Lawful good paladin (not a follower of Tyr, at least as far as I know). She is about 20 years old, just under 6 feet tall, blonde hair and hazel eyes. Worked with her fisherman father in Orlumbor until after he died and she went to make her own way in the world.

STR 16
DEX 11
CON 13
WIS 13
CHR 17

21 hit points, 3rd level, plate mail and med. shield plus Armor spell

THAC0 18

  • long sword - 1d8/1d12 (+1 STR)
  • dagger - 1d4/1d3 (+1 STR), range=1/2/3
  • long bow - 1d8/1d8 (+1), range=5/10/17
  • battle axe - 1d8/1d8 (+1)
  • lance -

    Languages: common (read/write).

    Proficiencies: Fishing, Carpentry, Swimming, Land-based Riding.

    Magic Items: continual light coin.

    Treasures: Brindane's special heirloom sword (to be returned as soon as humanly possible), earrings with white stone, 57gp, 10sp, 7cp.

    Other equipment: quiver, beltpouch, wineskin, backpack, wintr blanket, flint & steel, whetstone, tinder, fishing hooks, fishing line and lures, smooth piece of wood to write on, piece of charcoal to write with, torch, mirror, cheap table service, studded leather, splint mail.