Mal' Chaht

by Lisa Kies Updated 22 October 2001

Neutral good human magic user in her mid-twenties. She's a willowy figure, standing over 6ft tall with auburn hair and bright blue eyes. Mistress of the Moonlit Mists and Winsome Witch of the Wildwind.

8th level, 148,170 XP (9th level at 135,000)

STR 12 - 45# wt all, 140# max
DEX 14 - 0 adj
CON 9 - 0 HP adj
INT 16 - 70% lrn spell
WIS 17 - +3 mag def adj
CHR 11 - 0 adj

23/23 hit points, armor spell - AC6 until (16) HP, Theondar Robe - AC5, and (_7_) stoneskin/s.

SAVES - Paralyze/Poison/Death (10), Rod/Staff/Wand (6), Petrify/Polymorph (8), Breath (10), Spells (7) (inc Wis +3, Theondar Robe 5% magic resistance)


  • 18 - sling - 1d4+1/1d6+1 (prefers bullets, has 10)
  • 17 - dagger - 1d4/1d3 (+1 dagger)

    LANGUAGES: Common (Read/Write), Elvish, Dwarvish, Thoras (16)

    PROFICIENCIES: Ancient History (15), Herbalism (14), Spellcraft (14), Land-based Riding (20), Swimming (12), Religion - esp meaning of life (17)

    MAGIC ITEMS: Wand of Paralyzation (96), dagger +1, White Theondar Robe, Eye Amulet, Ring of Invisibility (won't be taken off), Continual Darkness Coin

    Scroll - 9th level: Polymorph Self, Passwall, (Nulathoe's Nineman - used on Tzar).

    Carrying: Ring of Wizardry (double 4th and 5th lvl), Bag of Undead

    TREASURES: crystal prism, 1 small pearls, 2pp, 362gp, 52sp, 5cp.

    EQUIPMENT: spellbook, tent, herbs, winter blanket, paper, ink, pen, pencil, backpack, 5 small belt pouches, a vial of paralyzation poison.

    First Level (4+)
    1xChill touch - black
    Detect Undead - gray
    1xMagic Missile
    Comp. Languages
    Detect Magic
    Read Magic
    Animate Dead Animals - gray
    Second Level (3+)
    1xSpectral Hand - gray
    Ride the Wind
    Fog Cloud
    Past Life
    2xMelf's Acid Arrows
    Wizard Lock
    Locate Object
    Third Level (3+)
    Feign Death - gray
    1xHold Undead - white
    Vampiric Touch - black
    Dispel Magic
    1xPhantom Steed
    1xMissile Swarm
    Gust of Wind
    Fourth Level (2+)
    1xSpendelard's Chaser - white
    1xEnervation - black
    (Death's Door) - reroll Minor Spell Turn
    1xWizard Eye
    1xFrost Bolt
    Stone Skin

    SPELL COMPONENTS - 1lb in 5 small belt pouches, 8lb in backpack - all conveniently and cleverly packaged in 56gp worth of papyrus envelopes, glass vials, etc. Details available on request.
    DU - grave dirt
    CL - soot, salt
    A - blessed leather
    RM - crystal prism
    I - pearl, owl feather, wine
    AD - blood, bone chip, body
    A - bell, silver wire
    GD - ground mica
    MAA - dart, rhubarb, stomach
    RW - straw, dry leaf
    HU - sulfur, powdered garlic
    W - gauze and smoke
    SC - holy water
    DD - crystal, water, blood, milk/nectar, unguent
    MST - silver coin
    WE - bat fur

    Second Level (2 more)
    Continual Moonlight (research)
    Sooth (research, compare Cure Lt Wnd)
    Third Level (2 more)
    Delay Death
    Tranfusion (research)
    Fourth Level (4 more)
    Spirit Bind - compare Death's Door
    Solid Fog
    Reverse Contagion - research
    Dimension Door
    Remove Curse
    Leomond's Secure Shelter Empathic Wnd Transfer

    Other Interests:
    Bone Growth? level? Powers? - reverse of Bone Blight (5th Wiz) Accelerates fx healing - material component = drop of milk.
    Reverse of Wound? Compare Cause Ser. Wnd (4th Pri)
    Graft Flesh (5th Wiz) - reattach limbs, material component = the flesh grafted
    Wound Conferral (7th Wiz) - transfer up to 3hp/lvl between any 2 creatures. materal component = 5000gp ruby that shatters