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Falcon to Friendship
7th Edition

Falcon - large family of gypsy elves of remarkably high mentality...

Falstaff (Ben) Human male. Enormous, vulgar drunken wrestler. Loud-mouthed. Member of the "Adventurer's Guild". Died c. 10015

Ferroln, Captain Michael. Captain of The Clockwork Orange and member of SETCo. Provided transportation for OMNICo on the Sprinal Tap mission in 10038.

Fillmoire, Malorie (Chris) - kidnapped by undead orcish girl on Shang 2 January 10042. She was returned but she hasn't quite been herself, since. Member of the Aleph Group.

Findley, Melvin () - a huge, brawny great axe fighter who appears to lack the slightest glimmer of intelligence in his eyes. Melvin and Seven got along great; Melvin yelled "Turnip!" all the time, which Seven counterpointed with "Kill!". He had his skull split open fatally in the Gnome Cart adventure. A founding member of Bysshe Commandoes.

Fire and Ice Adventure - on Vorn in 3197. Members: Meg Webster.

Fire dwarves - a descriptively named group of dwarves from Allotrope.

Fire Dwarven Necromantic Research Facility - where Tim, Werner, Kiphelm, and Guanerius got sidetracked to by Allotar on their way to see Diomachus Maximus. By Twilight van De Rohe: "We decided to take a breather in Salami, a Tribal Orc town on the coast of the Riverine area. It seemed like the last outpost of "civilization" on our journey northeastward before we reached the Arnsata mountains, which we believe to be the mountains of which the Friendship Temple lich referred.

At Salami, an odd humour descended upon our Wizard General, and he decided we should... TRAIN for as long as possible. After much bliggering and scrazzling over the mechanics... we realised (for the first time!) that there was a major language problem in the group, as the administrative core... spoke Krimic and the rest of us spoke Pandolingua. So we ended up spending ten weeks training... in Krimic to keep the matter from causing any further cock-ups.
While we were all studying, our Wizard General received a signed and sealed message from Alotar, the head of the Grand Council, informing us that the Dark Orcs had sent personnel to instruct the Fire Dwarves in necromancy for the purposes of the war. We were to [destroy] the camp where this was going on.
Now, we had planned to proceed to the Grey Dwarves and find out whether there might be another ziqqurat or some other major clue to the whereabouts of Diomachus Maximus, the fellow who last wielded The King, or "The Other Amazing Awesome Sword" as it is known in Pandolingua. The territory of the Fire Dwarves was pretty much on our way anyhow, and we figured our staggering arsenal of major magic items and the hale and hearty men of the Pegasus Cavalry could pretty much wipe the walls with Dark Orcs, Fire Dwarves, and Bears Oh My. Granted, there would be necromancers to deal with, but even a necromancer can't do much sliced in half by a longsword.
Confident, we mounted up and travelled to the Fire Dwarves' Keep. Nothing particularly exciting happened until we got there. We entered a cave passage which was blocked by a big enchanted door. After examining it and considering the options, Werner elected to break it down, so he rammed it a few times and it splintered to pieces. We proceeded to enter the cavern and explore and found a large cave area which had been subdivided into rooms centred around a kind of auditorium with a stage. It was in the auditorium where we encountered the first trouble - while we were examining the stage about a million arrows flew into us from some balcony areas we couldn't see because it was always dark and a voice from the sky kept pestering us about our torches at the stupidest times, and it took us forever to find a way to get to them.
Arrows continued to fly until we got out of that room, and eventually we made it to a couple of stairways leading up. We found stairs leading up, and we began to explore the second level where we (Werner, Tim, and I, followed at a distance by the others) found a few wussy skeletons, and from there on it was just undead, undead, undead... The battle ended for me when a f!cked-up roll sent my sword clattering to the ground, and the wretched undead monster I was fighting dropped an oozy gobbet of flesh on top of it. As I tried to pick up my sword, the gobbet attached itself to my hand and burned it badly in some revolting chemical way. Unfortunately, despite the fact that there were nineteen of us, there didn't seem to be more than four or five people fighting, including Guanerius, Werner, and Tim. This was a rather embarassing engagement for our crack Cavalry team. At this point, we are all holed up in the entrance room. The tunnel through which we entered is blocked by a massive cave-in. Guanerius is unconscious and extremely broken. Several are dead, a few are missing (and with them some of the items we got from the Friendship Temple), and there does not seem to be any end to the wretched undead things. Our only apparent escape at this point is the black box, but we need Guanerius to operate it, or at least to explain to us how to operate it. Even when he regains consciousness, it will be weeks before he is able to move. The only way to get him operational before that would be to kill him and resurrect him."

First Dragon Adventure - The group was hired to go explore Island 2. Upon docking, they found nice beaches and a large jungle that led up to a volcano. It seems that they did not encounter anyone or anything in the jungle, however it is possible that [Nick] shot his first pelican on the boat ride to the island (it was carrying a mirror also). They found the volcano, and were following its base when they came upon a large crevace that contained sibalfs. They fired a large ballista, and then engaged in hand-to-hand combat with old weapons. Torches and a bonfire were used to distract them. The group did not hear the sibalfs speak, but perhaps they talked in pitches higher than human ears could hear (the group all had lousy senses anyway). The creatures were carrying small pouches that contained metal cubes (looked like steel) that seemed to be some form of currency. After killing the creatures (there were 7 or 8) the group ventured into the cave that they came from. The cave twisted and turned, but no more sibalfs were seen. The group eventually discovered a doorway with a very large door. It opened into a huge cavern (seemingly the bottom of the inactive volcano) that contained a large crevace, an enormous pile of the steel cubes with some treasure mixed in and, atop it all, a huge red dragon.

After much deliberation, the group snuck in to steal from the dragon's hoard. Everyone grabbed something ([MattW] got a ring) and then someone or something woke the dragon up. Lots of really nasty things happened, and tons of people died. Matt W. (who?) stuck the dragon in the butt with his rapier and then jumped down 100' or so into the crevace. Others jumped down also or ran for the door. The dragon was very fast, and killed several people with its claws and breath, but a few made it out. I think Matt was killed in the fall but saved everyone who lived with his valiant actions. As the survivors made it out the door, the dragon breathed one last time, welding [Kaz] into his plate armor. But the group managed to close the door, which seemed to trap the dragon inside. [MattW] pulled out the ring he had found to examine it, and immediately everyone who survived wanted to take it from him. It seemed to compel them to attack. There was a large fight, of which there were few surviors. The ring ended up in [MattW's] pocket, and out-of-sight out-of-mind seemed to apply and people stopped attacking him.
The group returned, semi-trumphant and mostly dead from the island. All the maps were burned along with Matt (most likely) so they didn't get any payment. [MattW] took the ring to the magic shop in Jackets, where the group learned that the magic shop owner worked for EO. [MattW] got a ring back from him, but it wasn't the same one, and so it seems that EO took what perhaps was one of "The Rings". ([MattW] was not 100% sure about where the ring ended up, only that it was no longer in his posession after the game.)

Fish pools - one of the clues to the location of the King. One thought on this: Once upon a time we came across a cave in the southern sprines, with an underground pool in it. This pool happened to have fish in it. We also discovered a tunnel just under the surface of the water that lead to another cavern. We never found anything, but it is a possiblity. Although, honestly, there are probably hundreds of such caverns in the sprines alone. See also Fish, Sleep-inducing.

Fish, sleep-inducing - dangerous fish that lived in the pool below the mouth of Grendel's Cave. Did not seem to be in evidence on the 10043 Greymar Grendling Group mission.

Fitzroy, Cardinal -- Cardinal of the universalist church living in Neo-Rome with whom SOAK members have spoken concerning our supply drops to Othniel. Quite. Serious. Mildly condescending.

Fizzt, Saladin () - a dwarvish veteran of the 2d war of Ilican Succession. Member of Pike Group. Died in battle with scorpion dude on Eck Temple Mission, probably due to poison from being stung. Missions: Eck Temple Mission.

"Flame" - nickname given to the psionic fire-throwing entity that travels with Peregrine Falcon's soul.

Flistersinger, Gerontius (Geoff) Member of SOAK. Died on Military Black Tower mission. Missions: Omniventure V, Black Tower.

Flame Staff - magical staff that shoots fire. One was given to Peregrine Falcon by Topelson.

Floppy X - human-like in shape, but made of gelatinous goo. They are not caustic like gelatinous cubes. Some tend to be rather clumsy, but others move with remarkable quickness. The major difficulty in fighting them is that weapons get stuck in the goo. A fireball will take them out of action. First encountered on Ilum Gamma in a Beigebeard horde. See also Omniventure.

Flubbus, Captain (NPC) - Flubbus, Captain (NPC) - very helpful captain of the Sososterus, the ship used by the Aleph Group to go to Shang Island on all three of its missions.

Folger, Richard - member of Order of the Ring and the Sword Group. Captain of the Caliban. A man of resiliance, he fearlessly faced a wraith on Persand with the Persand Expeditionary Force. Did not come through the portal to Vorn with the rest of the Sword Group after fighting the demon balrog-thing in the Abraxian Shrine Adventure. He may have been seen by an erstwhile member of the Sword Group as an Abraxian prisoner on Vorn as the Abraxian Portal was being rebuilt. Missions: Persand, Sword Quest.

Footprint Archipelago - a chain of volcanic islands that arose north of Pavimentum about 2500 years ago.

From the 25 Sep 10042 issue of The Merchant Times: On 19 Sep 10042 the Mickelgarth Coast Guard reported enormous plumes of smoke emanating from an unknown source near the Footprint Archipelago. Two ships were dispatched to investigate the phenomenon. As of 20 Sep 10042 the plumes had grown to a staunch column of smoke and dust visible from Mickelgarth itself. Tephra and ash-fallout is expected to cake over Pavimentum for at least a week, perhaps longer.

Forfude, Willwerk (?) - a sailor hired by the Order of the Ring in time for the Rajendra Rescue mission. Suffered an epileptic-type seizure at the beginning of the rescue mission. Missions: Rajendra Rescue.

Fork Tree - a landmark located just outside of Trade City and used as a meeting place.

Forsythia - the capital city of Chinmin province, south of the Trenines and queen of the Bending Branch Bay. Home of the Confederacy Museum of Culture and Civilization. Walking armed in civilized areas, except at the perimeter or perhaps on the docks, marks one as a foreigner, ruffian or partaker in illicit affairs. The local paper is the Forsythian Flag. Classified ads exist and were very popular in March 10038, since most of the available young men were away at war.

Forsythia Cemetery Exploration - a typical adventuring group.

Known or suspected members: Duncan Cramer, Peggy Eaton, Markus the Magnificent, Marvin, Wyn Moran, Opheila, Bill Twait, Bobby Twait, Anton Wilks.
Anton writes: "3rd [date? May? 10044?] We arrive and go to Bill Twait's house. He isn't home, but his mother is. She tells us that Bill is at work until around 7. We then go to the cemetery. It has been closed for about a month. So we leave, get a hotel and eat. We go to Bill's. He is out gardening. He says that he and his brother are now ok. An army wizard magically healed his brother. The government has classified some of the story. His brother is Bobby (Robert) and is 30 years old. His Bill is acting some was odd, [? please translate?] like he was slightly gassed. [while gardening?] The gas smelled like cooked fruit. It cost 600 silver to have Bobby healed. [by the army wizard?] The body was the body of Beigebeard's wife, Veanesa Morse. The odd thing is that it was only a grave, not a tomb. Also it had only one word on the gravestone: Veanesa. Bobby arrives. He looks like his brother.
The cemetery is open to recent mourners for only about a month. There is a guy named Paul who gave tours.
Marvin goes to the mage shop and introduces himself as Ernist Philburt. There is much babbling. Bill used the name Denis to buy a cure insanity. He used an excuse that his brother had Scarlet Fever.
Ophealia and I go to the Museum. Ophealia leaves. I stay and look around. Everyone else goes to the Naval Office. They meet with a man named Brubaker who is in charge of the cemetery. Henry George is the new hired hand who guides us. Says that he isn't to be confused with George Percell. He said that he got hired because the last person just up and disappeared because he went loopy. Another person working there also disappeared.
There is an old man, Zaren, who seems to be the head groundskeeper who is playing the piano. He has some odd papers on his desk that have something to do with higher math.
We decide that I should apply for work at the cemetery. However, it is Saturday so I pick pockets for the weekend, then apply on Monday. Which I get.
This is not what I had in mind when I signed up. I get to haul around tombstones. I talk to Bill at work. He seems very nerves about working with me.
The Excelsea Gravestone Company (EGC) of Gravesend was looking around near where Veanesa was buried. They were the people who made Dukas's tomb. Bill helped with 5 of the excavations. They were overseen by a few navy people whose names they couldn't remember.
I walk by the Dukas tomb. I introduce myself to the dogs and then bring bits of clothing from the other party members. A week of no training goes by. On Sunday we decide to make our move. At 11:25 we reach the wall. At 12 we reach the tomb of Dukas. There is a slab of stone on top of the "1 dot" hole. We can't move it. So we look for Veanesa's grave, which I can't find. I also see a small red light. We leave. Marvin tenders my resignation.
We go to Jackets on the way home. We look around. Don't see anything. However about two weeks before that the Jackets cemetery was shut down for a day. We look around and find there are about 50 newish graves. And then leave. Oh well. "
Nick continues: "We find that the Jackets cemetery was closed with the excuse that last week storms did damage. We look at the Mac Duff mausoleum that seems just kind of tacky. Nothing that would look too special if it was in a bigger cemetery.
That night Win hears someone at the door. Win wakes up Duncan Kramer and then me. Duncan runs after him. I run after him. I finally track him down. Duncan finally catches up. Duncan tries to grab him and misses, so I hit him. He says that he is from Gravesend and that we don't have the rights to arrest him.
Then the same thing happens again. And again. Finally this bozo with a two-handed sword lumbers up. So I jump on the kid and knock him out. Then put the kid's dagger to his throat and tell bozo that I will kill the kid if he doesn't back off. So we drag the kid off to the side and talk.
The bozo is Jim. He says they work for the Mac Duffs. He is lying. I take the kid's boots since I didn't have a chance to put mine on. We decide to part. I follow them. They head for the docks and onto a ship called the Carrera.
Then we decide to call it a night and return to the hotel. 3 pairs of lock picks, the knife, pliers, chisel, 25 GC, tweezers, file, skeleton key, twine, smooth gloves, small mirror, jewelers glass. Small black pouch with two rings. Detect magic shows the two rings (sorcery), one set of lock picks(bio/sorcery). We then very carefully searched the room, with nothing showing. . Also in the bag is a very nice architectural drawing of the Mac Duff mausoleum." [Where did this stuff come from? The kid? Bozo?]
Nick continues: "17th of May [year?]: Transport to Forsythia costs 25 silver, taken out of the 25 gp taken from the punk. But we decide to stay in Jackets for the day.
We ask about the Carrera which departed Gravesend on April 25th and arrived here on the 10th. Its departure date was extended until the 24th. Owned by the Excelsea Gravestone Company. Captained by Dewey.
We decide that sticking around for another day is warranted. I stay and watch the boat. I miss seeing something. Then they get a delivery from Adams Express Company. They leave their wagon, which is kind of odd. I also seem to have spotted another person watching the same boat or one near it. He is cleaning trash. He is older (late 30s) disheveled, looks uneducated. Really looks the part.
Anyway after a while a man and a woman and the thug leave the boat. I follow and they go to our hotel. On the way I spot a postman following them. I try to drop back and he waves to me. I walk over to him and he asks if I would like to join the post office. I say I have no real desire to go postal right now. The three and Duncan walk out of the hotel. I follow but can't find the postman or anyone else following. The man gives his name as John Baliol who is an architect. They work for the EGC and would like the equipment back from the last night. We ask if we can join in to their mission. They are only interested in the equipment. Mainly the two rings. They will pay up to 1500 for them. We talk a bit and they say they are "interested in the new inhabitants of the tomb".
The EGC is interested in keeping the dead alive by keeping a memorial to them. They were recently invited by the confederate government to make a new memorial of the people who had been moved from Forsythia. For some odd reason the have been prevented from seeing the coffins of the people. They are currently kept in the Mac Duff tomb and the Mac Duffs are refusing to let them see the coffins.
Duncan asks them about Veanesa (who Baliol calls the wife of "Bavea Beard" (Not beige beard.)) Lithera Nasbe is the woman and an engineer. We choose to meet them on there boat later that night and deal then. Everyone but Wyn and Marvin go to the boat. The wagon is still there. Jerold is the linguist. Tarquin is the brat. Hector is the bodyguard. We go into a back room. We talk for a while. We want to go with them. They only seem to plan to send in one person. They leave for a bit and then return. They say they want nothing to do with us.
So we choose not to sell to them. We move to the north end of the cemetery and then wait until dark. We approach the wall and cross it. We find a nice hill and then move away from it to watch the tomb. [the Mac Duff tomb?] Shortly after midnight we hear a wagon coming down the street. Around 1 am we notice movement about 150 yards away from the tomb. We start to move. Then we see someone else get up from a few hundred feet beyond Hector.
Tarquin is reaching in and looking up into the portcullis. He does it (?) and then tries to lift the gate but can't. So Hector goes up and lifts it. Peggy sneaks up to Hector and I sneak around the other side of the tomb. Then Peggy distracts Hector and I sneak in. Hector sees Peggy and then charges her down and knocks her unconscious. I find that Tarquin is inside and of course can't lift the inside gate. We face off for a short while and then decide to work together. We lift it about a foot and then it locks in place. We enter.
In the middle there is a diamond pedestal. We turn it till it is even with the walls. Then pull up a few floor panels. It smells of fruit. We slide down. It is an octagonal room. We light another glow stick. There is an invisible stalker (?) lying on the floor. I trip over it. We feel it and then try to lift it. Poof a message appears. We both grab for it and push each other at the same time. Which tears the message in half. Then I start to feel bad. Tarquin goes up the rope. I follow and...
Outside Ophelia and Duncan see John sneaking. Then some guy in black charges John. Oph fires on him. Then all hell breaks loose outside. People charge in and flame strikes hit.
Inside I get to the top to see the inside gate drop but there is a really nice looking woman at the gate. Then the gate rips open. I throw Tarquin out into them and try to jump over everyone and fail. Then someone throws me out the other gate. Someone else attacks me from nowhere which is blocked by someone inside thought the gate. [?please translate?] I roll out and "bump" into Tarquin regaining the piece of the puzzle. I run but then get cut down, hiding the puzzle in my pants! Tarquin tries to get the puzzle back from my pants, but gets shot twice from Oph. Then all this shit breaks loose with explosions and super sword fighting. Tarquin gets the puzzle and runs. There seem to be three other groups here: The EGC, the people in black and the people fighting the people in black. Oph tries to get me away, and is run down by someone who kicks the hell out of her and then she drops him. She hauls me away. We hide. She checks me and finds half the note.
Our moiety of the puzzle says: The one from the sea does not have the mail,
The one from the cliff does not have the herald,
The one from the plains does not have the steed,
The one from the forest does not have the castle.

One bears a poison, another the cure,
One brings rebirth, another brings battle.

One comes walking, one comes running,
One comes swimming, one comes flying.

Four tails, four tips, four claws, four kings,
Must meet at the root of these yearly rings. (See the Mac Duff Puzzle.)

We wait for two days and I regain conciousness. The EGC boat is under lock. I find the rest of the puzzle in my pocket! Kick butt. Oph goes for clothing for me. She gets caught by some guy and knocked out by some kind of poison on a rag. I wait for about 3 hours then move to hide in a different vantage point. I steal a shirt. Then get some paper and pen to copy the letter. Damn SOAK for not getting in the who's'who and listing their address. I cut my hair and get a clean shave.
I find an article in the post board that talks about two rival gangs going at it in the cemetery in the night. There are also really nice drawings of all 4 of the people involved.
Only have 2 days of food left."

Forsythia Flowers - Component for increase charisma (?).

Forsythia Municipal Hospital - In March 10038, hospital gossip centered on the affair between the chief administrator and the chaplain and on cutbacks of janitorial staff. People were also very concerned about the war, because they didn't believe the hospital had sufficient staff and/or supplies to serve as a wartime medical center, particularly since many of the best doctors had already been summoned away to work at the Kissing Dragon Pass army hospitals.

F.P. - initials found on Culebra Island by SOAK. Inscription on the cliff (?) by the shipwrecks - "F.P. 10017." Inscription in the cave with the skeleton behind the waterfall in the center of the island - "F.P. 10017" with three tally marks.

France - alternate name for Vorn.

Franz, Arthur (Brian). A dwarf who, with his warhammer Lars and crossbow Detler, accompanied SOAK's mission to Blendon Island. Joined SOAK after the mission. Died on Trangle Sewer mission, killed in combat with bone colossus in Abedyam (Trangle?) sewers 03 June 10040. Missions: Blendon Island, Trangle Sewer.

Friendship Temple - - The Temple is isolated in a patch of wilderness, traditionally unclaimed and unreached by any roads sounth of Pandoland on Vorn. It has been used as a neutral meeting- place for centuries, and no fighting or ill-will is supposed to happen there. See Swokowski Sine, the King, Diomachus Maximus, the black box, the Captain.

Visitors: Tim Da Reaper, Werner Gunthor, Donald Kagan, Twilight van der Rohe, Grey Group (twice as of 3219). By Twilight van der Rohe: "I was selected for a highly secret mission for Wizard General Thorn, under the following briefing: a dangerous but extremely powerful man from Arboria named Magos Hamilcar had made a bargain with the Grand Council of the Alliance: in exchange for... membership on the council and certain other favours, he offered the use of a device... The council narrowly voted to accept his offer, despite great persuasive efforts on the part of those who viewed Hamilcar as too power-hungry and likely to betray the Alliance at any chance of profit. Our mission was to discredit Hamilcar and prevent him from carrying out his side of the bargain by removing the device (the "black box") from his possession.
The group was to be led by Wizard General Werner Gunthor, and included several of my comrades in the Pegasus Corps. We were to travel to the site at which the device was being kept, an ancient Ziqqurat known as the Temple of Friendship... After collecting a few extra mission specialists (including Colonel Tim da Reaper, another native of Arboria...) we set out for the Temple of Friendship, hundreds of miles away. We found a tremendous commotion. There were encampments from several major nations all around the temple, and each presented the impression that great wealth had been gathered. Only gradually did we learn the nature of the situation. Even though Hamilcar had promised to grant usage of the box by the Council, he had laid other plans as well. A representative of Mr. Hamilcar was conducting an auction... to bid on the use of the box, day by day. There were several... demonstrations of the device... and the parties present were deeply impressed. They were also highly impressed by our pegasi, and we had to fend off several offers to buy them.
We set out to explore the Ziqqurat and lay plans for the confiscation of the Box. Most of us checked our weapons at the door at the request of some personnel from Hamilcar's private militia (which Wizard General Gunthor and Colonel The Reaper referred to as "Netko") including Hamilcar's lieutenant, one Donald Kagan. They allowed us to view the box, although they requested that we refrain from touching it. After viewing the box, we went on to explore and map the rest of the temple.
{Include here: maps of ground level and first story of Ziqqurat}
On the second floor, we found an altar with an inscription in ancient Orcish. Since we happened to have Col. Tim handy, he read the inscription, which translates approximately to: "If you can read this, you're welcome here". As he read it out, the altar split in two and the two halves slid apart to reveal a secret passage. We would have been much happier about this except that Kagan and his officers were standing right there with us when it happened. We all scrabbled down the passage and found that it led to a labyrinth below the ground floor. We proceeded to map out the labyrinth with great haste, hoping to find whatever amazing secrets there might be before anyone else got to them. It turned out not to matter; one of the things we found down there was a vapourous ghost balrog which allowed us to pass but seems to have attacked and eliminated everyone else who had come down, including folk from the surrounding encampments who had come in search of plunder. We heard many screams.
In the labyrinth we found eleven triangular boxes containing small oddly-shaped pieces of flat stone. Experimenting with them, we found that these little chits fit together and interlocked to compose a rectangular image. The image was an inscription of an ancient Orcish text which Wizard General Gunthor and Colonel Tim both recognised. They called it "Desiderata".
As we worked on the puzzle, we found ourselves passing in and out of trances where voices questioned us individually over moral and ethical matters. We were also tested in combat by a huge warrior-creature who pretty much wiped the walls with us, particularly since we were unarmed. Werner and Tim managed to defeat the thing, even though it fought about as fairly and honourably as a Sumo Lawyer. None of the rest of us were able to get anywhere against the thing. However, amazingly, after the trial was over we were all healthy and untouched; either the whole thing was a hallucination of some kind or else they healed, regenerated, and possibly resurrected us.
We also found several stone levers which, when operated together in a certain way, led us to yet another secret passage leading down, and here's where it starts to get weird. We came to a vision of an open field, and an orc in princely garb holding a curved longsword [not a scimitar?!?] and standing over a dead balrog. We may be the first humans ever to see a dead balrog. Then we met an even more fabulously dressed orc with a jewelled crown, who spoke to us and was actually willing to answer questions. He presented to us, on the condition of our answering a puzzle about them, eleven amazingly amazing magic items. Our task was to match them correctly with the eleven Virtues and give reasons for our choices.
The items are: Cornucopia, Horseshoes, "Macht staff", "Bow of steadiness", Necklace of 33 Links, Dagger of Soul Slaying, Frog Box, Scimitar of Evil Cleavage, Chain of Strength, Hauberk of Healing and Protection, Ring of Spell Storing.
He also gave us lots of nice information: -> The King was last wielded by Diomachus Maximus, who exists to the Northeast, beyond the mountains, waiting. He knows where The King is. -> Long ago there was a battle between an evil far greater than that we face today and a far greater good than any extant today. The evil was defeated, but there was then another battle between the lieutenant of the first evil and a lesser good. The evil was again defeated, but later one of the servants of good became subverted by the evil, and this is what we face now.
-> The Evil right now is a Great Wizard, unmatched by any other. His home is no world, and he resides in one we have not seen. Only now has he been able to move forth in strength.
-> "Never despair, for you will find friends in strange places and power where there only seems to be reason."
-> Should we find any of the Rings, DO NOT USE THEM! You must be the source of all your power. [Tolkien Tolkien Tolkien!]
-> We have been judged worthy (just barely!) and virtuous enough to take posession of the Black Box
-> Magos Hamilcar has been judged unworthy in the extreme by the Ancient Orcs. They regard him as utterly within the power of evil, (and he's got two or three rings... hmmmm), and when he had The Captain, he did "nothing but evil" with it. After this interview, we awoke mysteriously transported back to our camp, and no-one had any idea how we got there. Members of the other camps assumed we were dead. The next step seems plain: get the Black Box and get out of here, preferably in the direction of this Diomachus Maximus to get The King." See the Tim and Werner Group.

Frog Box - Box decorated with lily-pads and containing 33 frogs of magic detection (the stronger the magic, the farther they hop!) Came from the Friendship Temple.

Frog World - another possible world in the multiverse, found by former members of SOAK aka There and Back Again.

Frog World Portal - seems to hjave been cracked open much like Grendel's Cave.

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