Updated March 2001

by Lisa a Kies Chaotic good elven seamstress (fighter/thief - 6th/7th). She stands less than 5 feet tall with brown hair and gray eyes, and wears beautifully tailored clothes.

STR 16
DEX 16
CON 12
INT 12
CHR 13

40 hit points, leather armor, bracers AC3 plus dex bonus -> AC1.
XP = 59,754/59,754 (needs 64,000/70,000 to advance)

THAC0 15 (14 for bows/swords, elf; and missile weapons, DEX)
Prefers to fight two-handed with +1 long sword and +3 dagger, THAC0s of 14 and 15, respectively.

  • short bow - 1d8/1d8, range=5/10/15
  • dagger - 1d4/1d3 (+3 dagger), range=1/2/3
  • long sword - 1d8/1d12 (+1 sword)
  • lasso (+2 hit from rope use)
  • sling (stone - 1d4 4/8/16) (bullet - 1d8 5/10/20) Backstab +4 to hit and x3 damage.

    Special Skills: (in leather armor)
    Pick Pockets 35%
    Open Locks 60%
    Find/Remove Traps 50%
    Move Silently 50%
    Hide in Shadows 50%
    Detect Noise 40%
    Climb Walls 90%
    Read Languages 10%

    Languages: Elvish, Common

    Proficiencies: Jumping (16), Tumbling (16), Tightrope Walking (16), Rope Use (16), Appraising (12), Swimming (16), Seamstress/Tailor (15).

    Magic Items: Ring of Missile Snaring, Wand of Flame Arrow (59) loaned to Gaebril, Bracers AC3, Bracers AC6, gold locating arrow (20-30 minus 5), scroll to open gate home (unreliable) with Gaebril, 6 continual light coins, Fire Orb, +3 dagger, +1 longsword, 1extra heal and 1 heal potions, cancellation thingy, Levitation Carpet with control ring, iron key with skull head that radiates magic (from miniature castle).

    Treasures: 80pp, 32gp + 1010, 6sp, 9cp, three 500gp gems, two 100gp gems, twenty 10gp gems, nice earrings, gold ogre necklace, diamond tiarra (hidden away), diamond phoenix necklace (hidden).

    Other equipment: thieve's picks, sewing needles, whetsonte, silk rope, chalk, flint & steel, bedroll, thread, a couple weeks iron rations, normal dagger, 100gp normal dagger, small old set of thieves tools, blue bird feathers.