PC Personalities

Neurotic, Normal, Slightly insane, Stable, Unstable, Very stable

Egotistical, Arrogant, Humble, Modest, Proper, Proud, Haughty, Servile, Obsequious

Altruist, Benevolent, Extroverted, Hedonist, Introverted, Malevolent, Optimist, Pessimist

Active, Anti-intellectual, Average, Brilliant, Flighty, Dull, Ponderous, Scheming

Brave, Calculating, Craven, Fearless, Foolhardy, Normal

Aesthetic, Amoral, Depraved, Immoral, Lustful, Lusty, Normal, Perverted, Sadistic, Virtuous

Average, Iconoclastic, Impious, Irreligious, Irreverent, Zealot, Martyr, Pious, Profane, Reverent, Saintly

Driven, Energetic, Lazy, Motivated, Normal, Slothful

Altruism, Armor, Artwork, Athletics, Authority, Bad food, Big cities, Books and scrolls, Braggarts, Bullies, Caves, Coins and tokens, Community service, Crowds, Dancing, Dark, Dying, Enclosed spaces, Exotic animals, Fishing, Foods and cooking, Gambling, Greed, Guards, Handicrafts, Heights, Heretics, History, Horses, Horticulture, Hunting, Husbandry, Insects, Knives and daggers, Laws, Legends, Loneliness, Magic and magic items, Minerals and gems, Nature, Ornaments and Jewelry, Pain, Poison, Politics, Porcelain, China, Crystal, Religion, Rival clan, Selfishness, Shields, Sight of own blood, Smoking, Snakes, Spiders, Stupidity, Swords, Torture, Traps, Trophies and skins, Undead, Water, Weapons, Wines and spirits

Bakers, Beggars, Blacksmiths, Constables, Criminals, Dragons, Drow, Dwarves, Eckyebrech, El Ouhd, Elves, Gnomes, Half-elves, Half-races, Halflings, Highwaymen, Humans, Innkeepers, King, Lizard men, Local college, Lower class, Mayor, Merchants, Morning Glories, Nonhumans, Planar beings, Prince, Princess, Rakshasa, Ruffians, Sages, Shang-gri-laists, Sheriff, Slave master, Tavern master, Thieves, Thieves' Guild, Trolls, Underworlders, Upper class, Warrior, Wizard

Interactive Style:
Abrasive, Antagonistic, Blustering, Capricious, Mischievous, Compassionate, Sensitive, Contrary, Courteous, Diplomatic, Forceful, Foul, Barbaric, Helpful, Kindly, Hostile, Opinionated, Overbearing, Prankster, Rash, Rude, Trusting, Vengeful, Violent, War-like, Well-spoken, Aloof, Cheerful, Cruel, Callous, Easygoing, Even-tempered, Forgiving, Hard-hearted, Harsh, Hot-tempered, Moody, Peaceful, Pleasant, Reserved, Scheming, Secretive, Silly, Soft-hearted, Solitary, Taciturn, Unfeeling, Insensitive, Unforgiving, Careless, Curious, Inquisitive, Fanatical, Obsessive, Perceptive, Precise, Exacting, Relaxed, Retiring, Somber, Studious, Suspicious, Cautious

Average, Deceitful, Liar, Scrupulous, Truthful, Very honorable

General appearance:
Dandyish, Dignified, Foppish, Imposing, Slob, Spartan, Stately, Typical

Quantity of possessions:
Above average, Abundant, Average, Exceptional, Few, Scant

Quality of possessions:
Cheap, Durable, Garish, Functional, High, Junk, Kingly, Low, Practical, Trash

Personal habits and stae of clothing:
Disheveled, Immaculate, Nonchalant, Organized, Perfectionist, Prim and proper, Scatterbrained, Sloppy, Clean, Dirty, Immaculate, Ragged, Rough, Unkempt

Financial habits:
Aesthetic, Average, Charitable, Covetous, Generous, Greedy, Miserly, Spendthrift, Thrifty, Wastrel

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