of the returning Evil and not "innocent" dupes. *Obez: Of course, one doesn't see the drow helping out either but we believe them not to be evil. Are the eck working with them? *Pike: What if Evil just means extremely foreign? *Ben: And dangerous? *Barron: If it destroys what is home, then I'm going to call it Evil. *Pike: What if it is foreign and doesn't even understand what it is doing? *Ben Then it's still Evil. *Pike: Why are the egs taking over our world? Do they want the land? Who knows? Why did the orcs form an empire? They have the best way of life; they are bringing culture. Empires come out of Greed. *Ben Pointless greed. *Nick Why did Artaxerxes do it? Greed? Expansion? *Pike: Manifest destiny. Belief that your system is the right way. Life will be better for all if all adhere to this, more advanced, system. But what about the balrogs? They're not spreading balrog culture. *Nick. To what extent are they in charge or working with? *Ben Nazgul and balrog and egs are tools of something, but what? Another, bigger balrog? Mycroft. Is something engineering this whole thing? Developing life to suits its whims? *Pike: Evolution seems to be a recurrent theme. *Barron: Something evil is spilling out of the ether, pushing through the cracks in Persand. An intelligence is slowly evolving. *Ben. Evil seeps into it...two independent events. A soul taking an available body. Transmigration? *Barron. It acts like its alive, but this is a coincidence. It doesn't really make a big difference. *Pike. What's really important is what's going on magically and ethereally "behind the scenes." That caves are forming is not important [Why?]

*Time to prepare for the moment...gather information. Actual actions are rather irrelevant now. Nexus points of decision making. Separate branches separated by deterministic periods. Ben. Stupid, but rather romantic. Kind of like an "end of the world." The world as we know it is going to cease. *I can see that these eg are dupes. Nick *I am kind of relieved that its just eg. *Where have we seen the tattoos/possession and ass-kicking in literature. Time-warp group. Definitely not linear. Could they control our minds for long periods of time? Warrior-psionicists who pop around to groups? *What has been affected by the Bermuda Parallelepiped?
Brian *Turtles and grendels sort of disappeared. Could grendels have been guardians designed by ancient orcs? We saw one kicking Eck asses. Were they tricked into living there? No, they're too intelligent. Grendels took the fallen meteor. After this they became really wierd and intelligent. Ben. They were always like that. *Awfully convenient that that reef protects you from sailing right up to the edge [of what?]. Nick. *Could an earthquake of that magnitude have poisoned the water?
*******************From Brian F. Allen:**********************
"I've got a pretty funny feeling inside," Tim said to Da Reaper.
"Er, what do you mean?" Da Reaper asked.
"Well, remember earlier, a couple days ago, when we grounded that boat and all?"
"Sure. Sorta. It was a while ago..."
"Well, yeah, but anyway. The talk with the wraith has really been getting me thinking. Here's what I managed to get out of it. First, they have a big preoccupation with strength and ability. No surprise there, another meritocracy. El Ouhd's ways come to mind. Next, he basically said that they were fighting just to fight. As in, no conquest motive, no greed motive, nothing but a lusting after death of others. Now, I was trying to give this being a fair break, I mean, most people seem pretty against these guys just 'cause they don't have a normal form and all. So, I listened to him. He said this was our battle ground. That _this_ world was somehow different from EOW and Vorn. [Brian: Compare with the Captain's view - whenever asked, the Sword has been unable to see Vorn and EOW as different places.] This wasn't our place. Well, anyway, there was a bunch of stategy stuff in there, but I think more importantly, there was a bit of philosophy. I mean, this guy is basically saying that all he wants to do is kill stuff..."
"Er... Like 'conquer, conflict and kill'?" Da Reaper prodded.
"Yeah..... Oh shit." Tim said, remembering [The Captain's] words of so long ago.
"Yep. Now we're getting to something interesting."
"Ok... so... who are the good guys? I mean, I was all ready to damn this nasty vermin because of words that were very, very close to those. Wait a minute. I don't think those wraith dudes are in charge. They are just tools. Like The Swords. Conscious, deadly, but in the end, pawns of something else."
"Well, what did he say? It was something like, 'Soon, the big daddy music is gonna play, then you'll understand, dumbass.' So who the hell is in charge? And what the hell does it want?"
"And how are we so sure that that isn't what we want?"
"Well, first off, I like life. I mean, life is just cool. And people. People are cool too. Sure, they can be assholes (like these "noble" types on this trilked world), but mostly they are cool to have around. I mean, I hated the EOW glacier. So barren and cold and just so dead. Yep. I like life. This soul destroying stuff is bad. Bad Bad. Lopping a head off ain't so bad, but the soul slaying stuff is nasty bad."
"The OrcStuds [ancient orcs?] gave us that soul destroying dagger. So they are nasty evil too?"
"Well, they also said a lot about how it should only be used in the most severe cases. Nah, I think they saw it as a necessary evil. Where as the wraiths seem to love to run around chopping down people.
Damn near tried it on me. Too bad Commander didn't want to get out that dagger and nail the bastard. Oh, wait. Nevermind. Still, I think that the wraith dudes are bad. Bad because they want to kill and to kill permanently."
"Ok, so you're saying that the Wraiths are bad becuase they cleave randomly, but the Orc Studs are OK becuase they are a bit more restrained?"
"Yeah. That's basically it."
"So what's important is the preservation of life in general and not the worth of that life? Like quanity over quality?"
"Duh... What?"
"Well, these wraiths are fighting, at least in some sense, to better the quality of those who have life. Remember that old crusty guy's notebook we found so long ago? That Zakath dude? Well, remember how he said that multi-racial crew of orc killers explained themselves? That they were out to keep the world from stagnation. That the orcs were just letting it sit without any progress. They said that they were stronger and so better and so rightfully could kick the shit out of the weak orcs."
"Yeah. But of course, since the fall of the "weak" orcs, the dumbshits have lost all kinds of technologies. Hydromancy, Telemancy, et al. The biggest testament to all that is that everybody is racing to grab the artifacts left behind by the "weak" orcs. Sure, they couldn't hold up in a fight, but they sure weren't stupid..."
"Indeed. So, now the "strong" are grave digging to find the secrets the "weak" left behind.
"Ok, I'm convinced. Life is cool. The Stud Orcs liked life and the "Evil" which rears its head in several different places is bad because they are into destroying life, despite their claim that they are some how making it better."
El Houd walks in, "Yep. Almost as if this evolution type thought will only take us so far. After that, we have to get into new thoughts to advance, else we keep hitting this cycle of advance-stagnate-die-advance. So where did the Ancient Orcs trilk up? They coasted in the stagnate phase and got killed."
Da Reaper says, "Ok, mister Ouhd, So how do we fend off the evil when we hit this stagnation phase?"
"Think dork. And don't assume the Ancients were as stupid as you. Look around you. The Orcs knew what was coming. I don't think you're comprehending how much they left you.
"Ok," El Ouhd continues, "look around. We've seen EOW, Vorn, and now this place. The Ancients are everywhere. And most importantly, even though their bodies are rotting, their souls are waging a war against the Evil. That's better than you traitors deserve."
"Ok, so, strength in soul is the next level of evolution after strength in body?"
EO's disembodied voice says, "Yo, trilkhead! Time to wake up, Tim. Time to hit the road."
Tim slowly yawns, stretches, repositions his mask. "What a fucked up dream that was... What's for breakfast?" And he promptly forgets about the voices in his head...
*******************Geoff's Thoughts******************
(1) The ringwraith on Todtham told Tim Da Reaper that this was not his world, and not his fight. (Remember who these ringwraiths are, i.e. on the ultimate power trip. The nazgul by this time are merely fingers of the ring-power, which is good for nothing but destruction.) Now, before we get too philosophical about that, let us remember that neither is this the Eckyebrech's world, nor is EOW, nor is Vorn, and in precisely the same sense it is not *their* fight. The fight in EOW truly belongs to the Drow, the Humans, the Gnocks, the Elves, etc. [even though they are all relatively recent immigrants?] The Eggo-breath, the Nazgul, the Belryg, and The Evil, 'whose home is no world and who comes from one we have not seen' (LOTZ II) are trangressing nature just the same; therefore, we have to look at our role in a different light. We cannot, as the wraith suggested, look at "our fight" as being the defense of EOW from the Ickyblech incursion, but rather the defense of the multiverse from The Evil, which may or may not be connected in the end with The Ring. In some sense, fighting the Ickybreath is only peripheral to our mission. The Eck are mortals like us, and can do no more evil than we can and do ourselves. The point of the Eck invasions of all the various worlds is merely to keep other mortals (i.e. us) from being able to get at the artifacts and so on which we would need to stop the corruption of the multiverse purposed by The Evil. We could save the world in every important way, and the Eck might still end up taking over most of the worlds. Invasions happen. The humans (in EOW, as in Middle Earth) have been steadily outpacing all the other civilisations; in time the humans will probably even outpace the Ickybeasts. What we need to do is cut the Ickybutts off from the power of [Evil] which uses them now. Our mission is (ultimately) just as benevolent towards the Eck as towards our peoples; the connection with The Evil can only be a corrupting and stunting influence on the Eck.
(2) Why doesn't The Evil just go right in and take the Ancient Orcish Stuff? We've tended to assume that it's just because They're Evil and We're Good and the Orcs only want to talk to Good people. I'm beginning to think that the reason is actually something completely different. I suggest that even the powerful artifacts of the Ancient Orcs are useless to The Evil, who already commands power of a truly awesome and equally incomprehensible magnitude. There is no reason to believe that the corporeal, "mundane" powers of even the Swords are redundant to The Evil's capabilities. The more important qualities of the Ancient Orcish stuff (the cultivation of real virtue) are of no interest to The Evil because he's not in this business to do Good or become more Virtuous! Restorative, creative, wholesome power is exactly what the Evil is not interested in. I suspect that the Echobreakers could find among them a party of adventureres who could go hit a Ziqqurat and pick up some cool ancient orcish shit just as we can-- only they are prevented from actually doing so by the central command of The Evil, who knows that, given some actual contact with the Ancient Orcs, his tools could become a threat to him just as we could.
(3) In the northern forests of Todham, The Evil is in process of what he accomplished long ago in Vorn-- the creation of a natural barrier of evil creatures to keep mortals from getting at something valuable (Sayadhapuram on Todtham, Diomachus Maximus in Vorn). [How about on EOW? Persand? The Sprinal Tap? the Glacier?]
(4) From The Reaper's (and a visionary El Ouhd's) thoughts on evolution: Evolution in EOW has clearly driven civilisations *away* from the power of the Ancient Orcs, even though it be toward a more advanced kind of 'mundane' technology. However, consider the poverty of technology compared to what the Ancient Orcs had! While it allows us to do some fairly cool things, technology does nothing whatsoever for the spirit, and by its materialism is even somewhat poisonous to the spirit. It gives people a kind of power, but somehow that power only turns out to be useful to 'conflict, combat, and kill'-- to paraphrase both the Sword and the ringwraith. [But is magic any more noble? Or does it just engender other, more elitist, power abuses?] Think about the evolutionary process; its very engine is a universal strife between brother and brother, between kingdom and kingdom, between world and world. Division and conquest is the core of evolutionary 'progress'. [But cooperative strategies are evolutionarily important, too!] The ringwraith commented on strength and combat for its own sake as its ideals (whether or not it was sincere, who can say?) and guiding lights. Evolution. The perilous cycle is not advance-stagnation-death-rebirth, but rather a spiral of increasing materialism and increasing poverty of virtue. Er, something. According to ?ancient orcs on Vorn?: Ages ago, a great Evil arose and was beaten back. It's lieutenant survived and resurrected a somewhat lesser Evil, and was beaten back... and this is our true adversary in these times. [Or something like that.]
The fabulously dressed orc with a jewelled crown, in the Friendship Temple gave the following information:
Long ago there was a battle between an evil far greater than that we face today and a far greater good than any extant today. The evil was defeated, but there was then another battle between the lieutenant of the first evil and a lesser good. The evil was again defeated, but later one of the servants of good became subverted by the evil, and this is what we face now.
The Evil right now is a Great Wizard, unmatched by any other. His home is no world, and he resides in one we have not seen. Only now has he been able to move forth in strength.
"Never despair, for you will find friends in strange places and power where there only seems to be reason."
Should we find any of the Rings, DO NOT USE THEM! You must be the source of all your power.
[Tolkien Tolkien Tolkien!]
Magos Hamilcar has been judged unworthy in the extreme by the Ancient Orcs. They regard him as utterly within the power of evil, (and he's got two or three rings... hmmmm), and when he had The Captain, he did "nothing but evil" with it.
Geoff says in 1994: "I see the 'saving the world' thing as being about virtue. Virtue on the cosmic scale must, I think, have a great deal to do with freedom on the individual scale to cultivate virtue. The Nazgul, and whatever stands behind them, are creatures of evil; they are nourished by despair, fear, hatred, and so forth-- the opposites of virtue. (Eutriv) Global warfare is all about breaking the hearts and spirits of many, which is nourishment to Evil. With the power to travel from world to world, and the benefit of each technology, they can spread this war everywhere, and prolong it indefinitely.
True, the evil and corruption of our world's governments is not to be overlooked, but sowing virtue in the people and leaders is the only real approach to that poblem. The Nazgul forces would of course wish to oppose this in every way."
Anaphora reflects on the state of the world:..Long ago separated from her old adventuring companions, and finding herself deeply embedded in service to Ghenjar, Anaphora spends more and more time reflecting on the state of the world... The Eckyebrech invasion is nearly forgotten. The waters around the mysterious and ominous Persand (she wonders if anything ever became of that odd bit of musical manuscript they found there) seem almost as quiet now as they did six years ago when they first visited. Battle rages on, it is true, but principally in the sprines with the deep gnomes, lava gnomes, and their occasional Drow accomplices, and rather than being a battle over the whole world, it seems principally to be a squabble over access to the strange magical oddities to be found in the Sprines.
Her mind returns to the snippets she had been able to gather from her companions about the impending End of the World, and the prophecies about the conquest of the world by some Great Evil. Everyone seemed to assume that the Eckyebrech were, or represented, that Evil. Yet after their initial and explosive entry into Sudebin lands, their warfare seemed entirely conventional-- and quite stoppable. Not that they were easy to beat on the field-- she had seen this directly-- but one would think that if their strength was the strength of an ancient, foretold, and world-destroying evil, they would not have been repulsed at all. Eckyebrech still hold much of Vyrica, but they have been driven out of Ilico and from most of the seas; the course of this war seemed not to differ in any important way from previous wars of history.
And what of their dark overlords, and their anti-magic warfare? Again, no signs have been obvious of otherworldy aid or technology for some time. Assuming those dark overlords were connected with the world-consuming Evil, it seems as though this Evil is not especially concerned with Eckyebrech military conquest. What could the deep Gnomes or the Drow seek in the Sprines that belryg and nazgul could not provide them if they chose? In the main, the current war is between peoples of our world (which now seems to include Eckyebrech) using the materials and resources of our world.
But then, muses Anaphora, what if taking over the world militarily is not the point? If the forces of Evil are interested in our world's unique resources (things that they can't easily get elsewhere), perhaps all they need is to control the Sprines, Uchebnik, and certain particularly interesting spots in Vyrica. For as much as it matters to them, perhaps the humans, elves, and dwarves can just go ahead and sit on Ilico, while they gather the Interesting things. Anaphora wishes she knew more about Magic.
Or else, perhaps even this is unnecessary to this dark Enemy. Perhaps all that is really important is to plunge our civilisation into a protracted war with itself. The killing, the destruction, and the transformation of societies everywhere. She recalls the occasional news stories of martial law and "special wartime provisions," increases of irrational prejudice and hatred, restrictions on speech, travel, trade... if lives can be subjugated and life so stifled, perhaps the Evil has already taken over this world.
Anaphora sighs. Of all people, she feels especially helpless against this more profound evil."

Explosives - boom dust, Bysshe bombs, "Persand" footballs, torpedoes/pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails... See also Demolitions.

Falstaff (Ben) Human male. Enormous, vulgar drunken wrestler. Loud-mouthed. Member of the "Adventurer's Guild". Died c. 10015

Fire and Ice Adventure - on Vorn in 3197. Members: Meg Webster.

Fire Dwarven Necromantic Research Facility - where Tim, Werner, Kiphelm, and Guanerius got sidetracked to by Allotar on their way to see Diomachus Maximus. By Twilight van De Rohe: "We decided to take a breather in Salami, a Tribal Orc town on the coast of the Riverine area. It seemed like the last outpost of "civilization" on our journey northeastward before we reached the Arnsata mountains, which we believe to be the mountains of which the Friendship Temple lich referred.

At Salami, an odd humour descended upon our Wizard General, and he decided we should... TRAIN for as long as possible. After much bliggering and scrazzling over the mechanics... we realised (for the first time!) that there was a major language problem in the group, as the administrative core... spoke Krimic and the rest of us spoke Pandolingua. So we ended up spending ten weeks training... in Krimic to keep the matter from causing any further cock-ups.
While we were all studying, our Wizard General received a signed and sealed message from Alotar, the head of the Grand Council, informing us that the Dark Orcs had sent personnel to instruct the Fire Dwarves in necromancy for the purposes of the war. We were to [destroy] the camp where this was going on.
Now, we had planned to proceed to the Grey Dwarves and find out whether there might be another ziqqurat or some other major clue to the whereabouts of Diomachus Maximus, the fellow who last wielded The King, or "The Other Amazing Awesome Sword" as it is known in Pandolingua. The territory of the Fire Dwarves was pretty much on our way anyhow, and we figured our staggering arsenal of major magic items and the hale and hearty men of the Pegasus Cavalry could pretty much wipe the walls with Dark Orcs, Fire Dwarves, and Bears Oh My. Granted, there would be necromancers to deal with, but even a necromancer can't do much sliced in half by a longsword.
Confident, we mounted up and travelled to the Fire Dwarves' Keep. Nothing particularly exciting happened until we got there. We entered a cave passage which was blocked by a big enchanted door. After examining it and considering the options, Werner elected to break it down, so he rammed it a few times and it splintered to pieces. We proceeded to enter the cavern and explore and found a large cave area which had been subdivided into rooms centred around a kind of auditorium with a stage. It was in the auditorium where we encountered the first trouble - while we were examining the stage about a million arrows flew into us from some balcony areas we couldn't see because it was always dark and a voice from the sky kept pestering us about our torches at the stupidest times, and it took us forever to find a way to get to them.
Arrows continued to fly until we got out of that room, and eventually we made it to a couple of stairways leading up. We found stairs leading up, and we began to explore the second level where we (Werner, Tim, and I, followed at a distance by the others) found a few wussy skeletons, and from there on it was just undead, undead, undead... The battle ended for me when a f!cked-up roll sent my sword clattering to the ground, and the wretched undead monster I was fighting dropped an oozy gobbet of flesh on top of it. As I tried to pick up my sword, the gobbet attached itself to my hand and burned it badly in some revolting chemical way. Unfortunately, despite the fact that there were nineteen of us, there didn't seem to be more than four or five people fighting, including Guanerius, Werner, and Tim. This was a rather embarassing engagement for our crack Cavalry team. At this point, we are all holed up in the entrance room. The tunnel through which we entered is blocked by a massive cave-in. Guanerius is unconscious and extremely broken. Several are dead, a few are missing (and with them some of the items we got from the Friendship Temple), and there does not seem to be any end to the wretched undead things. Our only apparent escape at this point is the black box, but we need Guanerius to operate it, or at least to explain to us how to operate it. Even when he regains consciousness, it will be weeks before he is able to move. The only way to get him operational before that would be to kill him and resurrect him."

Fish pools - one of the clues to the location of the King. One thought on this: Once upon a time we came across a cave in the southern sprines, with an underground pool in it. This pool happened to have fish in it. We also discovered a tunnel just under the surface of the water that lead to another cavern. We never found anything, but it is a possiblity. Although, honestly, there are probably hundreds of such caverns in the sprines alone. See also Fish, Sleep-inducing.

Fitzroy, Cardinal -- Cardinal of the universalist church living in Neo-Rome with whom SOAK members have spoken concerning our supply drops to Othniel. Quite. Serious. Mildly condescending.

Folger, Richard - member of Order of the Ring and the Sword Group. Captain of the Caliban. A man of resiliance, he fearlessly faced a wraith on Persand with the Persand Expeditionary Force. Did not come through the portal to Vorn with the rest of the Sword Group after fighting the demon balrog-thing in the Abraxian Shrine Adventure. He may have been seen by an erstwhile member of the Sword Group as an Abraxian prisoner on Vorn as the Abraxian Portal was being rebuilt. Missions: Persand, Sword Quest.

Footprint Archipelago From the 25 Sep 10042 issue of The Merchant Times: On 19 Sep 10042 the Mickelgarth Coast Guard reported enormous plumes of smoke emanating from an unknown source near the Footprint Archipelago. Two ships were dispatched to investigate the phenomenon. As of 20 Sep 10042 the plumes had grown to a staunch column of smoke and dust visible from Mickelgarth itself. Tephra and ash-fallout is expected to cake over Pavimentum for at least a week, perhaps longer.

Friendship Temple - - The Temple is isolated in a patch of wilderness, traditionally unclaimed and unreached by any roads. It has been used as a neutral meeting- place for centuries, and no fighting or ill-will is supposed to happen there. See Swokowski Sine, the King, Diomachus Maximus, the black box, the Captain.

Visitors: Tim Da Reaper, Werner Gunthor, Donald Kagan, Twilight van der Rohe, . By Twilight van der Rohe: "I was selected for a highly secret mission for Wizard General Thorn, under the following briefing: a dangerous but extremely powerful man from Arboria named Magos Hamilcar had made a bargain with the Grand Council of the Alliance: in exchange for... membership on the council and certain other favours, he offered the use of a device... The council narrowly voted to accept his offer, despite great persuasive efforts on the part of those who viewed Hamilcar as too power-hungry and likely to betray the Alliance at any chance of profit. Our mission was to discredit Hamilcar and prevent him from carrying out his side of the bargain by removing the device (the "black box") from his possession.
The group was to be led by Wizard General Werner Gunthor, and included several of my comrades in the Pegasus Corps. We were to travel to the site at which the device was being kept, an ancient Ziqqurat known as the Temple of Friendship... After collecting a few extra mission specialists (including Colonel Tim da Reaper, another native of Arboria...) we set out for the Temple of Friendship, hundreds of miles away. We found a tremendous commotion. There were encampments from several major nations all around the temple, and each presented the impression that great wealth had been gathered. Only gradually did we learn the nature of the situation. Even though Hamilcar had promised to grant usage of the box by the Council, he had laid other plans as well. A representative of Mr. Hamilcar was conducting an auction... to bid on the use of the box, day by day. There were several... demonstrations of the device... and the parties present were deeply impressed. They were also highly impressed by our pegasi, and we had to fend off several offers to buy them.
We set out to explore the Ziqqurat and lay plans for the confiscation of the Box. Most of us checked our weapons at the door at the request of some personnel from Hamilcar's private militia (which Wizard General Gunthor and Colonel The Reaper referred to as "Netko") including Hamilcar's lieutenant, one Donald Kagan. They allowed us to view the box, although they requested that we refrain from touching it. After viewing the box, we went on to explore and map the rest of the temple.
{Include here: maps of ground level and first story of Ziqqurat}
On the second floor, we found an altar with an inscription in ancient Orcish. Since we happened to have Col. Tim handy, he read the inscription, which translates approximately to: "If you can read this, you're welcome here". As he read it out, the altar split in two and the two halves slid apart to reveal a secret passage. We would have been much happier about this except that Kagan and his officers were standing right there with us when it happened. We all scrabbled down the passage and found that it led to a labyrinth below the ground floor. We proceeded to map out the labyrinth with great haste, hoping to find whatever amazing secrets there might be before anyone else got to them. It turned out not to matter; one of the things we found down there was a vapourous ghost balrog which allowed us to pass but seems to have attacked and eliminated everyone else who had come down, including folk from the surrounding encampments who had come in search of plunder. We heard many screams.
In the labyrinth we found eleven triangular boxes containing small oddly-shaped pieces of flat stone. Experimenting with them, we found that these little chits fit together and interlocked to compose a rectangular image. The image was an inscription of an ancient Orcish text which Wizard General Gunthor and Colonel Tim both recognised. They called it "Desiderata".
As we worked on the puzzle, we found ourselves passing in and out of trances where voices questioned us individually over moral and ethical matters. We were also tested in combat by a huge warrior-creature who pretty much wiped the walls with us, particularly since we were unarmed. Werner and Tim managed to defeat the thing, even though it fought about as fairly and honourably as a Sumo Lawyer. None of the rest of us were able to get anywhere against the thing. However, amazingly, after the trial was over we were all healthy and untouched; either the whole thing was a hallucination of some kind or else they healed, regenerated, and possibly resurrected us.
We also found several stone levers which, when operated together in a certain way, led us to yet another secret passage leading down, and here's where it starts to get weird. We came to a vision of an open field, and an orc in princely garb holding a curved longsword [not a scimitar?!?] and standing over a dead balrog. We may be the first humans ever to see a dead balrog. Then we met an even more fabulously dressed orc with a jewelled crown, who spoke to us and was actually willing to answer questions. He presented to us, on the condition of our answering a puzzle about them, eleven amazingly amazing magic items. Our task was to match them correctly with the eleven Virtues and give reasons for our choices.
The items are: Cornucopia, Horseshoes, "Macht staff", "Bow of steadiness", Necklace of 33 Links, Dagger of Soul Slaying, Frog Box, Scimitar of Evil Cleavage, Chain of Strength, Hauberk of Healing and Protection, Ring of Spell Storing.
He also gave us lots of nice information: -> The King was last wielded by Diomachus Maximus, who exists to the Northeast, beyond the mountains, waiting. He knows where The King is. -> Long ago there was a battle between an evil far greater than that we face today and a far greater good than any extant today. The evil was defeated, but there was then another battle between the lieutenant of the first evil and a lesser good. The evil was again defeated, but later one of the servants of good became subverted by the evil, and this is what we face now.
-> The Evil right now is a Great Wizard, unmatched by any other. His home is no world, and he resides in one we have not seen. Only now has he been able to move forth in strength.
-> "Never despair, for you will find friends in strange places and power where there only seems to be reason."
-> Should we find any of the Rings, DO NOT USE THEM! You must be the source of all your power. [Tolkien Tolkien Tolkien!]
-> We have been judged worthy (just barely!) and virtuous enough to take posession of the Black Box
-> Magos Hamilcar has been judged unworthy in the extreme by the Ancient Orcs. They regard him as utterly within the power of evil, (and he's got two or three rings... hmmmm), and when he had The Captain, he did "nothing but evil" with it. After this interview, we awoke mysteriously transported back to our camp, and no-one had any idea how we got there. Members of the other camps assumed we were dead. The next step seems plain: get the Black Box and get out of here, preferably in the direction of this Diomachus Maximus to get The King." See the Tim and Werner Group.

Frog Box - Box decorated with lily-pads and containing 33 frogs of magic detection (the stronger the magic, the farther they hop!) Came from the Friendship Temple.

Galantra, Donis (Ben) Dark orcish male. Died in Vorn by accidentally impaling himself on the dagger of an invisible Drow elf.

Gelatinous cubes - Lightning bolts, even low level ones, stun gelatinous cubes. High enough level might actually kill one. Viscosity spells also work, especially if followed by Molotov cocktails. Another idea - salt. Questions posed by Edgar Hazershamby: What is the nature of the gelatinous cube? Is it intelligent? Is it acidic, or basic? How does it move? What is its habitat? Is it naturally appearing or created, or brought in from a world beyond our own?

Ghenjar - the greatest of the gnomish kings. Died about 700 years ago. His present-day servants fight the current leadership of the deep gnomes and include Anaphora, Guanerius, Grendel and the Bysshe Commandoes. See also Ursula and G Gjurin Guanova.

Ghiberti, G. (MattW) - sneaker from the Order of the Ring who went with the Persand Expeditionary Force. See also Guanerius Guaneri.

Ghost ship adventure. 10038 - Members: Leslie Lippanzer.

Gitlin, Toddhue - mid-level business manager for the Dun Cess Archaelogical Society. ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY EMPLOYEE ARRESTED FOR EMBEZZLEMENT ([20 Dec 43]) An mid-level business manager for the Dun Cess Archaeological Society was arrested for embezzling about 8,500 sc from the organization over the last year. Mr. Toddhue Gitlin maintained his innocence and is set to come to trial sometime in mid-February. Officials are unsure of where the money went; some suspect that Mr. Gitlin was involved in a smuggling ring for drugs and used his travels on government boats to ease the process of bringing substances into the Confederacy.

Glasner, Gilligan (Ben) Surface gnomish male. Scholar, physomancer (electromancer) and dweeb. Went loony in Persand with the Pike Group. Shipped off to "insane asylum" by 3M.

Gnomes - traditionally wear hats indoors. (?) When SOAK was experimenting with the Cave Portal in the Sprinal Tap they sent through some magic mushrooms and some of the gnomes they had defeated - the gnomes and the necromantic mushroom disappeared. (So perhaps gnomes are necromantic, too? ;) Anaphora ponders: "Battle rages on, it is true, but principally in the sprines with the deep gnomes, lava gnomes, and their occasional Drow accomplices, and rather than being a battle over the whole world, it seems principally to be a squabble over access to the strange magical oddities to be found in the Sprines."

Golosov, Aleksandra (Ben) Viking Orcish female. Scientist and self-proclaimed autopsychenatalist. Travels with Phillip Keraunos. Member of Vyrican Reclamation Expedition. Last seen in Krasgorod.

Grendel's Cave - an important location in EOW, ancient Orcish Temple – “Breathless Halls of 80 generations.” Located on Vyrica but not quite as deep into Eck territory as the arboreal portal, so it's possible to get in and out. Location of many adventures. Problem: Orcish resettlement (since around 10040?). They will certainly be in our way to some extent. Also: reports are that the Grendels are back (and angry with the orcs for trespassing)

About 5 (old) miles north of Grendel's Cave there may be another, much smaller cave with very little in it. The party members ran with their tails between their legs from the more complex caves. Ancient orcish, perhaps. See below.
In 10043, when the Greymar Grendling Group arrived: Very near the cave, there was a logging camp, that looked much like a slave camp, save that ecks and humans were both doing the manual labor. [Ecks oppressing Ecks? Interesting.] Shortly after, they found the Oxtrot River and a road (apparently more recent) along the south bank. There was a bridge to the south side of the river. The waterfall and The Cave, itself, had a large Eck fort built up around it. Eth said that they had 86 prisoners at the complex. A small building was situated on the top of the cliff, and the fort itself was charged with pyromantic, neuromantic, and many sorcery magics. Two thirty foot towers cornered the compound, emitting a detect magic pulse out into the forests. About a half mile of wood was cut back from the face of the cliff. At the top of the cliff, the low density forest started about a half mile from the cliff, but the group was not (apparently) spotted by the 6 ecks near the [guard] shack. The higher density forest was about 2 miles from the treeline edge. The group headed toward the stream. Later, a detect magic revealed a field of sorcery, probably detect, that expanded with a 300 foot radius from the small "shack". The plunge pool seemed to lack the old sleep-inducing fish. The hole in the floor of the cave passage leading to the temple was covered by some sort of magic field that was removed by a dispel potion. The temple seemed almost destroyed, ravaged by Mowcrot (according to Eth). Down the hall into the antechamber, everything was in ruins. The crystal magical batteries were gone from the ceiling, the temple room had a deathly black on the wall where the altar used to be. The tetrahedron room was empty, large cracks and blackness were strewn throughout the room. The final direction, which used to be a dead end, had remains of some of the blue crystals lying on its floor. Peregrine Falcon could sense presences there, but they did not wish to communicate. They only seemed to be watching. GG read a detect scroll and saw the shade of a wraith, just a blob that moved away as he approached it. GG saw a vision of a balrog grabbing the crystals from the ceiling and crushing them in its hands. Down the stairs, at the bottom, was a hole which looked like it was blown right out of the rock. The passage below the hole was filled with water. The underwater passage opened up again about 50 feet down, and there was an air pocket. Rock blocked the passage at that point. It took a few hours to remove enough to pass.
Everyone knows about the Grendel's cave. But does anyone know where the second grendel's cave is? Answer: 10-15 miles north of the first one. This is however from back in the old 1/2 scale miles so I'm not sure if it is now 20-30 miles. This one was from back over the Summer where Kaz, Britta and I played. MattA should also know about it. The cave was somewhat large with two or three rooms. One of the rooms had a 6 foot diameter hole in the floor. It was filled with some kind of weird tar-like substance. The grendels seem to use it as a garbage pit. Also in one of these rooms was a small (4 foot high) tunnel that went to a reasonably complex cave system. This cave system was inhabited by lizards that had big clubs for their tails (the name ancleasourous comes to mind.) We never explored much of the small cave system, but it seemed to head south. Thinking about it, about 5 (old) miles north of that cave there may be another, much smaller cave with very little in it.

Grey Dwarves - reside in mountains of Arnsata on Vorn.

Werner speaks: Friends we are in the midst of events that will change to course of all that is to come. We must tread carefully on the treacherous road ahead, for our failure could mean the end of life as we know it. Our immediate objective is to locate and secure the sword known as "The Captain" [the King?]. We have only one clue in this quest, that an orcish lich "somewhere beyond the mountains to the north-east" was the last to see it. Unless any of you have proposals for another means of locating the sword, we will procede to the mountains directly. Within the mountains we will contact the Grey Dwarves at Arnsata. We will ask them for whatever information they might have of the terrain beyond their mountains. Perhaps they can supply us with maps. Perhaps they know of another ziggurat. Perhaps they will give still more cool magic stuff. At last word, the grey dwarves were beseiged by the Echyebrech, but a special force was sent from the Temple some time ago to see what could be done.

Guaneri, Guanerius (MattW) - legendary gnome adventurer. "Bad Dude Fast, short, really, _really_ good with a short bow. Annoying."

Is accompanied by a fabulous, magical black pegasus. Leader of Greymar Grendling Group using the alias Gandalf Greymar. Member of SOAK as Gonathan Gore. Closely affiliated with the Order of the Ring and Aritheya. Feels certain antipathy for El Ouhd and the Rakshasa.
Known aliases: Gonathan Gore, Gandalf Greymar.
Guanerius "Gabby" Guaneri discovered Gabbyrooms in 10010. Talked to the ancient orcish liches in Grendel's cave -- about the portal, about the mission to retrieve the swords, etc, etc. Lost his leg at one point but reappeared in a new body as Gonathan Gore. Was rescued from the Dark Orcs.
GG died in 10016 and was resurrected by James of Forsythia. James saved GG's life and then promptly died in a troll trap in the trog tunnels when a blade sliced his head off. GG only survived due to his low weight/short height. For a time, he served as a Wizard General on the Alliance Grand Council of Vorn representing Arboria.
April 3202 - He and Maroczy went to rescue Karen Delation.
Participated in the Portal Destruction Mission. See Maroczy.
Johnathan Humperdinck says, "It was my understanding that Guaneri had resigned from the council momentarily following his defenestration of the Colonies representative..." (late 3202?/10036?)
Involved in the Temple of Friendship adventure and the Fire Dwarven Necromantic Research Facility with the Tim and Werner Group.
He, along with Tim Da Reaper, Werner Gunthor and Kiphelm Thorn was vilified as a result of a misunderstanding of the events surrounding the removal of the Captain and the loss of the black box. All were condemned to death in absentia as the vilest of traitors for disobeying the Alliance Council and for their apparent dealings with the enemy.
November 10039 - Found a death's head amulet around his neck after using the black box to port out of Persand on the Persand Expeditionary Force. Used the alias G. Ghiberti.
Peregrine Falcon wrote sometime in 10042 (?), "A letter arrived today from Guanerius asking for assistance from his fellows in the Order. I met him a while back while we both were recovering: me from my stays in death, and him from the loss of a leg. ("A wyvern," he told me, "is not something you should fight alone." [His solitary mission to get the Rakshasa and rescue his old girlfriend?]) The Order suggested that I travel to meet and assist him as best I could." See the Greymar Grendling Group.

Gulam (Gooch) - Gnomish Archer of the First Rank Bather of 12 women Swimmer of the Elouhdian Channel. Associated with Forsythia Tomb puzzle (and Colonel Dukas?)

Gunthor, Werner (Ben) Deep Dwarvish male. Warrior, engineer, and hammer tosser. Mentally handicapped strongman and Wizard General. Travelling across Totham with Tim da Reaper and Kiphelm Thorne.

Hamilcar, Magos

Johnathan Humperdinck responds: "...I am not so certain that this Magos will be able to track us. Having listened to you talk about your world, sir, it seems that Magos' incredible omnipresence is a function of his gigantic organization and enormous outlay of funds to spies and observers. Not only is Vorn many times the size--not that that makes it any better--but I don't see how he could have access to anything resembling the same type of resources, particularly since he brought the box through with him when he used which eliminated his ability to bring reinforcements through. I would guess that he is at a loss to locate us." (events of late 3202)
Magos Hamilcar has been judged unworthy in the extreme by the Ancient Orcs. They regard him as utterly within the power of evil, (and he's got two or three rings... hmmmm), and when he had The Captain, he did "nothing but evil" with it.
Interesting Player Note: Hamilcar, by a strange coincidence, is also the name of a Carthaginian general in the "Punic Wars" on a faraway world called "Dirt" or "Earth" or something. He was succeeded by his son-in-law, Hasdrubal, and his son, Hannibal.

Hassleman, Guimard (Ben) Gypsy Elvish male. Horseman and courier. Befriended Kako. Went loony in Persand. Left with 3M boat. Never heard from again.

Hauberk of Healing - ring hauberk that protects 50% and heals the wearer while fighting. From the Friendship Temple.

Hazershamby, Edgar Meticulous (Ben) Human male. Zoologist. Intensely interested in all manner of exotic, dangerous, or otherwise monstrous organisms. Obsessive. Member of SOAK.

Highwayman, The () - rapier owner, husband of Drachma, inhabitant of Roanoke, died of the water poison.

Horseshoes - Set of four horseshoes which will make the horse which wears them fleeter than any other and able to bound across wide rivers. Given to the Time and Werner Group from the Friendship Temple.

Holverston Zoological Enterprises

Rand: "We've only been sent to find [canalgam sap, dedekind bulbs and guilemot birds] by HZE; no one else has ever mentioned them...whatever happened to that first group that HZE hired but that didn't come back or whatever that he told us about; anyone remember anything about that? What do they use these things for? How could HZE have magic that the colleges didn't when they are such putzes? Suppose they just want to raise Guillemots?..."

Humperdinck, Jonathan (?) - person with knowledge of events related to the removal of the black box from Vorn and the politics of the Alliance Council at the time. (late 3202)

Idaho, Duncan (NPC) - "blademaster". Member of Order of the Ring and the Sword Group. Missions: Persand, Sword Quest.

Inge, William (NPC?) - a SOAK guard.

Ius, Otis (Ben) Gypsy Elvish male. Prophet of Homer. Healer. Traitor. Superbly attractive.

Jachma - evil sister of Drachma.

James of Forsythia, Sir (Ben) Human male. Head knight of the Order of the Carnation in Forsythia. Friend of Guanerii. Imprisoned for 4 years in Micklegarth for possesion of magic without a license. Owned the boat "Sarah of the Sea". Co-founder of the East India Company. Died in the troglodyte sewers under the Rakshasa's castle, c. 10013.

Jansen, Icarus - (NPC?) - a SOAK guard.

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