Encyclopedia Lorica

Quartz to Ruby
7th Edition

Quartz - hard transparent mineral found in sand and rocks everywhere. Component for detect magic.

Queeg, Captain Jonathon (Ben) Human male. Sailor. Obsessive. Died in El- Ouhd's Labyrinthe, c. 10014.

Quentin (NPC?) - member of Order of the Ring (?) and Sword Group. Died unresurrectably during the Skeleton Battle.

Quimby, Jeremiah () - Captured on Blendon Island by skeletal warriors.

Races to Rupin


Dwarves         Av Ht.  Hair    Eyes            Skin
Deep            4'3"    black   black           dark    
Fire            4'4"    red     blu./hzl        bronze
*Grey           4'5"    gr/blck blue            pale
*Ice            4'3"    white   blu/haz         pale
Surface         4'6"    brown   blue/brn        tan

Elves           AvHt.   Hair    Eyes            Skin
*Bedoun         6'1"            black           dark
Drow (dark)     6'0"    black   black           black
Gypsy           6'1"    black   blue/brn        tan
High            5'10"   blond   blue            white
Sea             5'11"   blond   grn/hzl         white
Sudifin         6' 0"   black   black           black

Gnomes          Av Ht.  Hair    Eyes            Skin
Deep            4'2"    black   blue            brown
Goblins         4'6"    brown   green           brown
Kobolds         4'6"    brown   gr/brwn         brown
Lava            4'2"    red     black           drk/blk
Mystic          4'4"    br/wht  blu/brn         green
Surface         4'5"                            caucasian

Hobbits         Av Ht.  Hair    Eyes            Skin
Agricola        4'0"    brown   blue/brn        caucasian
High            4'2"    blond   blu/violt       white
Nomadic         4'1"    black   brn/hzel        brown
Urban           3'11"   black   brn/blue        white

Humans          5'9"    caucasian

Orcs            Av Ht.  Hair    Eyes            Skin                    
*Dark           5'4"    dark    dark            dark
Lycee           5'2"    bld/wht blue/grn        white
Mining          4'11"   black   brn/blck        dark
Tribal          5'2"    black   brn/blck        white
Viking          5'3"    blond   blue            white

* indicates races that are only found in Vorn

Rajendra (NPC) - See Rajendra Thar.

Rakshasa - claims Culebra Island as discovered by a hapless SOAK team Is chummy with trolls and wyverns. Uses ships with orange and black-strippes. Henchmen apparently fight duels of honor to the death. Known or suspected members: Yeoman Brennan.

"Anyway, I have been thinking about the Roc, and how he now (10042?) has a wife. I can only come up with 4 ideas about this. First idea there maybe a bunch of Rocs around somewhere that no one knows about. Most likely not. [What about the rakshasa at Omniventure 10042?] Second would be to make a bunch of jokes about the find familiar spell. :-) Maybe not... The last two are my only really good ideas. The third idea is that he is working with the Eckyebrech, and they brought her thru a portal for him. The last idea which makes more sense, is that there is a reason for keeping the wyverns around as more then just pets or guards. If they can carry a cannon (see Culebra Island), they can carry a person or two. They could then fly across the glacier. This doesn't seem hard, since we guessed that they can fly about 300 miles a day. With a person and some food and stuff they should be able to cross 1000+ miles of glacier with no problem."

Rakshasa's Castle - has Troglodyte Sewers underneath where Sir James of Forsythia died c. 10013. "Gnomish Temple of the Northwest." A trip was made there...

Randal, Maxwell (Brian) -

Random (Blaise Agueva y Arcas) - a human assassin and sorcerer who only casts "detect magic" and "heal." He was raised by dark elves, and his drow heritage allowed him the freedom to move in the dark, although he had the odd habit of sleeping upside down while hanging from tree limbs. He tried to kill Cormacar the ranger, because he was after his last and only silver piece, but failed and eventually became the third member of the Netco Spell Component Hunters. He was also interested in killing Barth, one of Cormacar's fellow rangers at the Bending Branch. However, the ranger objected to this, and Random was forced, for a time, anyway, to restrain his bloodlust, particularly because he was not pleased with the idea of beginning his adventures in jail. Barth wasn't too pleased with the idea that Random was staying in the local headquarters of the Bending Branch prior to going on the Sprines Mission with the Netco Spell Component Hunters. Barth attempted to "bell" the sorcerer with a large gong, which Random promptly stole and sold at a pawn shop for 30 sp. Member of the Netco Spell Component Hunters. Walked into the water of the mysterious cave complex during the March Trip of 10038, and never came out. Missions: February Trip, March Trip.

Random, Nigel (Monty) - professional treasure-hunter "on Vorn," led the "insigs." May 3202: He appeared to "buy" Amy and Kay Delation's boat.

Rapist, The - Walter McMillian.

Rats - a giant moustached rat with a thick tail was encountered by the Mystic Gnomes in the tunnels of the Gnomish Temple. It was irritating but wasn't too difficult for a single gnome to kill with a borrowed sword.

"Red" - Nick-name given by SOAK to their presumed El Ouhd agent and employment contact. Competed in the 10042 Omniventure because the "El Ouhd" first team was on another more important mission (chasing The Captain?).

Resnick, Katie () - alias of Kendra Thrax.

Reyl, Squire (Monty) - a very brave, if a bit simple, healer, long sword fighter, devout Catholic, member of the Order of the Ring and the Order of (?). Was working as a community servent in Carp Center until he joined the Order of the Ring during the Patville adventure. His local knowledge saved a tree when he remembered that a woman in town sold potions made from the bark that the O.R. was looking for, although it took several hours of tromping in the woods to jar his memory.

From a Letter to the Leader of the Knights of the Order of the (?): "As you know, I have been working as a community servant in a small village in SOMEWHERE. I am quite happy there, and have learned a great deal about living in poverty, and most importantly that I really enjoy helping people, and giving of myself. This month progressed very well. Dispite lack of funds, and the rock supply ship being late, we finished a record breaking 5 houses, and built a really nice fence around the Mayor's garden. I didn't feel that this was especially important, but he insisted, and after the completion, I could see that he was right, it really did make it hard to see into the garden, and when I got to go inside to see it, it made it all that much more special."
"My new traveling companions are definately fighting on the side of good, and I feel that my presence will help them immensely, as well as give me an excellent opportunity to perhaps convert them to a more Christian way of approaching things. They are all outstanding men and women, and I am proud to have the opportunity to serve the greater good with them. I hope that you allow me to continue to gain experience and fight for the Glory of God. I will be in Port D'Arthur for a few weeks if you wish to contact me, I will be studying Swimming, and staying in the "Eagle Talon Inn". Yours In Christ, Squire Reyl"

Rhino (Dunajec) - member of Pike Group. Went down in battle with scorpion dude on Eck Temple Mission but was regened and recovered in the care of the Pike Group's mysterious employer.. Missions: Eck Temple Mission.

Riesz (NPC) - an El Ouhd agent as of November 10043. Missions: Taniger Rescue.

Ring of Control Undead - allows user to take over an undead being and control for one week. One was stolen by Alexander Augustus from the O.R./Delmarintha Dig Group.

Rings - useful, portable magic items.

What are The Rings like, compared (possibly) to the ones in Tolkien? Are they The Nine? We know of some folks in EOW who seem to have some of The Rings of Power: Other rings:
  • Abraxian Ring - Mobius strip ring with inscription.
  • Iron ring - druidic? See iron ring and Lantelle S'vorak.
  • Portal Rings - The "keys" for the portal that the Mock Turtle Agents were to use -- two rings, one set with four stones (topaz, diamond, sapphire and emerald) and another set with six (topaz, diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby and amethyst).
  • Ring of Control Undead.

Ring of Spell Storing - gold ring with capacity to store eleven spells, refillable and randomly accessible. Each cell can be used eleven times. From the Friendship Temple.

Ringwraiths - people who got rings, and used them until their own souls (and *bodies*) withered away entirely (?). One was encountered by Tim Da Reaper on Todtham and provoked interesting speculations on The Evil. See nazguls.

Ripley, Aaron (Ben) Human male. Card shark, thief, fraud and tailor.

Riverine Biologist - see Rajendra.

Riverine coastline - area on Vorn visited by the Tim and Werner Group ostensibly on their way to find Diomachus Maximus, where they stopped to train in the tribal orc town of Salami. See the Fire Dwarven Necromantic Research Facility.

Riverman, Drogo Jr. (NPC) - young Hobbit who met The Pat in Trade City in October 10039 and told him and his companions of Orson's Gold which led to the creation of the Verteux Loonies.

Riverman, Drogo Sr. (NPC) - father of Drogo and brother of Orson. Gave the Verteux Loonies the map, or rather a copy of the map that had disappeared.

Riverman, Orson (NPC) - brother of Drogo, Sr. and uncle of Drogo, Jr. His adventuring life which apparently included consorting with orcs, gnomes, elves, humans, etc. led to the Orson's Gold puzzle. He was last seen 23 Sept 10039 heading east out of River City, claiming to be going to look for truffles.

Roan () - one of two orcs whose names became associated with the failed colony on Vyrica when it somehow came to be known as Roanoake. Friend of Phillipe Du Nord.

Roanoke Settlement - on Vyrica. Phillipe Du Nord was present for last days of the colony, and was a friend of Roan and Oake, the two orcs whose names became accidentally associated with the failed settlement.

"The nine graves The temple that Garth died in The mysterious yellow powder around the Ziggaurat(?) The talking stone in the woods Magos, the Lumbermen, and Keasar"
The Greymar Grendling Group came across a possible gravesite from this settlement.
Former inhabitants: Drachma, the Highwayman.

Robbinson (NPC) - Melanchthon Portmaster in 10038. Met by the Order of the Ring on their Rajendra Rescue mission.

Roberts, Kalyx (Kaz? NPC?) - crewmember on board The Dawn Treader for the Pike Group's Eck Temple Mission. He is rumored to be Errington Shroud's estranged brother. Worked for Aritheya, escaped with Guanerius and went with the Greymar Grendeling Group. Attempted to levitate away from combat at the Grendel's Cave but was taken down by one of the tiger creatures. Member of the Greymar Grendeling Group.

Robin Hood's fortress - Tigris Arr had a magical mace of lightning bolts stolen from this fortress.

Roc - short for Rakshasa.

Rohan - a land beyond the glaciers (?). A person named Eomel claimed to be the King of Rohan.

"I am Eomel, a stranger tall and broad, brought mysteriously from the hoof-cloven fields of my race to the smelt cities of yours, given body of whom a marshall should be ashamed to have as a shadow.
My honor cries out against this bodily theft and abasement of my mind and this sniveling incarceration; if I am to recover I must have a steed and fields as far as elvish eyes can see, both to be tamed.
I am a warrior and leader; my blood runs clean. By no right of war am I kept here. Release me as proof of your good intentions; give me reign of my limbs as granted at birth, give me a sword, a lance and a horse. Should your hearts prove true, I must return as an equal, not as a fragile artwork which is guarded between examinations.
I shall tell you as much as any man might about me; no more kinship shall you have. I hail from Rohan, the land of staunchest hearts and swiftness horses, the beautiful sea of grass locked in place by the waters and the mountains. My clan descends from Theored through Theobert through Eobert and Wyglaf; none but masters of the horse and lance have come from my family and none but the most beautiful of women have they married. My wife Eolith awaits my return with my twin sons. I was fifth marshall in the muster of the north and have twice called it to feed the grass darksome blood; never have I fled the field, though my beloved Hawkeye be cut down beneath me.
I was in the bespectacled mountains when I was stolen away; atop my second-born my eyes closed though absent of fatigue and only opened in this prison of yours. Some spell of your folk took me and must have slain my vanguard as well for they would never desert me. Such murderers will rue the day I hold reins and a spear in my hands and their names within my mind.

Rope Substitutes - feather fall, kester vines, levitate.

Rose, Amanda (Ben) Human female. Physician. Specialist in setting broken bones. Died (presumably) in 10043 in Pyatnitzan temple in the Sprinal Tap. Her first and last mission for SOAK.

Rosipes Shrubs - green fruit-bearing shrubs through the Bending Branch Forest. The tasty fruit keeps easters up all night with a powerful stimulant. Component for reaction.

Roterisk, Aleph (Chad) - magic user, founded Sankwich Explorations with some old friends - Mitsa Suki, etc.

Rover, Delvin (Monty) - Member of OMNICo. Hobbit biozoomancer - "monkey boy". His familiar is a galago monkey named Stuckey who was accidentally left behind on Illum Alpha. Killed on Illum Alpha (resurrected). Left OMNICo/Sword Group to go find his monkey. Missions: Ilum Gamma, Ilmenite Mine, Ilum Alpha, Sword Quest (but was kept ignorant of the plan and left the group.)

Rubble, Obsidian () - member of Second Bridge Mission. Killed 5/19/43 by Ecks.

Ruby Child Pendant - a tiny ruby child-figure allegely enchanted with heavy psychemancy that apparently was supposed to "suck in a soul" or cause a compatible wearer to give birth to a child with the soul stored in the thing already. Associated with Shangri-la-ists. Appraised at 15,000sc.

Ruby Desert - desert on Vorn crossed by the Sword Group just after they ported into the Niello Monastery. Location of sucking hump, etc.

Rupin Dolasia Group - who?


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