Mission Information and Planning

Point of Contact:

Location of Mission: Date to Start/Complete: Mission Goals/Description:
Any Equipment, Personnel, etc. that the Employer Intends to Provide:
Payment Terms:
Number of Personnel: Length of Mission:
Equipment and Travel Costs Mundane Equipment = 90 sc/person Magical Equipment = 350 sc/person Land travel - normal = 3 sc/person-day Land travel - rugged (desert, cold, etc.) = 4 sc/person-day Horse travel = 570 sc/person + 1sc/horse-day Ocean travel = 1200 sc (chartered) or 50 sc/person (standard route)
Total Estimated Mission Cost Danger Pay (combat, glacier, Persand, etc.) = add as much as 50% Other Costs (profit, wages, overhead) = add 35% Final Bid
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