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Pertinax to Python
7th Edition

Pertinax - Henchbrid of King Astyanax, met by SOAK on Wingman's Bluff.

Phalanx - Former king of the Brids. Succeeded by Astyanax upon being killed by SOAK on the Brid Island.

Phantasm, Darius (Gooch) - a smith and sorceror, he dreams of someday being able to enchant items. Member of SOAK. Missions: Ice Bears.

Phase arrows, daggers, swords and other weapons -

  • A phase arrow was used against a nazgul by Cynthia Caruso.
  • A phase sword was used by Katie Thrax against a balrog.
  • Duncan Idaho's phase dagger went unnoticed by a detect magic field in the Alliance military headquarters in Apro on Patmos on Vorn - no magic/anti-magic explosion or anything.
  • A phase long sword ended up with Guanerius Guaneri from Kiphelm Thorn after the disastrous side trip to the Fire Dwarven Necromantic Research Facility.
  • The Pike Group dropped a phase dagger into the portal pool at Persand.
  • Philosopher, Martgass T. (Sam) - Member of OMNICo. Killed (?) in the Sprinal Tap swamp basin where his grave marker may be found. Missions: Sprinal Tap.

    Phoenix, Agent (MattW) - great sword fighter, ancient orc expert. Joined El Ouhd in November 10043. See also Fabrique Cabaret. Missions: Taniger Rescue, Mock Turtle.

    Phosphorus - powdery mineral found in caves and other dark rocky places. Component for fireball (violet), ignite (white), pyrotechnics (red), and wall of fire (black).

    Picard, Jean-Luc - The brave admiral who led the naval defense of Gailinean trading ships two hundred years ago, and who died at the hands of the dreaded pirate, Beigebeard.

    Pike, Aragon (Brian) - founder/leader of Pike Group. Died after battle with the scorpion dude on the Eck Temple Mission, because he was wearing a spell reflection device that blocked healing magic. He was later resurrected by the group's mysterious employer. Later entered portal on Persand after the abortive "Destroy the Portal" mission and was never heard from again. Missions: ?, Eck Temple Mission, ?, Persand Portal (?).

    Pike, Gar (J.C.) - longsword-wielding (?) commando and huge, brawny fighter type who helped form the Bysshe Commandoes in Bysshe while the city was collapsing under an assault by some gnomes. Apparently, the gnomes had some type of powder which would destroy any magic that it came in contact with in a tremendous fireball (magic/anti-magic?). As one who had studied the art of magic with his mother, Mystra Pike, he was extremely worried about this. Fireball casting is always a tricky art, and if his gnomish foes had some way of making his fireballs blow up in his face, then he feared that his days as a spellcaster were over.

    Pike Group. An adventuring group that specialized (past tense) in exploring Persand Island. Possibly run by Folger (?).

    Known or suspected members: Eric Arondoshaw, January Barron, Steven Crow, Hugo Down, Saladin Fizzt, Giuseppe Golgi, Goya, Magaloron, Marie Marat, Elgin One-hand, The Pat, Aragorn Pike, Rhino, Carnie Stych, Tex Universe, Ursula, Andrew Wiles, Obez Yana, (something or other of Nick's on ? and the Eck Temple Mission - Rhino?, Carnie Stych?, Ursula?). Missions:
    • Eck Temple Mission for unknown employer (3M?) - early July 10037 - After acquiring new members in Distown, the group explored The Cave on Persand. The feeling of dread which was experienced on every previous expedition to this cave was absent, new passageways had formed, the mouth of the cave had "opened" wider, etc. An enchanted iron door leading to bridge over psionic (?) river was breached and first (?) scorpion dude was fought. Then the party returned to the ships, the Dawn Treader and the Ambrosia, and decided to send the Ambrosia back to "base" with the fallen Pike and Rhino, along with detailed reports about the cave to date. The remainder of the party then returned to the cave to explore some more. The date was 3 July, 10037. A complex believed to be an Eck temple was then found beyond the Dark Psionic River. After exploring this complex, they headed out. They met Keiko, got her message for "The Man of the Turtles" and fought Mowcrot as they were trying to leave the island. May be referred to as "Final Mission" incorrectly. (Team: EA, JB,SC, HD, SF, GG, G, M, EO, TP, AP, R, (CS?), U, OY)
    • Black Wall Mission for unknown employer (3M?) - 27 July, 10037. Persand had been fortified by a black wall with thin, ugly towers inhabited by swarms of tribal Eckyebrech, which pursued the team to the cave. (These were encountered over the crevasse passage leading to the "Head Mindflayer Room" and although the Eck leader was down by a lucky lightning bolt to the head, they killed two new recruits who went to search the body.) The feeling of STERILE DREAD, which had been absent on the last trip was back in full force, and the team found at least one mindflayer and probably more. A few un-interesting rooms and passageways had formed in an area which had not been visited on the July 3 trip. (Team: JB, MM, TU, ...)
    • Persand Portal Mission with Order of the Ring - . A group of about 20 went to destroy a portal that was thought to be supplying the Echyebrech base on Persand with ships, supplies and personnel. The portal was unreachable (or the explosives were used up trying to get into the cave) and the mission failed. (Team: MM, (AW? Pike? Obez Yana?) [How is this related to the Omnico Mission?]

    Pike, Mystra - magic user and mother of Gar Pike.

    Pirates, The - an ill-fated sea-faring adventuring group that met its end in Dun Cess at the hands of John Drake and John Whorfin. 10038? Known or suspected members: John Drake, John Kluski, John Whorfin, .

    Plague - in 10038 (?) the northward Eckyebrech advance in Vyrica was stalled and even pushed back by a mysterious plague that affected the Ecks, but did not seem to affect the native population of EOW. The O.R. team that assaulted Yarisuto during this time took "cure disease" (?) potions just to be sure they wouldn't spread the plague.

    Poisons in the South Adventure - for EO. Where Uresei Yatsura died.

    Pollux (?) - captured Krutch (?) with Clamystra and Castor.

    Poppy-Tor (?) - female El Ouhdian on Vorn (?). Mother of Aphasia.

    May 3202: She meets Amy Delation who has just been rescued by Errington Shroud. Later meets Mos and Dos Eisley and party. She was also at the Obah Ziggurat when the party met Lady Marissa Althoric, blew a hole in the Ziggurat and saw it heal.
    Was with Maroczy when she went through the arboreal portal with the Captain and the portal was destroyed from the Vorn side. Met up with the Tim and Werner Group (with Shroud?) in late 3202 at some point after they had originally clashed with Shroud.


    According to a briefing by El Ouhd: "It has become clear that there are multiple planets. At some point in the past these worlds were joined and all life stemmed from one point." Discussion ensued about these portals and their magics: There are several entrances in the Sprinal Tap, and in fact, most of them seem to be in the Sprines. In April 10038 OMNICo spotted a "tiger wyvern" that is known to come from another world. At the present it is not possible to reproduce the Ancient Orcish magics that help control the portals. The links (portals) were made BEFORE the Ancient Orcs. The "keys" for the portal that the Mock Turtle Agents were to use were two rings, one set with four stones (topaz, diamond, sapphire and emerald) and another set with six. (Topaz, diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby and amethyst) Portals further referenced in this volume:
      Abraxian Shrine Portal: in Sprinal Tap and the desert on Vorn.
      Arboreal Portal: a link between Vorn and EOW/Arboria.
      Black Box: portable.
      Cave Portal: in Sprinal Tap.
      Island Cave Portal: on Vorn, used by Mock Turtle Group.
      Pavimentum Volcano Portal: used by Mock Turtle Group.
      Persand Island Portal(s): a fount of evil...
      Tree Portal, see Arboreal Portal.
      Vorn Portal, probably see Arboreal Portal.
    Everyone knows about the Arboreal Portal, but everyone makes the mistake that this is the first portal we found. Where was the first one? Answer: When we went on the Roanoke adventure way way back when (back when some of us had rolled up and lost more characters then any of you young wimpersnaper players will ever get even a chance to do...) we found the first Orcish Temple. Coming back from grendel's cave if you go somewhat northeast, it is about 1/3 of the way back to Roanoke. Anyway, in this temple there was a large round dark room. The walls of this room had some kind of stars on it that looked projected but had no real light source. Standing in this room had an effect much like standing in the middle of space. It gave an almost 3d effect to the stars. At the time we thought it was just a planetarium and since we had a bunch of Orcish liches to get killed by, no one paid any attention to it. Well, shoot -- this is pretty important. Was there ever a Roanoke summary? Who played in that? I know it was before my time. How many portals is this in EOW so far? Correct me if I'm wrong, please:
    -- Arboreal Portal; no stars or other weirdness effects?
    -- cubical portable portal; stars all over the inside
    -- tetrahedral portable portal; ditto
    -- dipping duck water portal on Persand; stars in the water
    -- Sprinal Portal; just a black area?
    -- apparent Roanoke portal; stars on walls as you stand in it?

    Portal Rings: The "keys" for the portal that the Mock Turtle Agents were to use -- two rings, one set with four stones (topaz, diamond, sapphire and emerald) and another set with six (topaz, diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby and amethyst). These may be of Ancient Orcish origin.

    Potions - cure disease, cure poision, detect magic, dispel magic, hair growth, heal, protection from mental attacks (PMA), protection from magical effects (PME), protection from physical damage (PPD), speed, strength.

    Power Groups in EOW - Wed, 24 Aug 1994 15:56, Ben says: We cannot "save" the "world" alone. We need help, big time help. That means firmly and thoroughly allying ourselves with a source of power.

    For Werner, and apparently Tim, that source is the ancient orcs. We have reason to believe that they know what is up and that assuming we do moderately well thay will continue helping us.

    The Alliance counsel is less knowledgeable, more easily corrupted, and less generous with major artifact level magic items, although they are admittedly more giving when it comes to pegasi.

    Aretheya is questionable in terms of her loyalties and intentions, not too mention the fact that she is about as clueless about the major things as we are.

    Netco - Magos is out of the question.

    El Ouhd is too much trouble to work for, among other things. We have no other apparent source of knowledge than the ancient orcs. I say our goals should read as follows: Find the Lich who is supposed to know where The King is. Find it. Reclaim The Captain. Find sufficient people to complete the virtue puzzle at the first Ziggurat. Proceed from there based on the knowledge we have at the time.

    Shangri-laists -

    Druids -

    3M -

    Psionics - near magical power of the mind.

    Knownor suspected psionics: Peregrine Falcon, Taniger Falcon, "Flame", Wizard General Peabody, Rajendra Thar. Possibly psionic creatures: tree lizards, black birds, uxors, balryg, gypsy elves, the Swords.

  • Detect other psionics: "The 10th was an interesting day. [In] the forest, a sudden feeling of being watched came over us... I tried to track the mind that was doing it, but it moved too quickly. Shortly thereafter, we found that the beings were in fact tree lizards... a species that seems to exhibit an almost pack-like psionics... "
    Agent Shakar got an image of Agent Tanor needing help at a waterfall to the southeast. Ten miles to the southeast after climbing some rocks Villon spotted smoke. Shakar got a telescopic vision experience to a hand lying across some rocks a short bit to the northeast.

  • Shield self from detection: "I'm keeping a more constant vigil of protection on myself for these next few days... I remember Folger's wise words about my brother and I being 'beacons'... "

  • Transmit images: "I saw a second tiger creature climbing into the air behind the cover of the cliff, and GG was apparently unaware. I sent him this image, and he seemed to compensate... "

  • Cause fear/panic: As I decended, ecks were amassing below us. I focused fear and panic on one of them and he ran screaming into the cliff wall, probably putting himself out in the process... "

  • Enflame corpses: "I am told that I grabbed De's ankle while she battled, and one of the tiger wyverns landed to apparently finish me off. My body, suddenly engulfed in flame latched onto the tiger, and both burning headed to the plunge pool.

  • Transmigration: "De is having a hard time fighting... on one end, and finally I was able to see again. It was like rocking on a boat, but I could see down the hallway behind us. I was not in my body... De, having been taken down by one of the ecks, is given a potion by Saul, stands and begins a battle with Eth. My consciousness has switched to Saul, and I battle for control of the body...

  • Telekinesis: "Whether or not my focused attempts to create a wall between us and them were the cause, I do not know, but Eth and the ecks at our rear are forced to retreat back down the hall as the ceiling crumbles above them... "

  • Create fireballs, etc.: "Again, a switch, and an unknown entity takes over Saul's body, throwing flames around GG and turning the remaining ecks in the front of the group into a burning mass of hair... "

  • Mind attack: Suddenly the giant pike-wielder screamed and threw his hands to his head. Nutmeg, now possessed by another, dropped her mace and advanced on the creature which fell to its knees then to the ground where it screamed and squirmed until it knocked itself unconscious by banging its head into a rock while "Nutmeg" stood over it, a spectral wind blowing her clothing.
  • Puente, Tico (Ben) Surface dwarvish male. Jazz drummer, elvish-raised, flower lover, Santa Claus worshipper. Died with a peaceful soul under the orcish temple near Roanoake.

    Pulping - the act of destroying a person's head/brain so that they cannot be resurrected, turned undead or otherwise brought back from the stillness of death. Some adventuring organizations have instituted this drastic and brutal procedure in order to protect vital information that might otherwise be extracted from deceased members.

    Purple algae - thrives in the cool pure water of mountain pools, kettle lakes, glacial run-off, etc. Ingestion removes the ability to begrudge, dislike or hate. Component for charm person.


    Dead Gnome Puzzle (?): Found by the Drow Spell Component Hunters in an unnaturally-tightly-clenched fist of a "scalped" Gnome.
    Desiderata - ancient orcish text puzzle from the Friendship Temple.
    Dukas Puzzle (unsolved) - publicized on the death of Abraham Dukas.
    Julie Cerano Puzzle - from an unmarked letter received by SOAK in 10044?. May be related to the Meyer Puzzle.
    Meyer Puzzle (unsolved): Encountered as a mission for the Meyer family by SOAK and also by the Pat Group.
    Shell Puzzle (solved): Found by OMNICo in the Sprinal Tap. Songs that are heard when the shell is held up to the ear compose the puzzle. See also Ilum Gamma.
    Squiggly Line Puzzle - Delmarintha Dig Group?
    White Tower - a Middle Orcish phrase found mysteriously in a tower on Vorn.

    Pyatnitza - gnomish deity. See Dead Gnome Puzzle.

    Pyatnitzan temple in the Sprinal Tap - place where Amanda Rose died (presumably) in 10043 on a mission for SOAK.

    Pyat, Nool (Lisa). Human female longsword-wielder and paramedic from Trangle. Member of SOAK. Missions: Trangle Sewer, Distown, Culebra I, Inver Brass, Culebra II, Omniventure, Telemancy I.

    Python, Loretta (MattA) - healer. Beheaded in battle with Ecks in front of Grendel's Cave - 22 Feb 10043. Member of Greymar Grendling Group.

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