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Kafkel to K'vorkian
7th Edition

Kafkel, Rehoboam (NPC) - extremely competant (geology, survival, etc.) cartographer from Cesar's Cartography. Hired by SOAK to help map Culebra Island in 10040 and has continued a warm and friendly professional relationship with that organization. Missions: Culebra I, Mapping Mission (?).

Kagan, Donald (NPC) - lieutenant of Magos. Involved in auctioning the use of the black box on Vorn at the Temple of Friendship. Was present when the group discovered the secret passage and presumably followed them in. It is unclear whether or not Kagan had known about the passage before they accidentally showed it to him. It seems unlikely that Kagan would have known Ancient Orcish himself; the impression of players is that Kagan has been occupied with the financial oversight of NetCo, and Magos has been the one vamping around with swords and rings and things like a PC adventurer. Magos seems more like someone who would learn ancient Orcish However, he and Kagan have almost certainly been in communication through some means.

Kako - see Keiko.

Kakola, Xiktiki (Ben) - flower-pressing troll and member of the Drow Spell Componnent Hunters. See also Xiktiki-Koca-Takola. Badly wounded (?) by uxor and trolls on 10043 Mission. Missions: 10038, 10043.

Kalenet (Kaz) - Character that said "Is that Kendra's Sword?" and thereby changed his long term plan... possibly to the present day.

Kalyx (?) - ?

Karanos, Phillip (Brian?) - male orc scholar. Member of Vyrican Reclamation Expedition.

Karvo, Shudar (NPC) - Vornish tribal gnomish chief. See Shudarates.

Kathozzelboff, Frederick (Geoff) - male gypsy elf longsword fighter. Dead. [How?]

KDPW War Widows Assistance Fund - set up to be a blessing for many starving women and children. Contributers include SOAK.

Keasar () - someone associated with Roanoake, Magos, the Lumbermen, Garth...

Keeper (Keepers?) - Romana? Her daughters? Grey Group was told by the liches of the Friendship Temple in 3219 that they need to take the Keepers to the Breathless Halls of 80 Generations, or something. Breathless Halls = Grendel's Cave?

Kegan, Donald (NPC) - Magos' right-hand man in NETCo. Was trying to auction use of the black box at the Friendship Temple on Vorn in September (?) 3202.

Keiko (NPC) - an "illiterate gypsy elf" that Herschel Tims and his associates picked up with a boatload of Sudibin refugees before encountering the Pike Group after their Eck Temple Mission. Apparently psionic, she bore a message (from someone or something) for "The Man of the Turtles". which was why the balrog, Mowcrot, attacked the Dawn Treader. She did not want the group to read it, because if they read it, the balrog could divine from their minds that they had it and would attack them as well. However, they persuaded her to hand the paper to Marie Marat, since at this point they had nothing to lose. Mowcrot eventually flew away with Keiko, but she apparently got one last mind-blast off on him, causing him to reel visibly in the sky, and drop her 500 feet to her splattery death. Suspected of being Maroczy especially since she, as a Vornish bedoin elf, would bear a striking resemblance to a "illiterate gypsy elf" on EOW.

Kekkonen, Bobbi (Chris) - bitter drow magic-user. Member of SOAK, the Drow Spell Component Hunters and the Dukas Drow Grou. Was exiled from the Republic along with all the other enemy races and took a little trip to Forsythia before joining the Drow Spell Component Hunters to form the Dukas Drow Group to check out the new data that had appeared on the tomb of Colonel Dukas a couple of years before. She sent a letter to SOAK containing the info before she was arrested. Solved part of the Dukas Puzzle.

SOAK Missions: Omniventure V. DSCH Mission: 10043.
Bobbi Watching the Rain Fall in the Sprines (???--late 10043, early 10044?): "It's cold and damp, but at least we don't have to worry about food, which is good, since we may have to stay here for a month or more before Xiktiki heals. As for Kessero, I don't know if he'll make it. Vis is up, and Louis and myself are unharmed. Louis, who spits epithets at me, calls me traitor, but refused to help me investigate the cliff to try and save anyone who might be alive. He watched then as he watches me now...
The mission was this: investigate the teleporting cave that SOAK explored on its telemancy mission. Also, investigate a puzzle, known to the rest of the party as the Dead Gnome Puzzle. We got on a military drow boat and sailed for the Sprines...
Since I have been here there has been an incredible gnomish build up. When we landed they refused us entry. They must have discovered the cave and want to protect its secrets, even from their "allies." [where do the Abraxians fit in?]
Louis calls me a traitor. It's true; I've betrayed everyone I've known. I left my father, I've turned over SOAK secrets, and now I'm here questioning my loyalty to a state that I thought might finally accept who I am...
We tried to convince them we were only spell component gatherers, but they wouldn't allow us to disembark without checking with our superiors. Vis didn't want that to happen because I think he was reporting to some faction that wanted this mission kept secret. A report would ruin that...
There was another idea about getting dropped off south and "accidentally" wandering up near the cave, but it was decided that that wasn't any good either. Now that they knew we were here, and wanted to land, they'd see through any pretense.
Things were bad. They knew about us, and had us caught in a lie about why we were there...
We left. It was decided to revisit the scene of the strange puzzle that Vis had picked up several years before. I had been placed on this mission partly because it was thought that I might be able to solve it the way I had solved the Dukas Puzzle...
We landed and brought our food ashore. We found a cave to store some of our food in, and headed up into the mountains. My thoughts are still a little jumbled from our recent battle; I don't know how many days it's been since we've been dropped off, but I don't think it's been more than a week. Then today there was the attack. An uxor and three trolls.
Some of our people had climbed up the cliff when they attacked. It was horrible. We were having trouble getting people up the rope without getting attacked. Vis tried something with a levitate potion, and screwed up once... I was trying to fireball the trolls, but they were staying away from the edge. Vis finally got on top off the cliff, but during the battle he was knocked off. Suddenly I was in command, since no one else seemed to be willing to do it. We could have retreated, and we would have lost only half our party, but I had to try to save the people above.
I sent someone up (Kessero? Juusto?) while I covered him with a fireball. Louis refused to go up. Xiktiki fell over the cliff, nearly crushing me just before I tried going up as well. At some point, the enemy fled, I'm not sure when exactly, as I couldn't see the fighting, but two of the trolls lay dead on the cliff top. So was just about everyone else up there. Louis refused to come up with me to try to see if there were any survivors. Vis, who had regained consciousness just as the fight was ending, wanted to leave. He complained about the cost of the potions he had drunk and how much the failure of this mission would affect his pocketbook. These are the people I am fighting--was fighting--for whom I had just fought to keep alive.
When, alone, I reached the cliff top, I saw the mangled bodies of our companions. The uxor had eaten some of their heads, then had fled when his trolls began dying.
We healed Xiktiki as best we could, then formed a sledge to carry his body. We headed back to our supply cave, where we are tonight.
We have so much food. A packful could get me far away from here. To where? Dun Cess? Forsythia? They'd shoot me on sight. North? The drow or gnomes would turn me back over to Syllabus. And if I stay with the group? Louis wants to pin our failure on me. And they would take it, too. They just need an excuse, and even a shoddy one will do.

Kelian (Joel Rosenburg) - an elvish fighter. Member of the NETCO Spell Component Hunters. Was observed by G. Gjurin Guanova to be badly scarred as from a severe acid splatter. Walked into the water of the mysterious cave complex during the March Trip, and never came out. Missions: February Trip, March Trip.

Keltner, Jurgen (NPC) - Personnel Director for Grignard Mining, at Box 45 Commercial Post / Galena // Allotrope I as of 18 May 42.

Kendra - see Kendra Thrax.

Kendronic league - a dwarvish agency (?), bought the Scimitar of Fire from SOAK.

Keraunos, Phillip (?) Travels with Aleksandra Golosov.

Kerbic Mushrooms - seem to be good for something...

Kerbic Owl - Kerbic Owls will quietly sit on the heads of adventurers in certain parts of the Sprinal Tap. Feathers are believed to be a component for something.

Kessara, Aaron (NPC) - a gypsy elf and fundamentalist Homerist who tried to recruit the Western Wind to join the Great Migration when he met them in the middle of the night on their abortive Museum Mission. When a loud, shrill whistling alarum sounded, Kesserah suddenly attacked Heron Falcon with a dagger. At the same time, three hoodlums came charging out of the hills, accompanied by a shrill (magickal) whistling alarum which rang from the north and from the south. After the skirmish, Kesserah was bound and interrogated rather roughly by Heron. He claimed to remember nothing whatsoever except being brought breakfast the previous morning by a human fellow who told him of the presence of the Western Wind in Trade City and commented unkindly about them. Then Kesserah started to go on about the Great Migration again, as if he were only beginning to speak of it to us. The group speculated that if he were telling the truth, then it would seem he had been hypnotised or something. But it there was considereable doubt about whether to believe him. While the party attempted to have a rational discussion on the subject, Heron cast a spell on Msr. Kesserah and stuffed a generous dose of Bliss up the poor boy's nose. He was left unbound with the expectation that he would remain unconscious for a day or so.

Kester Vines - neat blue Vyrican vines, very strong - usable as rope.

Khamul, the Black Easterner (NPC) - a nazgul met by the Tim and Werner Group (?) on Todtham (?). [In Tolkien, he is the only ringwraith who is actually named. He was second in command to the Witch-King of Angmar, and aside from having more trouble with sunlight was at least as powerful as the Witch-King, even slightly more powerful.]

Kiesara (Susan) - a beautiful female gypsy elf archer. Found by the Bysshe Commandoes in the Gnome Cart adventure. She was confined in a large, smelly barrel on the cart - obviously, a captive of the gnomes. She had been travelling to Bysshe when she had encountered the gnomes. They had taunted her during the journey, but otherwise she was in good shape. She joined the Bysshe Commandoes at that point.

Kinnead, Alexander (NPC) - writer for Dun Cess Herald. See Malmo, Tholar.

King, The - one of two seriously awesome magical swords, known simply as The Swords. The other is called The Captain. Maroczy appeared on the ridge above Grendel's Cave in 10036, having attempted to use the Captain to move through a portal to the location of the King. So it seems likely that the King is somewhere near Grendel's cave, however, just because Maroczy appeared near G's Cave does not necessarily indicate that the King is there. M asked the Captain to take her to the King, but if the King is in EOW, merely getting to EOW might be the sword's interpretation of taking her there. Or the best it could do. Or something. However, The Captain could have chosen to just dump her at the arboreal portal, presumably, but it looks like it actually changed the drop point for her. Why? because she wanted to go somewhere in particular -- to the King. In addition, no amount of rewording that Maroczy was able to do could get the Captain to admit to understanding the difference between Vorn and EOW -- it seemed fairly confident that all locations [worlds] were more or less one and the same. It repeatedly said things along the lines of "what other world?" after coming to Vorn from EOW. The only explicit clue as to the location of the King: "It is in dark water with fish". The EO operatives suggested it was in a different world, but they didn't give evidence to support their claims. Ben believes that the King is in Vorn, this is mostly a hunch, but he has a hypothesis to support it: a.).It appears that the Captain has been floating around EOW for quite some time. It would seem likely that if it were in EOW before the first time we went to Vorn that it has been in EOW for a long time. b).It appears from things the sword has said that the two swords have been separated for a long period of time. c).The existence of the two swords and the power of their pairing is a legend in the religious mythology of Vorn, suggesting that they were once both there together. So, how would we go about finding the "dark water with fishes?" Option 1: go to the first ziggurat and complete the eleven virtues thing. This would allow us to take the sword to the orcs and talk to them about it, something we have never been able to do. It will require significant advance planning on who we bring. Having a fluent speaker of Ancient Orcish is an absolute must. Option 2: go to the Friendship Building and see what's up there - not very tempting. Option 3: go to the Temple Temple Temple and ask where we can locate The Twins. It isn't clear to me that this would yield much. Option 4: go see Diomachus Maximus who lives "beyond the mountains to the north east" of the Friendship Building.

Scott's thoughts on the return of The Captain to friendly hands: What would be wonderful is if anyone could dredge up an idea of what was said in Grendel's cave between GG and the ancient orcish liches - about the portal, about the mission to retrieve The Swords, etc, etc. If the AOL's (who?) have the King, why didn't they tell us? If not, do they know where it is? Best would be to get the gnome (GG) involved in whatever mission is sent, as soon as he gets his leg back.

Brian says: If El Ouhd gets the sword, it won't fall into the hands of the Evil. We can't lose/kill any more cool people. So why isn't El Ouhd kicking our asses right now? He is pursuing The Sword Group without difficulty and will certainly be able to catch them. He thinks we secretly know where the King is (or can find it with the Captain) and is happy to let the Sword Group lead him there.

King of Rohan, The (NPC) - a mysterious person who called himself the King of Rohan, and whose name was Eomel. Currently helping possess Saul Ander's body. See Peregrin Falcon and Rajendar Thar.

According to the crowned orc in the Friendship Temple, The King was last wielded by Diomachus Maximus, who exists to the Northeast, beyond the mountains, waiting. He knows where The King is.
Werner speaks: Friends we are in the midst of events that will change to course of all that is to come. We must tread carefully on the treacherous road ahead, for our failure could mean the end of life as we know it. Our immediate objective is to locate and secure the sword known as "The Captain". We have only one clue in this quest, that an orcish lich "somewhere beyond the mountains to the north-east" was the last to see it. Unless any of you have proposals for another means of locating the sword, we will procede to the mountains directly. Within the mountains we will contact the Grey Dwarves at Arnsata. We will ask them for whatever information they might have of the terrain beyond their mountains. Perhaps they can supply us with maps. Perhaps they know of another ziggurat. Perhaps they will give still more cool magic stuff. At last word, the grey dwarves were beseiged by the Echyebrech, but a special force was sent from the Temple some time ago to see what could be done. We will almost certainly be traveling through occupied territory, prepare yourselves for the worst. We will procede from the dwarvish fortress based on what we learn there. Hubert Stone responds to the above: "If you'll pardon me, Wizard General Gunthor, it seems to me that we are really looking for a needle in haystack. "Northeast of the mountains," is too vague for even a Pegasus-equipped search team to use to any advantage in locating a single orcish lich. Are there any other sources of information--closer sources, possibly in your world--that we could examine first?"

Kiphelm - see Kiphelm Thorn.

Kobald underground town - place where Garth found bloodshade.

Kluski, John (Ben) Human male. Pilot and sailor. Pirate! Fiddler crab familiar. Died 10038 at the hand of other pirates.

Koboldan Kingdom - Their empire, according to a previous encyclopaedia, stretched across Gailinea and Vyrica, and even across the pass into the present-day Republic. What is there to know about them and why don't we know it? Did they reach anything like the achievements of the ancient Orcs? Are there Koboldan temples lying about waiting for discovery?

Koh-i-noor, Doctor (NPC) - Executive Assistant, Holverston Enterprizes, Box 783 / Neorome // CDC, as of 15 Nov 10041. Mentioned as a major player in the current war, during the discussion of the Dukas Puzzle.

Knotweed - blue-green grass that grows into simple knots all over Pavimentum, Ilum Alpha, Yarmouth. Component for hold person.

Krasgorod - orcish hovel in eastern Vyrica, recently reclaimed from the invaders with the help/hindrance of the Vyrican Reclamation Expedition, who found an interesting set of caves northeast of the town. A strategic city for supplying Crimson Tide and the rest of the orcish territories on Vyrica.

Krasgorod Caves - northeast of the town of Krasgorod.

Some little kid name Dmitri claimed that his father had gone to look at his house and fell down a hole. (He was trying to get some goodies he had stashed in a cave system near his house.) Dmitri's sister Anna supposedly disappeared down there a while ago (even through the original story was that Dmitri had left his seven-year-old sister to keep an eye on the house and their trapped father).
The Vyrican Reclamation Expedition never did find Dmitri's father. After falling down a ledge in the cave, they did find a box stuck way back in a hole with some gold in it. It may have had some other stuff, too, but that n-gram (?) got swiss cheesed by an orc. There was a room with funky crystal in the walls that looked like someone had been trying to chip out parts of it, but someone supposedly learned in such things said that it wasn't valuable. Another room was really cold and apparently had a hole stoneshaped into the floor. Then there was this room that turned out to be a huge cave with a spiral around in a circle down to a pool of supercold liquid (right below the room that had the stoneshaped hole in the floor and was really cold?) The spiral also went up a turn above the doorway.
The orcs came running into the room at a clip. One of them hit a tripline and went sailing. Whoooooooo... splash. Instant orcicle. Then, all Hell broke loose. The ceiling of the cave fell in and Anna, the girl who was supposedly lost, and incidentally should have starved to death by this time, descends from the ceiling like a MOTHERBUGGERING DEMON FROM HELL AND JUST HANGS THERE IN THE AIR and wastes everyone. And after she's finished, she CLIMBS UP THE SHEER FACE of the walls and back up through the hole she made of the ceiling.
See Chornoye Morye.

Krasgorod Winecellar Problem: orcish resettlement.

Kridsadian Gourd - violet gourd found primarily in coniferous forests of Bending Branch. Eaten as a vegetable, it restores some sanity, but tastes sour, acts as an emetic and induces lack of appetite for up to 36 hours. Component for cure insanity.

Krinkbine, Karl (Chad) - member of Sword Group. Died on Abraxian Shrine Adventure while battling the demon-thing.

Kropotkin, Sargon - Port Authority for SETCO in 10039. Point of contact for the Diplomatic Mission employing OMNICo.

Krutch (Gooch) - male. Captured by Clamystra, Castor and Pollux (?) and rescued by Tym and Mogos... (?) Killed under Grendel's Cave. Member of Team Akira.

Kruller, Karl (Ben) Human male. Aspiring wizard and alchemist. Died c. 10008.

Kul, Shudar (NPC) - Vornish tribal gnomish chief. See Shudarates.

Kurgon, Shudar (NPC) - Vornish tribal gnomish chief. See Shudarates.

K'Vorkian, Ciral (NPC & Gooch) - Vornish elf refugee who joined the Sword Group during the Vorn Temple adventure. Died in the Sandstorm with the Sword Group.

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