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One-hand to Orson's Gold
7th Edition

One-hand, Elgin (NPC) - a swordsmaster with... only one hand. Member of Pike Group. Missing and presumed dead (or captured?) after Eck Temple Mission. Mission: Eck Temple Mission.

O'Nine, Fore () - Killed in combat with egyebrech in Rock-funnel room of Persand cave complex.

Opheila (Gooch) - Archer. Member of Forsythia Cemetery Exploration.

O.R. - see Order of the Ring.

Orange potions - generally heal potions.

Orcish Reconstruction League - an organization out of KDP E that is involved in the restoration of Vyrica.

Orcish Virtues, Eleven Ancient - Beauty, Joy, Hope - Courage, Strength, Honor, Discipline - Patience, Law, Knowledge, Reason. See Virtues.

Orcs - a race of hominids.

Order of the Carnation - organization in Forsythia. Head knight was once Sir James.

Order of the Ring. An adventuring group known for meddling with major artifacts and serving causes greater than themselves. Employs the Ilico Trading Co as a front. When Peregrine Falcon woke up a couple of years after the Rajendra Rescue Mission (? in 10040 or later?) he found that Kendra, Astro, Folger were missing, and the Order was "draining itself in the misery of loss rather than to fighting forward to find them."

Known or suspected members: Astro, Aviendho, Janielle Benton, Itza Biznitz, Simmian Calveras, Cynthia Caruso, Corel de Lesseps, Peregrin Falcon, Tanager Falcon, Richard Folger, Willwerk Forfude, David Grendelhunter, Guanerius Guaneri, Istvan Harka, Duncan Idaho, Christopher Lewis, Nick, Tri Noolya, The Pat, Katie Resnick, Squire Reyl, Jeannette Mistletoe Sarbinnes, Gerald Sheffield, Veto Shusako, Mark Stone, Dextro Stunkfellow, Takagashi, Kendra Thrax, Andrew Wiles Missions:
  • Persand with Delmaruntha Dig - October 19th or so, 10037 - Katie recruited the the Delmaruntha Dig group who were stuck on Ilum Alpha, foiled in their initial attempts to get to Persand. The group faced a wraith there which is how Kendra had her soul cleaved(?). [PF,TF, RF, KT]
  • Patville/Tree Bark with Delmaruntha Dig - The party arrived Carp Center to try to get (sarin?) bark to heal Katie's soul. They killed the rapist slime-bag mayor of the town, installed The Pat as the new mayor and got the bark. Everyone trained for four weeks afterward. See Squire Reyl. [PF, TN, TP, SR, VS...]
  • Biskupin Necromatic Research Facility with Delmaruntha Dig - We got in a huge fight with a lich and oodles of skeletons, but almost everyone made it back. We searched the place thoroughly, found out a little more info about the ongoing war, got the bodies of our fallen, destroyed all evil magics, burned the fortress to the ground, and everyone is now training for 16 weeks. See Squire Reyl. [IB, SC, PF, TF, N, SR, VS]
  • [We returned to Port D'Arthur to meet with Katie and a wizard (who? Astro? Folger?), and recouperate. I (Squire Reyl) will be in Port D'Arthur for a few weeks studying Swimming, and staying in the "Eagle Talon Inn"... (Ben?): After my comrades returned from their mission on the island (Biskupin?), we were briefed on an excursion to Yarisuto.]
  • Final Absorption of Delmaruntha Dig Group - see Delmaruntha Dig Group's "Unemployment adventure."
  • Yarisuto Prisoner Rescue - After escaping Delmaruntha, the team met with Thrax and Folger in KDP, and from there headed for Yarisuto. They sneaked/fought into the city, dropped off "medical supplies" at the hospital, and then went to the prison/tunnel. There was a fight at the entrance, magickal traps on the doors, and inside, several horrid creatures including a mind-flayer and something wearing a Crown of Spell Absorption. Most prisoners had been relocated but a handful were rescued, with only one or two party members missing (and presumed captured.) Potions were used to prevent the plague. [AA, PF, TF, TN, DS, JMS]
  • Arboreal Portal - The party set out for the western coast of Vyrica in order to make their way to the portal. Enroute, they passed a black flagged ship at an island that they decided not to investigate. On the coast they found a mysterious black tower that had sprung up since they'd last been in the area. The decision to check it out led to the sinking of their ship and two of the three life boats. See the Vyrican Black Tower.
  • Rajendra Rescue - (July 19-26?, 10038) A group went to Melanchthon to ransom Rajendra Thar from the Mourning Glories for 100,000sc worth of perfect emeralds. Treachery ensued but the group overcame the Mourning Glories and escaped with Rajendra, all but three emeralds and most of Peregrine. Here they met "Melaine," Willwerk and David disappeared and Peregrine was killed the first (?) time. See also the Melanchthon Morning Herald report. [SC, DG, PF, TF, WF, CL, TN, GS, MS, DS]
  • Persand Portal Mission with Pike Group(?)/OMNICO(?) - Nov 10039 - a party of about 20 went to destroy a portal believed to be supplying the Eckyebrech base on Persand with ships, supplies and personnel. The portal was unreachable and losses were heavy. Katie vanished fighting Mowcrot.
  • Nazgul Attack - (10040? 10041?) - Nazguls stormed the OR complex, destroying Rajendra and nearly killing Astro as well, but the remaining company saved him with the potions made from the (sarin?) trees. [Astro, CC?, TF, RT]
  • OR Rescue Mission - Many members of the Order were lost - presumed captured or killed while trying to rescue other members of the Order from an island in the Western Ocean. [TF]
  • Persand Portal Mission with Pike Group(?)/OMNICO(?) - Nov 10039? - a party of about 20 went to attempt to destroy a portal believed to be supplying the Eckyebrech base on Persand with ships, supplies and personnel. The portal was unreachable and losses were heavy.
  • Sword Quest with OMNICO - see Sword Group.

Origen (NPC) - scribe of the Broken Arrow Mines on Vorn.

Orlando the Red (or Orlantro) - a druidic traitor. Members of OMNICo were doomed by some druids to find this Orlando the Red, as a traitor, and bring his soul to the central plains of Vyrica to lay it before the feet of the High Druid. Conceivable parallels with "Luke." See Lantelle Svorak.

Orson's Gold - puzzle and first adventure for the Verteux Loonies. Orson Riverman apparently had left his hobbit family fold and consorted with orcs, gnomes, elves, humans, and anything else that amused him. He talked about having great treasure, but did not seem to spend it, and would not reveal to anyone the nature of what he had found. Then, one day, a bird came bringing a message signed by Orson. The message was written in runes on a sheet of paper decorated by all sorts of bizarre images. However, by the time the Loonies saw it, the writing had all disappeared from the paper. Luckily, Drogo sort of remembered what had been on it, and he and The Pat collaborated to reproduce the drawings - a line of gourds; a skeletal hand; a three-legged turtle; and a woman holding her large, bare, pointed breasts. The Strange Runes could only be approximated. The Verteux Loonies attempted to solve the puzzle and spent a goodly amount of time wandering around the wilderness having adventures and finding interesting things, but in the end had to give up on their dreams of treasure. See the Verteux Loonies.

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