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Gabbyrooms to Globule
7th Edition

Gabbyrooms - small yellow fungus of tropical Vyrican forests and expanding now into Chinmin province and Forsythia. Discovered by Guanerius "Gabby" Guaneri in 10010. Component for thunderclap.

Galakowitz, Geriatric (MattW) - halfling/hobbit member of the Verteux Loonies.

Galantra, Donis (Ben) Dark orcish male. Died in Vorn by accidentally impaling himself on the dagger of an invisible Drow elf.

Galapagos, Gaul (MattW). Male gnome who was one of the founders of SOAK. Disappeared during a rainstorm on first Culebra Island mission, after saving Abner Strumpet's life by shooting a poof arrow at Yeoman. Missions: Blendon Island, Brid Island, Trangle Sewers, Distown, Ilum Alpha, Culebra I.

Galbas Bay - associated with Dead Gnome Puzzle and the Sprinal Tap.

Gambain, Gungdin () - Member of Omnico (?). Drowned while swimming to shore in amphibious landing on Ilum Gamma.

Garibaldi, Garfiglio () - Killed by trolls during nighttime attack in northern Sprines.

Garibaldi's Cut - a vital enemy supply line crosses a bridge over Garibaldi Cut in the northern Sprines. Goal of Bridge Missions.

Garnish, Gbarkley (MattA). Member of SOAK.

Garrison, Gadfly Gerontious G. Gore (Geoff) - dagger-wielding mystic gnome. Member of and correspondent for the Mystic Gnomes Gnockagon Group.

Garth - was killed by lovely sodium metal statues when going through the waterfall to leave Grendel's Cave. 10003 (?).

Random ramblings: "Roanoake The nine graves The temple that Garth died in The mysterious yellow powder around the Ziggaurat(?) The talking stone in the woods Magos, the Lumbermen, and Keasar" The Adventure where Garth found bloodshade in the Kobald underground town."

Garthog - horse narfled on Vyrica near Blendon Island on the very first SOAK mission.

Gas - see Forsythia Cemetary Exploration and Sankwich Explorations.

Gastric, Geo () - member of Second Bridge Mission.

Gateway Island - Lilongwe Dukas, the Vice President for Salvage and Repair, Mickelgarth Commerce contracted SOAK to investigate a sunken ship and possible basilisk on Gateway Island in the summer of 10043.

Gelatinous cubes - Lightning bolts, even low level ones, stun gelatinous cubes. High enough level might actually kill one. Viscosity spells also work, especially if followed by Molotov cocktails. Another idea - salt. Questions posed by Edgar Hazershamby: What is the nature of the gelatinous cube? Is it intelligent? Is it acidic, or basic? How does it move? What is its habitat? Is it naturally appearing or created, or brought in from a world beyond our own?

Gellomaid, Gello () - Killed by trolls during nighttime attack in northern Sprines.

Gently, Garbonza Gabean (Monty) - mystic gnome. Member of the Mystic Gnomes Gnockagon Group. Killed by human right-wing Pavimentum militiamen at the central Pavimentum Gnockagon point in the Ilion Range, 22 October 10038.

Gently, Girk (Gooch) - mystic gnome. Broke his arm as a member of the Mystic Gnomes Gnockagon Group.

Geography of EOW - From [astronomical data provided by Rob], I [Brian] have made some rough calculations: 1) EOW has a radius of about 5,039 miles. 2) EOW has a circumference of about 31,700 miles at the equator. 3) Dun Cess has a latitude of about 29.5 degrees. 4) The planet's tilt is about 11 degrees off the solar plane. 5) If there's other habitable land on EOW, it probably lies nearer the equator, so head EAST young man!

The equator is apparently upwards of 1,000 miles away across some inhospitable glacial territory. That EOW is a warm patch surrounded on all sides by glacier is really bizarre, especially since it isn't too close to the equator. Perhaps we are dealing with a totally ice-covered planet that has some unnatural source of warmth in the EOW vicinity rather than a natural glacial pattern. EOW seems relatively unaffected by seasonal changes, but 100 miles in _any_ direction is uninhabitably cold all the time. The dimensions of the known/habitable area of EOW is about 2000 by 1700 miles.
EOW has coal and oil deposits Fossil fuels point to a long history of life on the planet. The world has fossils and limestone, which might indicate a several million year history of life on the planet - with shallow, tropical seas at some point. Are fossils found on top of mountains? What are the current geological theories about the formation of mountain ranges, etc.? Are there any theories about how long the glacier has been around, or whether it has changed significantly in the past? I presume there would be geologic evidence of such things. Does the glacier move, (like glaciers in our world) (grinding mountains and hills in the process) or is it simply called that because it is a massive frozen wasteland?
Chad has an interesting a planet theory. He thinks he first thought of it when speaking with Rejendra, who said he came from a land over the glacier. Is there a possiblility that the different areas of the world are separated by glacial boundaries? Sort of an evolutionary science project devised by the ancient orcs. There HAS been one constant within every area travelled to - Ancient Orcish Temples.
Nick's Response: 1) about two real years ago EOW doubled in size. 2) Explorations of the glaciers have gone as far as 250 or 300 miles and haven't found anything. 3) I'm not sure if there are fossil records of prehistoric life in EOW, but if there is, my guess is that orcs are not going to be part of it. I am almost sure that orcs came from an entirely different planet. EOW just seems too small to evolve a race, let alone 5 separate races with little extra sub-groups (sibalfs, dragons, trolls, etc.)

Geography of Totdham ...

Geography of Vorn ...

George, Henry (NPC) - new hired hand at cemetary during Forsythia Cemetary Explorations. Not to be confused with George Percell.

Geronimo (MattW) - may have an extra thumb. If so, he was part of the group that went to track the satellite on the northern glacier. If not, then it was Gilgamesh in the satellite group.

Gerontius (?) - member of Delmaruntha Dig Group. Hired to go to Persand.

Gerrin's Pass - part of route followed from Minetown by the NETCO Spell Component Hunters to reach the mysterious cave complex. (Marked the turn-off from Golan's Ridge?)

Gerontius (?) - member of Delmaruntha Dig Group. Hired to go to Persand.

GG - the initials of all properly named gnomes. However, adventurers generally use "GG" to refer only to the legendary Guanerius Guaneri.

Ghardlier, Bryn (Jen D.) - Exterminator. Member of SOAK. Killed while attempting to knock over bone colossus in Abedyam (Trangle?) sewers [40 Jun 02]. Missions: Trangle Sewer.

Ghenjar - the greatest of the gnomish kings. Died about 700 years ago. His present-day servants fight the current leadership of the deep gnomes and include Anaphora, Guanerius, Grendel and the Bysshe Commandoes. See also Ursula and G Gjurin Guanova.

Ghenjar () - a lich. The "magic" he supposedly uses to sustain the link with his physical form is a ring.

Gibbering Idiot, The - drinking establishment in Trade City, owned by Mister Binchois. Some folks in the area told Mister Binchois that he'd never get any business with such a name, but things seem to be going fairly well for him.

Ghiberti, G. (MattW) - sneaker from the Order of the Ring who went with the Persand Expeditionary Force. See also Guanerius Guaneri.

Ghost ship adventure. 10038 - Members: Leslie Lippanzer.

Gilgamesh (MattW) - may have an extra thumb. If so, he was part of the group that went to track the satellite on the northern glacier. If not, then it was Geronimo in the satellite group.

Gillette, Jonathon "Shadow" (Chad) - "the disadvantaged youth." Reconnaisance specialist and possessor of other suspiciously secret and high level talents. Member of SOAK and the Greymar Grendling Group and El Ouhd. Known or suspected aliases: Scorpio.

SOAK Missions: Trangle Sewers, Omniventure V. GGG Mission. EO Mission: Taniger Rescue.
He gave what seemed to be a much higher-level evaluation of a certain ruby Shangri-la-ist magic item than the magick shop did. His scorpion familiar proved very helpful in the Temple under Grendel's cave when it apparently stung Eth, taking him very thoroughly out of the battle.

Gilooly, Jeff (?) - member of Delmarunth Dig Group. Hired to go to Persand.

Giovanni, Giamo "Frog" (?) - born 01 Mar 10020. Poorly known member of the Western Wind.

Giradoux, Keysar () - Member of OMNICo. Killed in combat with egyebrech on Bald Mountain on Ilum Gamma. Missions: Illum Gamma.

Gitlin, Toddhue - mid-level business manager for the Dun Cess Archaelogical Society. ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY EMPLOYEE ARRESTED FOR EMBEZZLEMENT ([20 Dec 43]) An mid-level business manager for the Dun Cess Archaeological Society was arrested for embezzling about 8,500 sc from the organization over the last year. Mr. Toddhue Gitlin maintained his innocence and is set to come to trial sometime in mid-February. Officials are unsure of where the money went; some suspect that Mr. Gitlin was involved in a smuggling ring for drugs and used his travels on government boats to ease the process of bringing substances into the Confederacy.

Giuliani, the Honorable G Gordo (NPC) - mystic gnome. Corresponded with the Mystic Gnome Gnockagon Group on 28 November 10038 as Senator Extraordinaire, Apulia and Grand Captain, Third Light Cavalry

Glaceps - a glacial life-form.

Glaciers and Glacial Expeditions - The farthest glacial expeditions have headed north out of Iceland because the weather is the mildest. They have gone 250-300 miles before turning back due to a number of problems including: (1) glacial life forms ("glaceps", among others, no golems though), (2) increasing irritability and mental instability amongst party members, (3) treacherous and many-creviced ground and (4) inability to carry sufficient food.

Perhaps there is a reason for keeping a wyvern around as more then just a pet or guard. If they can carry a cannon (see Culebra Island), they can carry a person or two. They could then fly across the glacier. This doesn't seem hard, since it seems that they can fly about 300 miles a day. With a person and some food and stuff they should be able to cross 1000+ miles of glacier with no problem. This also means that if we are ever going to cross the glacier we may want to do it to the north, if that is what the Roc is in fact doing. So would there be any way to continually bind a wyvern to someone's control (aka not a spell that will wear off in a little while?) Some kinda animal control spell or something? How does change shape work? Could you get an item that could change someone into one for more then 15 minutes or so? Could we get change shape wyvern anyway?
Are the glaciers melting? It seems like the water is deeper over Artaxerxes' "tomb" that it would have been when the Hoard was placed.

Gladiolas, Gail (MattW?) - Member of Omnico and the Sword Group. A fairly cute surface gnome fighter who, despite using a wussy little short sword, seemed effective in combat. Missions and adventures: Ilmenite Mine, Sword Quest.

Gladstone, Germaine (Gramane?) Goldy (Chad) - climbing mystic gnome. Member of the Mystic Gnomes Gnockagon Group. Killed by human right-wing Pavimentum militiamen at the central Pavimentum Gnockagon point in the Ilion Range, 22 October 10038.

Glanmer, Gathrin () - young Minetown gnome and friend of G. Gjurin Guanova, renowned for his battle prowess, who accompanied the NETCO Spell Component Hunters on their ill-fated March Trip. He was apparently the sole survivor.

Glasner, Gilligan (Ben) Surface gnomish male. Scholar, physomancer (electromancer) and dweeb. Went loony in Persand with the Pike Group. Shipped off to "insane asylum" by 3M.

Gleason, Gladys (Ben) - mystic gnome. Member of the Mystic Gnomes Gnockagon Group.

Globule, Molly (Geoff) - healer.

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