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Ambrosia to Ayer's Rock
7th Edition

Ambrosia, The - ship used by the Pike Group to go to Persand Island on the Eck Temple Mission (in addition to the Dawn Treader). Was sent back to the unknown employer's secret base with the injured Rhino and the body of Aragorn Pike partway through the mission.

Amhar - city west of Pandoland on Vorn. Home of the Ababa.

Amsterix Island - place where the satellite was being built. In 10016, terrible fires and magical fallout were associated with a possible flying object that was thought to have landed in the glacier north of Iceland.

The group that went to track the satellite on the northern glacier included Geronimo (or Gilgamesh, whichever was the one with the extra thumb), and Ididerod, the sled master.

Anaphora - (Geoff)

"Anaphora reflects on the state of the world:..Long ago separated from her old adventuring companions, and finding herself deeply embedded in service to Ghenjar, Anaphora spends more and more time reflecting on the state of the world. Not least among her contemplations is the bizarre way in which she became a Gnomish partisan, and the way in which her companions abandoned her at the last minute before journeying to this mysterious new world. But as bitter as these memories become, the larger issues of the world irresistably captivate her attention."

Ancient stuff - see Orcs and Gnomes.

Anders, Saul (Ben) - a guide/ranger-type hired by Gandalf Greymar for the Greymar Grendling Group. At one point, he fell out of a tree when he was surprised by a giant ant there. His body came to be possessed by Peregrine Falcon and Co.

Animated logs - logs that sprout skeletal arms and a miniature heads on Shang. See Sankwich Explorations.

Animated orc maidens - on the mysterious center island on Shang, with metal claws, oh my. See Sankwich Explorations.

Animated tree stumps - irritating attacking woody plant forms. Associated with druids (and/or Shangri-la-ists). Found in the Sprinal Tap and on Vyrica.

Animation - necromantic process of bringing recently killed bodies back to life without minds or souls. Creates beings such as skeletons (held together by invisible sinews), zombies (continually decaying corpses) and wights (hairy, grayish corpses). They are dependent on magical power and lack motivation or mental ability. They drain their summoner or energy source, then fade fack to death. They can be controlled, poorly, by their summoner, but there is no other way to communicate with them.

Ankle-sore – raccoon-sized creatures… probably irritating.

Anna (NPC) - seven-year-old orcish girl, sister of Dmitri, supposedly lost in the family home near Krasgorod after (or before?) her father fell down a hole. Reappeared as a wrathful demonic entity in the Krasgorod Caves. See the Vyrican Reclamation Expedition.

Anthraco Mining. An organization that has commercial interests dealing with illmenite and other minerals especially in the Sprinal Tap.

Known or suspected members: Feyerabend, Lyman Schur (president), Uther Uberdieck.
Points of Contact: Anthraco Mining - Lyman Schur, 1 Kendronplatz, Hematite, Allotrope; Galena Consul - Feyerabend; Jacketz Consul - Uther Uberdieck, Box 110 Mail Mall East, Jacketz, Dun Cess Conf. Missions:
  • Ilmenite Mine employing Omnico - Feb 26 - March 22 (?), 10040.
  • Abraxian Shrine emplying Omnico.

Anti-magic - magic that reacts violently with EOW magic, for example, Vorn magic. Xorns radiate anti-magic strongly, slather beasts to a lesser extent.

The gnomes who attacked Bysshe in the time of the Bysshe Commandoes had a powder that would destroy any magic in came in contact with in a tremendous fireball.

Ants, giant - large foot-long ants on Vyrica. Encountered by Greymar Grendling Group. They are not particularly aggressive, but if provoked they will attack en masse. Adventurers are advised to leave them alone, or else be able to run fairly fast (mid 40s or so.)

Aphasia (NPC) - beautiful human female long-sword fighter and El Ouhdian who introduced herself as "Melaine" when she helped the O.R. during the Rajendra Rescue mission. Simmian Calveras said that Aphasia went down into the tunnels there and then returned carrying a full bag. She's the daughter of Poppy-Tor (and possibly Zak) according to Folger.

Appleby, Haryard (NPC) - a writer for the Melanchthon Morning Herald.

Apro - city on northern Patmos on Vorn.

In 3207, The Alliance military headquarters there is a white marble converted hotel (with red curtains), and Captain Darland is the attache there. (Visited by the Sword Group in 3207.)

Aranathes, Vagirius (Chad) - EOW orc warrior and scout. Member of the Sword Group.

Arboreal Portal.- portal in central southern Vyrica with possible links to Vorn. See also The Captain.

The first time the party found the Arboreal Portal was when a company was set up to start mining ice from the southern coast around Timanor, perhaps at two small "towns" slightly to the west of Timanor, but they aren't named on the map. Anyway a few months after the mines where formed they started getting attacked by some unknown creature. It was described as around 12 feet tall, all black, with wings and it seemed to land standing on only its two back feet. It also breathed flames. It was thought that it was some kind of dragon thing. [The first balrog?] So a bunch of people where hired to go down there and kick its ass. When the group arrived there was no sign of it. But there were a few really big foot prints in one of the villages. The group set out to the northwest (?) and may have met some druids that attacked with animated tree stumps. (Later missions may have encountered these again.) After crossing a tall ridge the group saw something that looked like a big heat lamp at a beer garden. It was about 8 feet tall with a big oil reservoir at the base and a large lamp at the top. It looked sort of like it had been dropped there as some kind of beacon. There was a line of them that led to the arboreal portal. It's not clear if the group actually went though the portal at that time.
This portal was also used by the Grotto group.
In 3202, a large group of adventurers including some El Ouhd agents tried to destroy the Portal on the Vorn side. Other members of the group were Agent Talbot, Otis Ius, Maroczy, Poppy-Tor. See Otis Ius and Maroczy. After the battle, one could see the ruins at the blast center. The roof had fallen in, and all around were signs of destruction. Several feet up in one wall was a cave entrance - what remained of the portal. To test it, the Eckyebrech put prisoners into the cave one by one. For the first prisoner, there was a weird shifting kind of light, then suddenly a lot of blood and a horrible smell as some of his body parts teleported and others did not. The rest of the prisoners teleported much less horribly. At least three, Otis Ius, Lady Marissa Althoric and Agent Talbot, survived the teleport. See Otis Ius.

Arboria - Vornish name for EOW, presumably since the first modern contacts came via the Arboreal Portal.

Aritheya - see Anaphora and Ursula.

Armstrong, Grey (Brian) - human male sailor, journalist and longsword-wielder with a taste for gnomish women. Sword-bearer. High ranking member of OMNICo. Party champion on Illum Gamma. Killed trying to leave Illum Alpha. Resurrected. Member of the Sword Group. Last seen on Vorn, still alive and carrying The Captain.

Missions: Sprinal Tap (2LT). Illum Gamma (2LT), Illum Alpha, Sword Quest.

Armstrong, Grey (Brian) - human male sailor, journalist and longsword-wielder with a taste for gnomish women. Sword-bearer. High ranking member of OMNICo. Party champion on Illum Gamma. Killed trying to leave Illum Alpha. Resurrected. Member of Persand Expeditionary Force. Member of the Sword Group. Last seen on Vorn, still alive and carrying The Captain. Missions: Sprinal Tap (2LT). Illum Gamma (2LT), Illum Alpha, Sword Quest.

Armstrong, Rocker (?) - member of Delmaruntha Dig Group. Hired to go to Persand.

Arnsata - mountainous region of Vorn where Grey Dwarves live. The Tim and Werner group planned to find the King led there, via the tribal orc town of Salami on the Riverine coast.

Arondoshaw, Eric () - a geologist and veteran of Mickelgarth Mining and Mfg. Member of the Pike Group. Missions: Eck Temple Mission.

Arrows, speciality - darkness, fireball, lightning bolt, paralysis, pyrotechnics.

Artaxerxes - a famous ancient orcish king and an orcish hero. During the second orcish empire, the Captain was briefly seen wielded by an orcish hero named Artaxerxes who sought to re-create the ancient orcish empire and overthrow the decadent 2nd orcish empire.

Arr, Tigris (Ben) Gnomish male. Died at the "end of the "world". Carried a magical mace of lightning bolts stolen from Robin Hood's fortress.

Artaxerxes. A SETCo ship captained by Silas Lapham and used to transport a SOAK team to the Sprinal Tap while on an exploration mission for SETCo.

Artaxerxes I – 6260-6325.

Artaxerxes Hoard – aka Artaxerxes Tomb (Artaxerxes III?) – not actually a tomb. Found by solving the Squiggly Line Puzzle. The treasure was divided with Topelson. Items seemed at first to be war trophies: Abathorean axe, Sudibin katana, etc. but the Delmarintha Dig, the source of the Squiggly Line Puzzle, was uncovering a multi-cultural society. So the items could have been symbols/tools for future alliance. Juho said only the reincarnation of Artaxerxes should have been able to quickly solve the puzzle.

Arthur (?) - Person joking referred to in GG's summary of the escape from the Persand Portal Mission using the black box:"...A death's head amulet was around my neck. It hadn't been there before we left Persand..." What is this "death's head amulet"? Did any of the others notice any gain/loss of possessions? Could something be "inside" the box? Could it be from Arthur?

As the World Turns (Joe) - ran off as a decoy at Yarisuto where he was captured with commemorative plaques inscribed with all the party members' names. Member of Order of the Ring. Missions: Yarisuto.

Astro - psionic bio/physo/sorceror. Has a water elemental named Euclid. A man with the intellect and wisdom of, perhaps, more than one lifetime. Kendra - "When he used to be a woman, he would have killed you for that." Member of Order of the Ring. He stayed with the ship when the Sword Group disembarked in Ilico. Missions: Sword Quest.

Astronomy of EOW - The seasonal year does not match the calendar year. (How exactly does it work? How do the seasons work on Vorn?)

A day is 23:18 hours +/- 5min, a month is 30 days, and a year (calendar? solar?) is 365 days. (Compare with Vorn.) What does this data tell us about the possible orbits of these worlds? [Editor's Warning: My notes were messed up on these items.]
Four moons.
1) Sun spends most of its time in the WESTERN sky. 2) Around Dun Cess, the sun averages about 60 to 61 degrees from the horizon at the noon hour. This varies by +- 11 degrees over a year. 3) The sun rises about 89.3 mins off between Parapanisades and the Southern Glacial Wall. (Sun goes from N to S?)
From this I (Brian) have made some rough calculations (don't assume these are correct, it's late and I'm not at 100%): 1) EOW has a radius of about 5,039 miles. 2) EOW has a circumference of about 31,700 miles at the equator. 3) DunCess has a latitude of about 29.5 degrees. 4) The planet's tilt is about 11 degrees off the solar plane. 5) If there's other habitable land on EOW, it probably lies nearer the equator, so head EAST young man!

Astronomy of Totdham -.

One moon. Constellations do not match Vorn (or EOW?).

Astronomy of Vorn - 24 hour/day, 360 days/year. Compare with EOW. One moon.

Astyanax. King of the Brids. Successor of Phalanx. He apparently has a mate, also called Astyanax, who was encountered on Shangri-land. Currently involved in a civil war with more conservative, xenophobic factions in the Brids.

Atlas, McNally (MattA) - Vornish (?) bedouin elf male staff fighter and thief type. Member of Sword Group. Joined during Flight across Ilico (?). Died unresurrectably in the Skeleton Battle.

Augustus, Leonardo (Chad?) - quiet and reserved orcish member of the Vyrican Reclamation Expedition. Snuck off in search of Dmitri's father, violating orders. Was supposed to be arrested.

Auric Moss - gold-flecked, deep purple moss; in mountain ranges all over; used in expensive perfumes; component for olfactory illusion.

Aviendho () - Member of Order of the Ring. Captured on rescue mission by egyebrech on unknown island in western ocean.

Aya, Chorn (Lisa) - An ugly, dwarven female cannoneer, blacksmith and war-hammer wielder. Member of Omnico and the Sword Group. Died on the docks during the Sword Group's escape from KDPW. Missions: Diplomat Transport, Ilmenite Mine, Ilum Alpha, Sword Quest.

Ayer's Rock - a jutting peninsula of volcanic rock that extends out into the eastern ocean from Vyrica.

From a 10039 (?) job offer to Omnico (?): The new Ayer's Rock shipyards on the eastern coast of Vyrica have proven more efficient and dangerous than predicted in launching the beachhead on Gailinia. In addition Ayer's Rock is the site of a recently established biomantic research facility and the location of a UDC Naval vessel carrying a secret and highly dangerous cargo. Ayer's Rock encloses a large, excellent harbor. Approximately 4,500 workers and soldiers will be encamped in the area. No detailed maps available..
From a 8 April 10042 job offer to SOAK from Pavel Grachev. "The past eighteen months have seen... a glorious restoration of Crimson Tide and other orcish villages and cultural centers on Vyrica. Our task that remains is the destruction of the enemy magical research and shipbuilding facility on Ayer's Rock on the Vyrican outcropping. The Rock continues to be a source of attacks on our civilization. We are interested in hiring your company... to destroy several targets in anticipation of a general assault. These targets include: (1) the mechanized ship loading cranes, (2) the small dam, (3) the dock and mountain watchtowers, (4) the grain silo, and (5) the necromancy research facility. We would be willing to pay... for each of the four prisoners known to be locked in the facility; their names will be provided upon acceptance of this mission. The assault will have to take place before the first of September in 10042. Planning will be coordinated with the Reconquest headquarters in Crimson Tide.
So who would the orcs want rescued from there? Anybody got a PC orc they've lost track of? No, but at least one of Lantelle Svorak's erstwhile companions on Vyrica ended up a prisoner there - V'Edma.

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