De Vushka
Professional Damsel in Distress

Agility = 50
Beauty = 87
Dexterity = 57
Endurance = 60
Hearing = 54
Istropy = 41
Mentality = 60
Quickness = 65
Reaction = 69
Speed = 42
Strength = 39
Vision = 53

Human female, 5'11" 150lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, right-handed.

Family: .

Born: 10016.

Personality: very careful to maintain her virtue (a professional necessity) she is still a very charming flirt and her common sense should serve her well as she transitions to a more active role in adventures and investigates fulfilling the ancient orcish virtues she recently learned about.

Goals: get a week of seamanship, raise UAC and other combat skills, increase dancing skills, learn about the ancient orcs, increase survival skills, learn more languages.

Skills: long sword, dagger, unarmed combat, charm, singing, horsemanship, wreath-making, forest survival, mountain survival, first aid, swimming, rural sneak, urban sneak, climbing, dancing.

Languages: common, sign language.


Electronic Expedition (1 March 10038 to ?) when the surreptitious investigation of the Forsythia Municipal Hospital suddenly became un-surreptitious, she escaped by pretending to faint when [Joe's character] broke through the hospital's glass (?) doors in a spray of blood and gaining the sympathetic attentions of a hospital guard. She and [Ben's character] were the only group members to free to leave for Dun Cess at the end of the fiasco.

Grendel's Cave (February 10043) flirted shamelessly with the Eck who was so shocked to be fighting a female, was bet on, got hit by the Dark Companion Drow's lightsaber, escaped the attentions of her Eck guards, briefly hosted Peregrine Falcon's soul, learned the value of wielding multiple weapons and found about the ancient orcish virtues.

Joined SOAK 22 March 10043.

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