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Greymar to Gypsy
7th Edition

Grey Dwarves - see Dwarves, Grey.

Greymar, Gandalf (MattW) - alias of Guanerius Guaneri on the 10043 Grendel's Cave Mission.

Greymar Grendeling Group - a group of adventurers led by Gandalf Greymar to investigate the Grendel's Cave on Vyrica. GG had credentials, and said that they were on a reconnaisance mission for the Confederate Army. Known or suspected members: Saul Anders, Murphy Beckett, Jonathan Gillette, Gandalf Greymar, Kalyx, Splendeur Marat-Lemiens, Loretta Python, De Vushka, P.F. Xavier.

January 6th of 10043 - The team was assembled. Most of them were ignorant about the true purpose of the mission. Everyone gets four weeks of training.
February 6th the groups leave for the cliffs of Vyrica. (To Grendel's Cave, though [nobody] knows this save GG and Xavier.)
On the 10th, a sudden feeling of being watched came over the party - tree lizards. Soon after, the feeling left.
Later, someone in the rear of the group noticed three orcs in pursuit. Their leader, Pavel of Guernica, said that three of their companions had been assaulted by a vicious beast. The orc camp was a mess and one of the injured was already dead. (Loretta saved the other two.) They asked for information about Eck patrols and Emanuelle Brown, the leader of Krasgorod and found out Eck patrols were light, since the front had moved north.
February 12th, mid-morning, they encountered Sergei - a border patrolman for Krasgorod. He questioned their intentions, and seemed unhappy with the amount of information provided. He stared hard at each of them, including the donkeys, either memorizing their faces, or sending them elsewhere. They parted with him on basically friendly terms, however.
On the 14th, Saul clambered up a tree to survey the area of the evening camp and was so suprised by a giant ant that he fell. The party moved their camp elsewhere, and spent an ant-free night.
February 18th, a grave-like depression was found. GG said it was probably from the Roanoake settlement. Later they ran into three [Ecks] who were dispatched by a lightning bolt (credit taken by Saul), an arrow from Splendeur and a low tree branch (due to an over-hasty flight from GG and his pegasus.)
February 21st found the party very near the cave. Saul had started to get suspicious about the purpose of the mission. GG and Shadow examined a logging/slave camp at twilight. Avoiding the camp, the party shortly found the Oxtrot River, and a road (apparently more recent) along the south bank. GG and Shadow snuck ahead and found the cave, and reported that it was heavily and magically fortified.
February 22nd, 10043. The day to enter Grendel's Cave. The plan was: two teams would rush to the edge of the cliff, levitate over the edge and move into the waterfall hole from both sides, as GG covered from above on the pegasus.
They started toward the cliff about 3:30. About a half mile of forest was cut back from the face of the cliff, so they moved about 2 miles north of the complex to avoid detection. As they approached, Xavier began to get a feeling of uneasiness, some unknown unconscious memory from somewhere.
The party ascended the cliff using ropes and levitates. Then they made for the low density forest about a half mile from the cliff, and found that they had not (apparently) been spotted by the 6 ecks at the [guard] shack. By 6:00 they had entered the higher density forest about 2 miles from the treeline and were headed toward the stream.
7:30 they were near the water, and finalizing plans. At that point, a lone horseman garbed entirely in black rode swiftly past, but did not notice them. He entered the guard hut, came out about a minute later, and traveled east.
By 8:45 they were 3/4 of a mile from the complex. A detect magic revealed a field of sorcery, probably detect, [in] a 300 foot radius from the small "shack". The teams split up and began moving silently toward the cliff.
GG hit the front of the shack with a darkness arrow and summoned the pegasus. (He also shot a fireball arrow into the complex, striking the wood, but it seemed to put itself out with some form of magic that we could not detect.) A pyrotechnics arrow was our signal, streaming starry sprinkles out from the window of the hut. Everyone drank a speed potion and headed for the cliff.
GG fired a darkness arrow at one of the towers of the fortress below, striking the window, but the window did not shatter and the darkness decended down the side of the tower, landing in a bit of an oblong sphere at the bottom.
Suddenly a tiger creature with two riders (one human, the other skeletal) lept from the complex to assault GG. A deep bell began chiming... A second tiger creature climbed into the air...
Ecks were amassing below. Xavier made one run screaming into the cliff wall, probably knocking himself out. GG was outmatched in the air, and could only hold on for dear life as the pegasus avoided the tigers.
Shadow was struck by a heavy crossbow bolt and fell twenty feet to the complex, then headed directly for the waterfall, and dove in. Saul shot a lightning arrow, knocking a human rider off one of the tiger creatures. The tiger was distracted from GG, and dove for its rider and the skeletal co-rider caught his comrade.
GG landed on the deck, and was confronted by a drow elf. Loretta, Saul, and Xavier were cornered on one end while Kalyx (Murphy?), De, and Splendeur were on the other. Murphy was struck down easily. De took down two ecks and then headed for the other end of the deck.
The two ecks on Xavier finally managed to break his staff. As he dropped the pieces of staff, balls of flame appeared in his hands. He accidently threw them backward, nearly hitting Saul. Splendeur went down on the other side of the platform
Loretta was beheaded. Two more fireballs appear in Xavier's hands but he dropped them. He managed to pick one up and smash it into the chest of the eck that beheaded Loretta, blowing his chest apart. He was knocked down by a mace before he could get the other..
Shadow ran into the cave, tripped and hit his head. GG continued to battle with the drow swordmaster, Eth the Vicious. They traded conversation in a variety of languages, while GG smacked him a few good ones. Unfortunately, Eth had a heal ring.
Xavier grabbed De's ankle while she battled, while one of the tiger wyverns landed to apparently finish him off. Xavier's body, suddenly engulfed in flame latched onto the tiger, and both burning headed to the plunge pool. The cat drowned.
Saul made it into the plunge pool and found Shadow, as an imposing drow, possibly a "dark companion" entered the room by the pool. A stout skeleton, possibly from the same tiger creature that Saul assaulted with the lightning bolt, headed into the caves, too.
Saul and Shadow reached the hole down into the temple, but it was covered by some form of field. Shadow drank a dispel potion to open the passage, and both of them quickly went down. The skeleton followed and attacked Saul. Shadow drank two more dispel potions and touched the skeleton, removing each of its arms.
Eth and GG paused their battle to watch the arrival of the Jedi Drow, then GG took his leave of Eth, telling him that he was here to "meet up with some old friends." With an acrobatic flip, he was in the pool. Pulling himself out, he grabbed Xavier's nearing corpse and put a regen, heal, and a charge from the 10th level heal ring into it.
Eth walked into the room and declared GG his prisoner, but GG summoned the pegasus and, with another amazing acrobatics move, he and Xavier's body were on the pegasus headed into the cave.
The jedi was waiting for them by the entrance to the cave, light saber blazing. GG sent the pegasus back, and slinging the body over his shoulder jumped into the hole. Bits of burned hair sprinkled through the air down after him.
Up top, Kalyx attempted to levitate away from combat but was taken down by one of the tiger creatures. De had a small conversation with a couple of the ecks, who were amazed that a woman could fight so well. She disengaged from the combat, as they made bets on who would win the fight, and plunged into the hole. She ran down the hall, but was taken down by the lightsaber of the Jedi Drow as she lept for the hole.
Eth jumped down the hole and called Guanerius by name, saying that they had 86 prisoners at the complex, and they would kill one each minute. GG replied that he had a lot to learn about honor, just as De escaped from the amorous ecks and slid into the temple entrance. Eth called for a duel as the party headed down the stairs.
The temple seemed almost destroyed, ravaged by Mowcrot according to Eth. Progress was blocked by 6 ecks. After repeated attempts by the party to avoid conflict on holy ground, battle ensued. (At this point, Xavier was able to see again and realized he was not in his own body.)
Eth came down the hallway with the head of what appeared to be a child. (Perhaps Euphoria Burble...) He headed to the front of combat. Then De, having been taken down by one of the ecks, was given a potion by Saul, and she stood and began holding off Eth with her dagger. (At this point, Xavier found his consciousness in Saul's body, battling for control.)
Suddenly Eth and the ecks behind the party were forced back down the hall as the ceiling crumbled above them. A huge chunk of stone fell on De's foot, but Saul lifted it allowing her to escape.
Eth returned to combat as GG took another eck down in the front, and demanded from the next eck, "let us pass or surrender." Soon thereafter Eth clutched his leg in extreme pain, and shook off the ecks who attempt to help him, as he slumped against the wall. Shadow's scorpion, Wally, appeared to be the culprit... Eth was finally dragged off by one of the ecks as his body stiffened.
Eomel suddenly arrived in Saul's body, dropping Xavier's again deteriorating body, and jabbering to know what was happening. Again, a switch, and an unknown entity took over Saul's body, throwing flames around GG and turning the remaining ecks in the front of the group into a burning mass of hair.
Saul returned to control of his body as they headed into the antechamber. Everything was in ruins. At the bottom of the stairs was a hole which looked like it was blown right out of the rock.
Shadow dived into the water with a light-enchanted piece of steel. He found the passage opened up again about 50 feet to the side, and there was an air pocket. Rock, however, has covered the passage. It would take a few hours to remove all of it. ..

Grignard Mining - reachable c/o Jurgen Keltner at Box 45 Commercial Post/ Galena // Allotrope I.

  • Known or suspected members: Jurgen Keltner.
  • From an 18 May 10042 job offer to SOAK: After assays located profitable concentrations of several minerals in mountains on the glacier rim, Grignard Mining established a facility for their extraction in February of this year. Unforseen difficulties in the form of strange creatures infesting our tunnels have prevented profits from accruing. We would like to hire your company to eliminate these creatures from our complex and to prevent their re-entry. We will provide transportation, room and board at any time after [01 August 42] convenient to your team. The location of the facility will not be revealed.
  • Grotto - The goal of an early mission in Vorn. [As far as Nick can remember, the players where: Nick, Kaz, Gooch, Jason Moore, maybe Brita and Matt A. It was played our first year of collage at Kaz's house. At the time both Dex and Ben where away at collage. I'm not sure what characters we where playing so everyone gets called by their player name.]

    The team had recently come though the Tree Portal. It's not certain where they came out. Perhaps on a plain about 20-30 miles from foothills that rise into mountains. After walking a little while, they came to some kind of farmhouse, with a monk outside it. He was wounded, and the party couldn't understand him. They decided to heal him, and his head exploded, because was wearing some form of magic (anti-magic?) necklace.
    Somehow they met up with the military, learned some Krimic, and met up with a few more players. It seems that they then get a military mission to clean some "Brigands" out of a monastery that had been abandoned because of rumors of it being haunted. The monastery was located in foothills, perhaps, near where the group first ported in. The brigands, were the ones who wounded the monk, which may have been how they got tied involved. They rode to the monastery (maybe a few days journey).
    When they arrived they didn't see anyone. They had a small drawing of the monastery showing it to be two stories with some kind of small stables under it. Maybe. Behind it there was a grotto. They looked around and found that the floor of the grotto was a puzzle with several statues that had to be moved around. Maybe the puzzle was to switch the pieces from one side to the other.
    While they were moving things around, a "brigand" attacked and then ran though a big thick door which then locked. It was a magical door. So the group put an anti-magic potion on the door and shot it with an arrow. Boom. They looked around and killed a few more "brigands", then saw the others riding away. Then they finish the floor puzzle and then the middle of the floor opened up.
    It seemed to be a bedroom. There was a four poster bed and desk with some books, a full suit of armor, a long sword and some other stuff. So [Nick] and another [Gooch?], climbed down and looked around. Then they saw a lich come out of a different room. [Nick] climbed out, while the other person tried to take some books first. The other person died. Everyone ran and the lich followed. As they left the building, [Kaz] put his magic cloak over the door. They kept running and then the lich hit the fan. Everyone was knocked unconscious by the blast. When they came to there was a huge crater where the monastery had been. Then the military was there and took the group away. What happened next is unknown.

    Guaneri, Gennifer (NPC?) - Member of SETCo. Ship's doctor on the Clockwork Orange for the aborted Ayer's Rock mission.

    Guaneri, Guanerius (MattW) - legendary gnome adventurer. "Bad Dude Fast, short, really, _really_ good with a short bow. Annoying."

    Is accompanied by a fabulous, magical black pegasus. Leader of Greymar Grendling Group using the alias Gandalf Greymar. Member of SOAK as Gonathan Gore. Closely affiliated with the Order of the Ring and Aritheya. Feels certain antipathy for El Ouhd and the Rakshasa.
    Known aliases: Gonathan Gore, Gandalf Greymar.
    Guanerius "Gabby" Guaneri discovered Gabbyrooms in 10010. Talked to the ancient orcish liches in Grendel's cave -- about the portal, about the mission to retrieve the swords, etc, etc. Lost his leg at one point but reappeared in a new body as Gonathan Gore. Was rescued from the Dark Orcs.
    GG died in 10016 and was resurrected by James of Forsythia. James saved GG's life and then promptly died in a troll trap in the trog tunnels when a blade sliced his head off. GG only survived due to his low weight/short height. For a time, he served as a Wizard General on the Alliance Grand Council of Vorn representing Arboria.
    April 3202 - He and Maroczy went to rescue Karen Delation.
    Participated in the Portal Destruction Mission. Showed up in the Sprines with a Death's Head Amulet around his neck after portaling out of the Fire Dwarven Necromantic Facility. See Maroczy.
    Johnathan Humperdinck says, "It was my understanding that Guaneri had resigned from the council momentarily following his defenestration of the Colonies representative..." (late 3202?/10036?)
    Involved in the Temple of Friendship adventure and the Fire Dwarven Necromantic Research Facility with the Tim and Werner Group.
    He, along with Tim Da Reaper, Werner Gunthor and Kiphelm Thorn was vilified as a result of a misunderstanding of the events surrounding the removal of the Captain and the loss of the black box. All were condemned to death in absentia as the vilest of traitors for disobeying the Alliance Council and for their apparent dealings with the enemy.
    November 10039 - Found a death's head amulet around his neck after using the black box to port out of Persand on the Persand Expeditionary Force. Used the alias G. Ghiberti.
    Peregrine Falcon wrote sometime in 10042 (?), "A letter arrived today from Guanerius asking for assistance from his fellows in the Order. I met him a while back while we both were recovering: me from my stays in death, and him from the loss of a leg. ("A wyvern," he told me, "is not something you should fight alone." [His solitary mission to get the Rakshasa and rescue his old girlfriend?]) The Order suggested that I travel to meet and assist him as best I could." See the Greymar Grendling Group.

    Guanova, G. Gjurin () - gnome who arranged for Gathrin Glanmer to accompany the NETCO Spell Component Hunters on their ill-fated March Trip and provided cheap medical supplies and food. Resident of Minetown. Speculated to be an alias for Ghenjar.

    Guantanamo, Ghengis () - Killed by trolls during nighttime attack in northern Sprines.

    Guido-Marton, Alan () - Missing in action during combat with undead guardians in necromancy research facility in northern Vorn.

    Guillemot birds - an endangered species of black birds that nests on cliffs and is perhaps used as a magic component. There is a large colony on Culebra Island which was harvested on the second SOAK mission there.

    Gulam (Gooch) - Gnomish Archer of the First Rank Bather of 12 women Swimmer of the Elouhdian Channel. Associated with Forsythia Tomb puzzle (and Colonel Dukas?)

    Gungdin, Gambian (Matt W) - Member of OMNICo. Was "taken over" during a fight with fog-concealed trolls in the Sprinal Tap. Missions: Sprinal Tap, Ilum Gamma.

    Gunthor, Werner (Ben) Deep Dwarvish male. Warrior, engineer, and hammer tosser. Mentally handicapped strongman and Wizard General. Travelling across Totham with Tim da Reaper and Kiphelm Thorne.

    Gypsy elves - a much-maligned and besieged race of elves. It has been rumored that they "like to wander naked everywhere they go." Originally from the Northern Expanse, they have been driven out by the Eckyebrech and gnomish invasion and have been moving to the north of the Uchebnik peninsula in The Great Migration, much to the dismay of the authorities on Pavimentum who have bickered among themselves for ownership of the peninsula without ever using it for anything.

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