Dela Doolittle

Agility = 65
Beauty = 60
Dexterity = 65
Endurance = 60
Hearing = 40
Istropy = 24
Mentality = 60
Quickness = 69
Reaction = 69
Speed = 45
Strength = 55
Vision = 47

Human female, 6'1" 195lbs, auburn hair, ? eyes (wears sunglasses), right-handed.

Family: Darren and Dora.

Born: Iceland, June 6, 10019.

Personality: plays with paperclips, doodles and does other generally fidgety things, tends to flit about from topic to topic very rapidly or multi-task confusingly.

Goals: learn Vornish languages, get a melee weapon, get a week of seamanship, get desert and other survival skills, get some UAC.

Skills: long bow, mechanical engineering, military engineering, civil engineering, first aid, swimming, acrobatics, urban sneak, rural sneak, horsemanship.

Languages: common, krimic.


Sword Quest (10040) left service on board the OR ship to accompany the Sword Group to Vorn.

Sword Quest (September 3106) arrived in Vorn, came up with the water-trap idea.

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