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Blendon Island. An island on Vyrica explored by SOAK on behalf of Emanuelle Brown. Martinar is on the south end of Blendon. There is a river on the island that flows southward into the ocean. Following the river from the point it empties into the ocean inland approximately 2 miles leads to a yellow rock. 3 miles west of this rock is a sunken foundation where treasure was found in the form of twelve large chests. The chests were apparently enchanted with magic, and probably trapped. Four chests remain hidden in the ground there. Another group of chests had to be buried next to a river on Vyrica when the expedition discovered the loss of its horse, Garthog. [What about the O.R. mission?]

Blinding Goop - an attack technique encountered by the Verteux Loonies in association with a sneak attack by a couple of gnomes, and by the Vyrican Reclamation Expedition in association with tree lizards.

Verteux Loonies, October 10039, - "Yanni heard a noise, and turned around only to have something horrid thrown into his face, blinding him. He screamed loud enough to wake our comrades, and I helped him down to the river to wash the stuff out. It turned out that we had been attacked by two or three gnocks (at least two, probably three), who used the blinding goop trick on the Looney as well. The mask protected him from serious injury, but he still could not see until he managed to get the stuff off." -- Gabrielle Monsoir
Vyrican Reclamation Expedition, - The "party" was assigned to accompany and help guard a resupply mission to Krasgorod. During the trip, the party was accompanied for a significant time by mysterious five-foot-long tree lizards. That night a scream was heard in the woods, a tree lizard ran out from the middle of the camp, and a couple of the party were attacked in the woods by Ecks. An Eck corpse was found the next day, apparently the victim of some sort of horrendous eye irritation. (Theory - the tree lizards spit poison into the eyes of their victims.)

Bliss - an addictive hallucinogen that has been around for hundreds of years. It is a golden powder that can be collected out of certain rock faces, usually near volcanoes. It is extremely pricey (500+ per hit) and is used primarily by very well-off drug addicts and yuppies: politicians, thespians, etc. It is easily concealable (only a small amount needs to be ingested) and is generally distributed through personal networks of buyers and sellers. It is not a "street" drug.

Was used by Heron Falcon of the Western Wind to help incapacitate Aaron Kessara.
See also the Electronic Expedition.

Blockade, The - a line of enemy ships in the Western Ocean that attempted to block ocean travel. Came down in February 10040? Spring 10041?

Bloodshade - incredibly rare dark red ivy that grows on dying trees. Any locations are kept secret and propriety. Component for longevity. Found by Garth in the Kobold underground town.

Blue Rose - grows to 6ft or more in the savannahs of the Republic. Component for PMA.

Bob (NPC) - the proprietor of a magic shop in Melanchthon that was patronized by the Order of the Ring on the Rajendra Rescue mission in 10038.

Bob the Great () - member of Omnico (?). Body found by SOAK on Castle Vaharan.

Bolger, Stephen (?) - the only one who went with Lantelle Svorak when she parted ways with OMNICo. The 10th of August, 10037 saw them leave Carthage on the way to Allotrope. Once there they spent 11 weeks training, preparing for the journey. On November 18th of the same year they chartered a boat to go near Roanoke in an attempt to reach the central plains of Vyrica and the High Druid. By the 29th of November he was chased underground with Lantelle and Co. and when he was separated by the party to test the maze/puzzle there, he was assaulted by something and vanished.

Boner Adventure - in the Sprines where we messed with the altar and it appeared. [?]

Bosch, Hieronymous (Ben) Human male. Messenger and spy. Bearer of "The Shield". Wandering about Vorn.

Bosk (NPC) - male Vornish tribal gnome camel guide sent by Shudar Barg to accompany the Sword Group to the desert ruins. He turned on Grey Armstrong, wounding him badly, at the ruins in the desert when the undead with the "black rider" attacked. He then rode away.

Bottle of Wishes - One of these was briefly owned by Phillipe Du Nord. Phillipe later died of the incurable disease caused by using the words "I wish" after he had sold the bottle. It was used in combination with a Xorn to cause a massive explosion at the so-called "First End of the World".

Bow of Steadiness - magic bow that makes any man the deadliest of archers. Received by the Tim and Werner Group at the Friendship Temple.

Bow-tie of Nasty Noise - an odd item used by Christopher Lewis in the Rajendra Rescue Mission.

Bramblethorn, Marigold "Snark" (Geoff). Hobbit. Deceased member of SOAK. "After my brief but harrowing carreer in military hospitals, I was looking for something to occupy me. Something nice and respectible, yet stimulating enough to keep my little mind alive. It was a real eye-opener to work among the Big People in that hospital; the wounded soldiers (the ones who could speak; most of the cases we saw were awfully serious otherwise they'd be treated in mobile units near the front) described some truly fearsome creatures, horrible battles, and an enemy that would as likely as not be charging straight through our old homes in a few months." (From summary of travel in a snake.) Died on Culebra I.

Missions: Brid Island, Trangle Sewers, Distown, Culebra I.

Breathless Halls of Eighty Generations - believed to be Grendel's cave. Pike's Group was told to take the "Keeper" to the Breathless Halls when they failed the ancient orcish liches' test. We've identified about 40 of what could well be 80 tombs in Grendel's cave, hence the 80 generations.

Brennan, Yeoman (Nick/NPC) - martial artist now working for the Rakshasa. Encountered by SOAK on Culebra I when Abner Strumpet fought him hand to hand. He would have killed Abner except for the timely intervention of a poof arrow fired by Gaul Galapagos. (He caught the arrow, and then broke it!)

Brid. A rare intelligent species resembling very tall, muscular humans except with huge wings. Was found on the Brid Island by Abner Strumpet using the sea snake summoned by his snake whistle. They are isolated and xenophobic, but that may be changing. They are capable of using technology, but magic is new and unfamiliar to them. In battle, they use longswords, and heavy crossbows to complement their unusual aerial battle technique. They are deadly shots, and utterly without mercy. They practice a lot with their bows and make their arrowheads from fish and fletch them with their own feathers; whenever someone dies some of his feathers are used to make special quarrels for his sons which it is a disgrace to lose. They employ gnomes as slaves or servants. The gnomes speak gnomish and some Bridish and have a small boat so there may be contact with the outside world unless it's just a lifeboat used for fishing. They don't seem to know much about the druids or anything else that is on their island.

King Astyanax said his grandfather, who died ten years ago (about 10030), had led them to this island. He also said they used to live far across the line of the sun (whatever) and had moved and moved and moved every some-word-that-means-a-long-time when wingless barbarians encroached on their land. King Astyanax is the successor of King Phalanx who was killed by SOAK (But King Astyanax has claimed the credit.). Other Brids of more conservative and xenophobic bent have disputed Astyanax' kingship (the sides are about equal) and thus there is a civil war. King Astyanax plans to use equipment supplied by SOAK to try to win the war. The other leader is reported to be very ugly and very, very physically strong. (Astyanax twice refused duels though he practiced everyday with Phalanx's sword in preparation for one he might have to accept some day.)
SOAK visited the Brid several times, using Abner's snake, but when the snake whistle was lost, contact was broken. Then King Astyanax appeared on Wingman's Bluff near KDPW (?), claimed that SOAK had brought a devastating plague that was killing the Brid warriors, and demanded a large quantity of Baby Shakes medicine in exchange for a SOAK member captured on the Brid Island, Felisssa Hayes-Hunter. Felissa had wildly exagerated Abner's power and importance while being interrogated by the Brid, but she was able to teach Common to Astyanax and his assistant, Syrinx, learn some Bridish and other valuable information during her months of imprisonment. Apparently other SOAK members were also held prisoner, including Bryn. Albert, who had apparently been a prisoner of the Brids (?), was delivered to the SOAK house in KDPW about March 19, 10041 in a mysterious coffin with writing much like that Abner Strumpet and Juliette Naturas first noticed on the Brid Island. (details?)

Brid Island. The name given by SOAK to a smallish island whose location is unknown. The Brid King Astyanax was apparently able to fly from there to KDP in a few days. It may be just a little ways into the southern glacier - near Shangriland. It seems to be reachable only by snake or by wing, although Shangri-la-ists have also found the island somehow. It is inhabited by Brids. The island is about 8 miles across and full of tall hills that make the island into a sort of natural-caverned maze. In addition, positioned around the island are 8 mounds that have the "classical druidic" rock structures on them, only one of which has crumbled. Some of the stones have an unknown form of writing on them In the center of the island there is an intricately woven grove of trees that form an natural dome with a passage leading straight in through the canopy itself. The passage is quite dim, requiring lanterns. At the center is a largish space surrounded entirely, including over the top, by the tightly woven trees. In the center of the circle is a hole leading into an underground chamber or passage. A large tree limb stands above the whole, with a very old piece of rope tied to it. The rope looked like it had been cut, but it had been long ago. Going into the hole leads to what appears to be a living chamber. A small bed sits in one corner, a mirror is on the the western wall. Along the northern wall stand bookcases filled with old books which date from 9750 to 9826 and cover math, geography, chemistry and history. On the southern wall there are crates and chests, and a desk sits along the eastern wall. In the desk was an old vase. (See magic items.) Most of the crates turned out to be empty, but one was full of weapons: shortswords, axes, daggers, etc. A magic dagger was found under the pillow on the bed. Inside the chests were: a brown cloak in perfect condition (moderate magic item), a unstrung magic short bow (moderate magic item), 12 gold tipped magic arrows (minor magic items), and 240 silver ingots, and 20 vials of spices. However, the passage tends to close behind the intruder, apparently connected with the fact that the trees are low-level magical. It does reopen, for no apparent reason. (Open date, closed date?) There is a depression near the northeast edge of the island. There may be a Brid camp in the northern central area of hills of the island where Felissa Hayes-Hunter and others were held prisoner.

We know the Brid King was able to fly from the Brid Island in a few days. Judging from the brid preference to meet us on the outcrop of land we call Shangriland, we figure it's not very far across the southern glacier. IMPORTANT: JULIE IS THE ONLY SURVIVING PERSON FROM SOAK THAT THEY KNOW. The rest of us are strangers as far as the Brid are concerned, and you know how much they *love* strangers.

Brid Island Alphabet

_______      _______      _______      _______      _______      _______
|     |      |     |      |     |      |     |      |   | |      |     |
|-----|      |     |      |     |      |     |      |   | |      |     |
|  *  |      |  ?  |      |  ?  |      |  ?  |      | * | |      |  ?  |
|     |      |     |      |     |      |     |      |   | |      |     |
|     |      |     |      |     |      |     |      |   | |      |     |
A            B            C            D            E            F
_______      _______      _______      _______      _______      _______
|     |      |     |      |     |      |     |      |\    |      |\   /|
| \   |      |     |      |     |      |     |      | \   |      | \ / |
|  -  |      |  ?  |      |  *  |      |  ?  |      |  -  |      |  -  |
|   \ |      |     |      |-----|      |     |      |   \ |      | / \ |
|     |      |     |      |     |      |     |      |    \|      |/   \|
G            H            I(or as E?)  J            K            L
_______      _______      _______      _______      _______      _______
| /   |      |   \ |      | |   |      |     |      |     |      |     |
|/    |      |    \|      | |   |      |     |      |     |      | \ / |
|     |      |     |      | | * |      |  ?  |      |  ?  |      |  -  |
|     |      |     |      | |   |      |     |      |     |      | / \ |
|     |      |     |      | |   |      |     |      |     |      |     |
M            N            O            P            Q            R
_______      _______      _______      _______      _______      _______
|  |  |      |     |      |     |      |     |      |     |      |     |
|  |  |      |  |  |      |  |  |      |     |      |-----|      |     |
| -|- |      |  |  |      | -|- |      |  *  |      |     |      |     |
|  |  |      |  |  |      |  |  |      |     |      |     |      |    /|
|  |  |      |     |      |     |      |     |      |     |      |   / |
S            T            alt T        U            V            W
_______      _______      _______
|     |      |     |      |     |
|     |      |     |      |     |
|  ?  |      |     |      |  ?  |
|     |      |\    |      |     |
|     |      | \   |      |     |
X            Y            Z
Brid Island Blood Vase: a vase of "druidic" design jeweled with rubies and gold, the outside carved with a rope motif entertwined with hand axes and daggers and engraved with the phases of one of the moons. The inside is coated with dried blood. Found by SOAK in the Brid Island dome. Believed to be in the possession of Juliette Naturas.

Brid Island Bow: See Nighthawk Bow/Arrows.

Brid Island Cloak: "Otherworldly cloth" Absorbs most of the impact from bludeoning and slashing weapons, making it the armor equivilant of chainmail without the weight. Found by SOAK and lost by Juliette Naturas.

Brid Island Dagger: Can glow softly ("lux") - orig. 16 charges and and sharpen hearing ("aud") - orig. 12 charges. Found by SOAK and seized by the elvish military.

Brid Puzzle - part of Dukas Puzzle (?) written in Brid Island Alphabet. See Dukas Puzzle.

Bridge Missions - ill-fated attempts to destroy a vital enemy supply route by blowing up a bridge across Garibaldi Cut in the Sprines.

ECKS IN THE CONFEDERACY? Well, they're knocking hard at the front door, in any case. One of the many things that we *didn't* know is that the "bridge" we were blowing up [see Bridge Missions] wasn't necessarily just a conventional bridge; it looks in some respects like there may be a new portal; or else the Enemy have taken the Abraxian Shrine Portal and put it to use. Pity we didn't destroy it.The Second Bridge Mission - (Apr. 11-21, 10043) Members: Grizzly Adams, Saka Doyo, Gregory Dunston, Brandywine Falcon, Maltese Falcon, Geo Gastric, Obsidian Rubble, Heinrich Schutz, Natasha Volminskaya, Merri Weather-Lewis, Marito Yoshida, Dirk Zand. From the diary of Merri Weather-Lewis:
  • 5/11/43 Today we leave on the Obelisk. It is captained by Josiah Wedgewood, the former first mate of Robin Obelisk's Albatross... The mission... is an attempt by Commander Zand to finish what he started eight months ago: blow up the bridge crossing the Garibaldi Cut... Also, to take supplies to a church apostle named Othniel who is leading the trolls up north against the enemy...
  • 5/13/43 We've just left Forsythia where we've picked up the supplies for Othniel - about 400 lbs... mostly arrowheads and swords.
  • 5/18/43 We'll be landing a little later tonight. The party looks anxious--all except Commander Zand, who has a certain look of determination in his eyes, almost as if he were possessed. I think that he would march through the gates of Hell to blow this bridge up.
  • 5/19/43 Today we were ambushed. Several eckyebrech started dropping flame strikes on us. Several of us rushed up the slopes to try to attack them. After a few rounds of inconsequential melee, one of the flame strikes hit the boomdust. There was a tremendous explosion that ripped our camp apart killing many... Dunston, Brandywine Falcon, Rubble, and Yoshida were killed. One of Adams' hands was severely damaged.
    Both our demolitions experts have been killed and all our boomdust and explosive devices are gone. Our supplies have been scattered to the four winds... There is no other choice. We must continue. The world depends on it.
  • 5/21/43 Today Maltese woke up. That's a good sign. We've managed to scavange a significant percentage of the supplies going to Othniel. Also, upon re-evaluating our lot we have one expert at masonry, geology, and mining (Schutz) and a physomancer who can cast Disintegrate. Plus we may be able to get assistance from Othniel.

Brigg () - a founding member of Omnico.

Brimble, Silas "Skip" (Ben) hobbitian male, devoted ornithologist and flight fanatic. Unofficial leader of Vyrican Reclamation Expedition. Joined VRE solely to capture a rare mango-mango bird. Executed by orcish military consul after fiasco in Krasgorod.

Brimble, Zima (Geoff) - a human male who views scenes with condescension and curiosity. He may say little, but is actively involving in examining things. He looks a bit odd but thanks to an amicable if lopsided grin he usually falls short of seeming actually deranged. He tends to alternate between spells of thoughtful silence and quick, sharp-edged declarations. He wears a small yellow button (often) which reads "I challenge you to Dualism". Member of Electronic Expedition. Probably ended up in jail.

Britannica, Death (Chris) - died 30 October 10042.


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