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Otdel to Oxtrot
7th Edition

Otdel, Zhen (Lisa) - human female belly-dancer and fortune-teller. Member of the Verteux Loonies.

Othniel (NPC) - a church apostle leading the trolls against the enemy in the northern Sprines. In May 10043, the Second Bridge Mission was to run supplies to him. Dirk Zand had a close relationship with him having spent eight months together fighting among the trolls.

Othniel -- Universalist missionary working with the hill people (trolls) in the Sprinal Tap. He is both preaching his religion and aiding in driving back the gnomish military prescence. SOAK brought him supplies in February of 10043. In May 10043, the Second Bridge Mission was to run supplies to him. Dirk Zand had a close relationship with him having spent eight months in the mountains together fighting among the trolls. Othniel is strong in his faith and obsessive about his cause.

Otis (Ben) - companion of Mos and Dos Eisely on Vorn? Met by Amy Delation in 3202. See Otis Ius.

Ouija Boards - a dangerous party game touching on matters of the occult in a deceptively and seductively easy way. A cautionary transcript follows:

--Names have been changed.--
Elf Girl 1: [intoning over the Oujia board] Oh spirits from beyond the grave, come now unto us. Send us the soul of some long deceased wanderer. [A presence fills the room]
Spyro: Hello?
Elf Girl 3: It worked! It worked!
Elf Girl 1: Oh spirit, what distant plane of existence do you hail from?
Spyro: Uh, Dun Cess, actually.
Elf Girl 1: Spirit, what is your name?
Spyro: S.A.
Elf Girl 2: Are you an elf?
Spyro: No. I'm 100% human.
Elf Girl 2: But if you're human, how can we understand you?
Spyro: Don't question. Just accept.
Elf Girl 1: Spirit, can you tell us about the great beyond?
Spyro: Uh, not really. I died, everything got sort of fuzzy, and next thing I know I'm here.
Elf Girl 3: How did you die?! How did you die?!
Spyro: Now there's a story. Me and a bunch of other PCs (that's adventurer slang for wandering loonies) were participating in some sort of Orcish resettlement on Vyrica back in April, 10040. There was me, SB "but you can call me the most annoying bink on the face of the earth", LA (an orc), ST (another orc), HA (a human), FH (a dwarf), TL (a third human), and AZ, the second most annoying bink on the face of the earth. I'll give those binks something: they are more annoying on a per pound basis than anything in the universe.
Anyway, we were on our way to K- to retake it from the Eckyebrecks when some little kid name D- who claimed that his father had gone back to look at his house before the Ecks took it and fell down a hole and couldn't get up. Turns out the fellow was trying to get some goodies he had stashed in a cave system near his house, but we didn't know it then.
Elf Girl 2: What was the orc's name?
Spyro: I don't remember. I've been dead a couple years plus I got my head shishkabobbed by an arrow. My memory ain't what it used to be...
Elf Girl 3: Can you read minds?
Spyro: No. Be quiet.
Now, the orc guards accompanying us [to the cave] decide to go back to camp and take us with them. Now, we want to stay because there is some generally weird stuff in this cave and weird stuff spells treasure and having found some we weren't about to leave stones unturned. If anyone ever asks you what PC stands for, tell them it's Greedy Bastard.
Elf Girl 3: I don't get it.
Spyro: That's 'cause you're stupid. Now, the party is being led away from this cave when we suddenly come down with the most godawful case of Islagiatt Syndrome I've ever heard of.
Elf Girl 4: What's Islagiatt Syndrome?
Spyro: It-Seemed-Like-A-Good-Idea-At-The-Time Syndrome. Now, having marched in here with AN ENTIRE ARMY of orcs, we decide to whack the guards escorting us. Well, needless to say, one of the guards gets away. Instead of thinking "Hey, he's going to get the whole army on our arses; let's flee" we think "Hey, let's go down into the caves where we can be trapped and killed at their leisure!" I tell you, no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of PCs.
We go back to the cave and do some more exploring, including more fun falling down that stupid ledge. We found some room with funky crystal in the walls that looked like someone had been trying to chip out parts of it, but someone supposedly learned in such things said that it wasn't valuable. We also found another room that was really cold and apparently had a hole stoneshaped into the floor. So we're wandering--
Elf Girl 3: Spirit! Spirit! Can you tell me who my true love will be?
Spyro: You're not going to have a true love. You'll die two months from now when a rabid gopher gnaws your head off. Now shut up. Where was I? Oh yeah. So we're wandering--
Elf Girl 2: You made Marie cry!
Spyro: Good. Maybe then she'll stop asking the ghosts of the hoary netherworld stupid questions.
Elf Girl 3 (Marie): [sobbing] I don't want to play this any more. I want to go home. I'm gonna tell.
Elf Girl 4: You better not.
Marie: [still sobbing] I am! I am I am I am and you can't stop me!
Spyro: SHUT UP!! Now, do you know happens to little elf girls who summon spirits and then tick them off?
[All the girls shake their heads. Marie tries to choke back her tears.]
Spyro: Neither do I, but I'm sure it's _real_ unpleasant.
Anyway, while we're exploring the caves, we hear the orcs entering the cave to come kill us. We run to this room that turns out to be this huge cave that spirals around in a circle down to a pool of supercold liquid. I'm thinking that this was right below the room that had the stoneshaped hole in the floor and that was really cold.
In my description of this room I should mention that the spiral went up a turn above the doorway... But the incredible thing is that NO ONE IN OUR PARTY HAPPENED TO NOTICE THAT IT WENT UP. It's like that theoretical narrator had happened to omit that major piece of possibly lifesaving tactical info.
Not that I'm bitter...
I forget who was supposed to lure the guards... but the orcs come running into the room at a clip. One of them hits the tripline and goes sailing over our heads. Whoooooooooooo... splash. Instant orcicle. That was almost worth dying for. It was fantastic.
At this point we engage those remaining orcs.... Suddenly, I become possessed by this strange demon of Party Good. In the one selfless act of my life, completely uncharacteristic of me, I attempt to cross around to the opposite side of the spiral and let off one of my fireballs. It is at this point that my life comes to an end when I get skewered in the head with an arrow while trying to sneak to the far side. Pwing! Smack! My head gets stapled to the cave wall.
[Marie squirms a bit but doesn't say anything]
So I'm sitting there, bleeding, dead, while my party gets tromped. Finally, a couple orcs get a hold of someone, I think it was S-, and drag him down to the pool. Each orc grabs a leg and they dip him _head first_ into the pool. That's really cold. I mean--well, you know what I mean.
At this point, something in the already fragile psyche of A- snaps like the little nunchucks he was so annoyingly obsessed with and he does a cannonball off the top of the spiral. Splash. I'm not sure whether he got the two orcs or not.
It was at this point that all Hell broke loose. Literally. The ceiling of this cave falls in and A-, the girl who was supposedly lost, and incidentally should have starved to death by this time, descends from the ceiling like a MOTHERBUGGERING DEMON FROM HELL AND JUST HANGS THERE IN THE AIR and wastes the orcs and us. Absobloodylutly amazing! And after she's finished frying us she CLIMBS UP THE SHEER FACE of the walls and back up through the hole she made of the ceiling.
It turns out that some of the party survived the attacks. I think it was T- and S-. They got taken back to the camp and S- was executed. T-, I believe, was used to boost morale of the male soldiers. Not a happy ending.
And that's basically the tale of my death.
Elf Girl 2: Tell us another story!
Spyro: Um... I'd really love to... but... I've got to get back to the first circle and walk around lost with all the other undistinguished PCs. Bye.
[Spyro's presence disappears]
Elf Girl 2: Wait! Come back! Bring him back, Dorine!
Elf Girl 1: [intoning] Oh, spirits from beyond, return the wandering soul to us.
[A presence fills the room]
Marduk: Hello? Is anyone there? Hello?
Marie: A new spirit! Maybe _he_ can tell me who my true love will be!
Marduk: Oh trilk.

Owls - creatures that figure in an adventure of Marduk Uranti in the Sprines. Grey owls were described by Otis Ius as being omens of trouble for the orcs that came to his aid after the Arboreal Portal destruction. After a grey owl flew over, the orcs with Otis hastily gathered their things and set off down a trail following the path of the bird, but they were still chased down by two cloaked skeletal riders. Later an entire orc village was abandoned because an owl flew over.

Oxtrot River - Vyrican river near the Grendel's Cave.

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