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Dammond to Drake
7th Edition

D'Aeth, Chaffleur () - crewmember on the Dawn Treader (?). Chaffleur Da'eth and the Tracking Beeper- I've finally figured it out: It *was* Folger or a member of their crew who installed it-- to spy on Chaffleur because they didn't trust him and weren't impressed by our implicit faith in the drow Da'eth (well, he's a PC, right?)

Dagger of Soul Slaying - black dagger from the Friendship Temple. We are warned to use it only with compleat justice.

Dammond, Louis (Marty) - member of the Drow Spell Component Hunters. Missions: Dead Gnome Puzzle, 10043.

Da Reaper, Tim, "Reaper of Marn" (Brian) - Equal-opportunity multi-pantheistic theologist and fugitive. "Big, tall, nasty. Death mask, holocaust cloak. Annoying, but alright." He lived with GG on Vorn for years. He was at the Obah Ziggurat when the group found Lady Marissa Althoric, blew a hole in the Ziggurat and saw it heal. Was killed during the Portal Destruction Mission but was resurrected despite his spell-reflection amulet. He was somehow responsible for giving Otis Ius extra height, getting in the process both thanks and curses... ?

He, along with Guaneri, Werner and Kiphelm was sentenced to death in absentia by the Alliance Council as the vilest of traitors for disobeying the wishes of the Council and for their apparent dealings with the enemy as a result of a misunderstanding of the events surrounding the disappearance of the Captain and the theft of the black box. Leader of the Tim and Werner Group along with Werner. Perhaps a bit mentally unstable - see his dream sequence in The Evil.
Involved in the Friendship Temple mission and the Fire Dwarven Necromantic Research Facility.

D'Aeth, Chaffleur () - crewmember on the Dawn Treader (?).

Darius (NPC) - orc. Assistant and young protege of Cyrus of Guernica in the orcish resettlement mission that the Vyrican Reclamation Expedition was to help.

D'Argent, Vis (Brian) - leader and accountant for the Drow Spell Component Hunters. Changed his name to Vis Marjaana before the 10043 mission so it would sound more drow. Missions: 10038, 10043.

Dark Orcs - see Orcs, Dark.

Darland, Captain (NPC) - Vornish male human. The Alliance attache at the military headquarters in Apro on Patmos when the Sword Group arrived in 3207.

Dawn Treader, The - ship captained by Captian Davy Jones. Bought by Aragon Pike with funds from HZE and used by the Pike Group to go to Persand Island on the Eck Temple Mission (in addition to The Ambrosia). It was destroyed by Mowcrot (as he was trying to take Keiko after the Eck Temple Mission) and ran aground on Persand Island before it could sink with all hands.

Known or suspected crewmembers: Girolamo Cellini, Alonzo Coatline, Chaffleur D'Aeth, Stillman Drake, Robert "Jub Jub" Hawthorne, Davy Jones, Walter McMillian, San Nawowo, Kalyx Roberts, and Herschel Tims.

Day, Estar (Joe) Battle-axe wielding member of SOAK. Missions: Trangle Sewer.

Dead Gnome Puzzle -"Follow (the) letters to find (the) valley that floors (the) throne of Pyatnitza up from (the) shore of Galbas Bay Yet Mundos love guide your rocky descent from the spot just glimpse between the seen while sitting" That's what it says. "(the)"s are dots. And there aren't any spaces.

Found by the Drow Spell Component Hunters in the unnaturally-tightly-clenched fist of a "scalped" Gnome. The poor Gnock's head had had all of the flesh carefully removed without nicking or damaging the bone beneath. The skin around the neck was curled back, as if from shrinking away - definitely not brutish troll axe.
"We haven't yet had any clues about the meaning of the words, "Follow the letters." I don't see any choice beyond the obvious: follow the path into the troll area. None of the other paths seem to loop around. However, the only real reason for choosing that route is that that was the direction the Gnome party was apparently headed. And that none of the other routes seem to lead anywhere. I haven't had much time to plan a course of action, but I'm starting to lead toward breaking up our large motley group. If we formed a small group of those with good climbing skills, good sneaking abilities and good fighting skills, I think we would fair far better than clambouring around like we are doing now. We should set out under the cover of darkness and try to find what we can. Toward the graves of dead pirate gnomes we go. May we not run out of Death components."

Death dagger - "Mowcrot destroyed the Dawn Treader, which ran aground on Persand. Hugo Down with his Persand Armbands and a helm of PMA, Marie Marat with her mighty staff, and Keiko, growing studlier by the minute, were faced in the combat with the thing, and if there had been a few more people, they could have gotten a few great attacks on Mowcrot from behing. Balrog or not, that death dagger shoved right up his ass would have been deeply inconvenient for him."

Death mat: a mat found by SOAK near the treasure trove on Blendon Island that was apparently enchanted with death. Handled with a spatula.]

Death's Head Amulet - In GG's summary from using his black box to escape from Persand: "... A death head amulet was around my neck. It hadn't been there before we left Persand... "

What is this "death head amulet"? Is it magical? Which kind? What materials is it made from? What cultures does it resemble? Did any of the others (Folger, etc.) notice any gain/loss of possessions? Did GG remember anything else? Isabella? Could something be "inside" the box? Could it be from Arthur? (Joke:)"

Deccan - the language of Todtham.

De Keroon, Kessaro (Susan) - member of the Drow Spell Component Hunters. Badly wounded (?) by uxor and trolls on 10043 Mission. Missions: 10038, 10043.

Delation - a Vornish family prominent in the resistance.

Amy - wife of Kay. May 3202: Nigel Random appeared to buy the Delation's boat. Shortly after, she was arrested and Errington Shroud helped her escape and join Poppy-Tor, etc. June - she met Mos, Dos, Otis, etc. as the group joined Mos and Dos Eisley's party at the cliff/stream/cave where the green sword was destroyed. She was at the Obah Ziggurat when it was blown up, saw it heal, and met Lady Marissa Althoric.
Karen - daughter of Amy and Kay. April 3202: Guanerius and Maroczy leave to rescue her.
Kay - husband of Amy. June 3202: Amy finds out he and Nigel went to retrieve Guanerius and a sword of some power [the Captain?] that was lost in the attack. [What attack?]

De Lesseps, Corel () - 2nd mate on the Caliban. Member of the Order of the Ring and the Sword Group (?). No longer with the group.

Delmarintha - city on Pavimentum. It is illegal to be unemployed there. The famous Delmarinth Dig is outside the city and the city is the home of Topelson (?).

The Order of the Ring/Delmaruntha Dig party encountered difficulty there (when?). Several of the party were arrested on a ridiculous charge (unemployment) which had been arranged by Toppelson in order to make their lives unpleasant. A few of their friends who had not been apprehended attempted to rescue them from jail. Their effort was complicated by the fact that a group of gnomes also attacked the jail, apparently to kidnap the party because of their knowledge of events at the Delmaruntha Dig. The whole situation developed into full-scale combat, but in the end they all escaped in a wagon, leaving the prison in flames (huge explosions accompanied the escape - perhaps due to magic/anti-magic reaction involving the party's confiscated stuff and the gnomes). They hurried to the waiting boat and sped away helped by a water elemental.

Delmarintha Dig - an archeological site on Pavimentum near Delmarintha. Site of ancient multi-racial settlement. Source of Squiggly Line Puzzle used to locate Artaxerxes' Hoard.

Delmarintha Dig Group - a party of adventurers and would-be toysellers involved in the ill-fated excavation of the Delmarintha Dig as guards of Topelson.

Known or suspected members: Augustus Alexander, Rocker Armstrong, Itza Biznitz, Peregrin Falcon, Taniger Falcon, Gerontius, Jeff Gilooly, Mistletoe, Veto Shusako, William Topower, Adventures:
  • Falconry - The Falcon Twins were in Delmaruntha after having been cooped up in classes for too long and were recruited by Veto Shusaku who was looking for some extra people to help guard a man named Topelson. Veto and Mistletoe brought them up to speed on the box, wyvern horn, and two dead scientists. The group had done a very nice job of attempting to unravel the puzzle. Group consensus was that the decoded notes were a sort of map. Examining islands on the map, we found a few that seemed to fit, one of which was Persand. (No one was positive, but they'd heard there were many strange occurances happening there...)
  • Night Attack - Two nights before they were to leave to check out Persand and another island, a skeleton entered the house and attacked. Mistletoe and someone else were hurt. A large crystal being (a golem from a neo-lenevistic chandelier) appeared to fight the skeleton. The skeleton attempted to escape by jumping out the window. Taniger finished it with a lighting bolt. According to Augustus, it wasn't an ordinary skeleton. No one was killed. They talked to Topelson about the skeleton, and about the golem.
  • Death of a Scientist (or Two) - That evening a young student came rushing up to the house saying he needed to talk to Topelson immediately. He was visibly shaken, and Veto went for Topelson. Peregrine asked the kid, half joking, if large skeletons had attacked them, and he flipped out and fainted. A clue, there. Veto came back with Topelson, and we woke the kid. Topelson told us that the site had been attacked, and two more scientists killed - Mayr and Chadler. The culprits were skeletons that matched the description of the one that had been in the house the night before. Topelson asked us to go with him to see the damage.
  • Skeleton Battle - As we headed down the road we were attacked by more skeletons. A few of us were slain, but Topelson was able to make it back to the house. The local police came and went to check on Topelson, and the rest of the party followed after collecting the fallen. By this time Veto was quite angry, and as Topelson headed to the site with the police, the party set to deciding whether they would continue to work for this man, and looked through his library for clues as to what he knew. They didn't find much and, in the end, decided to keep working for him. The next morning they resurrected Itza and Mistletoe. Topelson showed a bit of gratitude by handing out 1000 sc bags to Taniger and Veto, and gave Peregrine a new magical staff. [IB, PF, TF, M, VS]
  • Ilum Alpha - The group decided to hire more muscle for the island explorations: Topower, Armstrong, Gilooly, and Gerontius. The morning of October 14th [year?] they set sail for Ilum Alpha, which was reasonably close to Persand. They reached Ilum Alpha on the 19th, and set about trying to find someone to sail around Persand to see if the shape matched the "map". No one wanted any part of going there, and they decided that it must be dangerous. [RA, G, JG, WT. No IB or M]
  • Persand with/for Order of the Ring - They booked passage to the next destination. (?) That night they were approached by a woman named Katie. She had heard they wanted to go to Persand, and offered items or a trade of information in exchange for going there with her group to help with a mission. They agreed. See Order of the Ring.
  • Patville - see Order of the Ring.
  • Biskupin with Order of the Ring - see Order of the Ring.
  • Unemployment - As they were planning the O.R. Yarisuto mission, several of the party, Mistletoe included, were arrested in Delmaruntha on a charge of unemployment arranged by Toppelson. The free members of the party, helped to rescue them, along with a group of gnomes that had attacked the jail, apparently to kidnap them because of knowledge of events at the Dig. The situation developed into chaotic full-scale combat, but they all escaped in a wagon, leaving the prison in flames (magic/anti-magic reaction?), hurried to the boat and sped away for KDP helped by a water elemental. At this point, the group was essentially absorbed by the O.R.
    Alexander Augustus disappeared from the group with a Ring of Control Undead and was never heard from again.

Demolitions - see also Explosives. Demolitions focuses on techniques for the destruction of structures bringing down buildings, blasting open safes, destroying bridges. It is not specifically for combat and anti-personnel devices, although with high level demolitions, you can try to device simple devices for those purposes. Notes by Alana Manes: Mixtures of quicklime and sulfur ignite on contact with water. They were secretly put on timbers of roofs and burst into flames when moistened by the morning dew. _History of Greek Fire and Gunpowder_p29 About 1 pound of explosives will shear a 6 inch diameter timber if placed on the outside. If a hole is drilled and the charge placed inside the timber, only about 1/5 the explosive is needed. _Blaster's Handbook_ Calculate: Pounds of explosive = D^2/40 for external charge Pounds of explosive = D^2/250 for internal charge Where D^2 indicates the square of the diameter of the timber in inches. _Blasting Techniques for Mining and Civil Engineers_ p 395

________ _ "Fulcrum" wrecking technique
| | / \_
| | / \
| | / /
| x / /
| | ---> / o
| | /
x x o o
| | | |
--------- --------- p 105 (?)

Ground and foundation stability are vitally important for bridge stability. Alteration in ground water content can affect ground stability. Pressure from behind an abutment can cause bulging or forward sliding. _Railway Bridge Maintenance_
From _Military Bridges_: What is required is the means of certainly and effectively throwing down a bridge in no more than 5 minutes. Use a "torpedo" made of a short bolt of 7/8 inch iron - 8 inches long - with a head and a nut. The head is 2 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick. A washer the same size as the head and with a fuse hole in it must be placed under the nut at the other end. Between the washer and the head is a tin cylinder 1 3/4 inch in diameter and open at both ends which is filled with POWDER. This forms an enclosing case for the powder when the washer and nut are put on. A thick coat of varnish will exclude moisture.
To use this "torpedo" a hole is bored in a main support timber with a 2-inch auger (for maximum portability the auger only needs to be about 13 inches long with a detachable handle of a similar length or ending in a ring through which a stick may be inserted to serve as a make-shift handle) and the torpedo is driven into the hole, head downward, with a stone or hammer or whatever is to hand. The 2ft fuse is then lighted and the explosion will bring down the timber. Experiments have shown that a timber will be shattered into many pieces some of which were projected 100 feet. pp123-126

Head of bolt Washer
_____ _______
/ \_______________________________________| |____ Nut
| | powder | | |
| |______________________________________\/\/\/\/\/\|
| |
| _______________________________________/\/\/\/\/\/|
| | | |----
| | powder -------------------fuse
\ / --------------------------------------| |
----- -------

Delta Force - an organization involved in the restoration of Vyrica.

Delver Astro Aloha of Trantor "The Traitor" (Brian) - a trader who joined the Verteux Loonies in October 10039. Carries around a map of the world with a Gnockagon inscribed on it.

Dendy, Reginald (NPC?) - one of the names on a list scrawled in pencil on the back of a sheet of stationary from the Forsythia Municipal Hospital found in the shirt pocket of a corpse found by the Electronic Expedition. The full list was : Reginald Dendy -- A4, Valerie Joll -- A3, Xavier Huisman -- C7, Gennifer Haugeland -- C5. The receptionist at the Forsythia Municipal Hospital said that those names listed belonged to a group of college students from the Unversity of Dun Cess who all died from overdoses of Bliss. [What were they studying? Archaeolgy? When did they die?]

Desert survival - Keep bows unstrung, so the heat won't break the strings, and since there is scarcely anything to shoot. Sleep in the day, travel at night, make "water catchers," watch out for sandstorms.

Desiderata - ancient orcish text from the labyrinth of the Friendship Temple. In 3202, eleven triangular boxes containing small oddly-shaped pieces of flat stone were found. Experimentation showed that these little chits fit together and interlocked to compose a rectangular image with an inscription of an ancient Orcish text which Wizard General Gunthor and Colonel Tim both recognized and called "Desiderata".

As they worked on the puzzle, they passed in and out of trances where voices questioned them individually over moral and ethical matters. They were also tested in combat by a huge warrior-creature who pretty much wiped the walls with them. See the Temple of Friendship.

Desmond (Ben) - is pondering his blue paralellapiped.

Detect magic - an extremely useful sorcery spell.

Dewey (NPC) - Captain of the Carrera, an Excelsea Gravesend Gravestone Company ship. See Forsythia Cemetery Exploration.

Dice Puzzle - part of the Dukas Puzzle. Meant to prove our cleverness?

Dilvish (Ryan) - Member of OMNICo. Killed in combat with egyebrech atop bald mountain on Illum Gamma. Missions: Ilum Gamma.

Disappearing Ink - see Orson's Gold.

Dmitri - the young orc who led the Vyrican Reclamation Expedition back to the mysterious cave by Krasgorod by telling of his hurt father and abandoned sister, Anna.

Doane, Seneca (Chris) - a linguistically challenged orc law student picked up by the Sword Group in the Broken Arrow Mines in 3207.

Doolittle, Dela (Lisa) - female engineer. Member of the Sword Group. Left behind at Shudar Sorak's as a guarantee of the Group's good faith. Missions:

Doomings - easily ignored or circumvented compulsions placed on uncomprehending adventurers by mysterious and seeming powerful beings encountered in exotic places.

  • Druidic - To find "The Traitor," Orlando the Red. Members of Omnico. See also Lantelle S'vorak.
  • Abraxian - To find Marduk Uranti, prophet of Abraxis. Members of Omnico including Chorn Aya, Mirabella Lafevre-Dujours, Izanami Tsukumo...
  • Dorc - pejorative nickname for orcs.

    Dormaneu, Alira (Ryan) - female human orienteer. Member of SOAK. Killed by gelatinous cube in the Cave Portal trap on the second Telemancy College mission. Missions: Telemancy II.

    Down, Hugo (Ben) - very impetuous and brazen. Member of the Pike Group. Dunked his head in the Persand Island Portal pool and bluffed an Eck high priest. Ported through on Persand, and ended up on a different world... Missions: ?, Eck Temple Mission.

    Doyo, Saka () - member of Second Bridge Mission.

    Drachma of the Drow (Ben) Drow elvish female. Committed suicide in the first years of the campaign at the Roanoake colony by falling on the rapier of her husband, The Highwayman, after he died from water poisoning. Carried a rod of ice/water/steam taken from Nefertiti's tomb. Had an evil sister named, Jachma.

    Dragons - large reptilian creatures that breath fire and like fancy swords. They've been seen at the End of the World, on Ilico, and on Island 2 (4?).

    The First Dragon Adventure - The group was hired to explore Island 2 (4?). At the base of its volcano the group came upon a large crevace where it was attacked by sibalfs. After killing them, the group ventured into the cave and discovered a doorway with a very large door that opened into a huge cavern that contained an enormous pile of steel cubes and treasure and, atop it all, a huge red dragon. After much deliberation (but apparently not enough) the group snuck in to steal from the dragon's hoard. Everyone grabbed something (including a ring...) but then something woke the dragon up. Lots of really nasty things happened, and tons of people died. Gulf Malone, stuck the dragon in the butt with his rapier. The dragon was very fast, and killed several people with its claws and breath, but a few made it out. As the group dashed out the door, the dragon breathed one last time, welding [Kaz] into his plate armor. They managed to close the door, which seemed to trap the dragon inside. It was pretty upset.
    Another dragon, apparently blue, attacked the Sword Group on the Flight Across Ilico. While trying to take The Captain, it toasted Gabrielle Monterre and flew away, maimed by the Sword.

    Drake, Carl (Brian) - ?

    Drake, John (?) (Brian?) - an obnoxious pyromancer believed to be quite powerful and to have a manticore for a familiar. First appeared as a member of The Pirates (?) eventually killing his companions and making off with the loot, disappearing with John Whorfin. Tried to hire on with SOAK after Omniventure 10042 but fortunately, he made unreasonable hiring demands.

    Drake, Stillman (NPC) - crewmember on board The Dawn Treader for the Pike Group's Eck Temple Mission.

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