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Meyer to Mithril
7th Edition

Meyer - Bradley, Leigh Ann, Leah Aethelwulf, and Oscar (uncle and fellow employee of Bradley). Bradley Meyer died intestate, but had instructed his attorney to deliver a puzzle to his daughter, Leah Aethelwulf. Mr. Meyer's accounts were empty and he had no substantial assets at the time of death; nevertheless, the attorney claimed that solution of the puzzle would allow him to release funds to the daughter for her support, on the condition that the entire matter be kept strictly private. Leigh Ann, the pennyless widow, sent SOAK a request for help in solving the puzzle.

  • Bradley Meyer was born in Micklegarth Sept. 1, 9990 exactly 25 years after the birth of General Aethelwulf. Died January 8, 10040 of a heart attack, apparently from work-related stress built up over the course of his career.. He had been a travelling salesman of farm machinery, piping, gears, mining equipment, etc. for Micklegarth Commerce before marriage to Leigh Ann on July 2, 10011 and then United Outfitters of Pavimentum for some thirty years after that.

  • Leigh Ann Meyer. Married Bradley July 2, 10011. Visited Inver Brass on a "second honeymoon" a year later, staying at Club Azure. Was widowed in January, 10040.

  • Leah Aethelwulf Meyer. Born May 1, 10013. Named after General Aethelwulf.

  • Oscar Meyer is the uncle of Bradley and a fellow employee at Bradley's company, United Outfitters of Pavimentum.
  • Meyer Puzzle - Encountered as a mission for the Meyer family by SOAK. The puzzle was a rhyming quatrain encrypted with a straightforward substitution cipher. On decrypting, it read:

    The wavy clock of brass does strike at twelve
    Across from mummies melting ere they delve
    Now follow leaders you have known from birth
    But only on their thousandth day on Earth.
    In three days of consideration, interviewing both Mrs. and Leah Meyer, and exploring prominent features of Distown, the SOAK team was unable to find a reasonable interpretation of these lines. Mr. Meyer's seachest proved to have a false bottom, which had been frequently used but was currently empty. Mrs. Meyer had been unaware of it. Oscar Meyer had had the trunk in his possession before bringing it to Dis-town. He may be aware of what contents there may have been. Speculations: Considering this Bradley's motives a little: It is known from family accounts that Mr. Meyer believed strongly that only the intelligent deserve anything. He apparently considered himself as intelligent enough to qualify. It is also fairly plausible that he had little regard for his wife's intellect. Now, his relation to his daughter is a question. Even without considering SOAK's failed attempt to explain cryptography to the girl, her intellectual prowess was estimated to be 'average' at best. How on earth could her father have expected her to unscramble his cypher, much less puzzle her way through to the lake? If her father had spent any amount of time teaching her about such puzzles than either (a) she would not have been so mystified by our success, or (b) he would have realised he wasn't getting anywhere (as we did). It seems like Mr. Meyer could scarcely have expected his daughter actually to win the prize. The obvious question follows: is the prize *really* there to be won? Could the whole puzzle thing be no more than a red herring designed to convince his family that he left them nothing only because they *deserved* nothing? If the fortune actually exists to be found, then one might wonder, (a) For whose benefit did he plant this fortune, if not his daughter's? (b) Or, is it actually something like a Beigebeard hoarde he's stumbled on? In which case, (1) How'd he find it and why couldn't he get it himself? (2) Why would he think Leah would be able to extract it with *no* outside help? (c) Is there competition with anybody else to find this fortune? A child from another marriage unbeknownst to the Distown Meyers? Any contacts or partners of his who also have similar clues to unscramble?

    "The attorney claimed that solution of the puzzle would allow him to release funds to the daughter for her support..." Why are we running all over Pavimentum and carrying widows around resort towns looking for buried treasure, when all we have to do is tell Ms. Meyer to go to the attorney, give him the decrypted poem and tell him that the wavy clock of brass is Inver Brass, the mummies melting are the 3M workers at the mines and refinery there, the leaders known at birth are Bradley Meyer and General Aethelwulf and do it all on the thousandth day after their shared birthdate - and he'll just give her the money?

    Mica - mineral found all over especially near volcanic quarries. Component for lightning bolt.

    Micklegarth - city on Pavimentum where it is illegal to possess magic without a licence.

    Mickelgarth Commerce - Lilongwe Dukas, Vice President for Salvage and Repair, hired SOAK to investigate a sunken ship and a possible basilisk on Gateway Island in summer 10043.

    Micklegarth Mining and Manufacturing - 3M.

    Middle Earth

    Ben ponders: "I feel confident at this point that Rob has incorporated Middle Earth into his mythos rather literally. Many of the things we have encountered match Tolkien too closely for Rob's style of borrowing references. (Rings, Belryg, Ringwraiths, "The King of Rohan", the watching birds, etc...) So, let's assume for a minute that ME is a "real" place to which the characters could travel. Now, have we been there yet? How would we know? I can't think of any geographical features in the worlds we've seen that match ME. Also, ME is Tolkien's mythological history of Earth. Real Earth. If I understand correctly, the end of "Return of the King" brought ME into the fourth age (or fifth, whatever), the age of man, and thus, somehow into the real world of Earth. At what point in time would we be intersecting Earth/Middle-Earth? How would we be able to tell? Evidence that we might be able to use would be:
    -The existence of the One Ring. I only recall one of "the rings" that we have seen overwhelming characters into desiring its posession. That was... in the dragon's lair. We took it, and lost it very soon after that in a magic shop... But even this seems not to match the "One Ring" very accurately. Has the One been destroyed yet by [Frodo]?
    -Evidence of Tolkien-style Elves. Tall and strong, graceful, immortal, intelligent and wise beyond human capacity. After the War of the Ring they all left ME to a place across the sea and stopped aiding in the affairs of men. Can anyone remember encountering a people who match this description?
    -Evidence of "Modern" Earthly technology or people. There was this thing a long time ago involving robots or something in an underground thingy, but that was some bizarre concoction of Rob's which we entered via my world. Does anyone remember this? Have we seen other evidence of old technology? Mithril, for example, is always found in pieces of smooth curves, as if they were the fragments of a very large well-manufactured sphere or egg-shaped thing.

    Midgard, Agent (Gooch) - A pacifist healer. Joined El Ouhd in November 10043. See also Juliette Naturas. Missions: Taniger Rescue.

    Militia, Michigan Mitch "the pothead" (Joe) - a fairly useless-seeming fellow whose principal motivation in life seemed to be that old wacky tobacky. Joined the Verteux Loonies in October 10039. Killed while attempting to climb treacherous cliff in the Sprines while looking for Orson's gold in December 10039.

    Milius (NPC) - Vornish elf. In the desert west of the Niello Monastery, the Sword Group found a decimated camp where Milius and three other elves were hiding. They had been set upon by skeletal warriors that had killed many of their friends. Joined the Sword Group and gave the speech to the Alliance Council in October 3207.

    Millstone, Miles () - Member of OMNICo. Went back into the Beigebeard horde on Ilum Gamma to get the other treasure chest, and didn't return - presumably killed by the poison gas. Missions: Ilum Gamma.

    Mind Flayers - officially known as Uxors. Dangerous psionic humanoids. It may be that their psionic powers increase with the square of their number or some such thing, because the one by himself was fairly easy for two average types from the Pike Group to defeat whereas a small group of them was difficult for the whole party to defeat.

    One was encountered by the O.R. in the Yarisuto tunnel. It attached itself to Dextro's face and could not be completely removed, causing severe disfigurement.

    Mines, Ship - The Order of the Ring ran into some ship mines near the Vyrican Black Tower. As they were escaping their sinking ship in a life boat, someone cast "detect magic" so he could see when the mines approached and then someone else (a Nick character? Brian?) jumped overboard to push them away - which worked!

    Minetown is a small mining community founded on the eastern side of the Sprines in 10022 as a joint venture by Anthraco, the Kendronic League and the government of Allotrope. Mineral deposits were not sufficient to warrant a solely governmental expedition, but the strategic value of the location and the work begun on a second Sprinal Pass [where? see SOAK's Bridge Mission.] justified the government subsidy of the mining industry. In [37-02] Minetown was captured by an overland assault by deep gnomes and has remained in their hands ever since despite two serious assaults by the Allotrope Navy.

    In 10038, the area was plagued by somnambulism and trances which were believed to be associated with a mysterious cave complex discovered by the NETCo Spell Component Hunters.
    Known Residents, Past or Present: Gathrin Glanmer, G. Gjurin Guanova.

    Minetown Cave Complex - Found by the NETCO Spell Component Hunters in February 10038 (?) and described as a small cave complex with a deep, round lake that harbored animate bodies of some sort. Reached by following Golan's Ridge westward from Minetown for two days, then turning into Gerrin's Pass until finding a small cave set in the south or southeast side of the ravine wall (primarily limestone). According to Gathrin Glanmer in March 10038, there was a narrow path which went straight in (natural) and then turned left and then right with some blood stains on the walls. After the two bends, the corridor exited onto a small platform which was the terminus of a rope bridge which stretched about forty feet out across a hemispherical room to a pillar of stone which stood in the center. In the pillar was a niche into which the bridge led; from this niche there was a series of rungs (very far apart) which led down to a small "beach" at the bottom. The cavern (obviously artificial) was filled with water to a level approximately 35 feet below the initial platform. The room was very quiet, and Gathrin remembered that it had "felt funny" to be in. At the bottom of the pillar it was possible to walk around in a counter-clockwise direction; the water stretched out in all ways. There was a small wooden boat but without oars; apparently there had been oars previously. See the Abraxian Shrine.

    Minotaurs - creatures found on Persand. Killed Charles Cromwell.

    Mithril - a valuable metal. Pieces of mithril only the size of the terebinthium crystals found by the Mock Turtle group in animated skeletons on Vorn would be worth nearly 1 million silver. It should probably be kept in lead to shield its magical properties.

    Always found in pieces of smooth curves, as if they were the fragments of a very large well-manufactured sphere or egg-shaped thing, or a shattered solidified bubble/sphere.

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