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Ice Bears to Jumping
7th Edition

Ice Bears - mildly intelligent creatures encountered on the eastern glacier by OMNICo and SOAK.

[Memories of Lantelle Svorak] "There we were, standing on the glacier's edge, looking at [Castle Vaheran]... We didn't have a whole lot of time to drink it in, however, because across the short-grassed rocky terrain were marching a group of what we later learned were ice bears. Their leader stopped before us, barking something that seamed like a challenge. I prepared a confusion spell... Grey (Armstrong?) squared off with this fiercesome beast, and to the ice bears' chagrin... Grey cut him down. They scattered, their crutch taken out from under them.

Iceland - Location of Nefrititi's Tomb. Implicated in the Water Cure incident. Seige of Parapanisades, Alonzo Coatline, Water Monopoly.

Idaho, Duncan (NPC) - "blademaster". Member of Order of the Ring and the Sword Group. Missions: Persand, Sword Quest.

Ilia or Ilion - mountain range in central Pavimentum. Referenced in an unmarked cryptogram sent to SOAK.

Ilico Trading Company - front group for the Order of the Ring.

Ididerod () - sled master. Met on Amsterix Island (?) and joined the group that tried to track the satellite on the northern glacier.

Ilum Alpha - Island in the Western Ocean occupied by Eckyebrech, Delvin Rover's monkey and some good horses.

As of August 10040 SOAK/Omnico mission: in the town of Wald: looks like they are getting ready for an offensive move loading boats, etc. Approx. 1000+ big mean bad guys There were 2 boats in the harbor that looked like they could carry about 100-120 bad guys each. In the town of Proam: They only had about 100 bad guys here and some little tiny boats. Nothing exciting whatsoever (they did have a nice church though...) In the town of Klempky (?): It was big with walls around it, a graveyard, 2 big towers, and lots of bad guys. Patrol boats went by with about 100 guys every hour. There was also one Huge Drow boat (Drow Drow Drow Your Boat) that sailed by.

Ilum Gamma - Island in Western Ocean owned by Mr. Chopin. The only habitat of elephants in EOW.

The location of a Beigebeard horde found by Omnico as a result of solving the shell puzzle. It was not certain what the significance of all the songs was, but the team guessed that once they got to one of the three mountains on Ilum Gamma, more would become clear. Eckyebrech forces had already taken the island. On disembarking, some obnoxious four-armed metallic creatures (golems, probably) attacked assisted by unknown forces from down the shore who attacked the boat with flaming arrows, attracting a dozen or so blasted hairy Eckyebrech swine. The largest of the mountains was absolutely devoid of vegetation; one might even call it "bald" [song 2]. At night on the mountain, an invisible creature approached (spotted by somebody scanning the region with a detect magic spell) which fled when a sword was drawn to attack it. An additional force of Eckyebrech and golems demanded surrender on the mountain but it was possible to sneak away from them. From the mountaintop a huge valley full of elephant bones was noticed which seemed like a likely place to be with the dead [song 3]. A group of dwarves was encountered. Only Isabella Cardinoff conversed with them, and she seemed unwilling to say much about them, (perhaps they were smuggling ivory for some dwarvish agency like the Kendronic league) but negotiated a deal to get passage back to civilisation. The valley was searched at night and, guided by another detect-magic spell, a gnomish skull was found. Attempts to speak with it failed until the rest of the bones were found and and the rest of the gnome [song 4] was reassembled. When the moon came up, the skeleton bound together and sat up, speaking in an unknown language and understanding no language we knew. However, someone blurted out the name o'er seas afeared: "BEIGEBEARD". At the mention of the name, the skeleton bolted off to the northeast, much too fast to follow. However, the direction it went was straight toward Scythe Point [song 6], to the northeast. This proved it was a Beigebeard horde. On the way to Scythe point, a battle was observed far ahead between eight skeletons mounted on skeletal elephants, fighting with scythes against a troop of Eckyebrech. The skeletons wasted the Eck easily. Another Eck force was defeated by the party itself in a valiant battle. Continuing northeast, eventually the eight skeletons and elephants were met, who escorted the party the rest of the way to Scythe Point. There was a deep shaft surrounded by eight coffins. Here, one of the skeletons stepped forth, with two scythes in hand, to challenge the party's champion in one-to-one combat. Grey Armstrong strode forth, and fought with the thing and with great skill and a lucky shot at the end he defeated the Major skeleton. [song 7] The bottom of the shaft was filled with poisonous gas. The coffins were coated with a seal of some kind and the idea was to send people down in the coffins (like a funeral [song 8]); at the bottom, they would be dumped out and released in some way.
Inside there is a series of rooms laid out in the manner of ancient Orcish catacombs [song 9]. In each of the four rooms is a puzzle, one involving discs of graduated sizes which had to be stacked and moved about, and the other three involving peg-and-hole jumping problems. It was helpful to make paper models to experiment on before actually operating on the physical puzzles. At the completion of each puzzle, a small vial appeared; one was earth, one air, one fire, and one water. When all four were solved, another passageway opened, and which led to a room with a small pool of water in the centre. A Floppy X appeared there and attacked brandishing two sabres [song 10]. The Floppy X was taken out with some difficulty. Following this, the vials were poured, one at a time, into the pool. Each time the pool changed and became full of the next element; Water [song 11], Earth [12], Fire [13], and Air [14]. With the last vial, the floor of the room we were in began slowly to sink. It was suspended from eight huge chains, and was being lowered down into another room with several walkways and much water. There was an exit and two treasure chests floating in the water. The water was rising - as was poisonous gas and one of the chests had to be left behind in haste. This was the lair of the Mountain King [15] The exit was a passageway that twisted and turned through the darkness [song 16], and which led to a ledge just below Scythe Point. The chest contained an astounding haul of riches, gems, and magickal artifacts. After evading the swarming Eckyebrech, the party sailed back with the dwarves they'd met before.
It has been suggested that the Ilum Gamma Beigebeard hoard was a Vorn/Druids rediscovery kit because of the nature of some of the items found in it. Snake whistle...?

India - island home of the Rakshasa and a point on the Gnockagon.

Indiana, Robert (Chris) - Member of Sankowich Explorations.

Inge, William (NPC?) - a SOAK guard.

Intrilligator, General (NPC) - see Tholar.

Inver Brass. A resort lake in central Pavimentum. 40 miles in diameter. Estimated to be 350-400 feet deep. Taking due north to be the 12 o'clock position the area may be described as follows: mountains extend from 11 o'clock to 3 o'clock; a polluted, 8-foot-wide stream (pollution was mining effluent and sewage, making the water murky grey and visible in a plume extending out into the lake itself) is to be found at 12 o'clock; the resort Club Azure is at 5 o'clock; the 3M refinery is at 7 o'clock; the town of Beyreit [sic] is at 9 o'clock; and the resort of Port Warden is at 10 o'clock. There are no prevailing winds.

Iona - somehow associated with Sioux Island and Sibalfs.

Ipjing, Kilbus (Anna) Sudibin (?) medical/biological specialiast. Disappeared while living at SOAK house in KDP West; no trace ever discovered. Member of SOAK. Missions: Trangle Sewers.

Iron Fist League - Their Alpha Research Facility is located in Dun Cess.

They can be reached c/o Ervisk Mopatio, Grand Wizard at #1 Ferris Circle/Dun cess//CDC.
On 22 March 10042, Ervisk Mopatio sent a job offer to SOAK c/o Commander Naturas to collect spell components and deliver them to their headquarters. In particular, the Leage wanted 1.) Chinquin Sap at 600sc/pint 2.) Wyvern Horn at 1,200/inch, or 1,300/inch if over 13." 3.) Terrestrial Uxor Cerebrial. fluid at 2,800/pint. They were also willing to provide equipment such as six freshness boxes and wanted a recently-hired group of employees to accompany SOAK to learn from their procedures and to enlist help on an interesting puzzle found in the Sprines several years ago with an eye toward splitting the profits.
Scott: Why do I get the feeling that the Iron Fist League has hired all those Drow that killed my hammered dulcimer player a few years back?
Known or suspected members: Ervisk Mopatio (Grand Wizard, Dun Cess).

Iron Ring - a possibly druidic magic item that emanates sorcery and chronomancy under a detect magic spell. Rumors that it allows the wearer to see into the future, with the degree of foresight determined by length of time one had worn the ring. Found by Lantelle Svorak and Omnico at the Castle Vaheran while on a mission for Jubal Tokenfall of SETCo on his body, she kept its existance secret from SETCo and vowed to take it to the High Druid herself. This ring is old, maybe from the 8500s. She apparently lost it to Luke in 10037 in the mountains of Vyrica.

Isabella (JenD) - gypsy elf acquisition specialist and member of the Western Wind.

Islagiatt Syndrome - bane of adventurers; "It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time."

Islands - Adam-Ondhi-Ahman, Brid Island, Gateway Island, Ilum Gamma, Island 2, Sioux.

Island 2 - a dragon was discovered there.
The First Dragon Adventure

The group hired to go explore the island found nice beaches and a large jungle that lead up to a volcano. They didn't encounter anyone or anything in the jungle, however it is possible that a pelican was shot on the boat ride to the island. Along the base of the volcano was a large crevace where the explorers were attacked by sibalfs. They were carrying small pouches that contained metal cubes (looked like steel) that seemed to be some form of currency.
The cave twisted and turned and led to a doorway with a very large door that opened onto a huge cavern (seemingly the bottom of the inactive volcano). The cavern contained a large crevace, an enormous pile of the steel cubes and treasure and atop it all, a huge red dragon.
All the maps were burned and the ring found in the dragon hoard was taken to the magic shop in Jackets (the owner worked for EO) but the ring they got back wasn't the same one.

Island Cave Portal - found by the Mock Turtle Group on Vorn when they portaled through to Vorn from the Pavimentum Volcano Portal.

It is a cave with stalactites and stalagmites spread throughout it with walls that have apparently been stone shaped or carved to give the magnificent impression that the entire cave is being supported by stone trees. On the back wall a rock encasement similar to the one in the Pavimentum Volcano Portal has been built to house another octagonal portal. The cave exit points roughly sixteen degrees south of east and it sits about eight feet above a river that splits around the island the cave is on. The river is about 100' wide on the left and almost twice that on the right. Substantial mountains fill the horizon. A good deal of time is required to shuttle people across the river. The cave is apparently at a fairly cold altitude.

Ius, Otis (Ben) Gypsy Elvish male. Wanderer and prophet of Homer (Yes, that's redundant). Healer. Traitor. Superbly attractive. Companion of Mos and Dos Eisely on Vorn? Met by Amy Delation in 3202. Participated in the attempted destruction of the Arboreal Portal on Vorn.

"And so it came to pass that I was separated from my friends within the Echyebrech compound... The walls of the place had recently been shaken by an explosion of such force that I could only assume my companions had worked their deadly purpose on the portal. It seems that going home was not yet what Homer had in mind for his prophet on earth...
I slipped down a set of stairs and hid behind the swing of a door when I heard a noise nearby. I watched through the crack as nothing less than a Balrog stormed by. The spirit of Homer was in me to still my breath and dim the echo of my pounding heart. I went unnoticed, as the beast passed. The Balrog, it would seem, had other prey in mind.
Edging gently out of hiding, I peeked into the room whence the flaming beast had emerged. I was confronted with a strange and dimly lit scene. The floor of the room was stepped down to the center, in the form of an inverted ziggurat. Only the first two or three steps were visible, though, as the remainder of the room was filled with an oily and darksome liquid. Perhaps the Fearsome Belryg prefer to bathe in heated oil rather than the water that cleanses mortal flesh. The expanse of the room faded off to shadows, leaving me to wonder at what gruesome inner chambers a Balrog might keep. I was blessed however to have my grim pondering cut short. I turned to find myself surrounded by a dozen or more Echyebrech soldiers.
I have learned many things from the teachings of my God. It was He who set the joy of wandering in my heart. From He the joy of freedom and air and light. He, the joy of the stars in the night sky and the singing of the birds in the morning trees. He showed to me all these things and they can only be accompanied by a hatred--a near fatal loathing--of all forms of imprisonment.
There I stood looking into the eyes of the angry and filthy creatures. They did not move to attack, and it was clear that imprisonment was their design for me. I looked to the door, and I looked to my sword. I looked again to the eyes of the enemy. It would seem that Homer had one more lesson for me: For all the joys of freedom, it is still better to be a living prisoner than a dead wanderer.
I put down my sword.
I awoke sometime later, in the dark, to the sound of my captors coming to get me... I had been healed, somewhat, of the wounds I had received in combat, and... I had no possessions... but my tattered clothing.
I was dragged roughly from the cell, and out into the light of day. The Echyebrech guards finally let go their grip on me as we came into a devastated area. For all appearances, we were standing in the ruins at the blast center. The roof had fallen in, and all around were signs of destruction. Several of my travelling companions were here, similarly chained and in various states of consciousness...
Several feet up in one wall was a cave entrance... the focus of the Echyebrechs attention... this cave was what remained of the portal. I watched with horror and interest as they dragged the comatose body of one of my fellows up and into the cave. Breathlessly, I waited. There was a weird shifting kind of light around him, and then suddenly, a lot of blood and a horrible smell. The best guess I can manage, is that some of his body parts were teleporting and others were not. The Echyebrech removed the mess from the portal and moved for another of the unconscious prisoners.
The second prisoner stirred as he was hoisted up to the now bloody cave. His eyes opened, and he screamed as he was forced into the stinking hole. The same shimmering light came, and his image shifted before our eyes. We all watched tensely, united with the enemy for once in our desire to see the portal work safely. The screaming ended suddenly, and the prisoner vanished. I wasn't sure whether to be relieved or all the more frightened for him.
Next, they lifted Lady Marissa Althoric into the cave. She was alert, her eyes flashed at her oppressors, but she was silent and still as they moved away. Again, the light, and again, she disappeared to unknown end. All eyes turned to me.
It is the way of my God to be free-thinking. The only great sin is become too attached to any one purpose or leader. Purity of the soul can come only through a wide variety of experiences. Stasis is worse than death. This philosophy demands that one be prepared for many things that seem at first sight to be frightening or revolting. This virtue of constant exploration, while sometimes easy, is often the most challenging facet of following Homer. I put aside my fear, and rested my faith in the hands of my God as I was lifted to the damaged portal. The stench was overpowering. I vomited. The only other time a smell has gagged me so was as a child, in Malmo, when some human boys beat me up and left me in a barrel of rotting apples. I have not been able to eat them since. It was with this strange memory that I felt my body shift, and I fell into blackness.
When I next stirred, it was to vomit again. I couldn't see, and the stench of rot was still rich in my nostrils. I groped about, wiping something away from my eyes. As my vision cleared and my awareness returned, I realized that I was covered in maggots. Leaping up with a start, I wiped and pawed and flung myself about until I had rid myself of them. I vomited once more. I saw that I had awakened, through some cruel trick, in a pile of rotting apples. Above me, the branches of the foul-intentioned tree spread wide. I hit my head on something and turned to face the bare feet of a body hung by the neck from the branches above. Farther up, I saw the bright, clear sky through the leaves above his bloated and discolored face. I moved away from the stink, and began to look about.
I was within the low wall of a ruined village. The few rough buildings here had been burned and beaten down. There were no signs of life or continued occupation, but I did spot several more bodies hanging in trees around the town's periphery. Signs suggested the that battle that had caused this destruction had happened within the week, but not within the last day. The hanged bodies were more or less intact, still, but the ashes were cold and settled. The bodies themselves were orcs, as nearly as I could tell from their awful faces.
I was moving about with care. I was just barely able to keep my stomach in place, and my senses were still not up to their usual clarity. But even in this state, I picked out two unusual things more or less simultaneously. The first was high up in a very tall tree, a flash of color, the same red as the cloak Lady Marissa had been wearing moments earlier and miles away. The second, a glint of steel, in the bushes some distance away, outside the town's wall.
I hesitated briefly, not knowing which thing demanded more pressing attention. The decision was made for me, when two orcs, knowing they had been spotted, moved rapidly towards me out of the trees, bows in hand, drawn slightly. They eyed me with a distrust that seemed very inappropriate to me... But I swallowed this indignity. Calmly rising to my full height, I spread my arms slightly, palms forward. I bowed just a little and smiled beneficently. Seeing that I meant them no harm, they lowered their weapons and moved cautiously toward me, calling out in an unfamiliar language.
I answered in Elvish, trusting in the elegance and beauty of the tongue to convey my good intentions if not my more exact meanings. They seemed to be a little more at ease. I tried the clumsier common tongue of humans, but to no avail. Their language was one that I had never heard before. We set about communicating with gestures and expressions.
I returned my attention to the tall tree, pointing out to them the spot of color... As I climbed, it became clear the color was, in fact, Lady Marissa's cloak, and that she was still in it! Even stranger, there was another body in the tree, one of the others I had been travelling with, Agent Talbot, one of the agents of El Ouhd who had been travelling with Poppy Torr. There were so many people with us, though, I couldn't be sure. Adding to my amazement, I found that both these people, wedged into the high branches of this mighty tree were still alive! Their injuries were serious, but stable.
After much shouting and arm waving, I convinced one of my new orcish friends to join me up in the tree with a length of rope. He proved himself to be quite nimble, and between the two of us we lowered my two fellows gently to the earth.
After treating their wounds tenderly, the two orcs produced a pair of small shovels from their packs... and began the slow process of lowering and burying the hanged men... I put my new extra height to use (thanks and curses be to Tim the Reaper!) as I helped them cut the bodies loose from the branches.
We worked for some hours at the unpleasant task. And by the time we finished, it was clear that I had earned some new friends. Even as we buried the last man, these new friends looked up with a start. Their eyes tracked the path of a gray owl across the sky above the town. They looked whence it had come, and began to gather their things with haste. We lifted the two humans and set off down a trail, following the path of the bird. I do not know what this omen meant to the orcs, but they clearly were afraid, and that was good enough for me.
We moved as fast as our burden would allow, but my friends seemed to think it wasn't fast enough. Before long hoof beats were to be heard approaching behind us. We turned off the path, trusting in the woods to hide us. Still the sound of the riders grew nearer. I stopped, gesturing to the orcs to put down my wounded companions. Hesitating, they did. I waved them on, wanting them to save themselves. As they ran off, I climbed a tree to hide where I could keep my eye on my two obliviously resting friends.
I stilled my breath and whispered brief praises to the God. After a few moments I saw a skeletal horse directly below me through the leaves. I could see one cloaked rider, and I could just make out the legs of another rider on the same horse. The visible figure dismounted and moved towards Lady Marissa. The figure straightened suddenly and threw back its hood, revealing a fleshless skull and a glimpse of its bony hand. Horrified, I held my breath and watched. The skeleton crouched down and reached toward Lady Marissa's body. There was a snapping sound as it jerked the necklace from her limp neck. Two heartbeats passed as it moved back to the steed and tossed the necklace to the other rider.
There was a flash of hot, white light and, later, a huge noise. The roar of two opposing magics tearing each other asunder blasted around me. I lost my grip on the tree and fell into darkness.
I keep finding myself starting sentences with words like 'When next I awoke', or 'Next thing I knew'. I do not know whether I should take this as a sign that I am extraordinarily lucky, or as a sign of the complete opposite. In any case, when I opened my eyes, it was to see the two orcs bandaging Talbot. He had taken the brunt of the explosion and did not look good. Lady Marissa was fine, though still unconscious from her previous wounds. I was surprised to find that my left arm was expertly splinted against my body. As soon as I noticed this, it began to hurt.
Surveying the scene I found the collapsed skeletons of both riders and the horse. The necklace was nowhere to be found. I can only assume that Lady Marissa Althoric would have been carrying magic from Vorn. That Vornish magic would react with the local flavor gave me some spark that I was not so far from home as I had imagined. The two orcs were eyeing me with something like awe. I tried not to look like I was in pain.
We gathered ourselves up, the orcs carrying the two wounded and me nursing my broken arm. They led me back to the trail and then farther on to a river. There were shallow rapids where the trail met the water, and the river was easily forded. Within another hour we had reached the orcs encampment. Some 40 orcs were camped here, living in rough conditions. The two orcs I had met introduced me around. There was a lot of arm waving and wild gesturing. An occasional "Kaboom" sort of noise from them made it clear that they were telling the story of how I had defeated the enemies with my great power. The orcs were impressed with me, I could tell. Maybe it's just as well that we didn't share a common language; I was taken more seriously for my enigmatic silence.
Night came, and we ate dinner. Not long after most had gone to bed, I finally had a chance to sit alone and digest the events of the day. But no sooner had I found peace than I spotted another owl, floating silently above the camp. I watched it go, and then I found one of the orcs. I did my best one-armed owl imitation and called out with a soft hooting. I pointed the direction it had gone, and he understood my meaning. This was obviously another bad omen, because he immediately roused the whole camp, and they prepared to flee.
As most of the orcs headed into the woods, two taller and more important looking orcs found me and lead me back to the river, carrying Talbot and Marissa. They pulled a large canoe out from some branches that had kept it hidden. Moving with haste, they slid it into the water, and the five of us were away.
They must have thought it strange, those two orcs, to be fleeing not only their enemies but their families. They must have wondered who these strange and injured people were, and where we had come from. They didn't speak a word of complaint, though. In fact, they hardly spoke a word at all. They paddled us quietly and steadily downstream through the remainder of the night, and all through the next day.
When dusk fell again, we stopped and set up a small camp. As we sat around the fire, I thought I saw Lady Marissa stirring in her sleep. She was recovering nicely. I was concerned for Talbot's shaky condition, but there was little I could do. The dusk passed into darkness, but the quiet sounds of the river ran on. I sat looking at the stars, wondering if I might find anything familiar there."

Ivory - from elephants that only live on Ilum Gamma, an island owned by Mr. Chopin. Component for production of undead.

Ivory potion - a resurrection potion in a carved ivory elephant (?) that seems to be distinguished by the fact that it works without the input of endurance from others. Midguard used a cure poison ring on Scorpio and also gave him the ivory potion when he succumbed to the poison gas under the Tower of Treachery. He recovered.

Encyclopedia Lorica

Jachma to Josephson

Jachma - evil sister of Drachma.

Jack () - a mysterious being with no attributes or skills, hired as a cartographer by the Verteux Loonies.

Jackelspur - someone or some thing that was played with on Trangle. [Ask Gooch or Kaz]

Jacketz - city on Bending Branch Bay, home of Bittle's Magic Shoppe. Adventurers are advised that this establishment is believed to be a front for El Ouhd and that artifact level magic items taken there to be identified may not be returned.

James of Forsythia () - saved Guanerius' life in 10016. Resurrected GG and then promptly died by troll trap in the trog tunnels when a blade sliced his head off. GG survived due to his low weight/short height.

James of Forsythia, Sir (Ben) Human male. Head knight of the Order of the Carnation in Forsythia. Friend of Guanerii. Imprisoned for 4 years in Micklegarth for possesion of magic without a license. Owned the boat "Sarah of the Sea". Co-founder of the East India Company. Died in the troglodyte sewers under the Rakshasa's castle, c. 10013.

Jansen, Icarus - (NPC?) - a SOAK guard.

Jedi Drow (NPC) - a light saber-wielding dark-robed drow warrior encountered by the Greymar Grendling Group at the Grendel's Cave in 10043. He played a role secondary to that of Eth. See also the Black Rider.

Jerold (NPC) - linguist. Member of Excelsea Gravestone Company.

Jewasery - eastern tip of western mountains on Vyrica...

Jim (NPC) - bozo. Member of Excelsea Gravestone Company.

Joll, Valerie (NPC?) - one of the names on a list scrawled in pencil on the back of a sheet of stationary from the Forsythia Municipal Hospital found in the shirt pocket of a corpse found by the Electronic Expedition. The full list was : Reginald Dendy -- A4, Valerie Joll -- A3, Xavier Huisman -- C7, Gennifer Haugeland -- C5. The receptionist at the Forsythia Municipal Hospital said that the names belonged to a group of college students from the Unversity of Dun Cess who all died from overdoses of Bliss.

Jond, Bames (Chris) - physomancer and shortsword wielder. On Culebra Island, he got depressed because his broken leg kept him from casting spells or doing anything else (except complain). Navel Hunter was worried that Bames would want to take his own life one night and so left axes around just in case. Later, died of the cold. Member of SOAK. Missions: Trangle Sewers, Distown (?), Culebra I.

Jond, Isabella (?) - Member of SOAK. Missions: Distown (?).

Jones, Bredend (NPC?) - His gravestone on Ilum Alpha marked the hiding place of the Captain when it was retrieved by Omnico in 10039/40 (?). According to the headstone, decorated with a turtle, he was born in 9998 and died in 10038.

Jones, Davy (Monty) - Captain of The Dawn Treader for the Pike Group's Eck Temple Mission.

Josephson, Victor - Led a group of twelve people, including nine humans, two elves and one orc, which disappeared while exploring the Sprinal Tap for SETCO. They set out Sept. 1, 10039 and should have been back by Nov (?).

Juho - Abraxian sword god who met Grey in the Shrine (on Vorn) on the way out of town, made the connection between Chornoye Morye (Krasgorod) and Waters of Oblivion (Peabody). He is the namesake of Juho Paskivi. As an Abraxian, he is anti-lich.

Juho Paskivi - someone important to whoever named Juho above.

Jumping Sandals - made by Grey Dwarves...

Jumping spiders - cylindrical creatures about 1.5 feet in diameter that resemble jumping spiders. Have venomous stings. Known to attack in groups of as many as eleven during the second watch. Somewhat afraid of fire. Encountered by the Mock Turtle Group in the mountains of Vorn.

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