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Ababa to Al'Thor
7th Edition

Ababa, The - a "sea camel" that was met by the Sword Group while traveling south down the gnomish Shudarites in Vorn. Its captain offered passage after the group kicked the local Shudar off the beach. It hails out of Amhar west of Pandoland.

Abatthor - god of dwarvish culture and supremacy.

Abner's Island - see the Brid Island.

Abraxian Ring - Symbol of the god Abraxis in the form of a mobius strip and so also called a Mobius Ring.

One was given to Mirabella LaFevre-Dujours by the drow in the Abraxian Shrine. The ring was inscribed as follows: "Go now and consider yourselves applicants to the Faith. Seek out the lost prophet of Abraxis who perished in the world not four years ago; search the world for Marduk, priest of Abraxis, and bearer of the sword of the son. Return not to the Sanctuary of the Mountains until you have recovered his soul, uncovered his body and discovered the Faith. Go now and look to Abraxis as your leader, your master and yourself. From this point forward, his favor and love shall remain forever twisted about you."

Abraxian Shrine. cave-like temple complex in the Sprinal Mountains in the area of Minetown. Contains the Abraxian Shrine Portal. Seems to be called the Sanctuary of the Mountains on the Abraxian Ring.

Found 17 September 10036 by the Woodrosin group via strange compulsions. A few days later, Sept 23, the Marduk Group discovered it and the two groups joined forces shortly thereafter. They found that there was an Abraxian Shrine there.
In Feb 10038, the Netco Spell Component Hunters also happened onto the cave system and revisited the cave in March of that year. They didn't notice that it was an Abraxian Shrine, and walked into the waters of the "Minetown Cave Complex" never to be seen again.
Beginning in [38-02] an enormous construction project was undertaken on a small cave system approximately 18 miles west of Minetown in the foothills of the Sprines. The project involved securing an area of about 1.5 square miles around the cave system and the creation of a small town of workers and guards. In [39-02] gnomish production of ilmenite increased significantly, traceable to this single mine.
Given the importance of ilmenite in martial manufactory, it was desirable to investigate this area further, therefore Anthraco hired Omnico for the Ilmenite Mine Mission in Feb-Mar 10040. In the valley were several buildings and things, but no mines or signs of mining activity were found, only a cave. At the entrance of the cave and at various points in the cave were incredibly horrid scenes of death, destruction, and grisly mutilation. There was a lot of tar splattered around, and plenty of revolting stuff. Inside, was a room with a lake of black slime, and a few player memories came together to realise that it was the Abraxian Shrine visited years before by Marduk et al. A new feature was a huge device which was quickly determined to be a portal (Abraxian Shrine Portal). Hawthorne and Thor Samson ported through accidentally. A drow appeared in the shrine and informed Mirabella LaFevre-Dejours that "The Water Had Slept With Her", and gave her an Abraxian Ring. Thus the resident drow asshole doomed the party to a quest to go find Marduk Uranti, with explicit instructions not to return until they had recovered the Prophet of Abraxis.
Late 10040 - The Sword Group: Upon arriving at the Abraxian shrine the group came in contact with the overseer of the place "the resident drow asshole" who tried to violently deny them access to the portal with the help of several of the shades. They were dispatched, but when the overseer was slain a fearsome fiery tarred balrog-shaped demon-thing rose up and began assaulting them. The battle was immense and, as the portal warmed up, Richard Folger was taken down. Others lives were taken by this creature, but the remaining crew managed to make it into the portal with the Captain. ECKS IN THE CONFEDERACY? Well, they're knocking hard at the front door, in any case. One of the many things that we *didn't* know is that the "bridge" we were blowing up [see Bridge Missions] wasn't necessarily just a conventional bridge; it looks in some respects like there may be a new portal; or else the Enemy have taken the Abraxian Shrine Portal and put it to use. Pity we didn't destroy it.
Juho, an Abraxian, thinks that the portal rings would allow one to change the destination.
See also the Sword Group, the Minetown Cave Complex, Marduk Uranti and the NETCO Spell Component Hunters.

Abraxian Shrine Portal - Discovered by OMNICo in the Abraxian Shrine. It was kind of a chandelier-like array of pipes and tubes, which was lowered into the water on a winch. It pumped water through itself, and seemed to imbue the water with a magickal charge. Then, drinking or touching the water set one up to get portaled through a little magically dark cavern at one side of the chamber (?) as Hawthorne and Thor Samson discovered. The device was not there when previous groups had visited the Abraxian Shrine.

The Sword Group used the device to portal to Vorn after fighting past the balrog-demon-thing - without drinking/touching the magic water (?).
Is it just a coincidence that the Abraxian Shrine Portal landed the Sword Group right in the middle of the Shrine (desert) on Vorn?

Abraxis - Worshippers believe in proper flow/balance between life & death and a proper, expected death.

If Abraxis and the Belryg are 'in cahoots', why haven't we seen more Eckybreck troops and ships pouring out of that portal in the shrine? Apart from the forces that took over Iceland, there does not seem to have been much troop movement through that portal, compared to the flood of foulness pouring out of the Arboreal Portal and now from Persand. From the Abraxian Shrine, it seems like they could have swept right down through Ilico, using [magic-antimagic] tricks to wipe straight through the Confederacy...
Known Abraxians: Juho, Juho P., Marduk Uranti.

Absinthe (NPC?) - member of Order of the Ring (?) and Sword Group. Died in the Sandstorm with the Sword Group.

Adam-Ondi-Ahman - island on the Bermuda Parallelipiped and location of a Beigebeard hoard.

In 10036, geological activity on the island ruined the resort that had developed around the waters of a river/spring there. OMNICO has been doomed to find (or trace) the remains of Marduk Uranti and anything cool he had there. See the Abraxian Shrine.
Where Marduk died - the liches of the Abraxian Shrine would like his stuff back.

Adams Express Company - somehow connected with Excelsea Gravestone Company in the Forsythia Cemetary Exploration.

Adams, Grizzly (Ryan) - member of Second Bridge Mission. His hand was severely damaged 5/19/43 in Eck attack.

Adams, Hawkeye (Ryan). Mountain man with a tender heart. Member of SOAK and former member of Vyrican Reclamation Expedition.. Missions: Trangle Sewers.

Administration Building - on Vorn.

Adventurer's Guild

- Paid us [GG and Co?] to go Grendling. Member: Falstaff. See Greymar Grendling Group.

Adventuring groups - small, usually disorganized groups of misfits that go about sowing mayhem while often claiming to "serve a cause greater than themselves." Their methods tend to the chaotic and their ethics vary widely. Some emulate the virtues of the ancient orcs while others are murdering bandits.
Adventuring groups referenced in this volume include:

Adventurer's Guild, Aleph Group, Boner Adventures, Burly Strong, Delmarintha Dig, Drow Spell Component Hunters, Dukas Drow Group, Dukas Puzzle Group, Forsythia Cemetery Exploration, Grotto, Ilico Trading Co., Lumbermen, Marduk Group, Mock Turtle, Mystic Gnomes, Omnico, Order of the Ring, Pike Group, The Pirates, Portal Destruction Group, Rupin Dolasia, Sankwich Explorations, Shield Group, SOAK, Sword Group, Tim and Werner, Time Warp, Vyrican Reclamation Expedition, Woodrosin Group.

Adventuring group organization ideas: Separate-team organization with a small number of officers on top to which each team would be responsible. Individual members could be shifted from one group to the other, but the teams, (the 'Blue' team and the 'Green' team!!! ACK! let's call them divisions instead) would operate generally as cohesive units. A diagram:

(1)	Director
(2)	Recording Sec'y,
	Treasurer, maybe one other officer
	|		|	   |
(3)	Div. Ldr.	(same)	(same)
(4)	Div. 1st Lt	"	   "
(5)	Div. 2d Lt.	"	   "
	|		|	   |
(6)	Team Members	(same)	(same)

(With numbers signifying an ordered chain of command of some sort). Each team would have its own record keeper, cartographer, etc., duties possibly assumed by the division leader, lieutenants, etc. The internal structure of the various divisions be as consistent as possible. Each division ldr and lieutenants would be knowledgeable about the activities of other divisions and the organization as a whole, and would be authorised to divulge such info to team members as security issues warrant.

Alternate plan: Balanced, multipurpose teams used as a core to be supplemented by specialist teams as needed.

Aethelwulf, General. Born September 1, 9965. Died November 11, 10010. Member of Order of Rhododendron. Lead Sprines expeditions vs.gnomes. Hated the Republic. Was assassinated during the 2nd War of Vyrican Succession by a dwarf (?). Much admired by Bradley Meyer and the namesake of Leah A. Meyer.

Aganu Cactus - small brown cacus, fluids cause paralysis, component for paralysis.

Agee, James (NPC?) - a SOAK guard.

Agent 52 (NPC)- one of two NETCo operatives (with Agent 111) sent with SOAK on the Culebra Island mission. Electromancer. Died on Culebra I (?).

Agent 111 (NPC) - one of two NETCo operatives (with Agent 52) sent with SOAK on the Culebra Island mission. Later joined SOAK. See Rupert Strelsau.

Agent 304 -

Agni, Spyro () - human "who IS a crook." Originally from Dun Cess. Member of the Vyrican Reclamation Expedition. Killed in combat with Krasgorod military police in caves northeast of town.

Aika, Juusto mitta se (Geoff) - member of the Drow Spell Component Hunters. Changed name from Frommage Du Jour before the 10043 mission in order to sound more drow. Was killed (?) by uxor & trolls on 10043 mission. Missions: 10038, 10043.

Akallabath, Arno () - member of SOAK. Missions: Sprinal Tap I.

Albatross, The - A ship with 6 cannons captained by Robin Obelisk and used to transport a SOAK team to Blendon Island and an Omnico team to the Ilmenite Mine Mission.

Aleph Group - see Sankwich Explorations.

Alexander II (NPC) - orc. A commander on the military portion of the orcish resettlement of Vyrica. See the Vyrican Reclamation Expedition.

Alexander, Augustus (Brian) - orc and necromantic f**k, er, researcher. After the Delmaruntha Dig party was attacked by a skeleton at Topelson's house, Augustus said it wasn't an ordinary skeleton, but he wouldn't say why. (He told Taniger Falcon he would have to kill him if he did. Odd orc, that Augustus...) Disappeared from the O.R./ Delmaruntha Dig party with a Ring of Control Undead after questioning the authority of the team leaders.

He may have had something to do with the discovery of the O.R. mission to Blendin Island (?). Believed to have been using Emmanuel Brown as an alias in Krasgorod when the 10043 Greymar Grendling Group stopped by.
Missions: Night Attack (DD), Yarisuto? (O.R.).

Ali, Zomfir (Brian) - founded the Dwarven Supremacy League. See Malcom Y.

Alliance, The - a confederation of races and nations on Vorn united to fight the Eckyebrech invasion. It is governed by the Alliance Grand Council from The Temple Temple Temple.

Alliance Grand Council - the Alliance governing body on Vorn. Its members are called "Wizard General" and represent the various racial and national members of the Alliance.

As of 3206, the Grand Council had 30 seats. Seven Wizards General were absolutely opposed to peace (Saul the Branded spokesman), twelve wanted to sue for peace (Cionon spokesman; Saul says there is at least one who would be swayed with a decisive Alliance victory) and ten were undecided. The Chairman, Alotar, who is retiring in November, does not vote.
Wizard General Gunthor asks: What is our position with the alliance council? We have with us Kiphlem Thorne, an impeached (?) councilman. W-G Guaneri and myself have been acting in direct contradiction to council dictates. However this may not be common knowledge. Allying oursleves with the council is, in my opinion too limiting on our actions. However, angering the council is not wise. Keep in mind Magos now has a council seat representing EOW. In country votes, Guanerius could nullify him (in the absence of Mailog) as long as he is in attendence. Input? Johnathan Humperdinck responds to above: It was my understanding that Wizard General Guaneri had resigned from the council momentarily following his defenestration of the Colonies representative so that his returning to their meetings would be ineffective and possibly dangerous.
October 2, 3207 - Statement to the Alliance Council of Vorn by the Sword Group - Most Esteemed Wizard Generals of the Alliance, we are extremely pleased to be finally be standing before you. Our trip has been perilous, and it relieves our hearts to know that we once again stand amongst friends and compatriots... As you already know, a good number of us have traveled from another world to be here... I will start at the beginning of the journey... In Arboria a group of explorers traveling on a boat came in contact with an elf named Keiko... (Speech given by Milius.)

Alnickoli Mushrooms - small, lavender, magnetic mushrooms in northern Sprines and on Allotrope, indicate valuable ores because they leach nickel ore from ambient soil, component for PPD.

Alotar (NPC) - Wizard General. Chairman of the Grand Council of the Alliance on Vorn from ?-3207.

June 3202: he meets Wernor, having already met Tim D'Reaper, etc.
September 3202: Werner leaves the Temple Temple Temple, telling Alotar to get in touch with Aritheya (how?) and pass on a letter to his wife. When Guanerius, Werner, Tim, black box, Friendship Temple goodies, etc. were in Salami preparing to find Diomachus Maximus, Alotar asked them to take out Fire Dwarven Necromatic Research Facility first.
Alotar plans to retire from the Council in November 3207.

Althoric, Lady Marissa () - was found by Tim da Reaper and Co at the Obah Ziggurat and was at the Arboreal Portal Destruction on Vorn and was teleported through the remains of the portal with Otis Ius and Agent Talbot.

Lady Marissa was unconscious for some time after teleporting from the Arboreal Portal, when she was found by a pair of skeletal riders. One of them jerked the necklace from her neck and tossed it to the other rider. There was a huge explosion that destroyed both riders and their horse (and injured Talbot). Afterward, the necklace was nowhere to be found. It was assumed that Lady Marissa would have been carrying Vorn magic. [Perhaps someone should ask her.]

Al’Thor, Leah (Kaz) – killed a lich with a magic cloak. See the Grotto (Lich Monastery Adventure).


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