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Cellini to Cyrus the Tall
7th Edition

Cellini, Girolamo (NPC?) - crewmember on board The Dawn Treader for the Pike Group's Eck Temple Mission.

Centaurs - mentioned 7000-8000 years ago. Died out when water was poisoned.

Cerano, Julie (Gooch) - went on a couple of missions with SOAK but never officially joined the organization. Worked for Omnico and O.R. and participated in Persand Expeditionary Force. Disappeared from OMNICo house in KDP West hours before they were to depart with the Order of the Ring with the Captain. Missions: Persand, Illum Alpha (?).

Cesar's Cartography - elite mapping organization that has worked with SOAK through Rehoboam Kafkel and Cyprius Shedd.

Can be reached at Box 667 Dock Mail/Kissing Dragon Pass East//Re.
Known or suspected members: Rehoboam Kafkel, Cyprius Shedd. Missions:
  • Mapping Mission with/employing SOAK - ? - offered 03 May 10042. See SOAK.

Chain of Strength -- 12 foot chain of clear links (weighs about 20 lbs) which is Darn Near Unbreakable. From the Friendship Temple.

Chandler (NPC) - A member of the second pair of scientists to be killed at the Delmaruntha Dig. Chandler died when the site was attacked by skeletons. The other scientist killed was Mayr.

Char (NPC) - male Vornish tribal gnome camel guide sent by Shudar Barg to accompany the Sword Group to the desert ruins. Left to return camels to Shudar Barg when the group reached the mountains.

Chausable (NPC) - man who hired Sankwich Explorations to go to Shang.

Chilpak - language spoken by red-haired humans from the same place that Eth is from.

Chinar (?) - see Terrerno.

Chinquin Trees - rare trees with useful properties. Major sources are Uchebnik and the Sprinal Tap according to the biomancy college (?), but players have also found it on Vyrica. A stand of trees was found by SOAK near the Tyflyc River for 3M in 10044 (?).

  • Chinquin Bark - may have been the goal of an O.R. mission to Patville/Carp Center to heal Kendra Thrax, who'd been soul-cleaved by a wraith.
  • Chinquin Sap - used for soul-healing both as a spell component and when ingested straight. Also used to repel fish/birds? Works by purifying/renewing the soul as if like "a newborn baby."
    Worth 600sc/pint according to a 10042 Iron Fist League job offer to SOAK.
  • Chinquin Wood - very hard and usable for ship masts or something.
  • Chopin, Mr. - secretive owner of Ilum Gamma and dealer in ivory.

    Chornoye Morye - literally, black sea, in orcish. Black Waters. Waters of Oblivion - black liquid on Frog World that sealed the entrance portal (?). Looking into it is like looking into your soul. Or are the waters behind the doors?

    Chromholm - dwarvish god of war and honor.

    Chuk - mountain dwarf on Vorn, who joined the Mock Turtle group on Vorn Mission Day 22 (~07 Apr 44) after they helped him escape from the Tower of Treachery. Destroyed in the magic/anti-magic explosion in the great road battle on Vorn Mission Day 73 (~28/29 May 44).

    Cinar (Gooch) - member of Team Akira.

    Cinder, Agent () - an El Ouhd agent in the Mock Turtle Group. Was left nearly deaf after helping resurrect Agent Villon. Destroyed in the magic/anti-magic explosion in the great road battle on Vorn Mission Day 73 (~28/29 May 44).

    Cis-Glacial Tanora - a land over the glacier. Associated with a character named Rajendra who claimed to be the emperor of this land and whose mind contained a dozen souls.

    Clamystra (?) - captured Krutch (?) with Castor and Pollux.

    Cliff, Ebeneezer () - Left to guard supplies near Vornish (?) necromancy research facility; presumed dead.

    Clive () - a snobbish actor and member of the Western Wind.

    Clockwork Orange, The - A SETCo ship captained by Michael Ferroln and used to transport an OMNICo team to the Sprinal Tap in 10038.

    Clytus the Dark (NPC) - orc, a commander in the orcish resettlement of Vyrica. See the Vyrican Reclamation Expedition.

    Coatline, Alonzo (NPC?) - Directed the defense of Parapanisades (?). 15th-level cannoneer on The Dawn Treader. Got a couple of cannon shots into Mowcrot before he flew away with Keiko after the Pike Group's Eck Temple Mission. Participated in the Persand Expeditionary Force. Disappeared while swimming to shore on Persand. Presumed captured.

    College Students - ill-fated group that decided to explore India. Members: Iana Veridian.

    Commerus, Mick (?) - a passenger on the final voyage of the Lady of Delmarintha, judging from personal items found by SOAK on a shipwreck during the first mission to Culebra Island.

    Confederacy Museum of Culture and Civilization - located in Forsythia.

    Many of the important cultural artifacts found by adventurers have ended up in this museum. There is definitely a lot worth stealing, even if only monetary value is considered. The museum has come under fire from other nations because of its habit of acquiring objets d'art and religious icons from other cultures and displaying them, not only in a public, human facility, but also completely out of context. The exhibits include a small stonish roomed lined with open coffins, which are labeled by a small placard describing the burial rites of the old Uchebnirian orcs.
    The museum was the starting point of the adventures of the Electronic Expedition on March 1, 10038.

    Consortium, The - The Micklegarth Consortium for Magical Symmetry. It has been implicated in hindering the Sword Group's escape from KDPW.

    Cormacar () - a human from the Confederacy who styles himself a woodsman and a Ranger of the Bending Branch and who hates fizzbangers. He survived a harrowing experience with a nasty halfling cook and an attack by an assassin who was after his last and only silver piece. This assassin, a human named Random, eventually became the third member of the NETCO Spell Component Hunters, which Cormacar organized. He walked into the water of the mysterious Minetown Cave Complex during the March Trip, and never came out. Member of the NETCO Spell Component Hunters. Missions: February Trip, March Trip.

    Cornucopia - A magic item that provides 3 person-days of food per charge in a convenient carrying package. Telemantic (?). Owned by OMNICo until Aug 20th, 10040 when it was sold to pay for the cost of resurrecting Grey Armstrong, Bartholomew Cubbins, and Delvin Rover after the Mission to Recover the Sword. Another, beefier version worth 1,000 person-days was given to the Tim and Werner group by the ancient orcs in the Friendship Temple.

    Correllion, Angellene (Kaz) - Electromancer and member of OMNICo. Killed in combat with red-cloaked egyebrech in portal area in Persand, November 10039. Missions: Sprinal Tap, Ilum Gamma, Persand.

    Cosgrove, Liam (NPC?) -- Universalist who worked with Othniel in the Tap. SOAK brought him back to KDPW after he sustained injuries in a melee with the hill people.

    Cottenseed, Erytho (Nick) - a 20-year old (?), male hobbit with a slight build. He has green eyes and black hair, is of average height and might be considered attractive, if one were also a hobbit. He has worn dark clothing even in warm weather. Member of the Electronic Expedition.

    Covenant - UDC Naval vessel, captured by the enemy. It was to be destroyed and its cargo located and destroyed by an Omnico mission to Ayer's Rock on behalf of Setco in Sept 10038.

    Cramer, Duncan (Dexter) - healer and ex-police proctologist/investigator. Member of Forsythia Cemetery Exploration.

    Crimson Tide - orcish port city on eastern Vyrica. Former capital of 2nd Orcish Empire. In 10040, it was a smoldering heap of destruction when the Vyrican Reclamation Expedition stopped by. In Jan 10044, the Patville Diplomatic Corps found it still ruined and all but abandoned.

    Cromwell, Charles (Matt?) - Archer. Killed in combat with minotaurs on landbridge of Persand cave complex. Member of Persand Expeditionary Force, Nov 10039.

    Crow, Steven (Chris's above-average first character) - a playwright. Despite lack of real combat skills, he finished off scorpion dude on Eck Temple Mission by skewering it with a lightning javelin. Member of Pike Group. Missions: Eck Temple Mission.

    Crown of Spell Absorption - a magic device for absorbing spells. After absorbing its full capacity of magickal energy, a crown will explode in a burst of nasty radiation. One was taken from a powerful enemy fought in Yarisuto and was then worn by Tri Noolya in the O.R.'s attack. When it finally exploded in the tunnel, it took out more opponents but the magical radiation also mutated one of the Falcons (Peregrine?). Another crown was found by SOAK in the Trangle Sewers.

    Cubbins, Bartholomew (MattA) - Member of OMNICo and the Sword Group. Human long sword fighter, pilot and navigator. Killed on on Illum Gamma (field res. by Solome), by grapeshot leaving Illum Alpha (res.), and captured in combat with El Ouhd agents on the docks during the escape from KDPW. Missions: Sprinal Tap, Ilum Gamma, Ilmenite Mine, Ilum Alpha (acting team leader), Sword Quest.

    Cube, gelatinous - see gelatinous cubes.

    Cubes, steel - steel-looking metal cubes found by the First Dragon Group. They were carried by sibalfs in small pouches and seemed to be some form of currency. After killing the creatures, the group ventured into the cave that they came from. The group eventually discovered a huge cavern (seemingly the bottom of the inactive volcano) that contained an enormous pile of the steel cubes with some treasure mixed in and, atop it all, a huge red dragon.

    Culebra Island. Formerly known as Staple Island. Located in far northwest corner of the world some 70 miles from the glacier. Visitors: Alison Lyons, SOAK.

    A flat topped 150-200 ft tall limestone rock with a cold, stormy, deadly climate and virtually no plant life except for one unidentified, almost dead tree. Storms come from the east (usually.) Sides of the island are kind of tiered. 150 feet./45 minutes. [What?] Very stiff wind. Top is greenish. On the plateau are strange rocks that are sliced like bread. There is a big stone tree trunk that looks like redwood up in a valley from the first landing that SOAK used. (Magic reading: 4.4 4.2 2.0) There is a cave in the cliffs (around to the North?) that is about 6 ft across.
    The cliffs are too high to climb except for the only two good landing places - one (Rand Landing) features a sandy beach/hill (Magic readings - general 4.5, sorc 4.3, necro 2.1) clockwise from the original approach and from a waterfall (?). There is a "neato cave" nearby that is about 8 ft across and also possibly some sand bars for ships to be aware of. A sailor was lost in making the first landing there (Sailor Bay?). The other landing is on the opposite side of the island and is not much better. It has a harbor and a old wrecked ship. A third (?) landing site has a good landing but the harbor is too exposed to weather the storms - hence the newer shipwreck laying crashed and burned there. In the area of the two ships are seen three graves with crosses, and 6 other graves. Abner Strumpet found a carving: F.P. 10017. The older ship was Lady of Delmarintha, a merchant vessel - fabrics, silver ware, agricultural tools, chests: personal stuff (Mick Commerus), coins (newest 10017). The newer ship was the Homer, apparently being used for The Great Migration. It was burned, and melted and had been there 2-3 years. No bodies. Another group of 30 graves and 3 shovels were found nearby in the hills.
    In the center of the north area of the island, there is a depression 15 feet deep, with grass, 5 graves and three sink-holes ("The Valley"). Of the 3 sink holes, one is10 ft deep, one is 20 ft, and one is about 30 ft deep (had water in it when first found). The deeper one has a wyvern skeleton (with a "big" horn which was retrieved by SOAK when the water drained out a couple of days later). Ben (Alison Lyons?) was lowered into first hole, 00- instant appraisal. Second hole 96, 15-20 minutes to figure out it was a hole. A black rock was found (strange since all the rest of the rock on the island is limestone.) Rehoboam Kafkel couldn't ID it, normal magic reading. Brian (Richard Stallman?) took a piece of it. Hardness of 3-4, solid black.
    In the southern part of the island there is depression (Stallman's depression) where a poor camp (camp "D") can be set up, and also several gulches that lead to the off-pours/waterfalls at the cliffs. At camp "D" a wyvern attacked the party, poisoned Stallman and then killed him by dropping a cannon on him [was someone else hurt here too?] - "It was a smaller cannon to be sure." (Abner says out loud "But he is from the Order of the Ring" in front of the NETCo agents.)
    Behind the waterfall in the center of the island (up the ravine from the first landing) is a cave. Inside it there is a skeleton (may be more now). It has clothing, knife, utensils etc. On the wall of the cave was carved "F.P. 10017" and three "day" scratches. It was used as a refuge by SOAK after the Rakshasa attack was foiled
    Island inhabited by guillemot birds (on the cliffs), walruses and frequented by wyverns. No whales seen. Claimed by Rakshasa and being used by NETCo. Location of two SOAK missions - Culebra I and II (Duh, Brian! *wink*)
    So… What about the caves? What about the little island still beyond it? PROBLEM: Netco owns the island. And it's really cold.

    Cyrus of Guernica (NPC) - orc. A merciless, intractable disciplinarian. Lead the mission that resettlement mission that the Vyrican Reclamation Expediditon was supposed to assist. His lieutenants were Darius and Thais.

    Cyrus the Tall (NPC) - a warm and friendly orc, though perhaps a bit dependent on his ale. "Commander of Troops" for the orcish resettlement of Vyrica. See the Vyrican Reclamation Expedition.

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