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Labyr to Lyons
7th Edition

Labyr - EO operative.

Labyr, Agent (Gooch) - short sword wielder (?). An El Ouhd agent since late 10043. See also Lantelle S'vorak. Killed by poison gas under Tower of Treachery. Missions: Vorn.

Labyrinths and Mazes: Beigebeard Ice Maze El Ouhd Labyrinth Merlin Maze

Lachance, Charmaine (Lisa) - Long-time member of SOAK and an El Ouhd agent as "Nutmeg" as of November 10043. Missions: Taniger Rescue.

Lady of Delmarintha - the older of two shipwrecks found by SOAK on the first mission to Culebra Island. It was apparently a merchant vessel with misc. stuff: rusted swords and chain, fabrics, silver ware, agricultural tools, chests, personal stuff (inscribed Mick Commerus?), and coins (the newest marked 10017). In the area, aside from the other ship, were found a group of 9 graves, three with crosses, a carving - F.P. 10017, and another group of 30 graves with three shovels found farther up in the hills.

La Fevre-Dujours, Mirabella - member of Omnico. Doomed by the drow in the Abraxian Shrine to find Marduk Uranti, and given an Abraxian Ring with an interesting inscription...?

Lal (Lisa) - female Vornish tribal gnome from Shudar Sorak's village.

Lam "the thug" (Gooch) - male Vornish tribal gnome from Shudar Sorak's village.

Lander's Fungus -

Landrin, Anaphora (Geoff) - legendary female elf. Was last seen (for certain) working for Aritheya, but was captured by Eck in the Sprines trying to escape from the attack on Aritheya. An old schoolmate of Marie Marat and also speculated to be associated with Ursula. "According to the stories [or at least Mirabella LaFevre-DuJours], the great Anaphora herself was meant to go to this place, this strange, horrible wasteland. But, at the last moment, some unknowable hand of destiny held her behind in the homeworld, where she faded into legend. Is she really working as a spy for the surface gnomes? Or has she secretly been taken into the highest ranks of SETCO... Four years my junior, and yet her name was the buzz of every young girl's lips back home. I quit babysitting when I could no longer bear to hear of her. 'Mira, can you shoot as well as Anaphora?' 'I'm gonna be just like her when I grow up'"

Languages -

Common, Modern - (English),
Deccan - language on Totdham.
Drow, Modern - (Finnish).
Dwarvish, Modern - (German),
Elvish, Modern - (French),
Gnomish, Modern - (Italian),
Krimic - Vornish language, similar to Middle Orcish. Perhaps Middle Orcish with a vowel shift.
Marian - Vornish language, more similar to Middle Orcish
Orcish, Ancient - (Greek)
Orcish, Middle - (Latin)
Pandolingua - (?) a language of Vorn. Many of EOW's modern languages grew out of this, and perhaps some of its "middle" languages, too. Middle Orcish is also (apparently) the basis for Krimic, although I suppose the opposite could be true instead.
Orcish, Modern - (Russian),
Sudibin, Modern - (Japanese).

Lantelle (Gooch) - bioneuromancer (?) former leader of Omnico. Disappeared with the druidic ring after Castle Vaheran [sic]. Has experience with icebears. See Lantelle S'vorak.

Lapham, Silas, Captain - Employee of SETCo and captain of the Artaxerxes. Transported a SOAK team to the Sprinal Tap in Dec. 10039.

L'arnot, Genevieve (Geoff?) - leader of Western Wind, then member of SOAK.

Lavalle, Captain (NPC) - captain of the Vornish ship that took the Sword Group from the Broken Arrow Mining Camp to Patmos with apparent reluctance.

He was also dissatisfied with the way the Alliance Council was running the war and wanted General Wagand to take over leadership of the Alliance.

Lazarus the Bearded (Brian) - old male human longsword wielder with military knowledge and extensive religious knowledge. Member of SOAK. Killed by gelatinous cube in cave portal trap on the second Telemancy College mission. Missions: Telemancy II.

Leckenbee, Rafe (NPC) - arrogant a-- who challenged the Pat to a duel. They fought at the Yuji Observatory, an old Sudibin observatory on western Vyrica, north of the Tyflyc River on 7 Aug 10042. The Pat somehow won.

LeFevre-DuJours, Mirabella (Geoff) - A short, pretty sea-elf healer, sorceress, and former baby-sitter. An acquaintance of Anaphora Landrin. Member of Omnico and the Sword Group. As a result of helping resurrect victims of the Illum Alpha mission, she received the ability to detect magic. Was engaged to Sebastion until his untimely demise and mourned him deeply until the day she died - in a Sandstorm with the Sword Group on Vorn. Missions: Ilmenite Mine, Illum Alpha, Sword Quest.

Lekarstvo, Tiha (Lisa) - human female doctor. Established her first medical facility in Crimson Tide in 10040. Member of Vyrican Reclamation Expedition. Arrested by Krasgorod military and abused. Ransomed by GG from the Krasgorod authorities and then joined SOAK.

Lernean Desert - desert on Vorn crossed by the Sword Group just after fighting skeletons in the Desert Ruins after Shudar Bargs.

Lessing, The - a Trade City inn that excludes Hobbits.

Levitation-jumping - a useful tactic for adventurers. Involves variations on swigging a levitation potion just before leaping off a cliff.

Lewis, Christopher (Brian) - geek sailor, member of the Order of the Ring. Missions: Rajendra Rescue.

Lich - ancient, powerful undead. Generally prefer that mortals address them in their ancient native tongues.

Information from personnel at Sankwich, with comments from Aleph Roterisk: Liches are are either powerful wizards or someone "lichified" by a powerful wizard. To the best of anyone's knowledge, one becomes a lich by linking the mind and soul of the designated entity. They are almost helpless when it comes to affecting the physical world, unless they occupy a physical shape. This is not something they have to do, however, most will for the simple fact that it is more comfortable for them. The linking of the mind and soul requires a tremendous amount of magic to sustain [hence the use of magic "batteries" such as rings or swords]. Fortunately, we at Sankwich seem to have a good start on a working relationship with the lich. Also, a lich is incredibly restricted in how far he can travel. Because of the large amount of magic it requires to maintain the enchantment they can not travel far from their source of power.
Ancient gnomish liches - some associated with Pyatnitza and the Sprinal Tap cave portal. Another may live on Shang Island (might be Middle Gnomish.). "Bad guys."
As far as Ghenjar being a lich. The "magic" he supposedly uses to sustain the link is a ring.
Ancient orcish liches - associated with Grendel's cave and various places on Vorn. See the Orcish Virtues. "Good guys."
A creature, identified by Squire Reyl as a lich, was destroyed by the O.R. during the Biskupin mission. It was wearing a crown and wielding a longsword that just looked evil.
During the first orcish empire, The Captain was first seen after being given by a "specter" to one of the leaders of the orcish armies who had denounced pacifism.
Another lich was encountered by the Grotto group on Vorn.

Lich Monastery and Adventure - see Grotto.

Lientious , Desmond Bailey III. Sea elvish male. Sailor and playboy. Time-Warp group.

Lightning javelin - used by Steven Crow to kill a scorpion dude on Persand.

Lions - live on Vyrica.

Lions, Allyson (?) - Human female. Biologist for SOAK. Died of the cold on the first SOAK mission to Culebra Island, 10042. Mission: Culebra I.

Lippanzer, Leslie (Ben) Human female. Cannoneer and archer. Ghost ship adventure. 10038

Liquid nitrogen - see Beigebeard and Krasgorod.

Lizards - various large lizards have been seen since the Eck invasion. Two apparent kinds may be distinguished so far: sewer lizards and forest/ tree lizards.

  • Forest lizards - The Vyrican Reclamation Expedition was assigned to accompany a resupply mission to Krasgorod when the party members encountered mysteriously dread-inspiring tree lizards - about 30 to 50 at one point - that did not attack. It took them quite some time to notice the presence of the dozens staring menacingly. Everyone professed a feeling of nausea and discomfort when gazing into the fiery pits of their eyes. (The horses were blindered to keep them from being spooked.) That night a scream was heard in the woods, a tree lizard ran out from the middle of the camp, and a couple of the party were attacked in the woods by a handful of Ecks when they went out to investigate. An Eck corpse was found the next day, apparently the victim of some sort of horrendous eye irritation. (Theory - the tree lizards spit poison into the eyes of their victims.)
    Also encountered by the Greymar Grendling Group as a species that had only shown up after the occupation of Vyrica. Peregrine Falcon found it incredible that a lizard species could exhibit such apparent pack-like psionics.
    This seems to be a new species, hitherto unknown in EOW. The lizards are several feet long and have enormous scaly fins on their backs. Their coloration blends quite well with the area's foliage, so they can be difficult to spot, especially if they are not moving. They seem to possess a magickal power of some kind such that one who gazes at them can find oneself drawn in and paralyzed by their gaze. It is strongly suspected given the discovery of certain corpses in areas of infestation that they prey on those creatures who succumb to their paralyzing effects or that they spit poison.
    Their appearance raises several questions. 1. Did the occupying forces portal them in for a purpose, (what purpose?) or was their transport to our world 'inadvertant' 2. Are they a mutation of an existing EOW species, and if so, what kind of (magickal) phenomenon caused the mutation? Experimentation? 3. If they were brought here from another world, have they changed in the process? 4. Do the lizards contain magical components?

  • Sewer lizards - SOAK was hired by the Trangle authorities to clear an infestation of large, poison-spitting lizards out of their sewers. After SOAK wandered around a bit, the lizards basically disappeared for no apparent reason. Whence came the lizards? Possibly they were brought by the enemy as a way of keeping the townsmen out of the sewers while they set up their tunnels, or as a distraction while they returned for items they had stored there.
  • Lloyd, Chiral () - Fighter from the Order of the Ring and member of Persand Expeditionary Force. Disappeared while swimming to shore on Persand. Presumed captured.

    Longmeadows - see to be good for something...

    Loony, The - pejorative nickname for The Pat.

    Luchindra, Dintano () - Killed in ambush on northern Blendon Island by undead assassins.

    Luke (NPC?) - human male encountered by Lantelle S'vorak and Stephan Bolger on Vyrica (?) late in November 10037. They were taken by a band of orcs a day and a half into the mountains, to a high valley, where they met a gnome and a human in maroon robes who, only after continued prodding, told them they could call him 'Luke'.

    Luke explained that they were a guerilla band fighting against the invaders, and that Stephen and Lantelle were free to go any time, but he cautioned that without help they could be captured. He took a great interest in the iron ring that Lantelle wore, saying that it was a signet of that ziarchy of druids that split from the traditions and went to fight with the Ecks.
    He told this story: The druids had a prophecy saying that a 'wave' would begin in central Vyrica and overwhelm all. The ecks coincided their move so that they would seem to be that wave. Most of the druids believed the ecks to the the fortold 'wave' and went over to their side. Jubal Tokenfall was apparently included. He also mentioned that the former wearer of this ring had once been his teacher. When asked why he wore the Shangri-laist robes, he said that he was one of them.
    On November 29th, Luke promised to help Lantelle and Stephen if they would let him study the ring for a couple days. After much contemplation and discussion they agreed. Not long after 5 humans came into the area in apparent desperation. They said a strange undead army had risen from the ruins of Surido. But as people surrounded them to peer at a map they had unrolled, all hell broke loose. The 'men' mutated into undead creatures, and ecks rushed into the area. Luke somehow encapsulated one of them in a block of ice, and told Lantelle and Stephan that they could escape by jumping into the pool. He said there were secret tunnels beyond a hole in the bottom of the pool.

    Lumbermen - associated with Roanoake, Magos, Keasar, Garth...

    Lyons, Alison () - see Allyson Lions.

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