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Cabaret to Cave Portal
7th Edition

Cabaret, Fabrique (MattA) - an El Ouhd agent as of November 10043. Took the agent name "Phoenix".

Caldwell, Richard - officer for SETCo out of Carthage, Gailinia.

Caliban - An Order of the Ring ship captained by Richard Folger and used by the Sword Group to escape with The Captain from KDPW.

Calicyna Buds - light green buds with a sweet, sugary taste from tree of same name that grows in decidous forests expecially on west Vyrica and Yarmouth. Known as poor man's candy. The better buds (more sap and tissue growth) used as component for slow metabolism.

Calveras, Simmian (Ben) - Human male. Pilot/navigator/sailor, healer (?) and short sword wielder, associated with the Order of the Ring, Pike, SOAK and Sword Group. Idolized Folger. Intrigued by biology and engineering. Died on the docks during the escape from KDPW (?). Missions: Biskupin.

Campengi, The - Captain Darland's ship on Vorn. It transported the Sword Group, Wizard General Peabody and Cionan from Apro of Patmos to The Temple in fall 3207.

Canalgam Sap - ?

Captain, The - one of two seriously awesome magical swords known simply as The Swords. The other is called The King. It radiates magic massively and so must be kept in lead to avoid attracting unwanted attention. (Was kept in a lead-lined case attatched under a boat for a time.) It is psionic and has its own personality. It may be able to guide people to the King, but it seems possible that it can't do that unless it's relatively close by. It frequently seemed to have trouble with standard human concepts like direction and time and running-away-from-certain-death. The sword is a fairly concrete thinker -- it's direct, on topics you both understand, at least. It probably would seem much more straightforward if we understood phrases like "quicktime" and other things better. No amount of rewording that Maroczy was able to do could get the Captain to admit to understanding the difference between Vorn and EOW. It repeatedly said things like "what other world?" after coming to Vorn from EOW.

It seems only to want to fight things, and will try to do what you ask if it understands you and you let it hack some baddies every now and again, and don't get too interested in other swords. At least, that's the impression Scott got while Maroczy had it. According to Kendra, it is jealous of other swords and becomes possessive of its possessor.
Geoff: We've been in many situations where our little party of otherwise-nobodies had the sword (and a good swordsman to use it). Without fail, the following are true: * The sword is helpful in getting our little party out of scrapes if fighting our way out is the thing to do. * Even when fighting our way out has been the worst thing to do, sometimes we still make it out with the sword. * Because only one person can wield it at a time, (and because we have only managed to figure out how to use the very tip of its magickal iceberg) it will not allow our little band simply to face the entire Eckyebrech Hoarde and wipe them off our dinner jackets afterward. However, we can compleatly waste an isolated Eck patrol with it. In situations where one person doing major longsword fighting and the rest of the party backing him/her up is efficient (i.e. in the labyrinth under Terrerno), The Sword can enable us to work great wonders. * The Sword barely got us out of the Abraxian Cave. It did not save Folger, a loss which grieves us greatly. * We've been trying to get The Sword to help us find The Other Sword for ages and ages and ages and ages, with little to no success. Even when it does condescend to "talk," its lines of thinking are way different from ours, and its comments have ranged from cryptic obfuscation to opaque gobbledygook.
In spring 3207 (early 10041 on EOW?) on Vorn with the Sword Group, Gray Armstrong kept getting the sensation of something terrible searching us out, and at one point got a feeling that something terribly wrong had happened to someone farther away from us. Nazgul?, Balrog?, GG getting his leg chopped off? Kendra freaking out on Mowcrot? Later, when Lam was about to go bury the sword and have the party kill and pulp him to protect it from capture, Gray refused to cooperate, shouting something about 'Follow the Captain!'

A Time Line:
Before the ancient orcs - the swords may originally be from Vorn since that's where the legends are.
Misty past - somehow, the Captain got to Arboria - a long time ago, since the swords seem to have been apart a long time.
First orcish empire - according to El Ouhd, the Captain was first seen at this time. One of the leaders of the orcish armies who denounced pacifism [see Liches, the Evil] was given the sword by a "specter". It then disappeared for about 1000 years.
Second orcish empire - The Captain was briefly seen wielded by an orcish hero named Artaxerxes who sought to re-create the ancient orcish empire and overthrow the decadent 2nd orcish empire.
Early 10,000's - Kendra Thrax held the Captain. She may have gotten it from her father. She learned from talking to it that it was active during the first orcish empire and she learned ancient orcish from it. She said later, that it was jealous of other swords and other people, possessive of its possessor. It claimed that, "together they can destroy the army and the portal that they came from."
Before 10014 ? - Magos Hamilcar stole the sword from Kendra, then was attacked by the ringwraiths' agents (balryg?) who seemingly killed him and took it.
June 10036 - Guanerius is at Aritheya's fortress to devise plan to get the sword to Vorn and the Temple Temple Temple. [How did he get the Captain back?]
July 10036 - Guanerius' party arrives at the arboreal portal, but find it inoperative. Talk to ancient orcish liches to the north and get the black box to use to get to Vorn. Not everyone arrives at the intended destination and they left the box behind because they couldn't figure out how to bring it.
August 10036 - date when the sword was supposed to be taken to Vorn.
? 3202 ? - Magos appears in Vorn with the sword [how did he get the Sword back?] and the black box, having apparently used his two rings to solve the portaling problem. Balrog appears and battle ensues. Guanerius and Co. hide and watch. They see the cliff collapse on Magos (with the Captain) and the combatants leave the area, then they dig out the sword but do not find the two rings, the black box or Magos.
September ? 3202 - WG Thorn, WG Gunthor, Tim D'Reaper, etc. go to Friendship Temple where Magos is keeping the black box. They go into the temple and find a secret passage. The party members are tested for their virtue and after being found worthy receive gifts and information. They are told that the King was last wielded by Diomachus Maximus who exists to the northeast beyond the mountains, waiting. He knows where the King is. They are also told that they have been judged worthy to hold the black box, but that Magos has not. They take back the box from Magos.
Ben summarizes in 1994: As you know, we basically "passed" the orcish virtue test. They gave us 11 kick-ass items, [what items?] told us the box was ours and sent us on our merry way. We proceded to lay plans for "raiding" the Zig as non-violently as possible and retrieving the box. These more or less worked, largely because of the extreme power of the impressive collection of items we have assembled. We fled the area, and escaped with the box, unscathed except for losing one pegasus. (Sept 3202) We met up with our financial supporter, Wiz-Gen Kiphelm Thorne and also Wiz-Gen Guaneri some where in Pandoland (I wasn't around for this part) and began to set off in search of The Captain based on a hint given to us by the orcs.
? 3202 ? - Maroczy, Poppy-Tor, etc. go to destroy the arboreal portal from the Vorn side. They have the Captain. There is a huge explosion, the portal is destroyed and Maroczy vanishes. Rumors of a balrog in the area.
October 10036 - Maroczy appears in Arborea over Grendel's cave. Mowcrot ends up at the arboreal portal. (The sword had apparently been asked to take Maroczy to the King, but something went wrong when the portal was destroyed, so...? But this does increase the credibility of the sword's claim to be able to control the portals.) See Maroczy.
? 3202 ? - Guanerius, Tim, Werner, the black box, etc. leave for the north to find Diomachus Maximus. But first they are asked by Allotar to destroy a new fire dwarven necromantic research facility. It goes badly and they escape using the box. Only Guanerius ends up at the intended destination in Arborea.
February 10037 - Keiko, an illiterate gypsy elf, is found by Hershel Tims on Vyrica with Sudibin refugees.
July 10037 - Near Persand, the Pike group meets the very psionically aware Keiko who was carrying a message for the Man of the Turtles. "Testitudine's phylum marks the grave on Alpha Illum you must save." Keiko passes the message on to the Pike group before she is killed by Mowcrot.
November 10039 - O.R./Omnico Persand Portal destruction mission includes former members of Pike group. Katie Resnick disappears.
August 10040 - Omnico/SOAK find the Captain under the empty coffin in the turtle-marked grave of Bredend Jones in the far south of main cemetary on Ilum Alpha. (Former Pike Group members had become involved with Omnico and O.R. operations by this time.)
late 10040 - O.R. helps Omnico escape with the sword and members of the O.R. join in the mission to get the Captain back to Vorn and find the King. Astro stays behind to fight off the pursuers. Richard Folger is dragged away by the Abraxian demon balrog thing.
August 3206 - the "Sword Group" has portaled in the desert on Vorn.
September 3207 - the Sword Group delivers the Captain to the Temple Temple Temple.
Sometime between 3202 and 3206, Guanerius Guaneri, Tim Da Reaper, Werner Gunthor and Kiphelm Thorn were condemned to death as traitors on Vorn as a result of Council confusion about the events surrounding the disappearance of the Captain and the black box. Of the Sword Group, the only one who knew any of the traitors personally was Duncan, who knew G.G. as an acquaintance in the O.R. Through Duncan, the group knew that the four "traitors" had portaled out of Vorn with the black box but only G.G. had appeared on EOW, and that he did not have The Captain, but rather a phase long sword (from Kiphelm) that he gave to Folger. No one knew how the Captain got to EOW (since Maroczy was the only person involved except for Poppy-Tor, who was left on Vorn and didn't know for sure where Maroczy was going).

Cardinoff, Isabella (Ben) - female dwarvish hand axe wielder and cannoneer. Commandress of OMNICo, Persand Expeditionary Force and the Sword Group. Killed fighting trolls in the Sprinal Tap (res.) and during the Sword Group's Skeleton Battle (3206) (body was lost in the Sandstorm after being carried for several weeks at the insistence of Grey Armstrong). Missions: Sprinal Tap (commander), Illum Gamma (commander), Persand, Ilmenite Mine, Ilum Alpha, Sword Quest.

Carp Center - a small poor village on the Uchebinik penninsula, plagued by pirates until the Order of the Ring arrived. It was renamed "the Patville" in honor of its new mayor, The Pat.

Carrera - a Gravesend ship owned by Excelsea Gravesend (Gravestone) Co. and captained by Dewey. Involved with Forsythia Cemetary Exploration.

Caruso, Cynthia () - Killed while attempting to stab Nazgul with phase arrow in Astro's complex in KDP W. [Was this during the nazful attack on the O.R. complex where Rajendra got killled? 10040? 10041?]

Castle Vaehran - druidic temple explored by Omnico and SOAK.

[Memories coming back for Lantelle Svorak of Omnico] "There we were, standing on the [eastern] glacier's edge, looking at some stone building. It looked like some form of castle, but being only one story with a tower... We didn't have a whole lot of time to drink it in, however, because across the short-grassed rocky terrain were marching a group of... ice bears. Their leader stopped before us, barking something that seamed like a challenge... Grey (Armstrong?) squared off with this fiercesome beast, and to the ice bears' chagrin... Grey cut him down. They scattered... We proceeded inside the building. Man, it was cold... We got some coal from the boat and started a fire in the fireplace. Soon after this, someone noticed that the fire was creating an opening in the fireplace... Some sort of expansion trick due to the heat was opening a way to some chamber below. After some serious work of removing bricks, we had a way down. Once below, we discovered a strange concert of chambers. The ends were blocked off with metal bars that seemed to grow from the walls, and the passage to those bars was riddled with pits. In one of those pits we found a body. I was lowered down on a rope, and we found that the pits were trapped to stab spears into people as they are falling or being lowered down... The body, it turns out, was our employer, Jubal Tokenfall. Beside him lay a staff that, when touched, coursed electricity through me... I searched his body, discovering a ritualistic dagger, an iron ring, and a note. The note had something about 'If you are reading this, then I have already failed.' [Failed at what? What task was he supposed to accomplish there at Castle Vaehran?] After mapping what we could of the chambers out, we realized that the passages were nearly symmetrical. It looked like a two person task. I took the right, and one of our newbies took the left passage... We walked down our respective hallways, the bars coursing in and out of the walls in front of us, moving down the hallway. A second set of bars appeared behind us as we walked, moving ever-so-slightly faster than the bars in front. This should have been timed perfectly [why?], but it wasn't... As I was reaching the end of the hallway, shouting out for the other person to move faster, my backpack was caught in the bars at my back... but... I was able to break the straps of the backpack and collapse into the room at the end of the hall. As I picked myself up, an ethereal figure coursed towards me. I do not remember exactly what it said in my mind, but it was something along the lines of 'prove your worth'. I collapsed to one knee, head bowed, and I held aloft the iron ring that I had recently found, feeling awe and mystery at what came towards me. The phantom passed me by, and, as I caught my breath, I heard screams further down the corridor... "
SOAK found Bob the Great's body there and lost the ceiling walking boots.

Castor (?) - captured Krutch (?) with Clamystra and Pollux.

Caulfield, Charles (Matt A.) A member of the Western Wind along with Giamo Giovanni.

Cave Portal - a telemantic cave in the Sprinal Tap. Was discovered by an OMNICo team when Abner Strumpet, Grey Armstrong, and Felissa Hayes-Hunter disappeared while investigating the cave. Sargenta Welch checked out the cave with a rope tied about her waist, so that the minute we detected any strangeness we could yank her back. She went in about fifteen feet to the end, and called out that there were no passages to the side or any hidden doors. Then, suddenly, the group couldn't hear her any more, and the rope went slack. They pulled the rope out, and the loop which had been tied around her waist was perfectly intact, but she was gone. At this point they began to suspect some kind of magickal phenomena. The magic mushrooms read (7.9 general, 6.0 sorcery) at the cave mouth. Ed Xing tested the cave by throwing in a hatchet into the cave. It clanked against the back wall and fell to the floor, so he went to retrieve it, despite repeated orders. He picked up the hatchet, turned around, and disappeared. When it was determined that it was possible to establish a sort of communication with the missing party members by shouting and having high hearing party members listen carefully, it was estimated that they probably were only about five miles away at most. Thom Merrilin was sent through to assist them in getting back. Later, their trail was picked up in a swamp basin which was inaccessible without climbing ropes. The trail led to a basilisk cave where the missing party members were found - along with the basilisk family...

SOAK investigated the Cave Portal on several missions sponsored by the Telemancy College (the "Telemancy" missions). For Sprinal Tap I (?) The pick-up - 24th and 25th at midnight. The Cave portal took away the gnomes, necromantic mushroom and some of the stuff in the telemancy school's box, while the other magic mushrooms were just "cancelled". Pick-up Date - July 15. Two maps with notes (products of the mission?).
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