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Gnock to Grendling
7th Edition

Gnock - pejorative nickname for gnomes. Some are sensitive enough to take offense to "gnock-gnock" jokes and "gnocking" on doors.

Gnockagon - also known as Ben's Cartographic Pentagon Theory, developed in October 1994, it states that the gnomes placed temples or other significant things at places around the world such that they form the points of an enormous pentagon. See also the Mystic Gnomes.

It is known that there is a very old gnomish temple on India. Therefore, assume that
1) the India temple is one of those points. Assuming that one of the points is located on Pavimentum another point at the right distance and angle to allow such a point on Pavimentum would almost have to be on Ultima Thule. Therefore, assume that
2) there is a point of significance on Ultima Thule (not confirmed due to the poisonous mist). India and Ultima Thule are very small islands, allowing them to be used effectively as points in a geometric construction of this scale and a pentagon constructed from these two points has its three other vertices as follows:
3) The exact center of Bending Branch Bay. [Is that bay a crater? Are there signs of subsidance?]
4) A point very near where the Tyflyc River on Vyrica flows into the sea (Note that this is where the strange tower found by the Katie-Folger/Order of the Ring group popped up, and near where an odd source of anti-magic water was once found. See also SOAK's Black Tower Mission.)
5) A point in the mountains of central Pavimentum that appears to be the source of that continent's three major rivers, or perhaps the Gnomish temple (?) investigated by the Mystic Gnomes Group. (There is evidence of basilisks, funky stuff portaling (?) in there.) [How does Shang Island fit in?]

Gnomes - traditionally wear hats indoors. (?) Like pentagons. When SOAK was experimenting with the Cave Portal in the Sprinal Tap they sent through some magic mushrooms and some of the gnomes they had defeated - the gnomes and the necromantic mushroom disappeared. (So perhaps gnomes are necromantic, too? ;) Anaphora ponders: "Battle rages on, it is true, but principally in the sprines with the deep gnomes, lava gnomes, and their occasional Drow accomplices, and rather than being a battle over the whole world, it seems principally to be a squabble over access to the strange magical oddities to be found in the Sprines."

Gnomes, Middle -

Notes on Shang Ruins by Robert Indiana: The above ground structures found on the inner island of Shang date to approximately 1,200 years ago, in the Middle Gnomish period. The rock was quarried elsewhere. According to knowledge of other Middle Gnomish structures, it is extremely likely that there is a vast underground substructure and that the ruins (apparantly once pentagonal in shape with a tower at each point) could be simply a fort to guard the underground entrance. The Middle Gnomish period was not known to be very advanced magically, so it seems very unlikely that they would be able to produce a lich. [When I asked Rob about whether the lich could possibly be middle gnomish, he said something like "What about Genjar?" When I asked him what that meant by that he said to ask Matt. I don't know anything except what's in the encyclopedia.] This leaves us with the following possibilities: 1. The structure seen is the rebuilding of a previous Ancient Gnomish structure with the lich being left over from that. Problems: Would a lich actually be around a regularly populated (rebuilt) base? 2. The lich is actually Middle Gnomish. The Middle Gnomes had greater magical abilities than we know about (or there happened to be one fairly knowledgable Middle Gnome on Shang).
"K.R. Schmidt" From what I've heard, someone could conceivably go _ask_ Ghenjar. > Would a lich actually be around a regularly populated (rebuilt) base? Why not, if the locals don't mind having him around, or are taking orders from him? What kind of fools are going to harass or attack a camp where there's a lich? [Either very well-prepared ones or very dead ones.] How much do we actually know about the Middle Gnomes? And if Ghenjar is Middle Gnomish, could this lich possibly be him? One question: Given what I've read in the encyclopedia, I've seen nothing to suggest that the Middle Gnomes (if I have the time period right) were lacking in magical power. What reason do we have to believe that they weren't very advanced magically?

Gnomish Temple of the Northwest - The Rak's Palace. A trip was made there...

Gnomish Temple - the Gnockagon point on central Pavimentum that was investigated by the Mystic Gnomes.

"One of our archaeologist/genius types had come up with a theory that major gnomish temples existed at the points of a huge regular pentagon, and that by excavating them we could recover powerful artifacts and resources to be used in the war effort. One of the vertices of this pentagon lay in the mountains of central Pavimentum, so we set out to investigate. The area, however, was occupied by filthy human ragamuffins, and in combat to cleanse the cave, we discovered a pit trap... we noticed another possible exit; a stream flowed through a (sewage?) tunnel at the bottom of the pit. We managed to remove a few of the bars, and sent Galigio down the tunnel to investigate. He came back somewhat bloodied by a large ratlike creature (with a moustache, he thought). Gaul borrowed Gadfly's dagger and went in to dispatch the rodent, and found that the tunnel led to another possible way up. However, there were those obnoxious humans there too, a few of whom he was able to improve by means of a fireball.
Eventually, we gave up on Germaine's climbing attempts [at the pit trap area]. However, the humans above opened the doors for us, and then threw bricks at us - bricks and kerosene, followed by torches. So we all headed through the tunnel, and made a break for it at the other pit. This proved to be a garbage dump, but the pit was shallow enough that we could climb out... We mounted the best assault we could, but there were too many of them for us, and the strategic position of the pit was just too wretched... We were finally driven away, even from our fallen, through the tiny tunnels out from the cave system altogether."
The Play-by-Play - The gnomes are in a hole. From the illumination of Gladys' small candle we see a water grate blocking a small tunnel and a flat stone ceiling/door. We decide to break through the grate where the water is coming in - into a 1 ft wide tunnel.
Gol Gotha borrows a sword from Gadfly and heads down the tunnel. (Galigio came back after getting scratched around by a big rat.)
Gol had gotten into a wider spot, finished off the rat with the moustache and thick tail, then noticed some guy looking in through a hole at the top of the widened area. When another guy looked in too, Gol toasted them both.
Back at the pit, a pile of bricks is dropped in on the party, followed by a kerosene-like fluid dropped in by a shadowy human who throws in a torch after, and another, unsuccessfully trying to light the fluid.
We move onto the dead rat room. The tunnel opens up in such a way that someone could hide to the left. Gol flushes someone out, whom Garbonza quickly dispatches. Garrigio tries to climb out as Gol has a spell prepared. The humans throw in bricks. Garrigio tries to climb again and throws himself over the top - to face a big mean-looking blond bearded human.
Gladys and Gurk had gone on farther through the tunnel on the other side of the rat room rather than go into combat.
They make it through the tunnel to the outside.

Golan's Ridge - landform that heads westward from Minetown. Followed by NETCO Spell Component Hunters for two days (until Gerrin's Pass?) to reach the mysterious cave complex.

Golems - may have been encountered on Ilum Gamma in the form of obnoxious four-armed metalic creatures. None have been encountered by glacial expeditions. One kind is known to be created by neo-lenevistic magic. Often disguised furniture as a property defense system. Topelson uses them as the Delmarintha Dig Group found out.

Golgi, Giuseppe () - a gnomish pyromancer. Member of Pike Group. Missing and presumed dead or captured after the Eck Temple Mission. Missions: Eck Temple Mission.

Golosov, Aleksandra (Ben) Viking Orcish female. Scientist and self-proclaimed autopsychenatalist. Travels with Phillip Keraunos. Member of Vyrican Reclamation Expedition. Last seen in Krasgorod.

Goncherov, Boris (NPC). An orc who was killed on Blendon Island during a skirmish with SOAK at the treasure trove.

Gong (NPC) - male Vornish tribal gnome camel guide sent by Shudar Barg to accompany the Sword Group to the desert ruins. Left to return the camels when the group reached the mountains.

Gonson, Gaspar () - gnomish linguist and member of Western Wind.

Gore, Gonathan (Matt). A gnome with an amazing level of equipment and skills for a starting character, now known (by some) to be a reincarnation of Guanerius Guaneri. Member of SOAK. Missions: Omniventure V.

Gorp (NPC) - male Vornish tribal gnome from Shudar Granak's village.

Goth, Shudar (NPC) - Vornish tribal gnomish chief. The southern neighbor of Shudar Gert, he gave "the bitch" [name?] to the Sword Group as a bride for Shudar Sorak, to compete for his alliance. See Shudarates.

Gotha ,Gaul (Nick) - mystic gnome sorceror. Member of the Mystic Gnomes Gnockagon Group.

Gothmog - the number one balrog.

Gotti, Gargamel () - Killed by trolls during nighttime attack in northern Sprines.

Goya () - a gnomish pyro/utility wizard. Member of Pike Group. Missions: ?, Eck Temple Mission.

Grachev, Pavel (NPC) - Alderman of Defense for Crimson Tide as of 08 April 10042. Address: City Hall/Crimson Tide. Sent Ayer's Rock job offer to SOAK.

Granak, Shudar (NPC) - Vornish tribal gnomish chief. Neighbor of Shudar Sorak, he sent Shiv and Gorp with the Sword Group to make sure his village's interests were represented and Shudar Sorak didn't get the better of him. See Shudarates.

Grazioso, Grigio (Brian) - mystic gnome. Member of the Mystic Gnomes Gnockagon Group. Killed by human right-wing Pavimentum militiamen at the central Pavimentum Gnockagon point in the Ilion Range, 22 October 10038.

Great Migration, The - The gypsy elf migration from the war-ravaged Northern Expanse to a spot on Uchebnik. Associated with a fundamentalist wing of Homerism. Apparently started in late 10039. See Anselm Falcon, and Homer.

Excerpts from a letter sent to SOAK in 10042 (?) c/o Juliette Naturas and the Searchers of Arcane Knowlege. "Dear Juliette: Ever since the destruction of the homeland of the Northern Expanse by the invading gnomes and egyebrech the gypsy elven nation has been involved in a great flight to a new home on the north of the Uchebnik peninsula using the resources at our disposal to contract boats, ship livestock, and transfer our few possessions. The wealth of our entire people is nearly expended and yet I find myself writing to you to engage your services for much of the remainder of our collective money..."

Green men, little - The Order of the Ring was attacked by such creatures when they came ashore to investigate the Vyrican Black Tower. They were not much of a threat in hand-to-hand combat, but their bows were annoying.

Green sword - "Vornish magic" item. In late spring 3202 - Mos and Dos' party was decimated by balryg, and dropped the green sword over cliff in an Eck attack. After the attack, they found that the green sword had damaged by the stream it fell into - a stream that radiated EOW magic., its source - a cave which was then investigated.

Grendel () - the companion of Guanerius when he joined the Bysshe Commandoes.

Grendel - 30ft tall, green with purple feet, smell like licorice (?maybe?)

Speculations from under Persand, 10037 - Turtles and grendels sort of disappeared. Could grendels have been guardians designed by ancient orcs? We saw one kicking Eck asses. Were they tricked into living there? No, they're too intelligent. Grendels took the fallen meteor. After this they became really wierd and intelligent. Ben. They were always like that. Pike. Do they use tools? Baby grendel with big sword. First, smaller grendel--roanoake, encase in ice. Then a much bigger one came and kicked our butts. Mother. Mate?
Perhaps grendels are the "good" equivalent of balryg. Grendels are basically, cool, although they don't take shit. Grendels apparently decided they had had enough of this shit, and ported out.

Grendelhunter, David (?) - magical theorist. Disappeared during the Rajendra Rescue mission. Member of the Order of the Ring.

Grendel's Cave - an important location in EOW, ancient Orcish Temple – “Breathless Halls of 80 generations?” Located on Vyrica but not quite as deep into Eck territory as the arboreal portal, so it's possible to get in and out. Location of many adventures.

Trees will not grow within approx. 100ft of the cliff. Entrance about 6 ft... about ground level... 15 ft deep, 12ft across... wide crack...
Before the great rift that formed Nirach's Bluff (?) 2500-3000 years ago, Grendel's Cave would have been inaccessible about 100ft underground. Unlike the portal on Frog World? Cliff was formed to get access to the tombs?
May be the "Breathless Halls of 80 Generations" that Grey Armstrong was told about by the ancient orcish liches in the Friendship Temple. The 80 generations would refer to the tombs in the cave. We've identified about 44 - they seem to be kings of the 1st and 2nd orcish empires, with some names derived from Totdham.
Some also believe that "The King" may have been at Grendel's Cave - "with the fishes". See Maroczy's story.
About 5 (old) miles (~9 mi) north of Grendel's Cave there may be another, much smaller cave with very little in it. The party members ran with their tails between their legs from the more complex caves. Ancient orcish, perhaps. See below.
Problem: Orcish resettlement (since around 10040?). They will certainly be in our way to some extent. Also: reports are that the Grendels are back (and angry with the orcs for trespassing) ?!?
In 10043, when the Greymar Grendling Group arrived: Very near the cave, there was a logging camp, that looked much like a slave camp, save that ecks and humans were both doing the manual labor. [Ecks oppressing Ecks? Interesting.] Shortly after, they found the Oxtrot River and a road (apparently more recent) along the south bank. There was a bridge to the south side of the river. The waterfall and The Cave, itself, had a large Eck fort built up around it. Eth said that they had 86 prisoners at the complex. A small building was situated on the top of the cliff, and the fort itself was charged with pyromantic, neuromantic, and many sorcery magics. Two thirty foot towers cornered the compound, emitting a detect magic pulse out into the forests. About a half mile of wood was cut back from the face of the cliff. At the top of the cliff, the low density forest started about a half mile from the cliff, but the group was not (apparently) spotted by the 6 ecks near the [guard] shack. The higher density forest was about 2 miles from the treeline edge. The group headed toward the stream. Later, a detect magic revealed a field of sorcery, probably detect, that expanded with a 300 foot radius from the small "shack". The plunge pool seemed to lack the old sleep-inducing fish. The hole in the floor of the cave passage leading to the temple was covered by some sort of magic field that was removed by a dispel potion. The temple seemed almost destroyed, ravaged by Mowcrot (according to Eth). Down the hall into the antechamber, everything was in ruins. The crystal magical batteries were gone from the ceiling, the temple room had a deathly black on the wall where the altar used to be. The tetrahedron room was empty, large cracks and blackness were strewn throughout the room. The final direction, which used to be a dead end, had remains of some of the blue crystals lying on its floor. Peregrine Falcon could sense presences there, but they did not wish to communicate. They only seemed to be watching. GG read a detect scroll and saw the shade of a wraith, just a blob that moved away as he approached it. GG saw a vision of a balrog grabbing the crystals from the ceiling and crushing them in its hands. Down the stairs, at the bottom, was a hole which looked like it was blown right out of the rock. The passage below the hole was filled with water. The underwater passage opened up again about 50 feet down, and there was an air pocket. Rock blocked the passage at that point. It took a few hours to remove enough to pass.
10045 - SOAK Portal Mission. Crystals seem to be faintly magical, maybe a bit of sorcery but otherwise the form of magic was unfamiliar. We got to the large shaft and there was an opening at the top which let us out outside fothe walls of the Eck fortress. [sketch in my hard copy of the 6th Edition]

Everyone knows about the Grendel's cave. But does anyone know where the second grendel's cave is? Answer: 10-15 miles north of the first one. This is however from back in the old 1/2 scale miles so I'm not sure if it is now 20-30 miles. This one was from back over the Summer where Kaz, Britta and I played. MattA should also know about it. The cave was somewhat large with two or three rooms. One of the rooms had a 6 foot diameter hole in the floor. It was filled with some kind of weird tar-like substance. The grendels seem to use it as a garbage pit. Also in one of these rooms was a small (4 foot high) tunnel that went to a reasonably complex cave system. This cave system was inhabited by lizards that had big clubs for their tails (the name ancleasourous comes to mind.) We never explored much of the small cave system, but it seemed to head south. Thinking about it, about 5 (old) miles north of that cave there may be another, much smaller cave with very little in it.

Grendling - grendel hunting. In addition to the grendels themselves, adventurers must be aware of the sleep-inducing fish, zombifying plants, tree lizards, giant ants, etc. that frequent the area of Vyrica that grendels have been thought to inhabit.

"Grendling in the Olden Days The pile of treasure The first grendling Most Grendling was done preGG, but one time GG jumped from the top of the cliff into the pond and ran away (just surviving). I think that was one of the final times since the Grendel's had just started using the ladder." The Adventurer's Guild helped fund grendling expeditions.

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