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Nasbe, Lithera (NPC) - engineer, member of Excelsea Gravestone Company.

Naturas, Juliette (Gooch). A pacifist healer. One of the founders of SOAK. Believed to carry magic items such as the Brid Island Blood Vase and the Brid Island Cloak as well as the snake spices. One of the founders of SOAK. Joined El Ouhd in November 10043. Known or suspected aliases: Agent Midgard. SOAK Missions: Blendon Island, Brid Island I, Omniventure V. EO Missions: Taniger Rescue.

Went on a sabatical late in 10039 and returned by March 21, 10041. Bound for Yarmouth, she had convinced Emmanuel (?) to once again offer his services to her. She arrived on the egybrech-occupied land and was captured within 24 hours. For the next eight months she was forced to work with a drow preparing unknown spell components. Finally, the the Alliance swept over Yarmouth and "freed" her to go to work healing wounded. After 2 weeks of this, she feigned a sickness, and was returned to Duncess from whence she went to KDPW to wait for SOAK to return from the first Culebra Island mission.

Nawowo, San (NPC) - Sudibin crewmember on board The Dawn Treader for the Pike Group's Eck Temple Mission.

Nazgul - part of the invasion of EOW. Some have said that the nazgul are merely fingers of the ring-power, which is good for nothing but destruction.

One nazgul, met by the Todtham group (?) gave his name - Khamul, the Black Easterner.
Another was encountered by the Order of the Ring on Persand. It ignored attacks by Peregrine Falcon's flame staff and soul-cleaved Kendra Thrax. And a group of them later attacked the O.R.'s complex, killing Rajendra (?).
How many nazgul are there?
See also rings.

Necklace of 33 Links - magic necklace from the Friendship Temple. Each of the links stores a spell, each in a weak, moderate, and powerful version:

* Antimagic Shield
* Restore Mentality
* Protection from Physical Damage
* Force
* Telekinesis
* Protection from Magic
* Fireball
* Animate Dead
* Regenerate
* Dispel Magic
* Teleport

Necromancy - The Cave Portal in the Sprinal Tap had an interesting affect on the magic mushrooms that SOAK sent through - the necromantic mushroom disappeared, while the others were "canceled." (It also took the gnomes - perhaps they're necromantic, too?)

Necromantic Research Facility - One, known as the Fire Dwarven Necromatic Research Facility, is located in "northern" Vorn. There was another on EOW - the Biskupin Necromantic Research Facility.

Nefrititi's Tomb - in Iceland. Why was it built anyway? Source of the rod of ice/water/steam carried by Drachma.

Neo-lenevistic - refers to magical furnishings that turn into golems and attack intruders Apparently such items used to be used all over as property protection. It's a surreal occurance, if not an effective one. Examples were encountered by the Delmaruntha Dig party in Topelson's house: a chandelier turned into a crystalline being, plants and furniture attacked sparring PCs (?).

NETCO - Northern Expanse Trading Company. Very demanding, perfectionist organization. Agents go by number and are expected to have mastered at least 4 bladed weapons. Has interests in Culebra Island.

NETCo is interested in good relations with new and growing companies, particularly those operating within their sphere of mercantile operation. As an inducement for such companies to make use of NETCO resources, they utilize a "favored business partner list." They create a corporate account which allows "partners" to purchase travel and supplies on credit (initial limit 1,000 sc) at any of their facilities and a 10% discount on passenger travel expenses on their vessels. Truly favored partners, however, get even better discounts.
Any time one travels on NETCo ships, expect to be spied on, tallied, and possibly sabotaged if sufficiently important, so don't use NETCo for secretive missions, merely for routine transportation.
Known or suspected members: Agents 52, 111, and 304; Richard L. Bishop, Magos Hamilicar, Donald Kegan, Salas, Rupert Strelsau.
May be reached at their main offices in Malmo, CDC. Missions:
  • Sprines Spell Component Mission - February 10038. See NETCO Spell Component Hunters.
  • Sprines Spell Component Mission - March 10038. See NETCO Spell Component Hunters.
  • Culebra Island employing SOAK - October 10040 to January 10041. See SOAK.

NETCO Spell Component Hunters - organized by by Cormacar, Ranger of the Bending Branch around February, 10038 for the Northern Expanse Trading Company (NETCO) to collect spell components out in the Sprines.

Known or suspected members: Cormacar, Kelian, Random.
  • The February Trip: The party set out for the Sprines arriving by sea at Minetown. Their trek took them into a ravine deep in the Sprines where they collected moonflowers and met a seemingly possessed gnome at midnight. The gnome couldn't answer their questions, and because the gnomes were already at war with the dwarves, the Icelanders, and the Peachlanders (?), the party decided that getting too involved would not be a good idea, particularly with their lack of fighting ability. Soon afterwards, Cormacar suffered from an attack of possession seemingly similar to that of the gnome. He was rescued by his friends, who tied the entire party together with a rope at night to prevent further incidents. After five days in the mountains, the party started to backtrack, peering into the side ravines as they went. One such trip brought them to a cave which turned out to be only a few feet deep after extraordinary preparations in making torches and determining the best marching order for meeting any threats. Another cave, encountered two days later, seemed to be where the possessed gnome went, as his footprints led in. The party bickered and argued for a while, but in the end decided to save the cave for later. On the way back, they met up with a band of gnomes who spoke no common. One of them, by improbable chance however, spoke the secret language of the drow. Random and that gnome translated for their respective parties and the Component Hunters were allowed to pass unmolested after showing their writ of passage. On the return sea voyage from Minetown, Random had his hair shaved off, presumably by the captain. The potion of hair growing which he found outside his door the next morning ended up poured into Cormacar's coffee by Kelian, and Cormacar sported a handsome, mysterious mane afterwards. The party returned otherwise uneventfully except for a brief skirmish between the captain and Random in which they realized that they had knives in common. Finally the boat docked on February 30, 10038, and the party went ashore to receive payment. They felt that they had been woefully unequipped, and quickly bought camping equipment and spelunking supplies. There is some doubt as to whether they will be able to survive the first monster that walks along without the addition of a couple of competent fighters or a fizzbanger.

  • The March Trip: (From the Personal Journal of G. Gjurin Guanova, March 20, 10038, Minetown, Northern Sprines.) "The following was told to me by Gathrin Glanmer on the night of March 20, 10038. Only six days before I had arranged for him to accompany a group of foreigners on a strange mission. Two men and an elf, (Cormacar, Random, Kelian, respectively) they were contracted by Netco to gather up our resources. They were badly injuredI but had apparently discovered the cause of the somnambulism and trances which have plagued us for weeks. When they described the area--a small cave complex with a deep, round lake that harbored animate bodies of some sort--it did not sound like a recent dwarvish trap; it sounded more like one of the crypts or shrines built by the dwarves or humans during their time of Sprinal supremacy. Feeling as I do about the military command, I arranged for them to receive some cheap medical supplies and food and also arranged for Gathrin, one of my young friends... to accompany them back to the cave. They promised to turn over to the gnomes the lion's share of any objects discovered; on this point I was insistent...
    "Gathrin told me that they traveled westward from our town along Golan's ridge for two days and that on the night of March 15 they were "attacked" by two different groups, one from either side of the ridge. Apparently, the two offenders ended up firing at each other and ultimately driving each other away though Cormacar was wounded in giving pursuit. He also noted that the party routinely slept tied together to prevent anyone from sleepwalking away. On the sixteenth, they turned into Gerrin's pass and continued on until they reached a small cave set in the south or southeast side of the ravine wall (primarily limestone). [See the Minetown Cave Complex] Cormacar said that the party had stabilized the bridge the last time they were here and proceeded to cross and... descend on the other side... The room was very quiet [and], Gathrin remembered, had "felt funny" to be in. At the bottom of the pillar... the water stretched out in all ways. There was a small wooden boat but without oars; apparently there had been oars previously. This distressed the foreigners. At this point, they began to converse amongst themselves and then began to remove their equipment. Gathrin watched as Kelian--tied with a rope--walked out into the lake and disappeared under the water. He didn't come back, but his backpack floated to the top with the straps cut. For some reason, this heartened Cormacar who followed...then Random followed despite Gathrin's warnings. Gathrin says that he waited about two hours for them and all he saw were some bubbles...then he grabbed his pack and fled the cave...

    "I can only imagine that [they] were... possessed by the somnambulistic forces because of their proximity to the lake and were caused to walk out into it. I do not know why Gathrin was not affected; perhaps the lake wanted one person to survive to tell the tale, perhaps it could take no more than three, perhaps the three of them were still sufficiently weakened and were more easily influenced, perhaps their earlier adventures in the cave had marked them in a way...

    "Notes--The next day Gathrin told me two things that he had forgotten yesterday. One was that there was clear evidence of trolls having been to the cave entrance and having gone inside... The second is that the four of them saw a group of seven slaughtered gnomes about six hours' journey from the entrance to Gerrin's Pass. They had been killed in physical combat and looted. Since no patrol has been missing from the town, I can only assume that another faction is active in the hills. This presents other possibilities..."

Neuromancy - not particularly useful against undead, or at least skeletons - only succeeding in disturbing party members who are trying to cast, say, lightning bolts.

Nick () - a person "of dubious character but unquestionable loyalties," a member of the Order of the Ring. Was killed on the Biskupin mission. Missions: Biskupin.

Nickel, General (NPC) - commander of Tholar defence forces. See Tholar.

Nickel, Sir Gregory. Last seen August 15, 10013, just before spring. Disappeared while on a secret mission for the Pope. Was the leader of the Order of the Rhododendron in Malmo until his disappearance.

Nickoliovitch, Serge (NPC). Orc. The owner of the items to be retrieved by SOAK's mission to Blendon Island. He accompanied the team and proved to be an honorable person.

Niello Monastery - abandoned structure in Ruby Desert of Vorn that is the destination of the Abraxian Shrine Portal. Used by the Sword Group.

Nighthawk Bow/Arrows - The bow is excellent quality, and is magically keyed to the increased damage arrows. When drawn back at night (note: not just when fired) your vision becomes sharper, even in pale moonlight. The arrows have a chance of inducing paralysis. Found by SOAK on the Brid Island. Gaul had it in his possession.

Nightwanderer - ship used by Persand Expeditionary Force. Was rigged to blow up in the harbor if homing bird released or if doors disturbed. An explosion was heard from the direction of the harbor after the team went ashore. (all its canons were set to go off with grapeshot right into the docks.)

Noolya, Tri (Lisa's first character) - sudibin female Eck-killer. She joined the O.R. during the Patville/Tree Bark mission. Member of Order of the Ring. Killed in combat with scorpion dude and egyebrech in portal area under Persand, November 10039 with the Persand Expeditionary Force. Missions: Patville, Yarisuto, Persand Portal.

Northern Expanse - the northern part of Ilico, west of the Sprines. Homeland of the gypsy elves. Site of the latest eckyebrech advance (10042? 10043?) allied with the deep and mystic gnomes.

Northern Expanse Trading Company - see Netco.

Nutmeg, Agent (Lisa) - mace fighter. An El Ouhd agent since November 10043. See also Charmaine Lachance. During the escape from the Tower of Treachery, she seems to have collected the souls of "Flame" and Peregrine Falcon/Agent Tanor. This was discovered at the great road battle (Day 73 of the Mock Turtle mission) when she attacked ecks with fireballs and a flame-sheathed mace ("Flame"), and with a staff (Peregrine/Tanor). Missions: Taniger Rescue, Mock Turtle.

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