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Broadmoor to Bysshe
7th Edition

Broadmoor, Bernardo (Nick) - central figure in the Water Cure incident. Member of Omnico. Missions:

Broken Arrow Mining Camp - an encampment of about 30 long barrack-like buildings.found by the Sword Group in 3207.

The camp leaders took in Vagirius Aranathes when he told them that he needed to reach Pandoland, and then took in the rest of the Sword Group. They healed the Group and hid them in the mines. They also arranged a boat to take them secretly to Pandoland in 3 months, and until then they hid the Group in the most dangerous shaft of the mine "Where even the mine inspectors fear to go", and taught them to mine and speak tribal orcish. When Lam asked them why they were helping, they responded "Wouldn't you?" They never got their names, save the scribe - Origen, but perhaps that is for the best.

Brown, Emmanuel (NPC). A Lyceeum orc (?). Able to do a fairly good job of disguising himself as human. Hired a SOAK team to travel to Blendon Island to help recover the stashed valuables of some associates of his. His wife is Alexandra and his son gives "the evil eye". He also funded the Vyrican Reclamation Expedition. He was the leader of Krasgorod when the Greymar Grendling Group was in the area in 10043. Is believed to be Augustus Alexander under an assumed name.

Brubaker (NPC) - man in charge of the cemetery during Forsythia Cemetary Exploration.

Bulbous Mushrooms - white bulbous mushrooms, easily seen at night, found in mountain ranges all over. Component for sleep.

Burble, Euphoria (Ben) - Nomadic Hobbit female. Lost during an El Ouhdian assault on the Grendel's Cave. A childlike head displayed by Eth in an attempt to subdue the Greymar Grendling Group may have been hers. (Eth threatened to kill 86 prisoners there in the fortress unless the GGG surrendered.)

Burly Strong Adventure - At the center of the Extinct Volcano on Symtheta just before the End of the World...

Burrows, Feral (Mayfield) - Member of the Sword Group. Died in the Sandstorm with the Sword Group.

Bysshe bombs (?) - "Seven and I threw our bombs. My bomb fell just short and rolled underneath the cart, but Seven's landed perfectly in the cart's center. To our great surprise, nothing happened. It turned out that the bombs had tiny corks in them which we had failed to pull out before throwing them. The bomb that Seven had thrown had cracked, and powder was leaking out from it, so we decided to leave it where it was. Seven took the other bomb that I had thrown, which was undamaged."

Bysshe Commandoes - created in Bysshe while the city was collapsing under an assault by some gnomes. Apparently, the gnomes had some type of powder which would destroy any magic that it came in contact with in a tremendous fireball. One of the mayor's underlings in Bysshe was very worried about this. He commissioned a group of mercenaries to undertake a commando raid on the source of the Gnome's powder and destroy it. The underling gave us a smoke bomb, some boom powder, three "poof" arrows, skins filled with healing potions, and some other general supplies. He also promised that the town's coffers would be available to us should we succeed in our task. Finally, he led us to Sean, our guide for the journey, and introduced us to Carney Subotnick and Melvin Findley, our companions to complete the original membership of the Bysshe Commandoes.

Known or suspected members: Melvin Findley, Kiesara, Gar Pike, Sean, Seven, Carney Subotnick. Gnome Cart Adventure:
    On the first day out of the city, the group spotted a cart with several Gnomes in it and set an ambush for the attack on the 'tiny wimps.' The 'tiny wimps' were more than ready for them, however. Eventually, the gnomes were routed. They looted the cart and the dead bodies of the slain gnomes and found Kiesara. Both Melvin and Carney were beyond the help of any earthly medicine. To prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, however, Seven and I took all of their money and items of value. Carney's longsword was also much better crafted and balanced than mine was, and although a mercenary's first loyalty is to his weapon, a good mercenary has as many swords as a sailor has wives. I took his sword and left him my old one. The gnome mage had a silver Pentagonal Ring, and his followers wore similar rings made of brass. Seven took the silver ring, and I took a brass one. We then buried the bodies and weapons and hurried away to rejoin Sean before the last gnome could bring reinforcements against us.
    Sean was extremely upset at the deaths of Carney and Melvin. I thought that they might have been his friends and asked him about them, but Sean wouldn't answer. Finally, Seven threatened to kill him if he didn't lead us away. Sean took us to a campsite in the mountains, and bickered with Seven till late at night while the rest of us tried to sleep. To keep a semblance of peace, we split up our march the next day. Sean and Kiesara went ahead, while Seven and I followed about a hundred feet back. That night, I was awakened in camp by the sounds of a conversation. I found my right leg chained to a heavy iron ball and started to panic, but a low voice said, "wait." Seven stood in the dark on the top of a hill beyond the range of my poor vision. He conversed with some unknown being or beings for quite a while before returning to camp. Without a word of explanation, he demanded that we all swear allegiance to Ghenjar. I asked Sean about Ghenjar, and the scholar/guide replied that he was the greatest of the gnomish kings. However, it turned out that he had been dead for about seven hundred years. I had reservations about swearing allegiance to a dead king, but Sean seemed to have no worries, so I went along with the group. A mercenary's allegience lasts only as long as he's paid anyway, so I had few qualms. Seven then introduced us to a pair of gnomes, Guanerius and Grendel. I tensed myself for a fight, but found out that the pair were also servants of Ghenjar. It turned out that Ghenjar's servants were fighting a war against the current militaristic leadership of the deep gnomes, the same gnomes who were besieging Bysshe. Since I had no conflict in loyalty and was presented with several spell components by the gnomes, I agreed to help them on their quest. Then I found out that they were contemplating an attack on Minetown, a city with a population of around eight hundred gnomes. I'm a very good fighter, but somehow the idea of six on eight hundred odds didn't appeal to me. Guanerius and Grendel proved to be more than able companions, however.
    En route to Minetown, we ran into a deep gnome encampment. Guanerius fried the camp with a tremendous fireball, while Seven and I charged. I was hit by a gnome with a mace and fell unconsious, but found out later that the two gnomes on our side ended up doing most of the killing. Kiesara proved herself in battle as well, dropping two gnomes with her arrows. The gnomish campsite was placed near a cave mouth, and appeared to be some sort of base camp from which they could conduct operations further in the mountains. We took torches from the camp and carefully investigated the cave, prepared for horrible monsters to jump us at any moment, but the cave turned out to be shallow and empty, much to our relief (and disappointment).
    In about two days the six of us should be in position to assault Minetown. However, we are nowhere close to being ready. If the six of us all worked together as a team, some of us could probably escape from this adventure with our lives. However, Sean and Seven haven't resolved their difficulties yet, and the gnomes have been really close. My new sword feels comfortable at my side, but I doubt that it will be enough to defeat the gnomes. This expedition seems fated for disaster.

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