Encyclopedia Lorica

3M to Mettre
7th Edition

3M - Micklegarth Mining and Manufacturing. Implicated in the Sword Group's escape from KDPW.

Macaulay (NPC) - HZE scientist met by Juliette Naturas and SOAK on Trangle Island in June (?) 10040. Recommended that HZE sponsor SOAK in Omniventure 10042.

Mac Duff - name of a prominent family. Have a tacky mausoleum in the Jackets Cemetary. The Mac Duffs donated the entire cemetery about 40 years ago. The tomb was built in secret by surface dwarvish mining engineers some how attached to the dwarvish secret service. Apparently the Mac Duffs where big into trading with Aletrope. Lady Mac Duff passed away about 3 years ago.

Mac Duff Puzzle - found by Forsythia Cemetary Exploration in the Mac Duff tomb in Jacketz Cemetary.

The one from the sea does not have the mail,
The one from the cliff does not have the herald,
The one from the plains does not have the steed,
The one from the forest does not have the castle.

One bears a poison, another the cure,
One brings rebirth, another brings battle.

One comes walking, one comes running,
One comes swimming, one comes flying.

Four tails, four tips, four claws, four kings,
Must meet at the root of these yearly rings.

Nick continues: "[The puzzle] was writen in middle common. It was a rubbing of extruded text (not indented text). Any ideas? The rings at the bottom have to be tree rings.
Chad comments: Why do the "yearly rings" have to be tree rings????? Couldn't they be rings of rock, and the only time you can see what needs seen is once a year at the lowest tide? ;) [Maybe it's both - like Sea Henge]
Scott comments: Something like this?
King                    From    Missing   Brings   Comes

Eomel                   Plain   Steed       ?        ?          
Tiger-wyvern guy        Cliff?  Herald      ?      Flying  
Rajendra?                 ?       ?       Rebirth    ?
fire psionic?             ?       ?       Battle?  in a can
Anyone got problems with these slots? Can we fill in the whole chart? What do we know about where they're really from? If this IS a Beigebeard, then (considering the dimension/time-travel kit we dug out of Ilum [Gamma]?) maybe we'd better take inventory of the contents of previous hoardes we've found and see if there's a larger pattern of multispatial politics, saving the worlds, etc.
Something is puzzling me. My impression of the physical puzzle itself was that it was a rubbing on new high-quality paper, from extruded text, and the edges of the lettering were "sharp" (it didn't look like it had undergone 100 years of erosion, like headstones). Rubbing on new paper, from sharp, uneroded text, found in a recently disturbed tomb. Yet it's written in language 200 years old. What was this rubbed off of? Metalwork? Not stone, surely, unless the stone was well protected (inside a building, for example). Of course, if the paper ISN'T new, then everything is OK.
"Must meet at the root of these yearly rings". Sounds as much like a Stonehenge (or Woodhenge) metaphor as a tree metaphor to me. But neither such thing would withstand being outside well enough to give sharp rubbings after two centuries. Oh, I know -- it's the Arboreal Portal! (I'm kidding...I hope)"
Nick comments: "Ok, here is what I've been thinking about it. It seems like it is asking us to take 4 creatures to these yearly rings. I think the rings are a stone circle (thanks chad), if they are like the ones in this world they are calendars [indicate summer solstice, etc.]. Druids ... known to have left worship circles of stone all over the world. One of these is a tourist attraction 10 miles east of Gravesend, another exists in the middle of the Northern Expanse.
We have seen whats in the one in Gravesend... So that leaves the Northern expanse. Which seems to hold, because it would have just been to easy to get to before the war...
As for the line: Four tails, four tips, four claws, four kings, This seems to be the body part count of the creatures. I think kings is really wings. This seems cheeseball but none the less makes it understandable. Is there any part of the body that is a "King"? Tips may be horns or beaks or maybe fangs. I'm betting on horns.
One thought of a creature is an elephant. We know that BB was on [Ilum Gamma]. the elephant island. It would be: 1 tail, 2 tips, 0 claws, 0 (kings?) Elephant is also the material component for resurection right? = rebirth. Is there any way an elephant does not have the steed? (elephants can ride horses right?) Are elephants a forest creature? They sometimes are the symbol for the Rook/Castle. Ok, elephants may be a stretch..."
Rob answers: "The paper is new and of high quality; rather clothlike in texture (accounting for Tarquin's mistake [of grabbing something other than the puzzle]), but definitely recent. The letters are sharp and were made from extruded text. > Oh, I know -- it's the Arboreal Portal! < Oh. I guess that wasn't as hard as I thought it was."
Peter weighs in: "tails=tails, tips=wingtips?, claws=claws, kings=crown=head?"
Chad mentions: "Wasn't Eomel's last thought (or vision) of being on a cliff or hill, when he was betrayed? It could be that they all come from where they were killed (if kings). Also the snake that no one is supposed to know about could be the one from the sea, for animals. For kings, hell, it could be Beigebeard. However this still gets us nowhere because we don't know where the beginning is. Does anyone know where the Druish library is, you know the one that someone found a long time ago with all the books. That would seem to be a good place to look. Oh hey, wings could also mean brids, duh. Well, anyway, all of the information on druids we can research would be helpful I think."

Macht staff - healing and enhancing staff from the Friendship Temple, which heals the body, mind, and soul, and also enhances the physical powers of the bearer.

Maelstrom, Mervin (MattA) Member of SOAK.. Killed on Trangle Sewer mission in combat with bone colossus in Abedyam (Trangle) sewers on 3 June 10040. Missions: Trangle Sewers.

Magaloron () - a physomancer with the perfect cube-stopping spell, viscosity (?). Member of Pike Group. Missions: Eck Temple Mission.


Magic Absorbing Crown - see Crown of Spell Absorption.

Magic Batteries - Grendal's Cave Crystals, Lich Monastery Long Sword, Ghenjar's Ring...

Magic items:

  • Abraxian Ring - mobius strip magically inscribed with a dooming.
  • Arrows - poof, fireball, pyromantic, increased bleeding...
  • Black box - portable portal owned by Guanerius Guaneri
  • Bottle of Wishes - one was owned by Phillipe Du Nord.
  • Bow of Steadiness - deadly bow from the Friendship Temple.
  • Brid Island Cloak - Absorbs the impact of bludeoning and slashing weapons,
  • Brid Island Dagger - glows softly and sharpens hearing,
  • Brid Island Blood Vase - a vase of "druidic" design,
  • Bowtie of Nasty Noise - used by a member of the O.R. Rajendra Rescue mission.
  • Ceiling Walking Boots - lost by SOAK on Castle Vaharan.
  • Chain of Strength - nearly unbreakable chain of clear links.
  • Cornucopia - magical food pantry,
  • Crown of Spell Absorption - aborbs magic spells cast in its vicinity,
  • Dagger of Soul Slaying - from the Friendship Temple.
  • Death mat - a mat enchanted with death,
  • Death's Head Amulet - on GG's neck after he used box to port out of Persand.
  • Electromantic Staff - found by Lantelle Svorak on the body of Jubal Tokenfall. May shock those who pick it up.
  • Flame Staff - given to Peregrine Falcon by Topelson.
  • Frog Box - box decorated with lily pads with frogs that detect magic.
  • Hauberk of Healing and Protection - protects and heals while fighting.
  • Helm of Mentality - mentality storage device.
  • Horseshoes - horseshoes of speed and jumping from the Friendship Temple.
  • Iron Ring - druidic item radiating sorcery and chronomancy, found by Lantelle Svorak on Jubal Tokenfall at the Castle Vaheran.
  • Ivory potion - special resurrection potion in an ivory container.
  • Jumping sandals - made by Grey Dwarves.
  • Lightning Javelin - used (?) by a scorpion dude on Persand.
  • Mace of lightning bolts - from Robin Hood Fortress.
  • Macht staff - healing and enhancing staff from the Friendship Temple.
  • Magic batteries - magic power supplies of various forms
  • Magic Mushrooms - magic detection devices.
  • Necklace of 33 Links - spell storing necklace from the Friendship Temple.
  • Nighthawk Bow/Arrows - The excellent bow is magically keyed to the the arrows,
  • Pelican of Holding - telemantic storage device,
  • Persand Armbands - used to open double doors and absorb magic for healing,
  • Phase Dagger - used against special monsters, i.e. nazguls.
  • Portal Rings - a set of two rings used by El Ouhd to control a portal.
  • Ring of Control Undead - take over and control an undead being for a week.
  • Ring of Spell Storing - stores eleven spells, from the Friendship Temple.
  • Ritualistic Dagger - found by Lantelle on the body of Tokenfall. Given to SETCo?
  • Rod of Ice/Water/Steam - carried by Drachma from Nefertiti's Tomb.
  • Ruby Child Pendant - a tiny ruby child-figure enchanted with heavy psychemancy,
  • Scimitar of Evil Cleavage - improves attacks.
  • Scimitar of Fire (Flames and Quickness?),
  • Snake whistle - a beautiful semi-jeweled whistle.
  • Supercornucopia...?
  • Telemancy Ring - use unknown.
  • Magic mushrooms - magic detection devices. Usual types of magic mushrooms are: general magic, sorcery and necromancy. The readings are on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100, where a reading of n+10 represents 10 times more ambient radiation than a reading of n. (80 is kind of a danger threshhold for human life; beyond 80 mutations and other adverse radiation effects will manifest with prolonged exposure.)

    Magic mushrooms - magic detection devices. Usual types of magic mushrooms are: general magic, sorcery and necromancy. The readings are on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100, where a reading of n+10 represents 10 times more ambient radiation than a reading of n.

    (80 is kind of a danger threshhold for human life; beyond 80 mutations and other adverse radiation effects will manifest with prolonged exposure.) The Cave Portal in the Sprinal Tap had an interesting affect on the magic mushrooms that SOAK sent through - the necromantic mushroom disappeared, while the others were "canceled."

    Magic potions - tend to go bad after awhile, especially when kept in a proper adventuring container, i.e. a vinskin. Potions that have gone bad may fail to function properly and/or cause imbibers to get sick and vomit. This is particularly catastrophic if the potion was a levitate potion and the imbiber had left the ground already.

    At one time, it was not common knowledge how to discern different kinds of potions. Players quaffed potions more or less at random. Sometimes they got the desired result - sometimes other things happened. One time, the players poured a "heal" down a guys's throat and the back of his head melted. "Oops, acid." Now they know - "orange potion should be a heal."

    On Dilunia, magic potions are often called "Elixirs" since they work differently than the EOW/Vorn kind.

    Magic Radiation - some areas are unusually high in background magical radiation. This radiation may be high enough to interfere with magical regeneration, cause mutations, hallucinations and even death. It is usually measured by using magic mushrooms, although detect magic gives a general idea of field strength.

    Magos - see Magos Hamilcar.

    Mailog - Wizard General discussed by Werner in debating the importance of having Guanerius present for Council votes to cancel out Magos.

    Malcolm Y () - revolutionary who helped rob a bank guarded by a medusa. Got lots of cool stuff. See Zomfir Ali.

    Malmo -

    MALMO CONSIGNED TO THE FLAMES - From the Dun Cess Herald: [10044 MAY 2] "The famed iron gates of Malmo withstood a week of constant bombardment by the terrible siege engines of the egyebrech army, but by the fourth of April, the onslaught proved too much for even their stamina. That great walled city of the Dukedom of Falwell, the financial capital of northern Ilico and the center of the caravan trade, collapsed under the collective weight of 25,000 egyebrech barbarians and their weapons of war.
    The defenders, led by General Vespin, had remained behind in this most easily defended city of the north to forestall the enemy advance on the farmlands of Tholar, to the south. The price of their lives? Three weeks at the most. We can only hope that the garrison of Tholar has invested this well.
    It is only one hundred miles from Malmo to Tholar, most of that by good roads across flat farmland where the bulk of the food is grown. From Tholar, a city of only 25,000, it is only one hundred and twenty miles to the crown jewel of Dun Cess, resting easily on the banks of the Ophir River. By no liberal estimate may it be noted that the enemy horde may be below the turrets of Tholar before this dispatch is even read. And even worse: the only thing that is likely to delay them is their interest in spoils, rape, and pillage."
    - Alexander Kinnead

    Malone, Gulf (MattW) - rapier fighter. The first character to hit a dragon in combat - while Beigebearding on Island 2. He ran back to save one of the others from certain death, distracting the dragon by stuck the dragon in the butt with his rapier and then jumped down 100' or so into the crevace. It seems that Malone was killed in the fall but saved everyone who lived with his valiant actions.

    Malvolio Construction - a business in Melanchthon. Two brothers, employed by this firm lived at the home where a night of murder and mayhem in northeast Melanchthon occured. See the Melanchthon Morning Herald.

    Mamnon, Asmodeus (NPC) - Vornish elf refugee who joined the Sword Group during the Vorn Temple adventure. Died unresurrectably in the Skeleton Battle.

    Manes, Alana (Lisa) - female human doctor. Member of SOAK. Euthanized by comrades on the Bridge Mission after she was mortally wounded by a wyvern. Missions: Bridge.

    Man of the Turtles, The - believed to be El Ouhd.

    Manticore - a large flying lion with a wickedly spiked tail. They are said to be able to shoot or throw their spikes as an attack. One was found by an OMNICo team exploring the cave portal in the Sprinal Tap. Blood, brain, claws, spikes are valuable, perhaps as spell components.

    Marat, Jean-Paul (Geoff) - elvish long-bow wielder. High ranking member of OMNICo. Killed by Ecks on Illum Gamma. (?) Killed on Persand Expeditionary Force in combat with red-cloaked egyebrech near portal area in Persand, Nov 10039. Missions: Sprinal Tap (1LT and acting commander), Illum Gamma (1LT), Persand.

    Marat-Lemiens, Splendeur (Geoff?) - elf. Her sister (name?) may have been known to Peregrine Falcon. Taken down by Ecks in front of Grendel's Cave - 22 Feb. 10043. Member of the Greymar Grendling Group.

    Marat, Marie (Geoff) - elvish . Member of Pike Group. Got the message for "The Man of the Turtles" from Keiko after the Eck Temple Mission and before Mowcrot carried her off. Killed in portal chamber in scorpion rooms of Persand cave complex by egyebrech. Missions: Eck Temple Mission, Persand Portal Mission.

    Marduk Group - named for its "leader," Marduk Uranti. Group basically perished Beigebearding on Adam-Ondi-Aman. Also particated in finding the Abraxian Shrine with the Woodrosin Group in 10038. Known or Suspected Members: Marduk Uranti, Head Hunter, Candoran, Ester Woodresin, Aster Spindle, Ben Dixon. See Marduk Uranti, the Woodrosin Group.

    Marjaana, Vis (Brian) - leader and accountant for the Drow Spell Component Hunters. Was known as Vis D'Argent before the 10043 mission when he changed his name to something that sounded more Drow. Missions: 10038, 10043.

    Markus the Magnificent (Ben) - The party loon. Member of Forsythia Cemetery Exploration.

    Maroczy (Scott) - Vornish bedouin elf. April 3202 - She and Guanerius went to rescue Karen Delation. Later that year, she went with Poppy-Tor to destroy the Arboreal Portal on the Vorn side, taking the Captain. Something went wrong and she disappeared in the explosion. She appeared on the ridge above Grendel's Cave in 10036, having attempted to use the Captain to go to the location of the King. Apparently Mowcrot tried to follow her through, but appeared on EOW at the arboreal portal instead. It is not known if Maroczy survives. There is a theory that she may have transmigrated into Keiko, or been Keiko, which would mean she's pretty thoroughly dead by now - splatted by Mowcrot over Persand.

    A summary of events at the destruction of the Arboreal Portal, made on or about Oct 30, 10036, by Maroczy: "I do not like to admit errors -- I've never had much opportunity to practice that particular skill. Now, however, I think it's clear; I've screwed up royally. Everyone who followed me and guided me to the portal is dead or missing, and I'm alone in a strange world, with noting to succor me but my new senses and this damned sword.
    I didn't mean that....
    Many died just to get the Captain and me to the tunnel entrance. Llama and Shamshi-Adad (I never quite understood who they or their pompous leader Shroud were, but those two fought well, I was told), Featherwind, Serge Zemansky, perhaps others. Alexandra Monitor was pompous leader Shroud were, but those two fought well, I was told), Featherwind, Serge Zemansky, perhaps others. Alexandra Monitor was injured (broken leg) while helping me avoid the battle, and we left her with the pegasi. No doubt she's better off than the rest of us.
    Tim died as well, but we resurrected him, wasting the first twenty endurance when we didn't remove his spell-reflection amulet. Perhaps others were resurrected, as well.
    I think we were 16 when we entered the tunnel. The way was long, and probably slow for the others, because of me. There were numbers counting from 10 at various intervals (I don't know how far apart or how regular -- I didn't see them). I think we were near 5 when a cliff stopped us. They said this was expected. [note: tunnel is described in detail in Mos/Dos summary of first tunnel assault -- Scott]
    I do not remember how I got up the cliff. All I could do was wonder "What does the sword mean, 'a way will be opened'? Will it (can it) really take us to its partner? Why did I ever leave the Shrine in the first place?" I should have been wondering instead why navigating the tunnel was so simple, for just then the ceiling collapsed. A deliberate trap; portculises dropped in front and behind the area just the tunnel was so simple, for just then the ceiling collapsed. A deliberate trap; portculises dropped in front and behind the area just before the rocks began to fall. Augustus Davidson (doctor), Kimberly Rachel Francis (accepted for an orcish virtue at some temple, Tim said) could not be dug out or even found, and were left for dead. Forgive us; we had no time! Kasparov, Shroud, and Talbot were dug out and survived. Those of us in the back climbed over the rocks and we struggled on, now 14 with three injured badly.
    We reached the gate at 1. None of us knew if it was magical, or what would happen if we tried to cut through it. After a protracted argument, during which the sword really wanted to GO RIGHT NOW, somebody sagely pointed out "hey, no guts, no glory", and we took a hack at the door with the Captain. He sliced through like the gate was air, but it made a lovely splashy clang as it hit the water.
    That was a nice sound. I think it was the last one I really noticed, since I began to see around then. The sword has felt like a close friend for a while now -- it will be hard to give up when the time comes, and this damned sight makes it harder even.
    We passed through the tunnel, and a short while later came upon the fortress of the portal. Things are hazy here. I don't remember much of the running battle. We were pinned down almost at the tunnel mouth for a long time. It opened into a huge room with the stream running from a small waterfall to one side and several steps, doors on the opposite end leading into the complex, and a horde of opponents, including a drorc (drow orc) who was psionic. The sword was handed to a qualified swordsman, who at some point dropped it (or perhaps that was myself failing to keep hold of the staff, or failing to use it properly -- I know at one point I used it to command the drow orc, and received a message in return; "Nice try, but I'm psionic, too, and a hell of a lot better trained than you". I think I was trying to stop him from mind-blasting our fighters and spellcasters.)
    Somehow the drow orc got the sword and ran into the complex and we had to chase him down. I think I was blind again, but I was so tired I couldn't have seen usefully anyway. I don't know who caught him, but when we retrieved the sword, I was in the map room with Donald, who was ripping all the maps down -- I think my sight returned when we got the when we retrieved the sword, I was in the map room with Donald, who was ripping all the maps down -- I think my sight returned when we got the sword back, althought I didn't have it. [anyone know anything that went on during this battle?]
    Kludolph seemed to want the maps pretty badly, or at least wanted to destroy them for strategic purposes. I think the map room was squarish, with three doors. The one to the left of where we entered led to a room we entered. The sword wouldn't talk -- it was deep in concentration, and seemed to be under strain. I tried to follow the general direction it led, but it was pointing vaguely up, as well as forward.
    We entered the battery room. There was no doubt in anybody's mind that the monstrosity we saw whirling and flashing before us was critical to the operation of the portal. A foot or two high, it floated in the air --three rings interlocked and spinning, flashing. As we drew near, the sword hummed with energy, as if drawing on the battery. The feeling of the sword was still upward, as if the portal were in the room above us. We didn't see an immediate way up. Only Poppy and Donald entered the room with me, the others hanging back a ways (Tim and Guarnerius, in particular).
    I told the sword "I'm trusting you to open a passage to your other half."
    "Nnnngggghhh-----" was all he responded, thick with the mead of power. It was only the tenth time I'd asked him to confirm where we were going. His earlier cryptic messages ("a connection will be made", etc.) were more reassuring. Now he seemed to be somewhere I couldn't reach him....
    I looked around for guidance, but all the others were as empty of wisdom as I -- even my wise gnome protector had nothing to offer (unless he chose not to speak at the worst possible moment). I shrugged. It was a choice between acting here and searching further for a more obvious portal entrance. My eyes were only 20 minutes old, and I was completely new to portals of any sort -- so I stuck the sword through the heart of the battery.
    The rings ricocheted from the sword, one cloven through, spitting lightning as they erupted outward. Power flooded through the cuts I had made. The sword was ripped from my hand and everything exploded in white....
    My vision cleared. I stood where I had before, even though I knew my body had been destroyed by the blast. I stood whole, with the sword in my hand. Poppy stood near, within whatever circle of protection the Captain had given me. Behind and about us, the ceiling lay in ruins, rubble piled over Donald's pathetic body. We couldn't see anyone else under the rubble that filled the entryway and the rooms behind us.
    The sword spoke to me finally.
    "The way is opened. It must be now."
    I couldn't wait for the others. I turned to Poppy.
    "I can't come with you. My obligations are here. You agreed to give us the staff in exchange for escort to the portal."
    I grimaced. "You agreed to come to the portal so you could destroy it. Satisfied?"
    I handed her the staff. "Give this to Tim. Argue about it your-selves. Dig out anybody you can and tell them what I did."
    The sword urged me forward again. I started up the pile of rubble and climbed into a hole, like a small cave, where I was drawn.
    And the world fell away.
    I stretched without breaking. I fell, but no air marked my speed. Enough time to fly to the stars passed between two breaths. I re-entered myself.
    I was sitting in a tree. I could not yet tell dawn from noon from dusk, with my new sight, so I could not say if it was the same hour I left. The air felt and smelled and sounded different from the valley where we entered the tunnels -- damper and heavier. I was sure I was not in the same mountains -- just the air pressure in my ears told me that.
    Climbing from the hollow of the tree, I walked through the trees. The foliage brushed against me in a different pattern than I was used to (I assume it looked different, as well, but I had no reference for that). The sword gave me a direction, and I took it. Something warned me to return the Captain to his lead bag before he drew every enemy psionic on the continent. return the Captain to his lead bag before he drew every enemy psionic on the continent.
    I walked a long time. At one point I hid, cowering in the bushes, overcome by the conviction that something of great menace was high above me.
    Finally I came out on a cliff and looked down. It was a break, where the foundation of the earth had ripped and slid to separate heights. Waves of vertigo grabbed me -- my sight was born in tunnels, suckled in the heavy, damp forest, and now took its first steps in this vastness. I couldn't take it all in, and forced the Captain to turn off my new eyes.
    After a while, I relented. The new sense was insidious. It was already hard to remember how I got along without it. I don't know why it continued to operate while the Captain was sealed in the lead bag, supposedly cut off from the outside.
    The Captain wanted to go down, but I couldn't see a way. We began walking, with the cliff on our right, and that is what we do now, as I make these notes of explanation for you who guided me before this. Wish me luck, friends. This Bedouin elf is a long, long way from the Shrine..."

    Marvin (NPC) - member of Forsythia Cemetary Exploration. Alias: Ernest Philbert.

    Mathis (?) - Member of Omnico or SOAK. Died on Illum Alpha.

    Maximus, Diomachus (NPC) - "Yoda." Lives on Vorn "beyond the mountains to the northeast" of the Friendship Temple. Resource for the Swords.

    There is speculation that the Evil has purposely created barriers of evil creatures to keep mortals from getting to valuable things on Todtham and Vorn - Sayadhapuram and Diomachus Maximus, respectively.

    Mayr(NPC) - A member of the second pair of scientists to be killed at the Delmaruntha Dig. Mayr died when the site was attacked by skeletons. The other scientist killed at that time was Chandler.

    According to the crowned orc in the Friendship Temple, The King was last wielded by Diomachus Maximus, who exists to the Northeast, beyond the mountains, waiting. He knows where The King is.

    McMillian, Walter (NPC) - crewmember on board The Dawn Treader for the Pike Group's Eck Temple Mission. The "rapist."

    Medusa - see Malcom Y.

    Melaine (NPC?) - the name used by a beautiful woman with a long sword who joined the fight assisting the O.R. during the Rajendra Rescue mission. See Aphasia.

    Melanchthon - a city on Pavimentum. The port there was overseen by Portmaster Robbinson when the O.R. arrived for the Rajendra Rescue mission. Harold's was a decent inn there during that same time period. Bob was the proprietor of a magic shop there.

    This city was where a Riverine Biologist from Micklegarth City/State University was being held for a ransom of 100k crests worth of perfect emeralds by a group calling themselves "The Mourning Glory." The Order of the Ring undertook to transport the emeralds to Melanchthon and exchange them for Rajendra, the riverine biologist. The exchange was set to happen at 44 Street-of-the-Mines, at 3pm. At the house, they were greeted by "Thurbin," who went to an open "secret" door in the fireplace. The Falcon Twins and Gerald went down with Thurbin while Tri, the emeralds and Christopher remained in the kitchen by the "fireplace." After some time, the Twins returned saying that they had seen Rajendra and that the trade was OK. So they went down with the jewels - down a twelve foot drop and then another about fifteen feet. There they were instructed to take an "elevator" down further. Later, as the Glories at the "elevator" began bringing up the team and Thurbin, the elevator rope apparently "broke" and screams of terror were heard. At this point, the Glories attacked. A beautiful woman with a long sword who called herself "Melaine," joined the fight assisting the O.R. Once the fight was resolved, the elevator was checked and it appeared that the rope had been cut. At the bottom was a flaming mass, disgorging a horrid smelling torrent of fumes. When they reeled away, they saw two gnomes in bronze armor and two humans approaching to attack. They had come from a hidden chamber that held many interesting items, but the O.R. people went back to the elevator to check on their comrades. Upon the elevator falling they had landed approx. 150 feet below the main floor, and then were attacked by 2 gelatinous cubes. One fell on Peregrine and the other came from down the hall. There were apparently things of importance in that tunnel, since an El Ouhdian (Melaine/Aphasia) went down and retrieved them.

    Melanchthon Morning Herald [07-26-10038] by Haryard Appleby. "Officials are still investigating a grisly manifestation of murder and mayhem in northeast Melanchthon. The no-longer extant house at number 44, Street-of-the-Mines, was apparently the site of a bloody fight amongst friends catalyzed by inebriation and despair. The house burned to the ground following an argument which broke out between the current residents, a pair of brothers who labored for Malvolio Construction, and three of their friends who had gathered for an evening of gambling and relaxation. Witnesses reported cries of "cheating" and personal insults previous to the sound of clashing blades. All five of the men had served in the army and, unhappily, had quick recourse to their swords. During the confusion, a lamp was upset and the house ignited. One of the tenants lived and is being kept in strict seclusion at Mary's awaiting questioning and possible charges. Police expressed dismay that the commotion served as cover for unscrupulous thieves to loot the house and disturb whatever evidence may have remained. As a speaker for the town as a whole, the Morning Herald is deeply sorrowed at the senseless violence brought on by hotheadedness tempered by alcohol and wishes again to voice its support for Thomas Birney, the only wardship candidate promising to back far-reaching alcohol prohibition within Melanchthon." This incident may be connected with the Order of the Ring.

    Meleshka, Catherine () - Pilot. Member of Persand Expeditionary Force. Killed in combat with egyebrech in portal area under Persand, November 10039.

    Melia (NPC) - female Vornish tribal gnome healer, volunteered (?) to help the Sword Group's wounded during the tournament, saving Han-gar's life. Allowed by Shudar Barg to accompany the Sword Group. Later betrayed the Group when they revealed their true goal to the tribal gnome members of the Group.

    Mentality - Mycroft Falcon discovered that a 99 mentality is not sufficient to protect from the Uxors, but does allow one to forget that you're holding a fireball spell and still be able to cast it later when you do remember.

    Mercury - Component for death.

    Merlin Maze - 3x3 grid maze on Vyrica where Lantelle Svorak was stuck by Shangrila-ists with Ranbindranth Tagore, V'Edma....

    Merrilin, Thom (Ryan) - Member of OMNICo. Killed by pyromantic bomb in portal area in Persand while unconscious from combat wounds on the Persand Expeditionary Force, November 10039. Missions: Sprinal Tap, Illum Gamma, Persand.

    Methuselah (NPC) - Vornish elf refugee who joined the Sword Group during the Vorn Temple adventure. Died in Skeleton Battle.

    Meteor -

    From speculations under Persand, 30 July 10037. Brian *Turtles and grendels sort of disappeared. Could grendels have been guardians designed by ancient orcs? We saw one kicking Eck asses. Were they tricked into living there? No, they're too intelligent. Grendels took the fallen meteor. After this they became really wierd and intelligent. Ben. They were always like that.
    "Grendels worship a metero."
    Wizard King Casa I summoned rocks from the sky and summoned giants to build the Temple of Zionmara. Temple of Mother of Kings? - most holy site in Amhar.
    The Swords (?) were forged from rock from the sky according to Vorn legend.

    Mettre, Verde (Nick) - member of the Drow Spell Component Hunters. Killed (?) by uxor and trolls on 10043 Mission. Missions: 10038, 10043.

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