Nool Pyat
Search and Rescue Specialist

Agility = 64
Beauty = 60
Dexterity = 65
Endurance = 55
Hearing = 30
Istropy = 20
Mentality = 59
Quickness = 69
Reaction = 69
Speed = 40
Strength = 63
Vision = 61

Human female, 5'9" 160lbs, black hair, brown eyes, right-handed.

Family: Sem Pyat (father), Adeen Pyat (mother), both deceased.

Born: Trangle, 10019.

Personality: her former happy-go-lucky fun-loving temperament has been considerably tempered by experience. Having found a home in SOAK, she no longer needs to be so eager for acceptance and is dedicated to protecting and preserving SOAK and its ideals.

Goals: get a small tool kit and camoflauge face-paint, improve UAC (brass knuckles?), raise long sword to VIII, improve urban sneak to III, raise languages to level II and get more languages, improve orienteering and tracking, work on survival skills.


Trangle Sewers (26 May to 5 June, 10040) successfully avoided "plebe" status by joining SOAK in the middle of a mission.

Distown (10040)

Culebra I (10040-10041) double-zeroed a wyvern as it tried to fly away (and was subsequently pinned under it as it fell). Came up with the name of "Stallman's Depression."

Inver Brass ()

Shangri-land ()

Scent of Action () posed nude for a perfume company in order to get funds for SOAK's Omniventure entry. Regretted it and did penance by not actually playing in the contest.

Omniventure 10042 (February 10042) stayed outside and guarded the party's belongings, including Juliette's special toys.

Culebra II(),

Sprinal Tap I (July 10042) got spiked in the head by a manticore during her watch but managed to scream and alert her comrades before going down. Wore a manticore spike as a souvenir until the Black Tower Mission.

Black Tower Mission (September 10042) was lost in combat and presumed dead. Was tortured before being freed by Alliance forces. Required a month in the hospital to recover.

Sprinal Tap III (Dec. 10, 10042-Jan. 6, 10043)

Military Glacial Outpost (February 10043) served as Second Lieutenant. Her level one drow was the only way (apart from hand signs) that the party had to communicate with the ice bears and enabled them to bluff the icebears into thinking they were the drow traders that they were supposed to meet.

Persand I and II (10043) served as second lieutenant and leader of Mapping Team II.

Whistle Recovery Mission () learned the draw-backs of only wielding a long sword and that level V UAC works better than trying to make do with a short sword.

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