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Eaton, Peggy (Scott) - "thief". Member of Forsythia Cemetery Exploration.

Eckyebrech - The Ecks have not quite reached (or have not been allowed to reach) the mastery of engines in EOW. In every other world, the Eck seem to come up with just enough technology to best the natives, but in EOW, rather than coming at us with better engines and better weapons than we had, they relied on magic/anti-magic. Hmm.

They seem to be a civilisation, just like ours, really. They seem no more different than elves and humans, gnomes, dwarves, hobbits, or even the *shudder* drow. As a group, they are parties to the war, and this is a good reason to keep the Sword (and anything really powerful) from them; exactly the same applies, exempla gratia, to the Duncess Army, or the Iron Fist League, or whatever.
[3219-3220, Grey's return] - Ecks on Vorn lived to the south for hundreds (thousands?) of years fighting among themselves and with their drow neighbors. About 60 years ago, the ancestors of the tribes (?) appeared and united them in attacking north and now they are being beaten back "because of the cannon."

Eckyebrech Invasion, History of -

So here's a hypothesis about the Persand Portal Pool being Relevant: It's a portal, which was active long ago (say, 8500 yrs?), through which the old tribal eck we've been spotting down there came. However, it had been deactivated (perhaps just by putting those pecking birds there to keep the surface ripply?) and the community of tribal ecks simply lived down in the cave (we doubt that this complex was a living area, but maybe), isolated until we started coming in and killing them off. It may be that they were not so tribal when they got here, but that isolation and lack of resources caused a decline in their level of civilization. Then, after we stilled the birds (as an accidental result of a major firefight with ecks and an invisible ghost thing) it was able to act again as a pipeline of evil, which accounts for the DRASTIC changes seen in the island later on. 30 Aug 10036 - Eck troop transport through the (arboreal?) portal begins. According to Luke via Stephan Bolger and Lantelle Svorak: the druids had a prophecy saying that a 'wave' would begin in central Vyrica and overwhelm all. The ecks coincided their move so that they would seem to be that wave. Most of the druids believed the ecks to the the fortold 'wave' and went over to their side. (Therefore, the Shangies are the good guys?!?)
When the Order of the Ring was preparing their mission to Yarisuto, 10038 (?), the Eckyebrech advance on Vyrica had stalled and the Eckyebrech line had in fact retreated, freeing KDP. This was believed to be due to a plague affecting the Eckyebrech. Feb 10040 - Eck blockade in Western Ocean came down. (?) Peregrine Falcon of the Greymar Grendling Group on Vyrica, February 10th 10043: "We asked... for information about Eck patrols and Emanuelle Brown, the leader of Krasgorod. It seemed the Eck patrols were light, the front having moved north."
If Abraxis and the Belryg are 'in cahoots', why haven't we seen more Eckybreck troops and ships pouring out of that portal in the Shrine? Apart from the forces that took over Iceland, there does not seem to have been much troop movement through that portal, compared to the flood of foulness out of the Arboreal Portal and now from Persand. From the Abraxian Shrine, it seems like they could have swept right down through Ilico, using [magic-antimagic] tricks to wipe straight through the Confederacy-- perhaps a better prize than wild, isolated Ilico, and posing less of a military problem than the seas, given EOW's superior naval expertise. And if they quickly eliminated the human confederacy, it seems like they could ransack the less formidable military might of the Elves, Dwarves, or loyal Gnomes at will, leaving the Pavimentum isolated and unable to pose any serious threat. Yet their long, slow strike through Vyrica gave them little of advantage, and gave the other major military powers of the world plenty of time to gather forces and prepare; now the Eck side of the war faces serious problems; even if they are not compleatly driven out, they are left bottled up in Vyrica. If Vyrica were much of a place to live, it would have been much more successfully colonized years ago.
10055 - Parapanisades liberated from the Eck. Ecks seem to have just left. War was just a distraction? They got what they came for and now they're leaving?

Eelad, Jared (Matt Anderson?) 5'8" Drow who casts "Soul Disruption.

Eisley, Mos and Dos (Scott) - conjoined twin freedom fighters on Vorn.

Spring 3202 - Mos and Dos' party decimated by balryg, drop green sword over cliff in Eck attack, meet Poppy-Tor, Errington Shroud, Amy Delation, etc. find green sword was damaged by stream it fell into that radiates EOW magic., investigate its source - a cave. Sometime later, Mos, Dos, Amy, Tim D'Reaper, Shroud, Poppy-Tor, etc. go to Obah Ziggurat and find Lady Marissa Althoric. Help blow a hole in the Ziggurat (Mos and Dos are lost).

Electromantic Staff - taken off Jubal Tokenfall's body at the Castle Vaheran. It shocked Lantelle when she tried to pick it up. May be keyed to druids.

Electronic Expedition - Began March 1, 10038 as a group of people (Erytho Cottenseed, Addison Black, Zima Brimble, De Vushka and Leonard Yuller). were standing in a small stonish room looking at the open coffins which lined the wall in one of the anthropological exhibits (Uchebnirian orc burial rites) of the Confederacy Museum of Culture and Civilization in Forsythia.

Tracing some streaked stone up to one of the coffins, it was noticed that the streak began at one corner of the artifact and followed a slight depression down to the bottom of the wall where a brownish stain remained on the floor.-- blood. The top coffin was then removed and placed on the floor, and the bottom coffin opened to reveal the body of a man with his throat slashed. The body was curled in a fetal position to fit in the orcish coffin with the head pulled back at the far end allowing the blood to soak the wood in the bottom corner.
The man - a human, about 5'9" and 150lbs - was dressed in dark clothes, and wearing leather gloves that looked uncomfortably hot for the spring weather of Forsythia. The gloves were in good condition and looked relatively new. They were nice gloves, not those that a laborer would wear to work. The man was perhaps 35 years old, slightly balding and slightly overweight. He was dressed like an educated man and, judging by the texture of his skin, he appeared unaccustomed to heavy labor. He wore expensive shoes and a Dun Cess class ring (University of Dun Cess, class of 10029) on his finger. His wallet and any forms of identification were gone. All that remained on him was found in his shirt pocket and consisted of the following list which was scrawled, in pencil on the back of a sheet of stationary from the Forsythia Municipal Hospital: Reginald Dendy -- A4
Valerie Joll -- A3
Xavier Huisman -- C7
Gennifer Haugeland -- C5
Erythro Cottonseed determined that there was nothing like a "phone book" in Forsythia in the sense of a complete catalog of all residents and snooped around the hospital for a few hours, looking in the areas that he could get without being discovered. He discovered little and was unable to match the four names with any appearing in the hospital.
Addison Black said that the fact that no one else had found the body was good evidence that it had not been there very long. However, no one had any expertise that would give better than the general guess of "no more than a day." As for the gloves, either he didn't want to leave marks on something, or he didn't want something getting on his hands. Perhaps he was in on a theft or burglary (There are valuable artifacts in the museum.) that went badly awry. Now, whoever killed him surely had a motive. It'd be nice to know what it was, assuming we can find out without ending up like him. Also, they took all forms of identification. Now, if all he had with ID in it was his wallet, it could have been a random robbery. If he had more in the way of ID, why would whoever took the ID leave that note in the shirt pocket? Either they didn't notice it or they wanted it to be found. The note was not easily noticeable; it could have been missed in a cursory search since it was near the bottom of the pocket, small in size, and folded up very tightly... One thing we could probably do is post a bogus classified ad in the local newspaper refering to one or more of these people on the list. Also, the shoes are expensive - maybe someone around here made them, and might remember having sold them. Who else seems "interested" in what is going on? Did anyone go running off for the curator of the museum?
Leonard Yuller said, "...the receptionist at the hospital told me that those names listed belonged to a group of college students from the Unversity of DunCess. In of itself unremarkable, however, they all died from overdoses of Bliss... While I have little experience in any of these sorts of things (murders, drugs, etc.), it is my conjecture that there lies something much deeper than a drug party gone to extreme..."
De Vushka watched Brimble and Cottonseed bustle about and approached Addison Black to get his view of the matter while wondering why the other two were acting in such an odd fashion, and mentioned that "perhaps we ought to avoid disturbing things for when the POLICE arrive... "
Zima Brimble said to De Vushka, "...our late friend here clearly knew something, eh? Most murders are over information. I wonder if he was an archaeologist?"
In the end, everyone was in jail except for De Vushka and (Ben) who left for Dun Cess ostensibly to continue investigating.

Elemental, Water - one helped the Delmarintha Dig group escape from Delmarintha when members were arrested for unemployment in 10038 (?). It was quite possibly the water elemental, Euclid, associated with Astro of the Order of the Ring.

Elixirs - term for magic potions on Dilunia. All weigh 4lb. Some are "slow" and some are "fast". They seem to work better than the EOW versions.

El Ouhd - a powerful and mysterious figure in EOW and leader of one of the major power groups in EOW. Known or suspected aliases: Beigebeard, Blaine.

El Ouhd may be known as the Man of the Turtles and "testitudine" is sometimes thought to refer to him and his organization. Known to be capable of travel via portals to the other worlds in the multiverse - particularly in pursuit of The Swords. Unreliable adventurers have speculated that there are multiple "El Ouhds" and that he and Beigebeard are the same person or brothers.
He is reported to possess two or three rings. Some parties believe that they may have seen him long ago, going by the name of 'Blaine', when they were trying to defend Yarisuto from the first waves of the Eck invasion of EOW. Blaine-- corporeal or not? So is E. O. a nazgul already? It is generally thought that EO has been fighting against the invasion of EOW-- but is he actually under the control of the evil force that is manipulating the whole mess? Agents pick new names on joining the organization, key agents wear black earings that function as communication devices, ships have black sails (?). Headquarters are on Turtle Island.
Known or suspected members: Balthasar, Cinder, Eteocles, Labyr, Midgard, Nutmeg, Phoenix, "Red", Riesz, Scorpio, Shakar, Shard, Tanore, Urquhart, Villon, Zakath. Involved in the Sword Group's escape from KDPW and SOAK's work with the Brids through Agents "Red" and Balthasar.
Taniger Rescue - after Nov 10043 - The team traveled on the Skipperjack to the Sudibin Monastery and drow research/ prison facility in southwestern Vyrica to free prisoners (esp. Taniger Falcon), map the facility and destroy experiments. A local plant provided information, including a sketch of Taniger. [E, M, N, P, Ri, Sc, Shar, T, U.]
Mock Turtle - An ambitious operation with several teams sent Vorn to accomplish four specific tasks in response to the impending advance of the enemy forces. See Mock Turtle. [C, L, M, N, P, Sc, Shak, Shar, T, V, Z]
As for El Ouhd, I was reading the chronology which states that when we discovered that Shroud and his two friends were EO operatives, violence erupted and Guanerius defenestrated them (a remarkable feat since we were outdoors and therefore had no windows out of which to throw the buggers.)
As I remember it, we were at the point at which we have found ourselves again and again in Vorn-- with more people than our Pegasi could carry, so we needed to decide who would be left on the ground. Shroud [NPC-Shroud] and the two EO ops with him were basically trying to take over the group based on nothing other than the fact that they were with El Ouhd. The two EO ops argued more calmly and rationally than Shroud (no surprise) but basically it was because they were Eighth-level fighters in several weapons AND linguists AND proctologists AND could fold paper-clips into shapes representing ancient Orcish Virtues AND knew how to tie knots and sail ships... The rest of the party was trying to vote, but Shroud, etc. argued that voting was stupid because rationally they were the people to take on the mission because they were so much better than us. We were all getting pretty angry, and it was after the EO operatives had succeeded in offending everybody present that Guanerius [also an NPC at the time] swung into action, beat the crap out of the two ops (I think in fact that he killed them) and left Shroud hanging by his fingers off a cliff after *ripping* the black earrings off with one yank and throwing them over the cliff. And if it were not for Guanerius we probably would not have been able to rid ourselves of them and they would be bullying that party around to this day.
What about our meeting with Poppy-Torr? (And Shroud) In this instance, the EO agents were slightly less domineering because the rest of us were not as weak, although they may have learned from the fatal error of the earlier band of EO ops, and they were under the command of Poppy, who is about five orders of magnitude saner and smarter than Errington. And that's why I'm a little uncomfortable with EO, even though he did name the world after himself and has the power to back it up.

El- Ouhd's Labyrinthe - place where Captain Jonathon Queeg died, c. 10014.

Emeralds - large "horse emeralds" are associated with necromantic spell components.

Emperor of Cis-glacial Tanora - see Rajendra Thar.

End of the World, The - from Grendel's cave?

Quite unexpectedly, as Vasserot
The armless ambidextrian was lighting
A match between his great and second toe,
And Ralph the lion was engaged in biting
The neck of Madame Sossman while the drum
Pointed, and Teeny was about to cough
In waltz-time swinging Jocko by the thumb--
Quite unexpectedly the top blew off:

And there, there overhead, there, there hung over
Those thousands of white faces, those dazed eyes,
There in the starless dark the poise, the hover,
There with vast wings across the cancelled skies,
There in the sudden blackness the black pall
Of nothing, nothing, nothing -- nothing at all.

author unknown (Archibald MacLeish doesn't count :)

The End of the World - "We started in Crimson Tide and trekked across the plateau of Vyrica with Katie. We bumped into the Stonehenge where we almost died. We were trapped in a book room with lots of purple lightning being called from the sky. We killed the high druid (or he died or something), then we ran away as fast as we could. We headed to Gravesend, where the representative members of each of the major power groups were gathered to duke it out for the Ring of Power (or some such nonsense). Anyway, it was as some old museum/library and there were dragons and a xorn and wyverns and all sorts of trilky people that we had met over the years. Lots of people died. GG was one of the few PCs that made it to the center room were the ring was kept. I believe that EO was there, as was Castor and Pollux, one of the Roundheads (Ruby?) and a bunch of other nasties. EO said something and then we all headed out. I don't remember what exactly was said or what was happening, but my impression was that the ring was staying and that all of the people that died in the museum would remain as guardians of the Ring. "

In the battle (which?) a Wand of Wishing was thrown into the mouth of a xorn - big boom. Chronomancy college did some minky thing iwth time that was actually helpful to the situation... Details?
As everyone knows, the "deadline" for the end of the world has long passed. Supposedly, the Ecks should have overrun EOW, or the world should have exploded or something, because we did not find the Captain and the King (the swords, if you don't already know), bring them together, and kick butt, etc. etc.
Obviously the world has not ended, but it may be that the Ecks can never be run out of EOW now, that they will be around forever -- even with the might of the swords. My point is -- WE NEED TO FIND THE SWORDS!!!

Enkornian Grass - dark green grass that grows in circular patches at the feet of active volcanoes and is used to date eruptions. Component for will power.

Eomel (NPC) - A "butt-kicking swordsman" (king?) from a different world who is stuck possessing Peregrin Falcon's weak psionicist body against his will (and Peregrin's). He has twin sons who are his heirs. Last news was that he was still living, training, and fuming at the Order of the Ring's secret base in Peregrin Falcon's body, having ended up there via a botched resurrection via Rajendra who had picked up Eomel's soul for some reason... "I am Eomel, a stranger tall and broad, brought mysteriously from the hoof-cloven fields of my race to the smelt cities of yours, given a body of whom a marshall should be ashamed to have as a shadow.

My honor cries out against this bodily theft and abasement of my mind and this sniveling incarceration; if I am to recover I must have a steed and fields as far as elvish eyes can see, both to be tamed.
I am a warrior and leader; my blood runs clean. By no right of war am I kept here. Release me as proof of your good intentions; give me reign of my limbs as granted at birth, give me a sword, a lance and a horse. Should your hearts prove true, I must return as an equal, not as a fragile artwork which is guarded between examinations. I shall tell you as much as any man might about me; no more kinship shall you have. I hail from Rohan, the land of staunchest hearts and swiftness horses, the beautiful sea of grass locked in place by the waters and the mountains. My clan descends from Theored through Theobert through Eobert and Wyglaf; none but masters of the horse and lance have come from my family and none but the most beautiful of women have they married. My wife Eolith awaits my return with my twin sons. I was fifth marshall in the muster of the north and have twice called it to feed the grass darksome blood; never have I fled the field, though my beloved Hawkeye be cut down beneath me.
I was in the bespectacled mountains when I was stolen away; atop my second-born my eyes closed though absent of fatigue and only opened in this prison of yours. Some spell of your folk took me and must have slain my vanguard as well for they would never desert me. Such murderers will rue the day I hold reins and a spear in my hands and their names within my mind."

EOW Chronology

6833 or 6834: year corresponding to the restoration of the Temple in Vorn.
6800-6850: period during which (it is thought) the water was poisoned.
6600-7000: period of confusion between fall of first Orcish empire and rise of second.

Epistle to Be Left in the Earth, by Archibald MacLeish. See also the Multiverse.

It is colder now
                    there are many stars
                                        we are drifting
North by the Great Bear
                       the leaves are falling
The water is stone in the scooped rocks
                                       to southward
Red sun gray air
                the crows are
Slow on their crooked wings
                           the jays have left us
Long since we passed the flares of Orion
Each man believes in his heart he will die
Many have written last thoughts and last letters
None know if our deaths are now or forever
None know if this wandering earth will be found

We lie down and the snows cover our garments
I pray you
          you (if any open this writing)
Make in your mouths the words that were our names
I will tell you all we have learned
                                   I will tell you everything
The earth is round
                  there are springs under the orchards
The loam cuts with a blunt knife
                                beware of
Elms in thunder
               the lights in the sky are stars
We think they do not see
                        we think also
The trees do not know nor the leaves of the grasses
                                                   hear us
The birds too are ignorant
                          Do not listen
Do not stand at dark in the open windows
We before you have heard this
                             they are voices
They are not words at all but the wind rising
Also none among us has seen God
(... We have thought often

The flaws of the sun in the late and driving weather
Pointed to one tree but it was not so)
As for the nights I warn you the nights are dangerous 
The wind changes at night and the dreams come

It is very cold there are strange stars near Arcturus

Voices are crying an unknown name in the sky

Erdos, Paul (Scott). (not Erdish) Alias Abner Strumpet. A robust human staff-wielder, who accompanied SOAK's mission to Blendon Island. Joined SOAK at the end of the mission. See Abner Strumpet.

Erskin Brown? (NPC) - journalist/historian, discharged on a leg injury from the military and joined the Verteux Loonies in October 10039. His big purpose in life is to write a history of the war.

Estray Mine in the Aranian Mountains - MINING TRAGEDY KILLS 16! (Chronicle of Dun Cess, [27 Dec 43]) The fourth tunnel of the Estray mine in the Aranian Mountains collapsed on [25 Dec 43]. All fourteen workers and two foremen in the area are presumed dead after rescue attempts failed to reach them. The collapse was preceded by a 4,000 mile per hour fireball which blazed down the tunnel leaving a hellacious maelstrom in its wake. One worker has already gone on record about the dangerous working conditions of the mine which had been amplified by recents demands for increased production. He claimed that improper methods of ventilation were used which allowed a buildup of explosive gas. The Estray mine (owned by Curragh mining in Alkane) is one of the major producers of coal from the Aranian range. There is local pressure to close down the mine so that future disasters may be averted, but the government is expected to order the mine to continue so that coal might continue to flow to the sea to keep the navy moving.

Eteocles (NPC) - an experienced El Ouhd agent as of November 10043. Commanded the Skipperjack for the Taniger Falcon Mission. Missions: Taniger Rescue.

Eth the Vicious (NPC) - a drow swordmaster. Encountered by the Greymar Grendeling Group in 10043. He believed that GG looked familiar. (Later, he called Guanerius by name when he threatened to kill the 86 prisoners at the comlex.) They showed off by trading conversation in a variety of languages, and GG smacked him a few good ones with his scimitar, but he had a heal ring. He was the primary antagonist in the confrontation at the Grendel's Cave, with the Jedi Drow seeming to stay in the background. See also the Black Rider.

Euclid - water elemental with Astro.

Euxine Sea - on Vorn.

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