Encyclopedia Lorica

7th Edition Introduction

The Encyclopedia Lorica is meant to contain the accumulated wisdom of the various adventuring groups exploring EOW and commemorate these soldiers in the cause of knowledge and discovery.

Therefore, articles focus on practical tips for facing the dangers of exploration, information about people, places and things of importance to explorers, and information about the explorers themselves.

Entries attempt to be as concise, and as accurate as possible. However, even incomplete or speculative information can be important and is included in articles, with the appropriate caveats.

Entry Formats

Last Name, First Name Middle Name "Nick Name" (Metaperson) - Summary of character, race, gender, occupation and specialties. Brief biography including place and manner of death/s. Organizational associations.

Missions participated in.

Full Place Name - Location. Brief description of race of inhabitants, major industries, etc. Summary of current and historical situation.

Important cultural information such as legalities of magic use, unemployment, carrying weapons in the street, racial prejudices, etc.
The below items generally also have separate entries elsewhere in this volume.
  • Important businesses: magic shops to utilize or avoid, power group headquarters, universities and magic colleges, etc.
  • Important inhabitants: adventurers, former adventurers, contacts, information sources, etc.
  • Important resources: minerals, spell components, water, lumber, etc.
  • Name of Power Group or Adventuring Group - Goals, purpose, sphere of influence, founding charter, hiring standards, symbols, etc.

    Known or suspected members:
    Point of contact: Missions:
    • Mission title for [Name of employer] - dates - very brief summary.
    • Mission title with [partner group] - dates - very brief summary.
    • Mission title employing [contracted group] - dates - very brief summary.
    List of related items, places, etc. - Brief description of category.
    Notes about important events involving general items from that category or items about which too little is known to give them their own entries.
    The below items have more complete descriptions elsewhere in the encyclopedia.
  • Item - descriptive phrase that may include appearance, location found, discoverer, etc. Or else "See Proper Item Name."
  • Item, puzzle, creature, etc - Description, use, location found, first discoverers, current location, history, speculations, etc.

    Editor's Note: The information contained in this encyclopedia comes from adventure summaries, employment offers, and mission briefings, and therefore must be regarded with some caution, as noted earlier. I have plagiarized shamelessly from the above sources and so apologies are due to all those whose work I've borrowed.

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