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Haasenpfeffer to HZE
7th Edition

Haasenpfeffer, Franz (Geoff) - surface dwarven fighter. Member of Vyrican Reclamation Expedition. Arrested and hanged by Krasgorod military police.

Franz Haasenpfeffer: "Ve vas exploring die Cavern, when dese wurtless Dorc guards decide to invent some flabby excuse to call us home to deir leader. Vell, ve vas a little perturbed by dis, so on de vay back to deir camp, ve surprised dem und killed dem all. Dis vas highly satisfying, aldough in wretwrospect, it vas perhaps not such good strategy.
Den ve to die Cave ourselves returned, and dispatched de last guards, und ve vent inside. Ve found a nice bit of treasure, und explored farther.
In die cave ve found a room vich so kold vas, dat ve had to dress up like it vas die koldest Vinter. It vas very interesting, und it looked like some kind of trap, as dough it vas to protect some great treasure.
However, the vurtless Dorcs returned, led by the doubly vurtless lackeys Philip und Alexandra. Dey overpowered us, especially as several of our group had already capitulated. I hope dey are not spared any more than ve. De Combat shows some cleverness from Odin, but ve in die end are fallen."

Hamilcar, Magos (NPC) - leader of NETCo. Inherited the company on the retirement of his father. Former Wizard General on Vorn. Was in possession of the Captain for awhile. Has two rings of power (?).

Before 10014 ? - Magos stole the Captain from Kendra, then was attacked by the ringwraiths' agents (balryg?) who seemingly killed him and took it.
In around 3202 - Magos appeared on Vorn with the Captain and the black box having used his two rings to solve the portaling problem (or else he was just smarter than the average PC). A balrog appeared and battle ensued. Guanerius and Co. hid and watched. They saw the cliff collapse on Magos (with the sword). After the other combatants left, they dug out the sword but did not find the two rings, the black box, or Magos' body.
August 3202 - Werner gets to the Temple Temple Temple and finds Magos bargaining for a seat on the Alliance Council.
September ? 3202 - WG Thorn, WG Gunthor, Tim D'Reaper, etc. go to Friendship Temple where Magos is keeping the black box. They find an auction being run by Donald Kagan for day by day use of the black box. They go into the temple and find a secret passage. There they are told, among other things, that they have been judged worthy to hold the black box, but that Magos has been judged unworthy. They take the box from Magos.
On Vorn in 3207, the Sword Group found Magos represented by Salas, an oily bastard who assured them he was in contact with Magos. This is an interesting trick since Magos asked the Council for men and supplies three years prior to go set off and find the black box and hadn't returned. Salas also said that there was a possibility of Magos returning them to EOW (which also didn't add up, since if Magos could take people between worlds then there's no reason he should have lost his seat on the Grand Council, even without the box). Salas wanted the Group to take the Captain on their next mission and make a slight detour to where Magos would be waiting to get the sword.
Mahgos Hamilcar is supposed to have had *two* rings of power. Always presumed to be basically evil at heart in the first place, Mahgos hasn't been seen in any substantial way either for a long time, and when seen, has seemed somewhat insubstantial to us. (Consider the episode at the Friendship Temple, or for that matter, even when we originally acquired The Captain in Vorn.) So is Mahgos a nazgul already?
Johnathan Humperdinck responds: "...I am not so certain that this Magos will be able to track us. Having listened to you talk about your world, sir, it seems that Magos' incredible omnipresence is a function of his gigantic organization and enormous outlay of funds to spies and observers. Not only is Vorn many times the size--not that that makes it any better--but I don't see how he could have access to anything resembling the same type of resources, particularly since he brought the box through with him when he used which eliminated his ability to bring reinforcements through. I would guess that he is at a loss to locate us." (events of late 3202)
Magos Hamilcar has been judged unworthy in the extreme by the Ancient Orcs. They regard him as utterly within the power of evil, (and he's got two or three rings... hmmmm), and when he had The Captain, he did "nothing but evil" with it.
Interesting Player Note: Hamilcar, by a strange coincidence, is also the name of a Carthaginian general in the "Punic Wars" on a faraway world called "Dirt" or "Earth" or something. He was succeeded by his son-in-law, Hasdrubal, and his son, Hannibal.

Han-gar (NPC) - young male Vornish tribal gnome, son of Shudar Vanup. He joined the Sword Group to learn skills and represent the honor of his village.

Hanson, Jacob "Jake" () - Drafted by the Republican Army.

Harka, Istvan - 3rd mate on the Caliban. Member of the Order of the Ring and the Sword Group (?).

Harks, Jowthan (NPC). Acting Director of NETCO. Hired SOAK for the first Culebra Island mission.

Harmeton - drow who escaped from Syllabus and used the Persand Portal.

Hassimer's Lichen - greenish, reddish lichen growing on equatorial rocks during the hottest part of the year. Component for dexterity.

Hastans, Strego (Jen). Member of SOAK. Killed in combat with egyebrech on Ilum Alpha while investigating Kako's (Keiko?) message [40 Aug 14]. Missions: Trangle Sewers, Ilum Alpha.

Hassleman, Guimard (Ben) Gypsy Elvish male. Horseman and courier. Befriended Kako. Went loony in Persand. Left with 3M boat. Never heard from again.

Haugeland, Gennifer (NPC?) - one of the names on a list scrawled in pencil on the back of a sheet of stationary from the Forsythia Municipal Hospital found in the shirt pocket of a corpse found by the Electronic Expedition. The full list was : Reginald Dendy -- A4, Valerie Joll -- A3, Xavier Huisman -- C7, Gennifer Haugeland -- C5. The receptionist at the Forsythia Municipal Hospital said that those names listed belonged to a group of college students from the Unversity of DunCess who all died from overdoses of Bliss.

Hauberk of Healing - ring hauberk that protects 50% and heals the wearer while fighting. From the Friendship Temple.

Hawthorne (Ryan) - Member of Omnico. A huge human fighter and pipe bomb afficionado. Hawthorne's words of wisdom for the day: "Never make your campsite in a perfect ambush spot." Was accidentally ported through the Abraxian Shrine Portal. Missions: Ilmenite Mine.

Hawthorne, Robert "Jub Jub" (NPC) - crewmember on board The Dawn Treader for the Pike Group's Eck Temple Mission.

Hayes-Hunter, Felissa (James). Human female. She has useful skills, but also a history of unreliability and mental instability. In particular, she tends to sneak off and disappear. Another source of mild difficulty has been her fanatical devotion to Abner Strumpet. Was captured by the Brid on her second trip to the island and ransomed for Baby Shakes medicine several months later. Former member of OMNICo and now member of SOAK. OMNICo missions: Sprinal Tap, Ilum Gamma, (Illum Alpha). SOAK missions: Brid Island II and III (?), Ilum Alpha, Culebra I.

Hazershamby, Edgar Meticulous (Ben) Human male. Zoologist. Intensely interested in all manner of exotic, dangerous, or otherwise monstrous organisms. Obsessive. Member of SOAK.

From 29 May 10042 letter to Juliette Naturas: "I am a biologist, but my interests do not lie in the tamer areas of our land... I am a "monster" specialist. Or, rather, I hope to be. My education has provided me with all of the fundamental background for this specialty... My interests include creatures with physical or magical abnormalities... creatures which are rare, or large, or dangerous, or intelligent, or man-eating. What, for example, is the nature of a so-called Gelatinous Cube?...Yours is the sort of organization for which I wish to do this research: an independant, free-thinking, by-the-seat-of-the-pants kind of arrangement suits the way I think..." Missions: Sprinal Tap I.

Heal Potion - orange color.

HE - Holverston Enterprizes - See Holverston Zoological Enterprizes.

Hector (NPC) - bodyguard, member of Excelsea Gravestone Company.

Helm of Mentality - Stores mentality up to capability of wearer, but takes several days to fill, and must be worn continuously or the stored points will be lost. Owned by OMNICo as of July 10040.

Henderson, Florence (Geoff) - Member of SOAK. Died on the Military Bridge Mission. Missions: Military Bridge.

Henge - on Krimic peninsula on Vorn.

Highwayman, The () - rapier owner, husband of Drachma, inhabitant of Roanoke, died of the water poison.

Hiring Standards - Adventuring organizations try to hire highly qualified individuals who work well together as a team. Thus, they may have the minimum requirements for hiring. IN MANY CASES, A GROUP IS ONLY AS STRONG AS ITS WEAKEST LINK.

OMNICo Standards as of Feb. 10040: Urban Sneak II, Rural Sneak II, Horsemanship II, First Aid I, Sign Language I.
SOAK Standards as of 10043: Urban Sneak II, Rural Sneak II, Horsemanship I, Swimming I, a combat skill II, Common V.

History of EOW - Prehistoric civilizations: There is no publicly-available archaeological information about cultural demographics in the pre-Migration period.

History Questions: If memory serves, there is historical evidence that civilization began in the west, on Uchebnik, and moved east with the migrations of the various races. Is this right? Is there _any_ evidence of humanoid life in EOW prior to this time? Are evolutionary theories backed-up by any "Lucy" type discoveries, or is all archeology centered on the last 8000-10000 years?
Chad has an interesting theory. He thinks he first thought of it when speaking with Rajendra, who said he came from a land over the glacier. Is there a possiblility that the different areas of the world are separated by glacial boundaries? Sort of an evolutionary science project devised by the ancient orcs. There HAS been one constant within every area travelled to - Ancient Orcish Temples.
Nick's Response: The population experiment idea seems really neat, but why would they taint it with "hi-tech" Orcish temples and such? If life did evolve on EOW, I would guess everyone was either pushed here by the glacier, or trapped. But that seems unlikely. I would bet money that the Orcs populated (or helped populate EOW) I have an odd gut feeling that they may have done it as a prison colony. That would explain the wall-like glacer, the few very well-guarded temples, the reason that all the other races ganged up on the Orcs and subdued themI
Ben responds: The orcish civilizations, while clearly the greatest of history, were not the only ones. Before the first Orcish Republic (the time of the major developments in magic) there were major kingdoms of both kobolds and sudibin. Orcish culture dates back no farther than about 4000 years. Archeological evidence, however, points to about 8000-10000 years of migration across EOW from west to east. Where the "uncivilized" (I don't think they could read/write and I think they were originally just crude tool-users) people of 10,000 years ago came from, no one knows.
From speculations below Persand, 30 July 10037 - *Do wierd things come from the labyrinth where things evolve at a rapid rate? Ben 30-year projects. Barron *Centaurs? 7000-8000 years ago mentioned? Barron. Died out when the water was poisoned. Pike *How would you prime an area for introducing new creatures? Pike Take an icecap, melt it, create an ecosystem, poison water to destroy ecosystem, introduce creatures, cure water so they can survive. *Build an ice-cap, install humans, orcs, gnomes, etc. Creation of the world? 10,000 years ago. Evolve them in the labyrinth. Is it biomancy or chronomancy? What happens to clothing? What would cause it to deteriorate? bacteria, sunlight, moths, etc? Who had aged how much? What happened to the child? How did it learn to walk, etc. in that time period? Could it talk? Biomancy is orcish empire stuff. But this is still way beyond anything we've dreamed off. *These two were probably mates. Should take one back and sell it to the find familiar people. [Who? What? Eh?]
From Brid Puzzle discussion: Thinking back to what must have been going on in Vorn and in EOW in the 6700's and 6800's, I'm beginning to wonder if there isn't a link to what's going down now. We know a little about it historically, but could there have been a larger force active, just as there is now? Three thousand years from now, history will have ample record of the current war-- but which of the current players will show up? Eckyebrech? (likely, but then again dimmed by that memory will our complacent successors merely assume that we were fighting against a subrace of very large orcs? Then again, is that so far from the truth?) Were Nazgul, ringwraiths, belryg, etc. involved with those events as well? How about Koh-i-noor?"

Hobard, Jason () - Member of SOAK. Froze to death while mapping Culebra island for NETCo.

Hobbits - "Now, we hobbit-folk are justly famous for our indifference to the wide world around us; the folks back home still honestly believe that as long as they don't stand in the way of the invaders, (those who are even aware of the invasion) the invaders will ignore them." From a member of the Verteau Loonies

Holland, Grey (Nick) - Member of OMNICO and Sword Group. Died on Illum Alpha (res?) and then drowned during combat to board O.R. ship during the Sword Group's Escape from KDPW. Missions: Illum Alpha, Sword Quest.

Holverston, Robert (NPC) -

Holverston Zoological Enterprizes - Holverston Enterprizes has made a tradition of backing a team to compete in the Omniventure. HZE provides 50% of the the entry fee (2,500) and takes 50% of any awards/prizes that are obtained. HE's Rangers finished fifth in the amateur division in 10032 with 46 points.

  • Known or suspected members: Doctor Koh-i-noor (Executive Assistant), Macauley.
  • Rand: "We've only been sent to find [canalgam sap, dedekind bulbs and guilemot birds] by HZE; no one else has ever mentioned them...whatever happened to that first group that HZE hired but that didn't come back or whatever that he told us about; anyone remember anything about that? What do they use these things for? How could HZE have magic that the colleges didn't when they are such putzes? Suppose they just want to raise Guillemots?..."

    Homer - a wrecked boat found by SOAK on the first mission to Culebra Island. It was the newer of two shipwrecks found there (the other being the Lady of Delmarintha.) It was burned and melted and had been there about 2-3 years. There were no remains of the 50-100 gypsy elves that could have been on board. In the area, aside from the other shipwreck, was found a group of 9 graves, three of which had crosses, a carving - F.P. 10017, and a group of 30 graves with 3 shovels found farther up in the hills.

    Homer - god of the gypsy elves. Homerists tend to be a bit flighty but cool nevertheless - and great fun. Homer's prophet is Otis Ius. Other Homerists include Peregrine and Taniger Falcon.

    From the writings of Otis Ius: "I have learned many things from the teachings of my God. It was He who set the joy of wandering in my heart. He, the joy of freedom and air and light. He, the joy of the stars in the night sky and the singing of the birds in the morning trees. He showed to me all these things and they can only be accompanied by a hatred--a near fatal loathing--of all forms of imprisonment. "

    Honor - important to high-ranking dark orcs and drow like Eth.

    Horatio (NPC) - A human draft-dodger, joined the Verteux Loonies in October 10039.

    Horseshoes - Set of four horseshoes which will make the horse which wears them fleeter than any other and able to bound across wide rivers. Given to the Time and Werner Group from the Friendship Temple.

    Hotel California Adventure - Do tell...

    Huge, Ajax T. (NPC) - Member of OMNICo. Killed fighting a manticore in the Sprinal Tap. Missions: Sprinal Tap.

    Huisman, Xavier (NPC?) - - one of the names on a list scrawled in pencil on the back of a sheet of stationary from the Forsythia Municipal Hospital found in the shirt pocket of a corpse found by the Electronic Expedition. The full list was : Reginald Dendy -- A4, Valerie Joll -- A3, Xavier Huisman -- C7, Gennifer Haugeland -- C5. The receptionist at the Forsythia Municipal Hospital said that those names listed belonged to a group of college students from the Unversity of DunCess who all died from overdoses of Bliss.

    Hull, Copper () - Kidnapped on Ilum Alpha where exploring Persand with Aragon Pike. [Eh? What?] Associated somehow with Cyprius Shedd and Olive Ol.

    Humigus Bushes - very common small paraboloid bushes that are resistant to climate change. Found near glaciers, in rainforests, on mountains, on islands, in polluted urban neighborhoods. The stringy leaves are used as components for endurance.

    Humperdinck, Jonathan (?) - person with knowledge of events related to the removal of the black box from Vorn and the politics of the Alliance Council at the time. (late 3202) Killed in combat with undead guardians in necromancy research facility in northern Vorn.

    Hunter, Navel (Nick). A underwater survival and operations specialist. Enabled SOAK Culebra mission to escape capture by the Rakshasa by swimming out to their boat in the middle of a fierce storm and cutting BOTH their anchor lines so that they were literally blown away. Member of SOAK. Missions: Culebra I.

    Hunyadi, Matthias () - Member of Omnico or SOAK (?). Killed in combat with egyebrech on Ilum Alpha while investigating Keiko's message on 14 August 10040.

    Hydras - egg-laying monsters. Apparently, they have a great sense of smell and are useful for tracking.

    One was found by the Sword Group in the Niello Monastery they ported into on Vorn. They also received a hydra egg as a gift for Shudar Sorak from Shudar Gert or Goth. Later, an Eck patrol used a young hydra to track down the group near Zaindeh.

    HZE - see Holverston Zoological Enterprizes.

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